5 Best Blender Under $50 – No Compromise With The Quality Even At Less Cost!

A perfect smoothie glass in the morning is a must-have for me. And I see a lot of people around me with the same craze as me. Are you one of us too? Can the best blender under $50 meet your requirements?

A couple of weeks ago, my multi-functional blender stopped working. I have this strict budget, and I'm always late for work. But cannot afford the usual expensive blenders in the market, neither can I let go of my habit of a morning beverage.

So what now? That’s when I found the perfect solution of blenders less than 50!

All these large blenders that do so much, but sometimes I feel like I need a blank check for these. That's when I went for the budget blenders.

I did a lot of research when I found out the best blenders on the low-budget. For smoothie lovers like me, I thought of including this list and my research just for helping you out with your requirement and budget, for the time being!

5 Top-Rated Blender Under $50 Quick Table





A well-designed blender with power and efficiency for versatile and mess-free usage.

[Top Choice]

Ninja Master Prep QB900B
Fill Counter

A blender designed with unique wave-technology for multi-functional use and user convenience.

[Best Pick]

Hamilton Beach 58148A Multi-function Blender
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The magical machine that works to make all the blending tasks easy with its extended usage features

[Blender for extended use]

Magic Bullet Small Blender
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Your handy stick blender with simple control that does a lot more than just easy handling.

[Easy portability]

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender
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Get yourself a personal-sized blender that offers flexibility of usage with its extra parts.

[Budget Pick]

BELLA 13330 Rocket Blender
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5 Best Blenders Under $50 Reviews

1. Ninja Master Prep QB900B - Top Choice


  • Outstanding 400-Watt power
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to use
  • Versatility on point
  • Two jars with convenient sizes
  • Additional features
  • 1-year warranty backup

How can one kitchen appliance serve as a frozen fruit blender, fruit and vegetable chopper, and ice crusher at the same? Your answer is the innovative Ninja Master Prep QB900B!

The performance and power of this blender are top-notch. You can squash ice into snow in a breeze!. The interchangeable 400-watt power pod works fine for both the 48-oz pitcher and 16-oz chopping bowl.

It has been designed ergonomically with the one-touch pulse system to ease your job further. The simpler, the better would be the motto for creating this kitchen solution.

The chopper bowl and pitcher already add for more versatility. But that's not all! It also has two attachment options of 6-blades functioning for food processing and another 4-blades system for smoothie making. Don't be satisfied yet because I've more for you!

You can do a lot with this starting from smoothies, milkshake, ice-crushing to mincing, chopping, and even baby-food making! It comes with two jars with two separate lids for secure storage.

The parts are dishwasher-safe; so, no cleaning hassle. For bonus elements, it offers splash guards on the container and no-slip base for preventing spillage. And yet, all these under 50!

Pro Tips: As it is an electronic appliance, I suggest you use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe clean the machine body. Just be cautious!


  • Efficient chopping, blending, mincing, crushing
  • Powerful enough
  • BPA free quality materials
  • Easy to operate and keep clean
  • Store the mixture easily
  • Multi-purpose usage


  • The two cup containers may not hold sufficient space for larger servings

2. Hamilton Beach 58148A Multi-function Blender - Best Pick


  • Mighty 700 Watts blending power
  • The innovative Wave action system
  • Unique 12 blending functions and pulse
  • Automatic pulp-ejection system
  • No-mess, no-spill pouring
  • Cleanup made easy
  • Backed up with 3 years of warranty!

If we are talking about a versatile blender that serves with an exclusive performance at an affordable price, I would casually think about the Hamilton Beach Power Elite blender. The peak blending power and uniquely amazing technology set it apart from the others. Read the details to know more!

As the name goes, it certainly lives up to the “Multi-function elite blender” title. The power base of 700 watts is what lets it do so much in a compact body. Yes, you can use it for ice-crushing without hesitance.

The mechanism is so well-built that it sucks the ingredients closer to the stainless steel blades for ensuring consistency and smooth texture in your desired recipe. It is called Wave-technology. A unique and smart addition, indeed!

It has 12 blending functions that set it apart from similar appliances. Are you worried this might be a complex controlling system? Then I'm glad to say you can change the functions with five simple buttons with a pulse button as well.

It also comes with an additional no-mess pouring spout and a lid with hinge for absolutely no-mess and no-spill operation.

The BPA-free 40-oz glass container with dishwasher-safe allows for easy cleanup and safe use. All these qualities backed up with a 3-year warranty that is not found in typical personal-sized blenders. Get your money's worth, get the Hamilton elite blender!

Pro Tips: I've tried a lot of these products, and according to my research, I would suggest adding some water when you try making any recipes.


  • Innovative design
  • Loaded power
  • Offers consistency in juicing
  • Stainless steel blades for durability
  • Convenient usage with easy controls
  • Dishwasher safe container


  • The plastic pieces might be fragile

3. Magic Bullet Small Blender - Blender For Extended Use


  • Magical performance
  • Effortless recipe preparation
  • 13 piece-set with all you need!
  • Quality materials
  • No struggle in cleaning
  • 1-year warranty

The name goes perfectly with the effectiveness of this machine! Indeed, the Magic bullet blender works like a magician to blend, chop, mix, and whip up your favorite beverages and dishes in no time. How? You'll need to look below for that!

