8 Best Blenders with Glass Jar – For No Scratches, No Odours, No Cracks

Spending a bit more for health or saving money with no health securities? No one is stupid enough to choose the second option and compromise with a healthier lifestyle. The solution? Find the best blender with glass jar!

With two options you can currently find in the market in case of blenders, plastic or glass; the latter one surely benefits you by ensuring no plastic contamination with your favourite drinks.

Besides, we have seen many users complaining about the weird underlying odour coming from plastic jars. They even find the taste of previous day's celery juice in their banana smoothie! Sounds funny but the experience is horrible!

Also, the uncountable scratches, hazy and discoloured surface can sometimes embarrass you in front of a bunch of your friends or colleagues.

Therefore, glass jar blender can shine bright for you relieving you from that embarrassment. Hence, here we have included a list and a practical guide to let you choose your shining product. Read to the end!

List of Best Glass Blenders Quick Table 2020





How about some sturdy blades to pulverize even the harshest elements combined with a top-notch quality jar?

[Best Jar Design]

BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade Blender
Fill Counter

The blender maximizes your scopes in having a heart-warming delight with its unexpectedly amazing performance!

[Editor’s Choice]

Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar
Fill Counter

Quality in low price? A rare combo indeed. But the Hamilton Blender will prove you wrong if you think paying less will give you less benefits.

[Best Budget Pick]

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender
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A little tornado inside your machine to swirl and whirl all the ingredients into giving you an experience that soothes your soul.

[Best Power]

Tribest DB-950 Dynablend Clean Blender
Fill Counter

Speed, precision control great performance, efficiency and all that you need in a compact solution. Indeed,, unbeatable!

[Best Blender for Soup]

AICOOK Blender, Professional Cooking Blender
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With accurate controlling and quality pitchers, what can be a better combination for ensuring secure handling and better action?

[Precision Blending]

Braun JB7350 WHS PureMix
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Make your recipes in a jiffy with the fastest machine in the market!

[High Speed Action]

Best Choice Products
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Say goodbye to chunks and lumps for once and forever, because the practical and sturdy blades will give you smooth drinks every time!

[Best Pick]

Hamilton Beach Blender
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Top 8 Blenders with Glass Jar Reviews

1. BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade - Best Jar Design


  • Innovative jar structure
  • Multiple speed options with pulse
  • FusionBlade technology
  • Sufficient power
  • Ease of usage and cleanliness

An excellent choice that sums up the fantastic geometric design of the pitcher along with efficient steel blades and motor. Yes, we are talking about the FusionBlade 6 cup blender.

What if you want to make smoothies for a comparatively bigger group or what if suddenly your office colleagues ask for a meet up at your home? The 48-oz durable container is better than enough for such meetups.

But would the glass jar blender be sturdy enough to hold the hot soups because after all, it is glass? Definitely, with its smartly designed structure and thick walls, the hot liquids are not a matter of concern anymore.

Sometimes, we crave for smoothies, and all the times our babies need food! That's not a problem with the variable 12-speed options. Find the right speed for blending your diet and also the pulse option can be handy as well.

Let us come to its best feature! The FusionBlades are well-designed and sturdy enough to crush ice or give a smooth blending to whatever ingredients you put in it. The jar design is compelling so that the elements reach the blades regularly. Yes, enjoy a consistently delicious beverage!

With 550W peak power, it can run to and crush through the harsh elements with ease. And the cleaning process? Dishwasher-safe parts allow for effortless cleanup. And with the rubber-feet, ensure no slipping or unnecessary movement of your blender while you operate it!

Pro Tips: As the pitcher is of glass material, we recommend cooling the hot liquids or beverages before you process them in the machine.


  • Easy to store
  • Convenient cleaning
  • Durable jar
  • Good strength
  • Container quantity is enough
  • Additional 1-oz lid insert doubles as a measuring cup
  • 2-year warranty support


  • Loud action
  • Needs more time for blending
  • Needs to be more efficient in performance

2. Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar - Editor’s Choice


  • Smart speed programs
  • Both directions blending technology
  • Maximum power
  • More abundant catering with bigger pitcher
  • Defined precision with convenient usage

The Oster Pro 1200 can be titled as a homeowner's great company. No matter if you have issues with operating a blender or in creating a variety of recipes with a single machine, it has the situation under control. How? Read more to know more!

