7 Simple Homemade Baby Food Recipes With Protein For Your Toddler

To grow, to get the nourishment properly, your kid needs protein. Our mental and physical development, it all is mostly dependent on this single ingredient. More than the adult human being, children need protein the most. And, among those children, your kid is one. You want the best for him/her, right? Here is some important information about protein and some baby food recipes with protein. Let’s take a look at them.

Why Kid Needs Protein and What are The Benefits?

Protein is a chain of amino acids. There is a total of 22 amino acids. Of them, our body can’t produce a total of 9 amino acids. These amino acids, they are very important for human, especially, the baby. To make sure that your kid is growing properly, he/she has proper skin, hair, teeth and all, you need to provide proteins to them.

Should I Provide My Kid with A Huge Amount of Protein?

No! Every person has some limit to intake protein. Normally, an infant gets protein from the breast milk of their month. But, the problem arises, when it becomes little for him/her. The kid needs to intake protein in a different form. But, without any doctor’s suggestion, you should not make your kid intake lots of protein. It can harm them. There are so many sources of protein. There are-

Eggs, meat, fish, soy poultry and there are some plant protein too. You can provide all of them to your kid. But, before that ensure that your kid is taking it with something else, like- rice.

There is some situation, when your kid may need more protein. If your kid is suffering from lung diseases, if he/she is weak, have gone through any surgery- then you can provide him/her some extra protein according to your doctor’s advice.

What About Food Allergies?

You must have heard about food allergies because of protein? Protein creates allergies some time. But, that doesn’t mean that this specific protein is not good. All the proteins are good for our health. There is a certain protein that can’t get fit our body. Even if you have an allergy in some protein, you can have the other kind of proteins.

Let’s take a look at some baby food recipes with protein-

1. Simple Meat Recipe

Simple Meat Recipe

As there are some definite sources of protein, you just can serve a dish made with them to your kid. If you want to feed your kid meat, start with poultry first. Introduce them with the finger eating process. If your kid is not quite old enough, you can use blenders, like- Ninja Master Prep Chopper to blend it. If your kid is too young, you can add some more water and make the puree.

2. Simple Lentil Recipe

Lentil Recipe

Take some lentil and rinse it well. Now, pour water on it and stir it until the dish is ready. You can put some salt for better taste.

3. Simple Boiled Egg

Simple Boiled Egg

There is nothing new here. But, as your kid is young and he/she doesn’t have much immunity in him/her, boil the egg perfectly. After that peel the shield carefully. If it gets cracked and any of its portions is found in the egg, it may create severe stomach problems for your kid.

You can make a scrambled egg for your kid too. Your kid needs protein and with the same version of an egg, he/she may get bored. Just scramble the egg and don’t put any spice in it. Your kid will like this preparation.

4. Simple Fish Recipe

Simple Fish Recipe

Here comes the fish recipe! Just, boil the fish and after that in the boiled water stir it properly. While doing so, the fish will be mixed with the water and your kid will be able to enjoy the taste of food too.

To get some better and easier way, you can boil the fish and after that, you can take a blender to smash it. If you boil some potato and mix the smashed fish and potato, it will taste better. Your kid will get proper nutrition too.

5. Simple Bean Recipe

Simple Bean Recipe

If you are getting bean from the can, then you just can let your kid eat it. But, if your kid is too little, then you can smash the bean through anything and mix it to baby’s regular food. Even, you can feed him/her through smashing your hand too.

6. Simple Hummus Recipe

 Simple Hummus Recipe

And, here comes the most amazing dish of the list. It is not like regular hummus. So, how would you make it? Let’s take a look!

  • Chickpeas (2 cups)
  • Lemon juice
  • Garlic
  • Tahini paste
  • Olive oil

Now, for the younger kids, just put all the ingredients in the processor with some oil. Now, it will come as the best taste for your kid. And, if your kid is much older now, you just can spread the paste on his/her daily food, crackers or bread. The other foods are amazing. But, this paste will make them taste better

7. Simple Tofu Recipes

Simple Tofu Recipes

Tofu is a very day to day grocery thing that you can pick from your next-door shop. The main thing is, how you are going to serve it. There are different ways to serve tofu to your kid. Don’t worry! All the processes are simple.

You just can cut tofu and serve it to your kid. You can stir with some other smashed fruits too. And then again, you can blend it and create some very tasty smoothie for your kid.

Have you loved any of these recipes? Believe us, you have got an amazing kid. It’s your time to be a good person, a good mother and serve some of the most awesome taste to your kids. Find any one of the lists and prepare it for today’s dinner. They seem super easy to do. But, for your kid, all these tastes are new. Your kid will love the taste! So, which one you are picking for today?

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