5 Best Juicer Blender Combo To Lessen The Hassle And Investment

Two-in one action- always takes customer attraction! How about a kitchen solution to pull out the tricks and benefits of both the goody products? If you are looking for the best juicer blender combo, you are in the right place!

While researching for similar products, we were stunned to find that the blender market has a limited choice for them.

So, we needed to help out the general homeowners out there in finding the right appliance for them.

What if you only want healthy fruit juice as prescribed by a physician or what if you wish to have whole fruit smoothies that can even serve as timely meals when you are running late for work?

When a single appliance can do both for you, why waste money, time, and space in purchasing and maintaining two products, right?

Our top picks and some detailed guidelines to let you find the best machine for you are discussed here. We hope this research works well for you. Take a look!

5 Top-Rated Juicer and Blender Combo Quick Table 2020 





The juicer infuses slow juicing process so that you don’t miss out on the taste and nutrients.

[Editor’s Choice]

KOIOS Juicer
Fill Counter

Make fresh juice out of fresh citrus with zero-hassle and maximum taste!

[Budget Pick]

Juiceman Citrus Juicer
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Double the benefit with half the trouble and money! Yes, Breville has a new surprise for you!

Breville BJB840XL Juice
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Multiple-action device that will help you in all kitchen tasks, sounds convenient, right?

[Best Pick]

COSTWAY Electric 5-in-1 Professional Food Processor and Juicer Combo
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A wisely designed kitchen gadget that retains the fresh and pure juice taste with high-end performance.

[Compact Machine]

Omega VRT350 Vertical Low-Speed Juicer
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5 Best Juicer Blender Combo Reviews

1. KOIOS Juicer, Masticating Juicer Machine - Editor's Choice


  • User-friendly
  • More nutrition
  • Multiple usage
  • BPA-free material
  • High yield

Spending a little more for ensuring health benefits is never a mistake or a waste. With the KOIOS juicer, get the best for your health, as it has been designed concentrating highly on your healthy living. Read the details to know about its exciting features!

The bugging blender noise annoys the manufacturers as well! Hence, with less than 60db sound intensity while operating, make the juicer quite user-friendly, and your neighbors will not get mad either.

The perfectly designed tool is even more accessible with the assembly and cleanup making it convenient for anyone!

Okay! So, here comes the distinction between centrifugal juicer and masticating juicer. The maximum heat generation from centrifugal juicers can damage necessary enzymes and nutrition as well.

But with the slower processing masticating juicer, you can get not only maximum juice but also the goodness of all the essential enzymes and nutrients.

Many models are not suitable enough for green leafy vegetables or celery. But no issue with this splendid device. It will extract juice from all kinds of ingredients, including the greens, carrots, apples, and so on.

The reverse function and slower juicing with auger system ensure the higher yield of the juice. Along with it, the BPA-free material is a plus point for assuring you of a healthier lifestyle.

Pro Tips: This is simply a juicer, so do not try pulverizing ice or tougher treats.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Less heating of machine
  • Lifelong technical support
  • Sufficient for family entertainment
  • Incredible decade-long warranty on high watt motor
  • 3-year warranty backup for other parts


  • Product material isn't top-notch

2. Juiceman Citrus Juicer, White, JCJ450 - Budget Pick


  • Alternate juicing cone options
  • Maximum extraction
  • Pulp separation
  • Enough powe
  • Easy activation

Do you crave for a refreshing lemonade often? But that traditional takes too much time and effort. Why don't you swap to a machine that makes your citrus juice in a natural spin? Yes, we mean the Juiceman Citrus Juicer.

Citrus fruits don't come in the same shape and size. But if the juicing cone is not of the right size, how will it squeeze out the maximum amount of liquid and nutrition?

Hence, the juicer has two alternating juicing cone options. The bigger one is for bigger fruits like oranges and the smaller one for limes. A smart move!

Juicing in one direction cannot squeeze out all the nutrition from your ingredients. Thus, an auto-reverse function has been added so that you get all the goodness of nature's treat.

We have seen many homeowners make different unique recipes using the pulp of fruits. The machine has a pulp separator that gives you a similar scope to use the flesh for something else and also make space for adding more ingredients.

40-watts power is sufficient for juicing even harsh elements, it will not take more effort. The pressure-activated juicing is a great feature that eliminates the extra hassle of turning the juicer on and off.

All these features in a compact design have been input to make juicing comfortable for you!

