5 Best Bullet Blender for Superfast Action and Total Nutrition

Do you have a small family, or are you just opting for a tool for your personal use only? Why spend extra bucks on the sizeable sized kitchen blenders, when you can instead have a compact solution to rely on. Hence, get your hands on the best bullet blenders!

Full-sized kitchen solutions can be useful many times, but the assembly, storage, and cleanup hassle will not let you save time during or afterwards the blending session.

While doing a few surveys, we came across the summary that most people who don't need large blenders more often rather struggle with these massive machines, which makes them re-think the decision they took while purchasing them.

Why regret when you can try a tool that'll allow you a faster solution and compact storage! Some people who are not accustomed to the bullet mixers sometimes experiment to work these machines for a change and see if they like it or not.

And trust us, when they get their hands on these lightning-fast machines, they don't reconsider another option ever! And even with the strictest budget, you can own one of these quality tools.

If we sound so impressed with such appliances, there must be a reason, right? Why don't you just read the article to the end along with the bullet blenders reviews and find the motivation! We are sure you won't be disappointed.

5 Top-Rated Bullet Blenders Comparison Chart 2020





[Best Pick]

NutriBullet NBR

A kitchen tool that not only justifies the “bullet” title but also extracts maximum goodness for maintaining health isn’t a dream anymore!

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[Conventional Design]

Ninja BL450

With modern fanciness, it’s time we head back to the easy traditional design but with a tint of alteration just for your benefit!

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[Most Compact]

CHULUX Smoothie Bullet Blender

With lesser space you cannot just neglect the advantages a blending machine can give you. So, just switch to a smart design like this!

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[Budget Pick]

Magic Bullet Blender

Affordability can play a major role when you are buying an efficient kitchen tool. Good news! With this beauty, you don’t have to choose between efficiency and budget

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[Simplest Operation]

Chefman Ultimate Personal Smoothie Blender

An easily usable machine can also open wider scopes for playing with some blending recipes. You’ll get the point while you use it!

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5 Best Bullet Blender Reviews

1. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender - Best Pick


  • Refined extractor blades
  • Maintenance of a healthy lifestyle
  • 600 watt motor power
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Useful accessories

A bullet blender to ease and quicken your blending than typical machines- The NutriBullet High-Speed Blender. It is packed with powerful performance with a 600 watt motor and quality to give you the best mixing results!

Are you a health freak and lead an active life as well? Wouldn't it be wise to go for an option that allows total extraction from your favorite foodstuff like- berries, greens, mangoes, oranges, and even nuts! Leave it on the cyclonic action of the extractor blades of this machine and wait for the best quality drinks you'll get right at home!

By loading your blender with healthy fruits and vegetables every day, you are packing yourself with the goodness of these elements as well. Hence, blend and swirl your way to healthy living with the machine!

What are these ingredients you are choosing for your desired beverages every day?  These are the store-house of nutrition, and your blender has to turn them into liquid fuel for your body!

The fascinating 600 watt motor power is just perfect for blending and crushing any item into creating a natural fuel for your body!

The blades are removable; that means you can simply twist and remove the leaves, wash them thoroughly, and again, the other parts are dishwasher safe also. So just shove them in the solution and wait for the perfect and easy cleanup!

The perks don't end here! The machine comes with 2 cups with different capacity- 18 oz and 24-oz, cup rings with handle. A versatile recipe book and resealable lids that'll keep the quality and taste of your drinks intact for long!


  • Advanced mechanism
  • Durable machine
  • Sturdy stainless steel blades
  • Includes a recipe book
  • All accessories are easy to use
  • User-friendly
  • BPA-free material
  • Great performance
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Included cups are not suitably designed regarding functionality and easy usage
  • Cup seals have issues

2. Ninja BL450 BL456 Mixer - Conventional Design


  • Effortless tearing through harsh elements
  • On-the-go sipping
  • Professional 900 watt motor power
  • Healthy parts
  • Traditional control

Do you miss the conventional vibe in today's multi-dimensional machine? Are the manually controllable tools more comfortable for you to use? Then we cannot suggest a better option than the Ninja Countertop blender.

