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Is your kid ready to taste a variety of food now? Having a craving for something solid is an excellent sign that your baby is healthy. Is your baby healthy enough? Don't make any boundary then. Let them have the taste of every kind of food (of course, the edible one)! But wait, how can your baby chew food with his/her toothless mouth? And the solid food, it will be tough to have,' right?

Blender can be a perfect option in that case. Just blend the food and make it 'baby food'! Your little kid will love it. Have you already bought a blender for making baby food? Yes, you may have one for your household chores. But, here we are talking about the best blender for baby food.

Blenders don't work in the same way for every kind of food. You will need something extra when it's about baby food. While to ensure hygiene, you need puree and steaming options; a separate blender will provide additional comfort also.

Have you already have any name in your mind? No worries. We are here to help you. Let's have a look at the best blenders available in the market for your usage. So, after finishing reading this article, be sure you will find the best one for your baby. Let's start then!

7 Best Baby Food Blenders Quick Chart 2020





[Top Choice]

Magic Baby Bullet Care System

It provides food for the whole week within 5 minutes. Apart from the other parts, it includes a 6 day based dial storage cup system.

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[Best Pick]

BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Blender

Once you have bought the blender, you would be able to use it for a long time. It provides food in both solid and puree version.

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Ninja Master Prep Chopper

It has the option of frozen blending. You can use the blender in one touch. All the materials are safe to use.

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Immersion Hand Blender and Food Processor

The blender is portable and lightweight. It is easy to clean.

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[Budget Pick]

Koisos Immersion Blender

With the 800W power, this blender includes total 12 different settings of blending. The blender is dishwasher safe and comes with 5 feet power cord.

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Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Make

With a powerful motor, you will enjoy automatic shutoff safety feature and steam, chop and bottle warmer function.

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[Travelers Pick]

PopBabies Personal Blender

Portable blender with a glass cup. It is a rechargeable USB blender that can be used for multi-purpose.

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7 Best Blenders For Baby Food Reviews

1. Magic Baby Bullet Care System - Top Pick


  • 6-date storage cups
  • Non-toxic plastic
  • 1-year warranty
  • Batch bowl, baby blend blade and milling blade
  • Easy pop silicone batch tray

Kids are a blessing. But, feeding them and preparing food for them every time can be pressure some too. Here is the easy solution for you- Magic bullet. Magic Baby Bullet Care System has the best storage system.

It has 6-date dial handy storage cups, which will provide the benefit of measuring and keeping count on the daily meal of your baby. It works fast with a milling blade, a batch of a bowl, a Powerful baby food blade, and a silicone tray that can easily pop.

This takes only 5 minutes to prepare the food. While in the storage, the magic bullet through its spatula, a small cup, one lid (resealable), and the tip-proof silicon-based batch tray will keep the food fresh for your baby. How will you get the food out from the tray once it is freeze? It’s the easiest and fun part of the whole process. Magic bullet’s trays are flexible and easy-pop.

You will find two separate jars in it. In the jar, there are blades. One is for blending and puree food. With the other one, you can mill baby’s food.

Are you a first-timer? It includes a user manual and recipe book to make the process easier. You will get a pocket nutritionist with the package additionally. This Blender Covering 4.25-inch diameter x 5.625-inch height, Its also made from non-toxic plastic. Phthalates haven’t been found in it. So, pretty safe! It has the capacity of a total of 8 cups. To blend, grind, chop, and mill, you can use it. All of its body is not dishwasher safe. You need to clean the dishwasher safe part regularly.

Still, you need to think about the blender once again. You only can puree vegetables and fruit in this blender. But, you can’t make meat puree in it. Its size is perfect for carrying and blending a small and large-both portion of meals.

Besides all the removable parts of this blender, you will enjoy a better cleaning.