Pro Tips: The device is already pressure- activated, so no need to put more pressure on it unnecessarily. You might even damage the appliance internally.


  • Get every drop of the juice
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Easy handling
  • Stable machine
  • 2-year warranty support


  • Material quality could have been better

3. Breville Dual Purpose Blender Juicer Combo 


  • Eliminates processing of ingredients
  • Easy assembly and usage
  • Froth separation
  • Innovative Hemisphere technology
  • Different speed options
  • Quality stainless steel blades

Homeowners have issues in trusting new brands. Are you one of them? Then how about a trusted brand like Breville to satisfy your needs of the power, speed, maximum juicing, and more?

You wake up in the morning craving for a refreshing beverage, but you are late for work! Do you even have the time to peel, chop and then blend your ingredients to make the drink? No! Hence, the three inches wide chute that lets you insert the whole fruits in your machine relieving of the hassle of processing them beforehand.

It has a single die-cast metal base that you can use for both blender and juicer. The assembly or fixing of the container is no effort at all!

The foam that tops the layer of homemade juice can be irritating at times. So did the manufacturers think and placed a froth separator in the tool to solve the issue.

The dual-purpose 1200 watt motor powerful kitchen appliance has an innovative Hemisphere stainless steel blade and bowl technology as well. It will not leave any chunk or residue from getting blended into a silky smooth drink.

Inserting more fruits and vegetables to make more juice is not a hassle anymore. With 40 ounce pulp holder and 51 ounce pitcher capacity, you can keep everyone happy!

Crushing ice, quick pulsing, or mere smoothie making, you can choose between five different speed options, including suitable ones for the basic tasks. Get control over maintaining the perfect consistency of the recipes you are going to try out.

Pro Tips: As it is a juicer, make sure to maintain cleanliness and clean the product gently after every use.


  • Large capacity
  • Sleek design
  • More potential than similar options
  • Precision control
  • Dishwasher-safe material
  • Easy to use and assemble


  • Not suitable for blending leafy greens
  • Pricey

4. COSTWAY Food Processor and Juicer Combo - Best Pick


  • Extending appliance use
  • Total nutrition
  • Multi-use chopper
  • Ease to clean
  • Safety features

Looking for a combo blender that does juicing, chopping and blending- all at once? The wait is over! The powerful and sturdy COSTWAT Juicer combo is an ideal option to go for.

Who likes making a choice when it comes to experimenting with your cooking skills. The fascinating machine is different from the rest in this case.

It doesn't make you choose because you can whip tasty smoothies, grind meat, chop vegetables and stir other liquids- all with a single machine!

The appliance has a 75mm wide chute that allows you to insert more ingredients at a time. But don't worry about the performance or consistency. It will not leave uneven chunks, irregular mixture, or problematic clogging but undoubtedly more of the nutrition!

Kitchen troubles do not need different solutions anymore. The magic device even has a multiple purpose chopper that helps you in egg mixing, dough making, slicing, meat cutting, and more combining with other accessories.

All parts, including the pitcher, strainer, pusher, and juicer cover are dishwasher safe. So, you can simply disassemble the parts, sprinkle some dishwasher on them and do the cleaning job with a little rinsing.

You don't have to worry anymore, thinking if you are overloading your machine, damaging the internal parts. The device itself will detect overloading and put a stop to the action. It even has the safe start feature that means it won't start unless you have put together all parts correctly. Smart and safe!

Pro Tips: All the usable parts at some point will prove their necessity. So, do not neglect the storing space for all the elements.


  • Confirmed versatility
  • Safe operability with great safety features
  • Wider insertion
  • Quality materials
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • All-in-one kitchen solution


  • Too many options don't make it ideal for any user

5. Omega VRT350 Vertical Low-Speed Juicer - Compact Machine


  • Masticating style juicing for more extraction
  • Higher yield
  • Reduced oxidation
  • Two-step juicing
  • Triple settings for easing the use

How about going for a juicer that ensures maximum juicing from the ingredients and guaranteed flavor along with it? The trusted Omega is now here to make citrus juicing even easier with more options as well.

Juicing techniques may include both grinding or squeezing. But with the squeezing or masticating technique, the pure taste, flavor, and color remains intact. It gives you a satisfying natural treat!

It is undoubtedly a reliable machine. The mechanism is designed in such a way to ensure most nutrients, vitamins, and minerals form even the least amount of ingredients.