With 900 watts of power, what do you expect? Yes, the stainless steel blades can tear through even the hardest and toughest ingredients within seconds, offering a smooth drink with the best texture! You may also wonder how precisely it chops the most significant chunks into high-quality parts!

Are you always late for work, and most times, you have to let go of a beautiful morning drink just because your blender doesn't work at your pace? Those days are over! With the Nutri Ninja mixer, a twist on the spout lids over the cups after the blending. Without any extra hassle taste with you!

Your body does so much for you. Doesn't it deserve proper nutrition in return? Being concerned about the health and nutritional value, the manufacturers have included pro-blades that allow the extraction of hidden food from your favorite juicing items.

It is the right side of your blender has BPA-free parts because you cannot allow toxic elements in your healthy drink in any way! And Ninja ensures it!

The most exciting feature of this tool is the manual pulsing system. Yes, with this, you can crush the skin, stem, and even seeds of your fruits and vegetables to make a juice full of nutrition! And lumps? Not even one!


  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Powerpack performance
  • Manual pulse for better control
  • Effortless cleaning
  • More nutrition
  • Designed for active people


  • Loud performance
  • Consumes more space for storage

3. CHULUX Smoothie Bullet Blender - Most Compact


  • Alternate blades
  • Quick one-touch operation
  • High-power with 1000 watt motor
  • Quality material
  • Ready to-take-on cups

Imagine a faster action blender with wear-resistant sturdy blades! Unstoppable, right? Yes, indeed, the CHULUX smoothie bullet blender has qualities that make it irresistible from getting at hand! The features will tell you more.

What extra feature does this blender offer you? Versatility! It gives you the scope for changing between two blades - one for usual blending and the other for grinding. If you want some delicious blended smoothies or maybe some groundnut or coffee beans, CHULUX will accompany you in both!

When you get a machine at hand, we don't always like the fancy controls. Most of the time, it is seen that with too much-controlling options, things can get messy quickly. To solve The machine has a secure one-touch operating system. So just push it to blend and release to stop. As simple as that!

Do you dream of consistency and silky texture in your smoothies? Stop dreaming and make it real with the 1000 watt motor kitchen solution. And the precisely designed sturdy blades will crush anything within half a minute. But will it get damaged soon? No chance with the wear-resistant stainless steel blades!

Now, you may not always need a bigger pitcher to make your drinks. Sometimes, you’d wish you had a smaller alternative for on-the-go sipping. The manufacturers just made it real with the BPA-free 32-oz and 15-oz alternate bottles.

That's not all, folks! It has everything you will need to maintain a healthy life, BPA-free materials, easy to clean, massive non-slip base, and so on. So, what are you waiting for?


  • Easy cleaning
  • Strong stainless steel blades
  • Versatile operation
  • Saves time
  • Effortless maneuver
  • Prevents overheating damage
  • Alternate bottle choices
  • BPA-free material


  • Fragile bottles
  • Minor technical issues

4. Magic Bullet Blender - Budget Pick


  • Versatile tasking
  • High-torque motor base
  • Unique blade technology
  • No-struggle cleanup
  • Additional accessories, including a recipe book!

If you are searching for a single-serve blender that’ll save you time while you concentrate fully on work, you are reading about the best-suited machine indeed- the Magic bullet blender!

Did you ever think you will get most blending tasks done in seconds and also at a highly affordable price! The machine indeed justifies its title.

You can chop, pulverize, and blend your favorite ingredients in the blink of an eye to play with newer recipes every day!

With its high-torque power base, it'll allow smooth blending of anything. The manual pulse and the unique blade technology offered by the machine pulls the food towards the blades, and not even a single chunk can escape from a smooth finish!

The parts being dishwasher safe allows you to do a quick cleanup of the machine in minutes. Just soak the pieces in the dishwasher and quickly give a rinse to the blades and jar. Never thought cleanup could be this easy, right?

Now, how to ensure versatility? Well, you'd be glad to know that it comes with a short and tall cup, a party mug, two resealable lids to keep the beverages fresh, comfort lip rings, one-to-go lid, sturdy base and a great recipe book. Improvise your juice recipe skills with the recipe book in no time!

We hope the magic bullet blenders review will ensure you a machine with versatility and comfort while you blend the fruits and vegetables into a masterpiece!