Parents Comment - We have seen people buying silicon tray to store baby food. After buying this blender, we didn't feel buying any extra accessories. I make food for my baby once in a week and the trays attached to it helps me to maintain the process. Undoubtedly, a heavenly relief! – Ana M


  • Works fast (5 minutes)
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy to save money 
  • Fresh from storage
  • Perfect for a small and large amount of food
  • Less noise


  • Need special attention so that rubber dust doesn't mix into the food
  • Not dishwasher-proof

2. BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Blender - Best Pick


  • 4 in 1 system (cook, blend, reheat, defrost)
  • Large bowls
  • Auto signals
  • Auto shut off
  • Double safety lock on the bowl

To provide a full package of nutrition on your kid, you need to ensure different types of energy sources in his/her food. BEABA Babycook Steam Cooker & Blender allows you to prepare a perfect meal in this case.

Whether your baby is a toddler or a big one, you can cook meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit by using BEABA Babycook within 15 minutes. It can prepare 18+ servings for a baby at a time.

With the help of a timer, it will make you aware when the work is done. It has an auto shut option. Puree and solid food, this blender will make it perfect. Including a large 4.7 unbreakable cup bowl, this product is very comfortable to prepare a large meal for your kid. Cooking food will be more pleased with the cooking basket, spatula, and a lid for mixing.

A recipe booklet will provide you some variations. To ensure the health safety of your kid, this blender offers a 100% guarantee of no BPA, lead, and phthalate.

Besides blending, it works best as a steamer and defroster. Fresh and warm food will be prepared within a minute if you use this one. Blender's top-rack dishwasher safe bowl and basket make the cleaning easier.

Parents Comment - We bought it for our baby. But now, I won't hide, we are using it for our home! My kid is tasting all kinds of food. And we are preparing our food out of it. The best blender ever! - Susan. A


  • Easy to Clean
  • Comfortable design
  • Work Fast
  • Can cook meat, fish, and vegetables
  • One-handed operation


  • O-rings are tougher to clean
  • Grows mold in a water reservoir

3. Ninja Master Prep Chopper 


  • Anti-spill splash guard
  • Easy-flip pour spout
  • Pulse technology
  • 2 Jars
  • 4-blade and 6-blade set
  • Stacked blade technology
  • 400 Watt power pod

Blending and making frozen baby food can be tough for your usual blender. Ninja Master Prep Chopper consists the defrosting and chopping technology, which makes it one of the best baby food makers.

Even it crushed ice in such a smooth way that you will be surprised. With the perfectly sized two jars, you can prepare minces, dices, chops, blends, and purees. Because of the pulse technology, it's easier to operate only through one push.

All the parts in this best processor for baby food, Containers, splash guards, blades, and storage lids are all dishwasher-safe. While using the product, you need to check its power pod, bowl splash guard, and blades. For the best outcome, they all need to placed appropriately.

Besides preparing the baby food, Ninja Master Prep Chopper is perfect for making the smoothie and other things. So, investment in this one can provide you long term results also. To keep your food fresh, this blender contains a storage lid too. With the one year warranty, the user will be able to enjoy stacked blade technology. 4-blade and 6-blade set to enhance performance in a better way.

Parents Comment - Cleaning Ninja is real fun. You just don't have to push yourself too hard for it. The regular dishwasher is saving me every day. And the blades...they are the finest. I hope you will love it too. - Whitney B


  • Easy defrosting
  • Conveniently sized jars
  • Perfect for minces, dices, and chops, blends and purees
  • Can be used for other household activities 
  • User-friendly
  • Breaks ice smoothly


  • Motor can breaks easily, If not use it properly
  • Warranty is costly

4. Baby Food Maker - Immersion Hand Blender and Food Processor


  • 120V/250W motor
  • Made of stainless steel and plastic
  • BPA, Phthalate, Lead, and PVC Free
  • Lightweight

Being dependent on fully plastic material may increase the health risk of your kid. Baby Food Maker offers you the perfect mixing of plastic and stainless steel. This blender is easier to wash. You will need to give a few pushes to get the work done. But the outcome will be smoother. Within some minutes, you will be able to blend and puree through this blender.

It has a combo of an immersion blender and food processor that offers different types of blending. For your kid, in all stages, you can prepare food through this one. Meat, fish, vegetable, and fruit- all can be blended easily. Despite having a 120V/250W motor, this machine is really quiet.

