5 Best Blenders Under $100 to Offer Shopping Solution with Keeping You in Budget

Are you suffering in need of a good blender? But so many options around!  And also what about the scams? All these online products, but are they even trustable? So confusing! Let’s see if the best blenders under 100 can stand out.

Yes, we exactly know how you feel when you look at hundreds of options in case of buying a good blender. And sometimes the price is so high that it makes you hopeless of having a refreshing morning smoothie that’ll soothe your soul!

Fear not! We have the situation under control. It is possible to buy the kitchen appliance within your budget.

We have reviewed five of the best blenders with all features, including performance, speed, quality, and the power to do more than just blending- everything you have been looking for all these days! Not sure yet? How about giving a glance at the article?

5 Best Blender Under $100 Quick Table 2020 





A blender with unique technology, effective mechanism, good control and affordable as well. Who wouldn’t want it?

[Top Choice]

KitchenAid KSB1575ER Diamond Blender
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If you want to sure a healthy lifestyle with your blender, that’s not impossible with this appliance!

[Best Extraction Ability]

Ninja BL456 Blenders
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Are you a fan of versatility and multi-purpose usage then this has a lot to offer you!

[Best blender for extended use]

NutriBullet Pro High-Speed Blender
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Are you on a strict budget but still want a blender that can do a decent job for you? And how a bit more?

[Best Budget Blender]

Oster Designer Series Blender
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The perfect appliance not only efficient with blending but provides larger servings, added tools and a unique-design that can leave you awe-struck!

[Best immersion blender]

Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender
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Top 5 Blenders Under $100 Review

1. KitchenAid KSB1575ER Diamond Blender - Top Choice


  • Innovative Diamond Blending System
  • Precise Intelli-Speed Motor Control
  • Durable Pitcher Design
  • Facilitates ice-crushing and smooth use
  • Easy cleaning
  • Backed up with a fantastic 5-year warranty

If you are expecting some high-end performance with exceptionally consistent blending outcomes, we'll lead you to this masterpiece- KitchenAid Diamond Blender! We know you want fast yet effective performance; So, just give a quick read to the details!

The brand manufactures hundreds of kitchen appliances, but this is an impressive mark for them. Especially with the Diamond Blending Technology, it enables you to blend efficiently with consistency by smartly being at the required speed for the task.

It has a soft start mechanism, which means the blades pull the ingredients to itself, ensuring the perfect texture you're expecting!

Also, the Intelli-speed control system is efficient enough to give you five variable speed settings. These allow you to blend, mix, chop, liquefy, and so on. The 550-watt motor power is sufficient to break through the variety of ingredients, including the toughest one - ice!

The patented diamond design of the pitcher with 60-oz capacity is scratch-proof, shatter-resistant, stain-proof, and easy to clean. To make it durable, the blender base is made of die-cast metal material, and the control panel is cleanable with a single wipe.

Pro Tips: If you want the durable pitcher to shine as new for longer, make sure to wipe-clean well after each use.


  • Effortless controls
  • Durable
  • Good power
  • BPA-free, dishwasher-safe parts
  • Quality materials
  • Good for ice crushing


  • The pitcher can get cloudy and hazy after use
  • Might not be the best option for recipes other than smoothie making

2. Ninja BL456 Blenders - Best Extraction Ability


  • Incredible 900-watts power
  • Total extraction
  • Ready-to-go drinks
  • User convenience
  • 1-year warranty

Are you searching for a blender with professional skill, exclusive performance, and complete extraction capability from ingredients? Have you heard of the Ninja BL456 countertop blender? I'm sure you'll look no further after you have a look at its properties.

Something that attracts the users most to this product is its outstanding ability to extract maximum nutrients and vitamins from the used ingredients. It signifies that nothing; absolutely nothing of value is wasted, and you are bound to have a healthy drink.