The 250-watt motor is enough for giving you unlimited choices of recipes, whether it's juice, drinks, smoothie, or dips, sauce, ground coffee beans, and so on.

The high-torque base, cross-blade inclusion, and re-sealable stay-fresh lids all combine to give you an experience of professional juice making and versatility.

If you are in a rush, that's not a problem for this magic machine. It has to-go lids that are convenient enough to take your juice on the go. The 13 piece set with a tall cup, short cup, lip-rings, 10-second recipe collection, and a party mug with highly durable BPA-free plastic serves all the purposes you can think.

Apart from this, if you struggle with cleaning tools, simply wash and rinse the blender with soap and water and see how it shines like new!

Pro Tips: It is a small appliance, so for better results, try adding at least ½ a cup of water to the mixture.

Learn more about top 5 bullet blender.


  • Speed up your blending game!
  • Compact design making it easy to store
  • Easy cleaning
  • Versatile
  • Three ready-to-go cups for fast serving


  • Insufficient capacity for larger servings
  • Not very useful as a food processor

4. Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender Easy Portability


  • More power to the stick blender- 300 watts!
  • 2-speed choices
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extend your blending choices
  • One-touch single-handed blending
  • Effortless cleaning
  • 3-year warranty backup

Stick blenders are among the best blenders of my lists of handy tools. But when I got my hands on this beauty, trust me, I looked no further for a better one because this serves all my purposes of hand-blending. Can it be equally effective for you too? Take a look at the details!

A very-small tool with high 300 watts power, I've been looking for this for so long! No questions to its versatile usage because you can enjoy your basic beverages, hot chocolate, airy whipped cream, creamy mashed potatoes, and hundred other choices of smooth sauces and soups.

The high and low-speed options work incredibly for simple operation. The grip is ergonomically designed for guaranteed comfort for one-handed use.

Also, the removable blending shaft lets you blend directly in a bowl or pot. How convenient is that! It is also useful for easy cleaning along with the dishwasher safe-parts. All these under 50! Who’s not buying it yet?

Pro Tips: For cleaning the blades well, give a quick swirl in clean water. The shaft is removable, so remember to clean it up after every use.


  • Complete more blending tasks
  • Less effort in operation
  • Highly portable and convenient storage
  • No splattering or spilling!
  • Effortless cleaning


  • Not designed for hard substances including ice and deep-frozen ingredients
  • Lock-button use may not be the right choice for some users

5. BELLA 13330 Rocket Blender - Budget Pick


  • Handheld compact but powerful blending
  • Liquify, emulsify and pulverize- all with one device
  • 2-tall cups for blending and a small one for grinding
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Up to the mark quality

Who doesn't want fast and straightforward kitchen solutions to make everyday life a bit simpler? And if it saves you both time and money, what else do you need?

Yes, the BELLA 13330 Rocket Blender is a small tool with guaranteed satisfaction when it comes to smoothie making, emulsifying, blending, or grinding. How does this rocket blender do all of these? You'll know once you read below.

It is durable and powerful enough to liquefy whole fruits in minutes and also chop, grind, mince dry vegetables and spices. The 240-watt high torque power base will not disappoint you at all.

Don't go on the small size because it can offer more than your expectations. With extra cups, different lids, spare blades, and a variety of other elements, it will help you out with all the work.

The cups are easily attachable to the blades. Who wants extra cups for smoothies when you can have it on the ones you make it!

If you fancy a smoothie or mouthwatering hot coffee in the morning or tea-break, BELLA Rocket blender is here to save the day!

Pro Tips: “Keep it clean!” would be my motto for using any appliance, especially the kitchen tools. For extending blender life, make sure to give a swirl with soap and water after each use.


  • Compact structure
  • Versatile uses
  • Bonus blade for grinding coffee beans, spices, and more!
  • Minimal cleanup
  • Minimal cleanup


  • Not powerful enough for crushing ice
  • Motor quality is a bit off

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before You Get a Budget Blender

Okay, so it's time we talk about the practicality of the best blenders less than 50. If you are going for a budget blender, you might need to take a step back from your expectations. Because honestly, you know that these will not serve with the same efficiency and performance as the larger and more expensive ones.

how to choose a budget blender

But don't be disappointed because if you do a thorough analysis and proper comparison of similar products, you are likely to find a budget blender that will offer you total satisfaction.

And if you are a fan of fancy smoothies, why put up with so much struggle with whiskers and elbow grease when you can find an affordable device to back you up with it. Hence, to find a model that does an excellent job in blending and more, I've mentioned some factors below to help you in selecting the right product for your use. Have a look!

Sufficient power

As I've cleared before, you cannot expect these blenders under $50 to come with heavy power motors of 1000+ watts. But you can expect around 400-700 to do your work just fine.

