5 Best Blenders Under 200 – Don’t Neglect Your Choices Even with The Affordable Ones!

Have you seen the first blender manufactured in 1922? and look at the mixer or kitchen solution available nowadays. Indeed, they have come a long way. Several choices depending on your budget, are now available in the market. If you have a mid-range budget, let's talk about the best blenders under 200 today!

Sometimes, we look for blenders with a meager price usually usable for blending purposes only. But if you are looking for versatility, longevity, and a bit more than just usual, you need to raise your budget.

The other day, as we took a closer look at the customer situation in purchasing a blender; We comprehended that some of them had a considerable amount for the purchase.  But out of all these models and manufacturers, they didn’t know who to trust!

Are you one of them as well? That is why we did loads of research in giving you the proper information about the best. Don't worry; you don't have to spend half of your salary on it, and also you can expect a well-designed appliance for more than just blending. Its Undoubtedly, a great deal!

Read to the end to know more!

5 Top-Rated Blenders Under $200 Quick Table 2020





[Editor's Choice]

KitchenAid Diamond Vortex 5

You want it all from best blending tech to a satisfactory performance and you want it in budget. No problem!

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[Best Pick]

Blender By Cleanblend

Keep aside all your old kitchen tools and replace them with a smarter choice. Yes, it will do it all for you!

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[Best Compact Design]

NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender

A power pack performance by a compact design is not a dream anymore!

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[Best Immersion Blender]

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

The reduced suction, scope for versatility and larger servings make this immersion blender higher in quality than your expectations.

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[Best for Regular Use]

Jamba Appliances 2.4 hp Blender with 64 oz Jar

Looking for a blender for daily effortless use but cannot compromise with the efficiency. You don’t even have to with this machine!

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5 Best Blenders Under $200 Review

1. KitchenAid Diamond Vortex 5-Speed Blender - Editor’s Choice


  • Unique Steel-Reinforced Coupler
  • Clean-Touch Control panel
  • Soft start for more efficiency
  • Durable pitcher design
  • Easy to clean

You cannot go very high on budget, but you want an appliance to meet your requirements with excellence. Sounds sort of impossible! But, not really. You will know why once you read the details of the KitchenAid Diamond Vortex.

So, what’s new in this KitchenAid product? How about a system to supply 550 watts high- power directly from the motor to the blades? Yes, the quiet operation, Steel-Reinforced Coupler feature included in the machine, allows direct force so that you don't need to think twice for crushing any ingredient.

Dials are such an outdated controlling system! To reduce the hassle, the LED clean-touch control panel is added to the machine. It offers five variable speeds controlling along with a pulse feature. You can use it with a single push and also wipe clean the panel with ease.

What is this soft-start feature? It allows us to start the motor at a slower speed, and with gradually increase, it creates a whirl to pull the elements toward it for better pulverization.

The quality-enriched 60-oz Diamond Pitcher Design is what makes us more interested in it. The stain-resistant, shatterproof durable jar allows convenient usage and longevity of your kitchen tool.

Let’s not forget the dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning and a die-cast metal base that keeps the blender stable. Zero-trouble in handling, zero-trouble in cleaning!


  • Sensitive controlling
  • Sensory system for better performance
  • Regular-use blender
  • Easy assembling
  • Can crush ice
  • Lid with measuring cup for accuracy
  • One-year warranty


  • Blades are non-removable
  • Noisy mechanism

2. Blender By Cleanblend - Best pick


  • All-in-one kitchen solution
  • Variable speed with a pulse setting
  • Effective 8-blade system
  • Incredible power delivering incredible performance
  • BPA-free durable material

A machine that can make smoothies down to dressings and cappuccinos seems hard to believe. But hold your seats, till you know what a versatile gadget the CleanBlend blender is!

We are guessing; manufacturers have somehow comprehended the mood-changes that people often go through. Hence, they built a machine that lets you cool down your temper with frozen drinks, smoothies, ice creams, or heat the party with cappuccinos or soups. Replace the tools that take up loads of space in your kitchen cabinet and countertop with this fantastic package that allows you to do all of it!