You will find the blender totally dishwasher safe. Besides, its weight is only 2.45 pounds. So, you can carry the product while you are traveling with your kids. This product will easily get fit into your small kitchen and travel bag.

If you are planning to find an easier solution of preparing baby food for a long term process and want to use the machine even after your baby is a grown-up, Baby Food Maker - Immersion Hand Blender and Food Processor can be the perfect choice for you. So, are you giving a thought?

Parents Comment - We were very excited about our kid’s food testing. Well, she still doesn't have any teeth. But, our mission is accomplished! She can enjoy the blended version now. Meat, fish, and fruits get processed so quiet and quick! - H. N.


  • Quiet
  • Can blend meat, fish, vegetable, and fruits
  • Easy cleaning
  • Multipurpose blender
  • Several feeding stages
  • Works fast
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to carry


  • Can work with cooked meat only
  • No seal

5. KOIOS Immersion Blender - Budget Pick


  • 4-in-1 blender
  • 5’extra-long power cord
  • 800W powerful motor
  • 500ml chopper bowl & 600ml mixing beaker
  • S-shaped blade reduces splatter
  • The heavy-duty copper core motor
  • Stick blender shaft
  • Stainless egg whisk
  • 12 Speeds(6x2) +turbo function blend
  • BPA free & Silicon buttons

A mini blender not only can help you preparing food for your kid. Your kitchen can have some variation and colors out of it too. But of course, you need to buy a machine which is the best in its purpose, don't you?

With the 800 Watt power and 12 Speeds(6x2), +turbo function blends KOIOS Immersion Blender can be the perfect one for you. This magnificent blender is very swift, powerful, and noise-free.

Due to its variation, your child can enjoy a variety of tastes from this one machine. Using the heavy-duty copper core motor, undoubtedly, this is one of the best blenders to make baby food. The whole package includes a stick blender shaft with egg whisk (stainless), chopper bowl (500ml), and a powerful mixing beaker.

Not only that, you can make baby food with it, but soup, salsa, chutney, smoothies- lots of varieties will also be there to make. Don't be tensed about its cleaning process. It is BPA free. You can use a dishwasher to clean the blender too.

With its stainless body, it will offer you an S-shaped blade reduce splatter, blending head, power cord (5'extra-long), and ergonomic handle to make the whole process of food making easier. To ensure the quality, a full-grade inspection has been made on the blender. Quality, comfort, time-saving, user-friendly, healthy- what more you will need?

Parents Comment - What a multi-tasker! It's really eye soothing to experience my wife not restless anymore. Even, it helps me too! Preparing food, not only for me but for my baby, has been easier and more joyful with this blender. - Richard Kein


  • Variety of taste
  • Multiple uses
  • Low noise & Works fast
  • Small and perfectly designed
  • Health assured by professional-grade inspections
  • Easy cleaning & User friendly


  • Quickly Overheats

6. Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Make


  • 4 - Cups
  • LED light
  • Strong and powerful motor
  • Multiple uses
  • Auto shut off
  • Dial control
  • Steam blade

While buying a baby food blender, you must will want to make sure that all the process of food preparing, Steam, chop/pure, and bottle warming- all will be done by the blender, don't you? Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker provides the best kind of service among all.

Besides its 4 cup work bowl, your daily pressure will be reduced to the least. Blender's patent-pending blade lock system works its best to hold the blade in place while pouring water. With the auto shut off system, as soon as the water will evaporate, your blender will get auto shut automatically. This blender distributes Steam quickly, and it also includes a steam blade.

Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker works with a mighty motor, which ensures the work is done neatly, while the bowl seal prevents the food from spreading away or spitting.

A Recipe booklet will make your user experience awesome. A spatula, measuring cup, and bottle adapter ring also will be included in the package. With the user-friendly dial control, this blender indicates LED light. If you are buying this one, you will find your blender super friendly and easy to use. On a busy day, all these words sound fantastic.

