Top 6 Best Apple For Juicing in 2021 – Top Picks And Reviews

If you are into juicing like us, and get filled with joy when it tastes just perfect after the blend, let’s take another step towards mixing into excellent taste and refreshment. As we all know, apples can affect the feeling of a mix significantly. Picking the perfect apple for the desired test can get critical. You might go to the market every day and see several apples right in the front of the store, but did you know there exist around 7500 different species of apples that taste different too! It might feel high biting into a crisp of apple, but when it comes to juicing, all apples are not the same, and it can get tricky to get the right variety of apple.

Looking Into APPLES!

If looked carefully, apples differ in sweetness, texture, size, colour and even tartness. Different types of apples give different tastes in your mix. So instead of just buying an apple from your store, after finishing with us, you will be giving it a thought and observe them. A lot of us are also there who are used to buying only a specific few kinds of apple regularly. You would be surprised to know; apples do not taste the same when they are mixed in your juice, so the apple you did not like biting into, you might love it when it is ground and juiced.

Tastes Of Different Apples

Well, what apple you shall pick depending on what feeling you want to achieve. A lot of websites will rank you down the types of apples and suggest you the best apple for juicing, but today, we will leave the ranking on your hands. Juicing is an art, and not everyone desires the same taste. Therefore, classification differs from person to person. People who suggest a lot of sweetness in their juice may recommend Red apples, Fuji, Golden apples and even Gala apples.

On the other hand, individuals who like a little touch of tart in their mix may ask you to try out different apples known as the Granny Smith or the Pink Lady apple. However, the best apple for juicing would differ according to your desire for taste. Before you start your juicing by apple juicer, let’s learn about the different kinds of apples along with the ones mentioned above.

The Varieties Of Apples

1. The Red Apple

The Red Apple

Starting with the most common apple, you find in the market every day, the Red Apple. They are mostly medium or large-sized apples with a deep burgundy colour. They are known for their refreshing taste and has a high reputation for nutrition and sweetness. It consists of the maximum amount of natural sugar and nutrients such as fibre and antioxidants. Remember not to skin the apples as most of the nutrients are in the skin. Also, try picking the ripest apples from the display.

2. Gala Apples

Gala Apples

Gala apples are one of my personal favourites. They look beautiful with a red-blush and pink-orange stripes on an excellent pale-yellow background. You will find them all year in the store and can also be grown quickly at homes. They have a pleasantly mild flavour, balance of tart and sweetness and a slight touch of vanilla too! Is that not amazing? Be careful when you take them from the store. Apples sitting at the store for a few days may taste different, unpleasant. Try picking fresh and ripe fruits for your mix. Gala apples grown at home might taste slightly different, sweeter in most cases because of the pesticides used or other factors.

3. Fuji Apples

Fuji Apples

You have guessed the origin of this apple already. What’s new is, if you tend to buy apples in bulk and store them in your shelves, Fuji is the perfect variety for you. They are very juicy and one of the sweetest apples you will find in the market. You will find quite a bit of honey taste along with citrus as you mix it well into your juice. The flavour is robust and very difficult to obtain otherwise.

4. Golden Apples

Golden Apples

The golden apple is another variety of apple, commonly found worldwide and exceptionally delicious. They have a delicate soft texture and as refreshing as the Red apples. These apples have a beautiful yellow-green shade with a touch of pink and red. They are a decent choice for juicing and sometimes taste better than the Red apples.

5. Granny Smith

Granny Smith

Granny Smith or Green apples are known for baking and snacking. They are low in sugar and often recommended by health enthusiasts. It might taste bitter and acidic as you take a bite but here is the trick, as you blend it well, it gives a great punch of tart flavour in your excellent green juice. If you want a little more sweetness from the apples, pick a bit aged fruits from the market or age them for a few months if at home. They are a rich source of antioxidants and potassium, and quite affordable too. Hence if you are looking for an unsweetened apple juice, granny smith is just the perfect pick for you.

6. Honeycrisp Apple

Honeycrisp Apple

Well, here is the most recommended apple from consumers all over the globe. It is quite famous for its taste along with its colour and texture. They are also equally rare and expensive. The trees take time to produce enough fruits to be available in the market all year round. Finally, once you get your hands on one of the ripe red-gold Honeycrisp apples, serve yourself a perfect juice with a lovely combination of tartness and sweetness.


Last but not least, Winesap apples are a perfect choice for a delicious juice but are extremely rare. They have a gorgeous flavour and also a touch of crispy texture. It would have been the best of the apple varieties for a cider recipe or a perfect blend, but unfortunately, you don’t always find it on the market shelves.

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