  • Challenge your cooking limits
  • Useful accessories
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • One-press blending
  • Comfortable usage
  • One-year warranty support


  • The quality of the added parts could have been improved
  • Noisy

5. Chefman Ultimate Personal Smoothie Blender - Simplest Operation


  • Simple operation
  • Comfortable handling of harsh ingredients
  • Safe and secure usage
  • On-the-go drinking
  • Compact yet versatile

The Chefman Personal Blender may not take up the highest position while being ranked, but it indeed makes up for a sensible kitchen solution worth your money! How? Read more to know more!

When we asked users what they require the most in the recent blender designs, we got to know that even though they appreciate the hundred possible settings in a blender, they would still love something that has a more comfortable operating system.

If you are one of them, then Chefman has something great to offer you. The easy twist-on design makes the operability easier and stylish as well.

With a powerful 240 watt motor, don't think again when you want well blended smoothies out of the toughest ingredients. It will liquefy greens, fruits, and veggies and also prepare baby food in no time!

The safety technology used in designing this amazing tool cannot be forgotten. No matter what device you use, safety is a must!

Do you like some tasty and healthy drinks in the gym while you work out for a better physique? The two  16-oz two-go cups with lids will help you get the refined taste anywhere anytime!

This is indeed a small kitchen solution, but the possible scopes it offers are not less at all. The cross blending durable blades, comfort drinking rim, and a stable base will make things even more comfortable than you expected.  What do you think? Worth a try, right?


  • Affordable
  • Double travel cup options
  • Perfect for personalized use
  • Blends in seconds!
  • Active blending
  • Can even crush ice
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Warranty support of a year


  • Small servings
  • Material quality and functioning may have issues

What to Look for in the Most Efficient Bullet Blenders of the Year?

bullet blenders

No matter whatever tool you are getting for yourself, you are not getting it for free, right? So, what you need to do is do some researches or follow some guidelines which will lead you to the best machine according to budget!

And here we are taking that responsibility so that you don’t have to waste your precious time anymore!

Defining a bullet blender

If you are looking for some power-packed nutrition in your drink, we cannot suggest a better option than the best bullet smoothie blenders.  Now, what is so special about this tool?

So, let us get the name first, it's a bullet blender which indicates that it has a bullet-shaped cup which allows you to mix ingredients in it, and it is also a ready-to-go cup that lets you drink the beverage from it immediately after the blend as well!

The design of the stainless steel blades is so precise that it squeezes the elements downwards, which allows for a perfect chunk-free smooth drink! For those of you who are into preciseness and total nutrition, should consider having a bullet blender, undoubtedly!

Why do you need it?

As we mentioned earlier, this device guarantees you the most extraction from the nutrients. If you are more into health, I think your bullet blender will be a good company for you.

Again, it is a compact tool. Hence, if your kitchen isn’t that spacious, you can't just ignore the importance of an efficient blender. So, in this case, as well, your bullet mixer can be a great friend!

Another perk of owning it is that your tight schedule won’t be a problem. The to-go characteristics of this machine mean you can easily preserve or take on the drinks with you! A smart move by the manufacturers!

Power range

Bullet blenders are mostly about power. The more power your machine has and the sharper the blades are, the more effectively it'll cut through sturdy foodstuff.

And it also allows a better downward pull for smoothing the mixture. However, as you all know, it's not only about power. Other factors have equal roles to play, as well.

If you are asking about an average power range idea, we would say the power of 600 watt motor to 1000 watt motor will serve you with diligence!

These machines are supposed to save you time by doing the work in half the time than typical blenders. So, before you get your one, make sure it justifies the name!

Product quality

As said before, for bullet blenders, it's mostly about the striking watt motor and the lightning speed. It should be able to chop your food in seconds, even if you don't peel them off or slice them into the smallest cubes.

Most times, your blender doesn't work until you peel it off well or chop finely, even after that, there may be lumps in your favorite beverage. Unacceptable!

So, remember to verify the quality of the finished product carefully with time. You don't want to be left with a machine that needs to be pushed now and then, right?

Hence, what you need is a blender that’ll make sure to effortlessly squeeze out maximum goodness from whatever ingredients you put into it.

Speedy action

The more the speed, the smoother the juice will be texture. And it'll save you time as well.