Parents Comment - This blender has saved my life. No timing issue, no quality problem. Cleaning also is very easy. Feeding my toddler is not a burden for me anymore. - Hanna  M


  • Doesn't spit
  • Auto shut off
  • User-friendly
  • Powerful motor
  • Precise work & Variety of use
  • BPA free
  • Space-saving


  • Not easy to operate for the beginners

7. PopBabies Personal Blender - Travelers Pick


  • 5200 mAh rechargeable built-in battery
  • Pulse button (One-touch system)
  • Ice cube tray
  • Lightweight (1.54 pounds only)

What do you do when you travel with your little kid? Do you always become restless and tensed about his/her food? PopBabies Personal Blender can be the best and effective solution for your outdoor baby food problem. It's lightweight, portable, and handy and powerful to crush every bit of your kid's food.

Even while traveling, you can enjoy some shakes or smoothies through the machine too. You can use it while it's on the charge. And, once you charge it, it lasts more than a week. Something perfect for an extended vacation.

Not only an ice cube, but this blender can also crush frozen nut, vegetables, and almost 25+ items. Even you can take it with you in your small and regular bag to enjoy its taste.

You can charge it by USB adapter, power bank, laptop, or car charger. If your product is lack of charge, you can charge it back easily. While making food is that easy, cleaning will be more comfortable, don't you think so? Exactly it happens like that. All you need to clean the blender is pouring some water in it and 'on' the machine. To prepare food, it doesn't take more time than 45 seconds.

Parents Comment - As a travel freak couple, we loved it! This time, preparing enough food for our baby was easier than the other baby food makers. It has a USB port and was well charged. I just loved this portable blender. - J.K.


  • Cleaning is easier
  • Chargeable by USB adapter, power bank, laptop, car charger
  • Charge lasts for almost 1 week
  • Artistic design and high quality
  • 4 hours for the full charge
  • Lightweight


  • Some customer found the blender not very powerful

Baby Food Accessories

Baby food accessories

Making baby food is fun. But, when you have some accessories, it can be really easy, and also you can make the best baby food for your munchkins! Here are some things mentioned below that you can use while preparing food for your baby.


A simple cookbook can make your food processing journey amazing. How, when and how much you need to feed to your toddler, all you can know from here. You will find Simple Homemade Baby Food Recipes in the book . There are some awesome books like- 'Big Book of Organic Baby Food' and 'Super Baby Food'. They will make your journey of motherhood easier.


While you are preparing food, you need to store it too. A perfects storage can diminish your daily burden of making food. For this, you can buy a tray or go for a container.

Silicon Steamer Basket

Before blending the food, to make the process easier, you can steam it for a while. For this work, you can use a steamer basket. Once the steaming process is done, you can transfer it to the blender and blend it smoothly.

Waterproof Silicone Bibs

It's not only about preparing the food. You need to feed it to your baby also. For that, choose waterproof silicon bibs from a happy, healthy parent, Simka Rose, or the best one available in the market, which is easily washable, light, and simple.

High Chair

Do you want your kid to join the family in the dining table? In that case, a high chair can be useful for you. There are Graco, Abiie beyond, and many of them available in the market. Just explore a bit and get your kid the best one. It will your little one the joy to share a table with the whole family.

Spoons, Bowls, and Forks

When you are feeding your little one, you will need a spoon, bowl, and forks for it. You can choose the colorful one from the market for your kids in that case.

Fresh Food Feeder

You may have a feeder to feed milk to your kid. But, you can purchase fresh food fed, which will help your kid to enjoy the taste of a variety of blended food.

Buying Guide - How to Choose the Best Baby Food Makers

It’s easy to find something likable if the options are not too many. But, see the list above! All these baby food makers are the best! How will you choose something as the best one for your baby? Let’s take the easiest path.

Baby eating foods and fruits


How much budget do you have for the blender? Of course, you may like the best of the baby food makers for your kid. But, it will cost you double, triple, or more than that. It’s not like that; cheaper means the worse one. It will provide some things less. But, you may find it perfect for your kid. So, don’t go for the pricey one. Go for the perfect one that suits your budget.