Many a time, we cannot use our favorite elements in our drinks, in fear that the blades might not work correctly for them.  But there is no hesitation with this powerful machine. The incredible 900-watts power combining with extractor blades is competent enough to blend skin, seed, flesh, and even ice.

The blades are well-designed to prevent you from having lumpy smoothies by maintaining a smooth texture of your favorite recipes.

For the busy days, just twist the spout lids on the nutri ninja container and take your drinks along! The blender parts have dishwasher safety features and are BPA-free, so no adjustment with health and cleanliness.

Pro Tips: The appliance is for smaller serves. So we'd suggest not overfilling the jar with ingredients because this may affect the juicing quality.


  • Suited for busy schedules
  • BPA-free blender parts
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent power
  • Ensures availability of more vitamin and nutrient in your drink
  • Versatile
  • Excellent 900 watt motor power


  • Not sufficient for larger servings
  • Container quality is not up to standard

3. NutriBullet Pro High-Speed Blender - Best Blender for Extended Use


  • Mighty 900-watts motor power
  • Sturdy extractor blades
  • Mess-free cleaning
  • Refined nutrients extraction
  • Additional accessories

You want to invest your money in a versatile blender but can't find a good one? The NutriBullet Pro with extended 13-pieces set can do a lot more than mere blending. Want to know what fantastic things it can do for you? Read more

"With grand power, comes more responsibility." And indeed, with its might 900-watts power, you won't be disappointed at all. Fill the jar with whole ingredients, hard to break skin, stem, seeds, and blend your desired recipe for the best of your health. Also, have a look at the included recipe book to try out newer and yummier recipes!

The stainless steel blades come with cyclonic action. And what does it do? It cuts through the harshest elements and turns into them into your favorite shakes.

The optimized performance leads to giving you the best experience of your day. It can refresh your mood and keep your health intact.

It comes with long-lasting BPA-free plastic parts that last longer than you might expect. And the cleaning process is also trouble-free. All you do rinse with water and soap and give a quick swirl!

Good news for the colorful souls- you can choose any customized color for your blender that complements well with your kitchen!

Pro Tips: For prolonged use, we suggest you not to use it regularly for cracking hard ingredients and ensure regular cleaning.


  • Optimized performance
  • BPA-free parts
  • Improvised strength
  • Includes 32 oz Nutri ninja cup
  • Ensures your healthy lifestyle
  • Customizable color
  • Long-lasting
  • Convenient cleaning


  • Not recommended for crushing ice

4. Oster Designer Series Blender - Best Budget Blender


  • Ensured durability with All-metal Drive function
  • Trouble-free control
  • Standard power
  • Ice-crushing blades
  • Long-lasting Pitcher
  • 10-years impressive warranty back up

Most homeowners look for blenders that are affordable and durable at the same time. You must want one too, right? The Oster Beehive blender has a large capacity, quality parts, extreme temperature tolerance capability, and what more…? Read the details to know it all.

We would entitle it as the best budget pick. Though the features it contains are more fundamental than the other products enlisted here, yet they are really satisfactory and wonderfully effective for this price.

The drive function allows you to blend a variety of elements to make perfect juices, shakes, dips, sauces, purees, and so on. With 600-watts power, you can accomplish all these and even crack ice and nuts.

For those who prefer simple and easy control, We prefer this model because it has only two-speed settings. It might not provide all the speeding opportunities like other elite models but do an excellent job with ease.

The crush pro blades are genius parts when it comes to crushing whole food or ice. With Boroclass glass, the pitcher quality has reached its peak. This 60-oz glass jar can undergo extreme temperature and still shine like new. And with this much capacity, it ensures atleast five regular smoothie cups enough for holding a small summer party with friends.

But that's not all. All these features backed up with an incredible 10-years warranty! Oh, and the price? Less than 100!

Pro Tips: Although it is a durable and quality product, yet do not compromise with keeping it clean!