Standing as one of the best glass blenders, it ensures high performance with its 7 variable speeds and other three pre-programmable settings. So whatever you want to experiment with your mixer, it is ready!

With dual direction swirl of blends, you have the scope to maintain accuracy and consistency without taking any trouble. And the wider blade ensures a constant flow of ingredients so that the leaves can do their job with precision!

About 1200 watt motor to work with, not bad, right? Or maybe highly appreciable! Along with about 900 watts of ice-crushing strength. From natural ingredients down to harsh elements, this pro blender will handle it all!

It includes a 42-oz enough pitcher quantity to go with all the features extending perfect recipe preparation for a lo of your friends and family.

If you have trouble with blender controls, the manufacturers have thought of it as well. With secure multiple one-touch options, reach your desired goal in a trouble-free way.

The features don't end here. Additional food processor bowl, to-go smoothie cup and a quality slicing disk are included as well. I'm guessing that's more than enough!

You can also take a quick look at the Oster Reverse Crush, which is undoubtedly another great option!

Pro Tips: For your safety, keep in mind to open the lid at a distance from your face while your machine blends hot recipes.


  • User-friendly control
  • Accuracy in speed and performance
  • Meets different consistency requirements
  • Sufficiently large pitcher
  • BPA free material
  • Additional ready-to-go cup
  • 10 year incredible warranty support


  • Included plastic parts
  • Occasional leaking faced by some users

3. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher - Budget Pick


  • Methodical ice-sabre blades
  • High power with more blending functions
  • Top-quality glass container
  • Blend and create tasty treats
  • Smooth body finish

You want a long-lasting glass blender with high-end performance, ice-crushing facility, the scope of experimenting with recipes and sleek design but the issue is your budget! Not anymore! Set your heart on the Hamilton Wave Crusher and you won't get your heart-broken!

What's so fascinating about the appliance? Its highly effective ice-sabre blades! Your heart and soul may crave for an icy drink after a hectic day, right? These blades crush ice super-fast in seconds, so you don't have to wait an extra minute or compromise with your desire even a bit!

700 watt motor power is sufficient for pulverizing any elements! With such high power combined with the unique patented wave-action system, the ingredients are bound to listen to you and your blender with a glass jar. The system pulls them nearer to the leaves leaving behind no chunks in your favourite treats!

Take your blender in your house premises on a hot sunny day to serve cocktails at a summer party. The heat? No problem! The glass jar blender can withstand extreme heat without affecting the performance or looks.

Isn't it amazing when you can do a lot with only one machine? With 14 useful blending functions, it's not just for smoothie making only! Make sauces, dips, purees and even baby food with it. And don't worry about texture, leave it on your machine!

Besides all these, a sleek design, dishwasher safe parts and easy-spout makes sure you don’t have to work very hard for your treats!

Pro Tips: If your mixture is thick, we suggest you not to blend at a stretch for more than three minutes because it may result in overheating that will damage your appliance.


  • Highly affordable
  • Does a fair enough blending job
  • Well-built structure
  • Multi-use
  • No-mess handling
  • Three-year warranty backup


  • Cannot take on the overload of ingredients

4. Tribest DB-950 Dynablend - Best Power


  • Eco-friendly machine
  • Utility scoop with extended scopes
  • Heavy-duty jar
  • Powerful motor and durable design
  • Multiple speed dial options with additional preset modes

Worried about your health because of the plastic materials in blenders? Maintain health and hygiene, with no plastic contact with your drinks with the Tribest Clean Blender. Well, it has a lot more to offer as well, look below to know!

The first thing to notice about it is its health-friendly and eco-friendly nature. No plastic parts, no plastic disposals neither plastic contamination!. It is great how manufacturers have put more thought into ensuring user fitness and health.

Your blender leaves chunks, and you so wish you could just push the ingredients closer to the blender for smoothing the texture? That is what Tribest thought too. This why they included a stainless-steel scoop that lets you measure the elements, enables quick tasting and pushes the elements.

The tempered glass carafe is proven to be a heavy-duty container. It can withstand temperature, scratches and sudden accidents. It is safe to use and undoubtedly durable!

With a maximum 23000 rpm speed, do you even need to think again before you put ice cubes in your blender? We wouldn’t. Also, the resilient stainless steel body is there for ensuring the quality and feasibility of usage.

How about a time-saving machine with multiple preset modes? Yes, Tribest also offers this fortune! Along with it, variable speed dial selections help you in experimenting with your taste buds. Fun!