Maintain the proper texture of your recipes with its variable speed settings and a pulse setting with it for further control. With incredible 1800 watts power, don't think twice while you insert any food substances in the jar to blend!

Are you tired of chunks in your drinks with typical blenders? The 8-blade system in the machine is here for a change. With high-quality stainless steel blade chopping and breaking through the ingredients to making a smooth drink is a piece of cake now!

There is an added tamper wand to make your experience even better with the machine. Also, the BPA-free quality materials ensure no-toxicity in your drinks. Taste and health guaranteed!


  • For extended works
  • Highly powerful
  • Free tamper wand with the appliance
  • Operation is quieter
  • Accuracy and precision is maintained
  • Amazing 5-year warranty backup


  • The structure lacks smooth finishing; the edges may be sharp and rough

3. NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender - Best Compact Design


  • Mighty motor strength
  • Smart hand-free technology making things easier
  • Additional heating cycles for hot soups
  • Alternative lids
  • More options for containers

Are you keen on keeping your physique healthy and stout, but the budget seems to be an issue? The one blender that can offer you morning shakes to hot evening soups with the same high-quality taste is here to save you!

The name suggests the wonder this machine can do. The mighty 1700 watts power enables to create of a glass of the finest and smoothest beverage, eliminating lumps and chunks.

What makes it stand out from other models? The advanced hand-free technology! It signifies that you only need to give a single push for the blender to launch, you don't have to stand there till it blends, rather, the machine automatically perceives the right texture for your satisfaction. Cool, right?

Is it possible to make frothy hot soups with a blender? The Nutribullet says,” why not?” The sole G-button is enough to turn it into a soup-maker. You are only minutes away from getting healthy hot soups prepped for you!

The machine also offers double lids, one for the general smoothies and the other when you make the soups. And a third generic lid that allows secure storage of the beverage. So thoughtful!

With multiple containers, it allows you to make ad serve for smaller and larger batches. Want to make some drinks for you and your partner? Check. Want to entertain your family with tasty smoothies? Check!


  • Smart mechanism
  • Equally efficient in soup making
  • Personal or family-servings are no issue at all
  • Vented lid with an alternating option
  • Easy operation
  • Standard one-year warranty


  • Loud operation

4. Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender - Best Immersion Blender


  • High-end performance and efficiency
  • Trigger option for better control
  • Compact solution
  • Variable, adjustable speed settings
  • Added elements

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had an immersion blender that can serve and meet your needs even better than the usual ones? Let’s see what’s new in the Breville Immersion Blender.

Don't you have enough space on your countertop to provide for an efficient blender? The Breville Control Grip is here with its compact size and high-end performance,

The problem with immersion blenders is the increased suction. Hence, the revolutionary bell shape with internal ribbing allows for a reduction in suction that indicates optimum performance!

The pistol-shaped ergonomic control grip with advanced trigger operation along with the container design helps for better navigation and control within the jar. Also, it is comfortable enough to operate, so no hand strains either.

It has widened the possibilities with a single blender. The parts and added accessories, including a whisker that allows for crushing, mixing, grinding, chopping, and even whisking. Everything you can imagine doing with a single product!

With 15 adjustable speeds, you can control the consistency of your recipes. And the container? It is scratch-proof, sitting on a non-slip base for stable operation. Just imagine all the recipes you can make within its 8 inches immersion dept! Indeed, the best blender under 150!


  • Suitable for large servings
  • Easy to store
  • Ergonomic design
  • Blend and use in the same pot
  • Multiple accessories for multiple purposes
  • 1-year warranty


  • Additional parts take more space

5. Jamba Appliances 2.4 hp Blender with 64 oz Jar - Best for Regular Use


  • Great motor power
  • Standard performance
  • Large container
  • Variable programmable settings
  • Allows making unique recipes

The appliance certainly deserves the high popularity it has gained among the everyday users. The model chops and blends through whatever ingredients you insert in it. There’s more to it that will fascinate you. Read below!

Why have we included this in our list? One of the reasons can be its maximized 2.4 HP power that delivers finesse in every recipe.  By reaching a maximum of 210 mph, It breaks through natural vegetables, fruits, and even ice and nuts.