  • Boroclass glass container to withstand a maximum temperature
  • Reliable
  • Excellent for extended use
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Allows large servings
  • Easy to use


  • The noise can be a bit annoying

5. Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender - Best Immersion Blender


  • Unique design for consistent blending
  • The revolutionary anti-suction blending system
  • Easy to maneuver trigger grip
  • Multi-purpose operation
  • User-friendly

Are you scared of using an immersion blender because it includes splattering, sticking to the bottom, scratchy pitcher, and inconsistent smoothie texture? Well, you want to look at the Breville Control Grip Blender as it solves all these problems. How? You'll have to read below for that.

Bell-shaped jar design offers to increase the quantity of your recipe. This immersion blender is the best option for soup-making. No need for the hassle anymore because the 280-watt motor power allows perfect circulation for blending soup adequately.

The control grip blade system with internal ribs makes turbulence, ensuring all the ingredients are dragged to the stainless steel blades. It provides anti-suction to the bottom and delivers a smooth, consistent recipe.

With an 8-inch depth of immersion and 15 variable speed controls, make larger batches with ease and precision. It will make you smooth soups, airy whipped cream, dips, salsa, baby food, creamy mayonnaise, and of course, smoothies in seconds.

Do you get hand-strains more often? Then the Breville blender has the perfect solution for you. The ergonomically designed handle assures comfort, stability, and soft-touch finish. Just take it easy with your hands!

It is indeed the best immersion blender with bonus features like- attached whisker, extra-long power cord, anti-spill lid, and a chopping bowl. I smell a great deal for under 100!

Pro Tips: To make any product last longer, it is essential to follow the usage instructions. Especially for this kitchen solution as well as it is different than typical blenders.


  • Variable speed for more control
  • Easy portability
  • No hand strain for extended use
  • Allows blending in larger batches
  • No-scratch
  • 1-year warranty


  • May not be the best option for blending milkshakes
  • The material quality could have been better

Factors You Should Know Before You Get Your Hands on the Low-Budget Blenders

Most people have the idea that blenders are merely used for occasionally making smoothies. We will not disagree with the concept entirely because this is what blenders do the best.

But this concept may hinder you from buying a good blender. So, if you're not yet sure if you want to purchase the top products manufactured and sold, then you can give the low-budget mixers a try.

low-budget blenders

If you are looking for online solutions and you don't exactly know what you need. We have included the perfect buying guide for you with useful information after in-depth research. What's the damage in taking a quick look?

The Purpose of Your Blender

As we have reviewed a few products above, you will see that apart from simple blending, all mixers do not serve the same purposes. Some are good for crushing ice, and harder ingredients, some for making purees, salsas, sauces, and some are excellent for food processing.

Before going into the factors to consider while buying one of these products, you need to know what you tend to do with your blender.

Do you want to make regular juices? Go for the one with average power but long-lasting properties.

Are you fond of smoothies with frozen fruits and ice? Go for the one with high-power and sturdy blades.

Do you want it all? Just look for the one that ticks all the boxes. You will need very well research for that, though.

Efficiency And Power

"The higher the power, the better the performance of the blender," this is what most users think. But you might be surprised because though the power matters a lot, but it is not everything.

These blender options are on a kind of strict budget, so why would you even wish them to work like the expensive ones? Yet if not that powerful, they can still be enough to crush through some natural ingredients and ice as well.

We suggest you look for one of these with about 500-900 watts power because that'll do proper blending, pulverizing, and quick pulsing. Other factors we have mentioned combine to make the best blender under 100. Who would rely on this one point only, right?

Robust Blades

The appliance performance, considering the things it blends has a lot to do with the blades. After all, they are the main hero to save your day with a consistent smoothie texture!

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you are checking the blenders. It's not just the quality of the blade material but also its durability, sturdiness, sharpness, excellent cutting ability, and so on.

Most top blender offer stainless-steel blades that allow you to blend and swirl without any hesitance. Also, you can ensure extended use as well.

