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Ashton Max is a biochemist by profession and a food-lover by passion. He loves to do kitchen experiments with whatever ingredients he has in the pantry.

He is comfortable working with almost any gadgets in the kitchen. Ashton believes we should utilize all the available tools in the kitchen for great preparation. He is doing so for the last 15-years and loves to involve his little daughter in it.



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In the website kitchenvarieties.com, we talk about coffee machinesblenders, and Juicers. You will found all the issues about coffee, blender, or juicer “under the sun” here! We are a team of coffee enthusiasts and blender specialists in the Kitchen Varieties. Thus, all our reviews, discussions, and blogs reflect true passion. We not only write about them like other websites but also use them to know their true potentials.

Kitchenvarieties.com believes diversity in the kitchen brings versatility in life. Therefore, we provide you with all the information about the kitchen and living so that you can lead a healthy and active time with your family.


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University of Wisconsin

Food Science and Technology