The infinite speed dial feature, along with regular pulse control, optimizes the blender performance. Yes, you should not compromise with the performance, and that is why you need this beauty in your hands!

With a 64-ounce container, make more servings for not only your partner and kids but also a large group of friends or family gatherings. Storage issues? Don't worry; the machine will still fit perfectly in your cabinet.

Four different programmable settings that ensure your convenience in blending are included in it. Turn on the blender, place the lid, and push the buttons. The blender will present you with a delicious and excellent-quality drink when you return to it. It's that easy!

You want to try out new recipes but do not have enough recipe ideas? The product provides an exciting 150-recipes cookbook that will bring on your experimenting skills.


  • Good control
  • Easy to store
  • Takes less space
  • More servings
  • High speed
  • Comfortable usage
  • 1-year warranty


  • You might need to struggle to find replacement pitchers

Factors to keep in mind before you purchase a blender under 200

200$ isn't a low amount nor too high. This mid-ranged budget allows you to look for something versatile and durable in your regular blender.

Hence, you need to know if you are getting your money's worth. Not even a single penny must be wasted. Thus, we have included this guide to make your job easier. Know the things you need in your blender and settle for the best one.

make fruitful smoothie

Sufficient power

Yes, power matters, but it varies according to your requirements and the purposes your blender serves. If you are settling for a regular-use blender, the sufficient power would be 500-800 watts.

But what if you want your blender to break through the ice and harsh ingredients? In that case, you should probably look for a blender that supplies at least 1000 watts power.

Even the blade efficiency depends quite a lot on the power. The more the power, the faster the steel leaves are. With quicker spin, the result will be better as well. So, you can see that a lot of factors depend on this one!

If you are willing to break through any limitations of power, the Ninja bullet blender enlisted here can be a great choice!

The right size

Why does the size matter? Let us explain.

The thing is your blender size, and the space it occupies should be suitable according to your storage space or kitchen counter-top space.

With blenders higher than 17-inches tall, you cannot expect to store them in cabinets. Hence these bigger appliances need to have some space on your countertops. Most of the tools mentioned in the article are countertop blenders, and after use, you need not worry about their storage because they rest on your countertop!

Again, compact blenders like the Nutri Bullet blender, with its smaller size, you can easily store them in cabinets along with other utensils.

Apart from the space it holds, you should think about the number of servings it will deliver. For instance, what if it's only you and your spouse craving juice most of the time? Then obviously, a smaller blender is preferable.

But what if you have a large family or friends often like paying a visit to your home? Then you better get a more significant tool because you don't disappoint your loving friends, right?

Material of the container

Whatever you are making, you are preparing it in the blender container. So it is unnecessary to explain the necessity of having a quality jar.

Containers are either made of plastic material or glass. But not all materials are equally durable.

Many of the appliances, such as the KitchenAid Diamond Vortex is equipped with a shatterproof, heat resistant, and a durable jar that can survive extreme temperatures, accidental falls, and simple scratches.

If you want to use the jar with flexibility and no-hesitation, then remember to scrutinize the quality.

If you ask us to compare between the glass and plastic jars, we would say plastic pitchers are more convenient to use. Why? Because they won't break even if they accidentally fall from your hands.

But if you consider ease of cleaning, then glass jars are supreme quality in this regard. No scratches, marks, or haziness!

Quality and performance of blades

Power, speed, and overall performance of your appliance are highly associated with the blade design and quality.

There as some pretty smart blade technologies infused in blenders to multiply the speed and action of blenders.

As you can see for the CleanBlend blender, the 8-blade system ensures a proper pulverization of hard ingredients along with the usual ones.

Again, some blenders have added features too that support effective blending with the blades. For instance, the steel-reinforced coupler and soft start feature in the KitchenAid Diamon create an innovative effect that pulls elements nearby to the blades and also ensures finer pulverization.

These are undoubtedly some thoughtful additions in giving you a refined taste of juices and smoothies.

Easy programming

Do you remember the traditional equipment your mothers or grandmothers have used? They would need to hold the lids in place while the blending is done. Oh boy, those days!