But that's not it. The blades need to be sharp enough to slice through whole fruits and even crush ice. A few blenders also come with unique blending technology with more than four blades for giving you a better experience in blending.

Precision In Controlling

What is the use of investing in a machine if it doesn't offer easy and adequate control? Especially with blenders, you wouldn't want the appliance to be hard control and shaky quality.

So how do you ensure precise control over your blender? Through the speed settings! We don't require the same speed for carrying out all the blending tasks. Hence, most appliances, even the low-priced ones, have several speed options for user convenience and consistency in recipe making.

Well, to be honest, you cannot expect these blenders to provide you with vast speed settings but only a couple of choices. However, A few like the reviewed KitchenAid Diamond Blender offers adjustable smart speed technology. Get yourself something like this if you want good control.

How Is The Pitcher Quality?

We cannot deny the fact that whatever you make, most of it needs to be done in the pitcher. So yes, it is a priority factor to consider.

The container capacity may vary according to using purposes. For instance, if you want a refreshing summer party with friends, you need a jar that can hold a large batch of serving.

Pitcher capacities are usually within 50-70 ounces for such blender, and it is sufficient for most uses. Some may offer more than that; they are usually designed for serving more.

Now let’s talk about the jar quality. Why is it so important? Well, because it leads to several other factors like easy cleaning, prolonged use, longevity, scratch resisting ability, etc.

Who would want to invest in a jar with a fragile, low-quality material, right? Some of the products out there are scratch and even shatter-proof. So why would you compromise with the quality?

No-Struggle With The Cleaning

It is a busy age, busy people, and a strict timing schedule. Are you willing to spend a considerable amount of time in the mere cleaning process? We don't think so.

Fortunately, most blender reviewed above offers cleaning in a jiffy! Many manufacturers provide dishwasher-safe parts, so you can generally clean your blender like other utensils. No hassle at all!

You need to consider the more straightforward design of the appliances as well because you don't want the food to get stuck on the bottom or hard-to-reach areas.

Power-Cord Length

“Why is it included here?” Most of you may wonder. Let me explain.

You want to use your blender comfortably and conveniently. So you need power cords that can reach the power supply easily. We do not suggest such extension cords, not because of the hassle, but it's also not a safe solution.

The power cord needs to be leak-proof and neat also. You cannot neglect your safety! Also, you don't want to it bug you by getting in the way every time you use the kitchen.

Is The Sound Annoying?

Fixing the noise generation for cheaper blenders is not that easy. Under a low-budget, the noise may annoy you a bit.

So while you invest your money in the appliance, make sure you are okay with the sound. And if you want quieter operation because you have children in the house or you don't want to disturb your friends next-door then, look for a blender that generates less sound.

Warranty Backup

$100 is a pretty good amount of money. You surely don’t even want a single dollar to be wasted. So we suggest you look for warranties in these blenders.

The best blenders under $100 are the ones that are sure of their quality product and are not afraid to provide extended warranties. Hence, all the products mentioned above come with minimum 1-year to a maximum 10-years warranty backup ensuring great service throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the motor power requirement for these blenders?

Mostly, the blenders under 100 offer power of 500 to 900 watts, but that's pretty good. You can expect them to crush any ingredients without losing the quality of the smoothie. But you shouldn't entirely rely on power because there is more to look for.

Are they suitable for crushing ice?

The models mentioned here have no issues with crushing ice. They do the job quite easily. If you are buying a product, you should have the correct information at hand. So check the properties before purchasing.

What should be the proper way of cleaning them?

We do not recommend putting the blades directly in the dishwasher. But you can pour some soapy water in the jar and give a quick swish and rinse to clean both the blades and the container. You can also wipe-clean the body of the blender.

Can I expect them to work effectively for a longer time?

If you follow the instructions correctly, keep the machine clean and not mess with the controlling system, they can last well for 2-5 years and even more.

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