Pro Tips: When you use the scoop, make sure the blender is switched off.


  • Zero plastic contact
  • More to do
  • Carries out the toughest blending tasks
  • Long-lasting glass container
  • Saves time
  • Easy cleaning
  • Decade-lasting warranty


  • Loud performance

5. AICOOK Cooking Blender - Best Blender for Soup


  • 3D Titanium blades
  • Unimaginable speed and peak power
  • Different function modes and programmable settings
  • Pro-quality container with great capacity
  • Pulse mode for precision
  • Additional features

For maximum blending support, nothing can go wrong with the AICOOK blender. Professional performance with advanced technology and improved quality, the machine will give you total backup. How? You will need to read below to know that.

A 1400 watt powerful motor that delivers 30000 rpm speed that not only facilitates smoothie making, or making purees, juices, nut butters, dips but also has a mechanism for heating liquids or soup making. But wait the price range is highly affordable as well!

How about four pre-programmed settings and four different blending functions to go with it? That means more experiments, more fun!

The most interesting feature might be the six stainless steel titanium-bladed steel blades. The title and material solely suggest it all. Durability and performance to the point!

And also let's not forget the jar. The seven millimetres thick glass body with 59-ounce capacity, ensuring treats for everyone for more days to come!

The pulse mode has not been neglected either. Make coarse, runny or smooth recipes all with a single appliance.

Anything extra? Definitely! More betterment for health with no-plastic involvement in any parts. Even the base is plastic-free. And cleaning? A 30-second cleaning with a single push of a button!

If these aren't the most useful features, we don't know what is.

Pro Tips: We suggest not to keep the blender base anywhere near the sink as it may cause internal damage to the machine.


  • Bonus heater option
  • Even blending
  • Extended blender functions
  • Easy cleaning
  • Durable pitcher
  • Option for heartier recipes
  • A year of warranty support


  • No included accessories

6. Braun JB7350 WHS PureMix - Precision Blending


  • Professional power
  • Simple cleanup
  • One-touch controls
  • Assurance of durability
  • Less sound emission

A sturdy and durable countertop blender for your needs. Yes, none other than the Braun PureMix.

Blend the harshest ingredients with some excellent results with the standard 1000 watts motor. It will not only give you the fastest action but with more precision!

Need some variety? With one push, get crushed ice, chopping, or make some creamy smoothies. Don’t worry about the texture! The pulse, along with three speeds adjustments, will take care of it.

Troubling noise? With the metal power drive, not only will the sound reduction but also you’ll get some advanced action for smooth drinks! The metal drive is your durability check for the machine.

But will it give a tough cleaning job? Not at all! Just detach the parts and give them a gentle cleaning!


  • Easy to operate
  • Strong motor
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to clean
  • Great jar quality
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 2-year warranty


  • Lesser capacity

7. Digital Kitchen Smoothie Blender - High Speed Action


  • Quality pitcher
  • High-speed action
  • Unique heating feature
  • Presets available
  • Auto-cleaning mechanism

We are looking for a product that is reasonably priced yet powerful and multifunctional? The Best Choice Smoothie blender might be your perfect option.

Are you tired of odors and scratches on plastic jars? This machine offers you a durable heat-resistant pot free from all the cons. No marks scratch anymore on your favorite blender jar that might make it look old!

For an effortless yet complete blend, the mixer delivers up to 42,000 RPM speed for the instant mixing of any ingredients! Got some ice to crush or the hardest nuts, no problem!

A dedicated 800-watt heater to meet your thirst for unlimited heated meals and soups!

Are you having trouble with the controls? Not anymore with the digital display and one-touch buttons of this machine that allows you several functionalities!

And cleaning this is a piece of cake with the self-cleaning mechanism.


  • Multifunctional
  • Versatile
  • Durable pitcher
  • Heat-resistant glass jar blender
  • Good capacity
  • Digital screen control


  • Takes up more storage space
  • Noisy

8. Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender - Best Pick


  • One-touch drinks
  • Sufficient power
  • Strong Ice Sabre blades
  • Five-speed variables

Have a strict budget? No, don't need to compromise with the quality. Just get yourself the Hamilton Beach blender.

Get some fresh drink with only one touch! Yes, you can get the creamiest smoothies and the tastiest desserts with zero controlling issues. Just simple one-touch controls will give you the best blending experience with great convenience.