Imagine not having a superfast blender at home. You need to have a quick morning refreshment, but you are running late for office. With which one are you going to compromise? A glass of refreshing smoothie or being punctual for work? Such a hard choice!

Hence, you have an option to get yourself one of these magic machines that’ll let you make the perfect smoothie in half the time without the hassle of pre-processing food!

For instance, the CHULUX bullet blender blends even the harshest elements within half-a-minute! Why not lead an active life with a dynamic mixer?

Cleanup ease

For us, this is a highly important factor when choosing a kitchen device. Why is this so significant?

Well, have you seen your mothers or grandmothers struggling in the kitchen while washing a traditional blender? Didn't it make them wonder not to make the blended smoothies in the first place?

Why own a machine whose disadvantages will conceal the goodness it is serving? Hence, ease of cleanliness is a must to consider.

Most of the recently manufactured blenders provide dishwasher-safe parts, but some parts need to be washed by hand as well. Now, it is totally up to you and your schedule of how much of the cleaning effort you can give.

We would suggest being a bit more practical in this busy era and go for the tool that offers the simplest cleaning solution.

Unique additions

Every product we have enlisted here offers a unique benefit that others don’t.

Some of the tools give you the scope for relaxed cleaning; some have options for sharper blades that'll cut and smash solids into fine particles, some offer additional accessories like- to-go cups, non-slip suction cups and even extra bottles for your convenience.

Well, though, the additional features may not be the most important things to look at, but it can ease your job to a great extent as well. Also, these features can be highly attractive that’ll make anyone go bonkers over them!

However, we would suggest not to neglect the primary issues just because you like the fanciness of a machine. Being wise is the best option.


Owning a bullet blender doesn’t mean you are going for the speed only. These machines can render the opportunity of bringing versatility to your recipes.

For instance, if your machine is designed well with durable and robust parts, it can make juice literally out of anything! And hence, you can choose between the hundreds of recipes with hundreds of ingredients! Again, some even come with a smart hands free technology. The hands free feature allows more convenience and ease while you make your favorite margaritas!

Again, some of the products like the Chefman Smoothie blender offers extra cups with tight lids that’ll let you drink healthy and stay healthy on the go!

Yes, while you spend your hard-earned money over something, make sure it ticks most boxes of requirements and maybe even some extra boxes because it's not fun until you have an extra element to raise the bar!


Going into the most significant point of consideration- strength! Yes, your machine has everything, it is fast, it is light, it can blend anything, it is easy to clean, but it comes up with newer issues every day. Are the excellent features of any benefit? Not really!

Durability check is the precondition of looking for the perfect kitchen solution. Now, the question is how to check if your machine will last long?

This is when we come to the warranties! Yes, you got it right! Guarantees are more like the satisfaction of the mind. The more the warranty period, the more confident the manufacturers and the more the pleasure or relief you have over your device.

We hope it makes sense to you because this is important!

If the manufacturers promise you that you can do heavy-duty work with the respective blender, then it is a must for them to offer a promising warranty with the tool as well!

However, it's not always true that the warranty, more the quality. The justification and verification of your desired machine are totally on you.

Price check

If you have never owned one of these blenders, but you are eager to try one to see if it satisfies you, then we'd suggest you go for the lower-priced ones rather than spending more bucks in the first place.

The price range can vary from 50 bucks to hundreds and more. Now, you wouldn’t want any less from the machine than the actual value you are paying for it, right?

Hence, you need to compare the price and features of different machines so that you somewhat get an idea about what you should pay for what you purchase.

Frequently asked questions

What power range is ideal for bullet blenders?

A 600 watt to 1000 watt motor power will be great. But that doesn't mean less than 600 watts will do any less. Sometimes, with a more powerful torque base, you can expect to do the similar tasks you were hoping to do with a more reliable motor.

Why should I choose a bullet mixer over other similar products?

Speed can be the only answer! For saving time, fast action, and active life, we don't think there's another option than opting for a bullet blender.

Can I crush ice more often with these machines?

Of course! These have powerful motors that allow the crushing of any healthy ingredient. Even the bigger ice-chunks won't be a problem because the machines are designed in this way that even in a compact design, it'll do everything a giant blender is capable of doing!

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