Don’t worry when I say these devices may not be suitable choices if you are planning to crush hard ingredients. Because with more power, comes at a higher price. And with these low-priced blenders, with a little patience, more time, and effort, you can expect them to satisfy your requirements.

And if you ask me about regular smoothie making or chopping or grinding, then I’ll say why look for costly blenders when the budget blenders are enough for these tasks?

As I’ve used some of these products, they have not dissatisfied me with their performance. But before purchase one of these, keep it clear to yourself its purpose of usage.

Is it durable?

When we buy any gadget, the first thing we wonder to ourselves is, "is it durable?"

For ensuring the durability of the less costly blenders, you need to do the right amount of research. Many products offer good life-span with durability at such a low price. You just need to seek them.

You cannot expect them to work fine as long as you do, but they'll offer excellent performance over the years, maybe more than you expected!

Quality material

As we have talked about the durability, now how do we ensure it? The material quality is a prominent factor to consider while buying any appliances.

These personal-sized blenders under $50 are usually plastic-made, but if you should buy the ones that offer BPA-free and dishwasher-safe parts. But if you have good eyes, you can find the glass blender in low-price too.

They are already very low-priced, so you shouldn't have many expectations about the warranty backup. But if they provide warranties like most of the products I've mentioned above, that'd be a cherry on the cake!

How good is it with ice?

Frozen juices, shakes, or margaritas are not suitable recipes for these blenders. For this, you might need to higher the price range.

To your wonder, I'd like to add that even though being low-priced, some of these blenders can also crush ice! The effectiveness will not be similar to the more significant blender. But they can do a very fine job as well. So keep looking for power and strength.

Is it too noisy?

It is where I see an excellent advantage of having one of these. With larger blenders, come more sound.

If I talk about my personal experience, sometimes too much noise bugs me a lot. But the personal blenders can do the work quietly.

The sounds they make called "footprints" will not make you hope for earplugs or think about annoying your neighbors. Sounds great, right?

Don’t forget about the pulse button!

"What is the actual duty of a pulse button?" I have been asked a few times. Well, it speeds up the process of blending. But why is speed up necessary?

If you hold on to the power button for a longer time, there's a possibility of heating the motor. Again it takes more time as well. So, to save time, the pulse button fastens your work and prevents the machine from generating more heat.

Hence, it is a necessary addition for both your blender’s durability and your time. Remember to look for the availability and effectiveness of this button on any blender you purchase.

Ease of cleaning

You cannot compromise with keeping the blender clean no matter what the price range is.

It is mandatory to maintain the hygiene of your kitchen tools and your kitchen as a whole. And if you are on a busy schedule like me, I'd prefer tools that have an easy-cleaning feature. So you don't have to waste too much on time them, because why such unnecessary struggle, right?

My advice would be to look for machines that have dishwasher-safe parts, so you can keep them clean easily.

Blenders are quite easy to clean. All you need is to blend some soap and water. With a quick swirl-swish and some gentle rinsing, it's as simple as water!

Any accessories that come along with machines should also offer easy cleaning. But remember to wash the machine after every use. It's not just for extending blender life but also for maintaining hygiene.

You can call it my pet-peeve, but I'm a big fan of tidiness and hygiene!

Additional elements

A little extra is always appreciated. For me, a little bonus is still good, whether it be more cheese on my pizza or other features of my blender!

Different models of the budget blenders are available in shops. Some only offer blending, but some also come with features like- food processing, extra cups, included spare parts, and a lot more.

These additions are good things, but they should not distract you from the original goal of having a blender. You need a clear-cut evaluation of its performance, power, longer life, material quality. And if all these boxes tick well, that's when you get to look at the bonus elements.

Remember to be drawn toward the efficiency but not the fanciness of your tool because not even a penny should be wasted!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the adequate motor power for these blenders?

As you cannot expect them to have high powered motor, but 300-700 will do okay for juice making and even may liquify frozen fruits and grind your coffee beans.

Should I prioritize the power most when choosing budget blenders?

The power is a significant factor, but you cannot rely on it. You need to see the material quality, blade quality, technology, blending mechanism, and even some extra elements, so you don't miss out on anything.

Can they crush ice in the finest state?

They are compact appliances with good power but may not always be enough for crushing ice into snow. But even if they do the ice crushing well or break the hard ingredient, that’s an applaudable deal for the money’s worth too.

How do I maximize the life-span of my blender?

If I talk from my personal experience, I've always maintained regular cleaning after every use and followed usage directions correctly. And trust me, my appliances have lived longer than they were expected to.


According to user preference, I've seen the Ninja Master Prep and Hamilton Beach 58148A work the best for them. But if you ask for the best value for only basic smoothie making, other primary blending jobs with easy portability and storage, the Cuisinart stick blender will top my list.

If you are still not sure with the best blender under 50, I'd like to give you a piece of advice. Staying in the budget doesn't mean you need to be stuck with average or poor appliance choices. You can always find a gem if you know what exactly you're looking for.

Taking good care of even these budget blenders will allow them to last longer, maybe even more than your expectations. So think less and try one. After all, it's even less than 50!

Ashton Max

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