Need to break some ice? Or crush some nut? The 700 watts power will be enough to help you do all of it.

Don't want to go through the stirring hassle in the middle of blends? The effective wave action is here for you!

With the harsh Ice Sabre blades, you will get some results in beautiful ice crushing without damaging the edges. Hence, some long-lasting blades that’ll deliver the best performance till the last blend.

Your need for versatility will be served by the five-speed options. And to get the work done without any hassle, the machine also comes with zero-mess pouring spout!


  • Easy to handle
  • Power-packed
  • Crushed ice in seconds
  • Precision in smoothie making
  • Pouring without any mess
  • Affordable
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Easy to clean


  • Jar quantity is low
  • Loud performance

What to Keep in Mind Before You Settle for a Glass Jar Blender?

Investing in necessary appliances is a must, but before you do that make sure you do it wisely!

Feasibility of using hot liquids

Feasibility of using hot liquids

According to health specialist, it is advised to stay away from plastic cooking materials because the contamination can lead to long-time damage of health.

As a health enthusiast or maybe a fitness freak, some of you cannot rely on plastic materials, including plastic blender containers. So what do you do? Rely on glass materials instead.

Especially if you are going to prepare a hot recipe in your blender, a plastic jar would be a terrible idea. Even if we skip the health-part, what about the cracking and breaking of the plastic jar?

You want to have your favourite soup but so many hesitations for the plastic jar? That is why glass ones are way better for both cases.

They can take on a significant amount of heat and no-harm done to your health as well. In both ways, it's a win-win situation!


No machine can run effectively without sufficient energy, so more power is always preferable.

What do you expect to hear when you put your favourite ingredients in your blender hoping for a refreshing smoothie?

A smooth whirring sound or an irritating buzz with intervals that indicate that some of those tasty elements are stuck!

No matter what kind of mixer you have, it needs an essential powered motor to do the primary blending smoothly. But if you are looking forward to accomplishing more like crushing ice, you might need a more powerful appliance.

About 550-700 watts is sufficient for blending smoothies, shakes, purees, nut butter, dips, and so on. But what about tough vegetables like carrot or freezing size? Use a blender with a glass jar, with a minimum of 1000 watts power, so don't have to worry about your beverage quality.

Jar quality and capacity

Container capacity

For blenders with glass jars, the quality of the jar is a priority. We are guessing you are already aware of that! But still, let us explain a little.

The container wall needs to be thick enough so that it can withstand high temperatures. The blender is not only for juicing; you can make hot soups with it too. So why not consider this factor?

Again the material needs to be sturdy enough, scratch-proof and something that shouts “bring it on!” So no matter what you blend, you don’t have to think twice.

If we talk about the capacity, it depends on what for you are going to use it.

For instance, the Aicook blender in our list is suitable for an impromptu family get-together or a hangout with friends or colleagues. Why? It has a 60-oz capacity, just enough for about 7-8 people!

But if you are planning to keep the refreshments between you and your partner or only a few friends. You can surely try the single-unit blenders.

Now, if you ask for keeping the taste constant, we surely prefer single-unit ones because, with less, you can ensure more taste.

Aesthetic value

Have you ever studies aesthetics, or do the aesthetics hold more value to you? Then we can recommend anything better than the glass blenders.

Now, you might ask why is that? Have you seen a plastic blender looking all-pretty and shiny after you've used it for a couple of times? The answer is no, right?

Glass made ones do not get scratches very often as the plastic ones do. Especially, crushing ice with it, oh boy! The uncounted scratches you get on your newly purchased plastic container.

And what about colour? The vivid and bright shine holds on to the glass jar blender for a long time. Some of the models are so attractive that you won't even be able to resist touching them or also taking them home!

Variable speed options

You cannot chop different ingredients at the same speed. Nor will you get the desired consistency of various beverages or recipes with the same rate. So, how to solve the problem? Multiple speed options!

For instance, if you only want to make some smoothies, you don't need to run your machine at the highest speed. It will gradually result in untimely wearing out of your blender.

We are guessing we’ve made it clear now. Hence, selecting a mixer that gives scope for speed changing according to the necessity is a smart move.

Or how about a blender that can automatically adjust the speed according to what you have put inside it? Yes, this technology exists, and it's called intelle-speed control. It is undoubtedly an effective system!

