An Ideal Baby Meal Plan 1-Year-Old For Whole Day

Have your baby already started eating food in his first year? That's very amazing! As baby milk is the most important and appropriate thing that they need. But, while growing up a bit, you need to make them used to with different types of food. This will help them to be physically fit and well-immune. You need to keep in mind that, babies don't want to eat new foods that much easier. Your kid may not like what this meal plan is covering, but you should keep it in his/her menu. After some time, they will love to have it. For their betterment of health, let's take a look at this article and make a meal plan while considering the doctor's suggestion.

Why Do You Need A Baby Meal Plan For A 1-Year-Old?

You may be curious about the necessity of other foods for one-year-old. Yes, you may provide your kid milk. Not only mother's milk, but you can also provide him/her with the other kinds of milk too. But, it can create some problems like- anemia in your kid’s body. There are some nutrition, which your kid will miss if he/she doesn't taste the other kinds of food. Even if you are giving your kid different types of food, still you will be in need of a meal plan. A one year child will need some nutrition more and some less. Only a proper meal plan can provide your kid with the exact amount of food and nutrition.

Normally, a kid will give you a signal when he/she is hungry and this is the best way to understand that they need food. But still, you should have a separate meal plan for your kid so that it doesn't lack any nutrition.

Which Nutrition Do You Need To Keep The Most?

While feeding your kid, you should ensure that he/she is getting all the nutrition that he/she needs. In this, you have to keep-

  • Protein, for the proper nourishment of his/her body parts, like- nails, hair, bone, etc.
  • Calcium, for his/her teeth, bone, blood circulation, hormones, etc.
  • Folate, for the proper growth of your kid.
  • DHA, for your kid's brain health.
  • Choline, for supporting brain health and cell function.
  • Iron, for the proper blood cell creation and circulation.

Especially, at this age, your kid will need fat and cholesterol to ensure proper physical and mental growth. Still, try to make his/her intake within 1,000 calories. This calorie must be the combination of all the nutrition written above.


  • Breakfast should be delicious and full of nutrition. Here's what you can offer-
  • Properly cooked meat (Diced or ground, 3 ounces)
  • Half cup of vegetables (different colors can be mixed)
  • Half cup grain (potato, rice etc.)
  • Milk (half cup)

If you don't want to feed him/her all these things one by one, then you can use a blender, like- Magic Baby Bullet Care Baby Blender and according to the proportion, can feed your kid when you need to do.


In every mealtime, put some portion of it aside. When it will be the next mealtime, place it in front of your kid, on his high chair. It will work for him/her as an appetizer. You can use different types of food in it too. A small portion of chopped olives or baby peas will work amazingly for you.


As was stated before, your kid will let you know when he/she is hungry. You can give him/her some snacks in between their meals.

You can provide-

  • Toast (1 or two pieces with yogurt or cream, according to yours kid’s hunger)
  • Half cup fruit
  • Half cup milk

Otherwise, you can provide just fruit and half cup milk too. Try to place berries and different types of fruits of different taste.


  • Properly cooked meat (Diced or ground, 3 ounces)
  • Half cup of vegetables (different colors can be mixed)
  • Half cup grain (potato, rice etc.)
  • Milk (half cup)
  • Like before, you can blend some of these ingredients together too.

Keep in Mind

1. Don't force your kid to eat. Let them give you the signal. Provide them food only after that.

2. Feeding your kid should be the result of some calculation. Feed your kid some milk. But, don't provide milk right before giving a meal. Otherwise, they won't be able to eat their food that much. If everything is going well, your kid should have only 24-ounce milk in a day. Otherwise, they will lack enough immune. Even if he/she wants to eat milk, let them eat all kinds of fruit, vegetable, and meat.

3. If the food is good and even if your kid is not willing to have it, try to feed him/her the food again and again. It will make used to with the food.

4. From early childhood, teach him/her the proper food eating manners. You can let them eat some things by themselves. They will feel it new.

5. You can feed milk to your kid through a cup. It will help him/her to use their mouth, jaws, and teeth a whole new way. This process will help them while eating solid foods too.

6. For the best use of milk, provide kefir milk to your kid for some time. It will help to build new positive bacteria, which will help him/her to develop a good immune system.

Every parent wants to let their small family members experience the new tastes around them. You must have so many things to share with your kid. Let’s start it with some little portion. The excitement that you and your kid will experience when she/he will take the first bite of fruit, vegetable, and other foods, is beyond description. Trust me, these all-new tastes not only will surprise your kid, but also will provide him/her enough nutrition to grow properly and be physically fit. Still, do you want to be 100% sure about your kid and get the best meal plan for him/her? Let's consult with your doctor and combine it with the plan given above. Just don't let your kid grow, let him/her grow in proper health.

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