Focus on Size

Do you travel with your kids a lot? Then, you must take something portable. You can go for the little sized one. It will provide you fresh food, and that too in any place where you want. You can carry it and place it in your little kitchen effortlessly. It will fit into your kitchen easily.

More Features

The more feature you will have in your blender, the easier your food making process will be. It may cost you much. But, the process will be super easy and comfortable. You won't have to press one button and then do something else and again press another button. Do you want to enjoy your food, making time easier? Then, you can go for the blender with more features..


Of course, it is a baby food making thing. You won't want mental pressure while using these baby food makers, will you? Then, go for something user-friendly. Before buying a blender, read its user manual properly. Does it seem super easy and straightforward? Then, go for it. Just keep in mind that you are buying the blender to make your life hassle-free, not attracting more hassle.

Tips - How To Store Baby Food?

With these excellent baby food makers, you will find making baby food easier. But, while making all this food, how are you going to store it? Even if you make a lot of them to save your time, for some simple mistake, all the food can be wasted. Here are some instrumental techniques to store baby food for longer.

1. For the single type of food, you can make them in bulk amount and place it in a tray. There are OXO Tot, Mumu and Bubi, BabyBliss, and so many other brands. To get your job done perfectly, you can use any of them. Once the food is frozen in the small freezer, take them out of the tray and store in a big freezer, a packet, or bowl.

2. If you have mixed food and no freezer, you can use containers from OXO Tot or Sage and store the food in it. It will be more useful if you are on travel.

3. Don't freeze food in glass containers. It won't freeze easily, and the glass can get cracked too.

4. To store puree for a long time, use a deep freeze.

5. Don't feed your baby frozen food directly. Take it out from the containers and give some time to be normal.

Do you want an easy solution for all these storage problems? Mumi & Bubi Solids Starter Kit can provide you all at once. It has a huge storage size. Food can easily be taken out of the tray. It will save your time . The Kiinde Foodii Starter Kit will help you with its squeezable pouches. There are some other brands in the market. Before buying any of them, you have to make sure that, these trays are BPA free and safe for your kid.


1. Can't I prepare baby food in my regular blender?

You can. But, blender, which is made for making baby food, you can ensure the health safety of your kid the most.

2. Can I blend meat in the blender?

It depends on which blender you have chosen. In some baby food blender, you can blend meat. While, in the other blender, you only can blend fruits and vegetables.

3. Why do I need a baby food blender?

When your kid is ready to eat other solid foods, without a blender, you can make food for them. But, you have to use too many things to make it soft and edible for them. The blender will make your work easier.

4. Can I make puree food for my baby in the blender?

Yes, you will find some best blenders to puree food in the market. You can pick any of them.

5. Why do I need to puree baby food?

It's because they don't have teeth! So, before a certain age, you need to find the best blender to puree baby food.

Final Verdict

Do you want the best blender to make baby food? If your baby is ready to taste the food, you must think a bit about it. But don't overuse it. Your kid will only know how to chew food when he/she takes a solid one. So, use the blender for the initial period. You can make the blend half-done gradually and make your kid habituated with the food. But, before that, use a blender for the purpose and try to choose the best one in the town.

For my kid, I took PopBabies Personal Blender. It worked well. Though, at first, it was a little bit tough for me to learn the process. But later, I got it properly. For you, you can choose any one of the lists given above. For me, as I travel a lot, PopBabies Personal Blender worked the best. But, if you want to enjoy something else, then choose a blender with your desired quality.

The Magic bullet is good for storage. BEABA Babycook offers a variety of flavors. On the other hand, there is a Ninja master for frozen food and ice breaking, KOIOS has a powerful motor, and a baby food makers offers several types of blending. You will find the auto shut option some, and other useful options on the others. But don’t be confused. You have a variety of options. You just have to choose the best one. I know, you want the Best Blender to make baby food for your kid. So, be aware and sensitive about it. And, keep in mind that it's not only about money. It's all about perfection. So, don't compromise and go for the perfect one only!

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