And if you want your appliance to last even longer, why don't you look for a machine with a soft-start mechanism? It is suitable for the blending and the blender.

Convenience in cleaning

What makes a blender cleanup easy? Some of you may wonder. Well, there are some specific features infused in the machine that facilitates the cleaning. Such as-

  • Dishwasher-safe parts so you can soak and clean them easily with dishwasher
  • Removable blades and other components so that you can detach it and clean the nooks and corners without struggling
  • Smooth surfaces that only need wipes to clean them
  • No such edges or holes that will hold dust and dirt
  • Simple container structure, so no-hassle with cleaning

We hope you already know why is it so crucial for you to maintain the cleanliness of your appliances. It is mostly to encourage your healthy lifestyle and also to extend blender life.

These might seem like small things, and you may even neglect them at some point. But trust me, these are going to prove highly valuable to you when you take up your scrubber and soapy water for cleaning for hours and hours.

Odour control

Odour environment between plastic jar vs glass jar

Here is a massive difference between plastic and glass jars. Let us explain.

Plastic materials absorb taste and odour of whatever you make in it. Sometimes, it doesn't even go away after a proper cleanup. If you are unlucky enough, you might even find the odour of your dishwasher in your drink. What can be worse?

Instead, purchasing a blender with a glass container will guarantee zero-underlying taste. You don’t want to taste your broccoli soup with your chocolate smoothie the next day!

Hence, settle for the better option.

Effective functioning

Does having a blender with glass jar affect the blender performance and operation?

Well, the performance mainly depends on the blades and how effectively they collect and chop the ingredients.

In both plastic and glass blenders, the blade is placed at the bottom or other convenient heights. So, it shouldn't matter if it's a plastic jar or glass pitcher.

However, if your blender has a better vortex mechanism or maybe as mentioned earlier, a soft-start system, it will benefit in improvising the taste and texture of your drinks.

Does it save time?

Keeping the performance, speed and functioning aside; let us ask you something. Does your blender take forever with long 10-steps to break your frozen fruits and vegetables into a glass of relished smoothies? Or does it save your valuable time?

None of us in this modern world has that much time to make a single glass of smoothie. We are more like fast and furious or ready and go.

Hence, to your wonder, you can also find advanced technology blenders with glass jars that will do the whole job in less than five minutes or so. Fascinated? Yes, this is a priority for many users.

So, remember to consider it. Otherwise, the smoothie that is supposed to make you feel relaxed will make you frustrated instead.

Is it repairable?

We are currently in the era of undergoing through changes now and then. But what if you could keep and use a machine for years and years to come and wait! What if it works with the same effect throughout the time?

Sounds impossible, but not really.

Some of the blenders some even mentioned in our list come with additional elements or even replacement parts. Therefore, even though you see a slight change in the blade performance, just quickly replace it!

Also if they don’t offer added parts, at least make sure you don’t need to go to a different state to find the parts.

Warranty support

Glass jar blenders need sort of a good investment. So, looking for enough warranty support cannot be ignored.

It ensures the quality of your appliance and also relieves you from the burden of not having any service support if the parts of your blender suddenly fail to work.

For instance, the Oster Reverse Crush or the Oster Pro 1200 mentioned in our list provides support for a whole decade! That means relief for an entire decade!

Amazing, right? So, if you are spending money, spend it wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a glass blender over a regular one?

A plastic blender isn't that bad except the underlying taste and odour, the scratches, worn out surface and some discolouration. Well, that's a lot to deal with actually. So just get yourself a glass blender!

Can I blend heated beverage without expecting cracks on the glass jars?

The glass material is thick enough to resist cracks from maximum heat. Yes. Therefore you can work with heat without hesitance with these quality pitchers.

Are there any issues I’ll be facing particularly with blenders with glass  containers?

Not really. The material will not have negative impacts on your blending performance. However, be careful with them. Try not to let it fall!

Final Thoughts

If you are okay with spending an extra buck for quality, the Oster Pro 1200 and the Aicook blender can be suitable options. However, if you want satisfying quality in the budget, the Hamilton wave crusher is a life-saver!

Blenders give us more possibilities to have fun with taste and treats. And if health is a concern, the solution is here as well!

For longer life-span of you and your machine, go for the best blenders with a glass jar, and take a sigh of relief.

We are quite sure the machines will not disappoint you rather the top-quality and taste will amaze you for sure! Try them.

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