Hasn't the scenarios modified? Minus the trouble, hassle, and effort, all you need to do is insert the elements, put on the lid, set a pre-programmed settings, push a button, and not worry about the juice anymore!

You come after minutes craving for a delicious smoothie, and to your utmost satisfaction, find a glass of pure treat with fantastic consistency and texture. So refreshing!

Blending speed

Many people nowadays do not think of a blender as only a blending machine. There's so much you can do with it!

Hence the speed settings matter significantly. Some of the tools may only offer a single speed or two. They are probably designed for blending only.

Whereas, some offer over ten or more variable speed settings. Why do you need so many varieties? Well, if you want to raise the bar of your cooking game and also stay on budget, you would likely choose single equipment at a higher price than ten different machines with way more investment.

Well, that's what we would do! The pulse function and wider variety of speed solve this problem. Starting from simple shakes to making thick soups mayonnaise, sauces, and even baby food is now possible with a single blender!

Additional accessories

Something extra should never be denied. The manufacturers either include spare parts or other equipment to ease your blender use or for creating versatility in usage.

Many parts like padded rings, extra containers, removable blades, and even whiskers with immersion blenders increase the customer interest toward the product. These are indeed useful additions.

Especially if we talk about the additional replacement parts, their inclusion means even if something accidentally happens to the elements, you still have an option right at hand to replace it! Lessens the worries a lot!

But while you see so many extras, you better check if all the parts fit with your appliance perfectly.

Ease of cleaning

The cleaning part is never anyone’s favorite. It means getting water all over you or your kitchen, touching wet ingredients, yuck!

Those days are over, folks! The self-cleaning mechanism in blenders has reduced your efforts to a great extent. Pour some soap and water, put on the lid, and blend for a while. Your blender blades and container is bound to shine like new!

Also, dishwasher-safe parts and wipe-cleaning the surface is a good alteration to the blender world as well.

Warranty backup

If you are investing a respectable amount of your money in a tool, shouldn’t you properly verify its functions and longevity?

Some of the appliances can come with some flaws like faulty jar design, mismatched parts, or faulty cords. But if you don't have a choice for replacement or change, will you just struggle with the flaw all through? Impossible!

That is why warranties are essential to check before you purchase any device. They are more like a relief that no matter what goes wrong in a certain period, you have a backup!

The more the warranty period, the more confidently the manufacturers have designed the tool, or at least you can be more confident about the purchase. Otherways, it's excellent!

Frequently Asked Questions

What tasks can I accomplish with these blenders?

You may have a lot of choices with them, and it depends on you. Look for a versatile blender that gives you options for smoothies, juices, sauces, purees dips, coffee grinding, and so on. Some even claim to make cookie dough but, we don't think it's a good idea. Well, it's worth a try.

How to properly clean a blender?

You don't have to go through the age-old ways of cleaning blender after soaking it for hours and rinsing for more hours. It's effortless nowadays.

Especially with the self-cleaning, give a blend to the soapy water, and you're done. But we highly recommend a proper cleanup after every use to make the parts last longer.

How should I start the blender most suitably?

Firstly, remember to clean your appliance entirely after the previous use. After you know it is clean, start the blender at a lower speed and gradually increase the power. It is not only a healthy practice for your blender-life but also prevents an unnecessary mess in the kitchen.

Is water addition before blending mandatory?

Yes! Well, adding water doesn't ruin the taste of your recipe in any way. Instead, if you add water, it becomes easier for the blades to break through and cut the ingredients. Ultimately, it allows for smoother action with better results.

Final Thoughts

According to user satisfaction, we can say that the CleanBlend blender offers impressive multifunctioning ability to puree, chop, grind, mix blend, and so on. It is indeed the right choice if you want versatility.

Again, the Nutribullet blender and the Breville immersion blender are good budgets picks as they are both affordable and offer maximum features with advanced technologies as well.

With our list of best blenders under 200, you may possibly get total satisfaction. But you can also look for further options to verify for yourself.

Settle for healthy living with a reasonable blender choice. Whirl your imaginations into smooth treats!

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