Oxidized juice within a few hours of juicing can end up in developing health issues in your body. So, even if you are drinking fresh juice, you cannot remain at total relief! But, you can with this machine. The low juicing speed decreases foaming. and you can store the drink for 72-hours straight with no-oxidation or degradation of quality.

The maximum yield can be confirmed with its dual-action system. Firstly, juice extraction and secondly pulp squeezing will give you the total goodness of the ingredients.

Are you tired of so many functions? Many users are. Hence, only three settings for turning the machine on and off and reverse functioning for ensuring more juice. Juicer control made more relaxed than ever!

Pro Tips: Remember not to overload the appliance with more elements and do not be hasty with the work-process. Take some time and care for your tool.


  • Minimized heat build-up
  • User-friendly
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet operation
  • Nutritional value ensured
  • 2-year warranty


  • Does not provide extended usage options

What Properties Make a Juicer Blender Combo the Best?

There are so many things you need to look into before you get your hands on any gadget or tool. The same goes for your combo machine.

Now, what are those things? You will know once you read to the end!

Blender Juicer Combo Juice

Why do you need a combo gadget?

Before we go into more extensive discussion, let us make clear the difference between a blender/juicer and a combo appliance.

A juicer is a machine that takes away the pulp leaving refreshing, nutritious juice for you; whereas, the blender will deliver tasty smoothies processing everything, including the fiber.

Sometimes, all you want is fresh extraction and sometimes, well, a bit more. How about a machine that'll serve you in both ways? It is exactly the purpose of including this article. Get both tasks done by a single appliance. Less space consumption, more benefits!


As we are talking about a juicer and blender combo, initially, we get the idea that it may need about twice the power as it would do twice the work of a single tool.

Only a juicer does not require much strength since all it does is extracts the liquid from the ingredients or, specifically, citrus fruits.

But when it comes to a blender, it means the machine will chop, grind, break and pulverize the elements for you. Hence, you cannot deny the necessity of strength here.

If you want an expert suggestion, we would say about 1200-1500 watts power for blender juicer combo is ideal. However, this shouldn't be your only concern, folks.

Let's look into the other factors as well.

Maximum nutrition yield

What do you do if you want nutrition concentration in your body? Here lies the benefit of a juicer.

Your body needs the vitamins and minerals of some apples, beets, oranges, mangoes or more but can you imagine eating them all at once or at a time. No!

The juicer will rescue you here. It will combine the nutritional benefits of all these ingredients and give you a dose of health and taste in moments.

So if you need some extra nutrients in your body, why compromise with a petty blender? Get yourself a blender juicer!

Performance and efficiency

It is about two gadgets combining into one. When the machine claims to deliver more functioning, that means the user or the buyer will get more confused about appliance performance and effectiveness.

Yes, we completely get that. For your ease of understanding, for a moment, let us clear the tasks and properties of both machines individually.

For instance, a juicing machine has a cone-shaped extracting organ; the sharpness, size, and capability of the organ matters the most here.

Again, for a blender, the stainless steel blades need to be high-quality so that they can break through anything you put on them.

Hence the individual parts need to be efficient before the whole combo device is titled 'efficient'.

Some additional factors can be included in the gadgets to make them last longer or improve their performance. For instance, the Omega low-speed juicer has scope for reducing heat build-up, which means you can run the machine for longer. Which signifies better output.

Similarly, many models have innovative blade technologies, presets, and load of speed variables to increase the utility and workability of the devices.

Ease of operation

What if you have a machine with hundreds of possibilities and accessories to ease your work, but is it making things convenient for you? Or just a bit tougher?

Your kitchen solution may have multiple speed options or maybe a few, but it should be easy to alternate between them. Otherwise, you will struggle to understand the functions, let alone actual juice making.

For instance, a three-way set up of the Omega juicer makes it easier for the user to control it. This doesn't necessarily indicate more options are frustrating. A control touch-pad for more speed dials can be equally useful too.

The ease of operation also includes convenient cleaning. A juicer can take some extra time for cleaning as you need to clean the pulp and fiber with delicacy; whereas a blender will only take about a minute to clean the jar.

In the combo product, you just need to check the cleaning convenience balance between the two devices. But as we know, more options mean more responsibilities. Hence, you might need to put that extra bit of effort into the best blender juicer combo.

Useful accessories

As users of home appliances, we love it when we get a bonus item with the usual one. But the fanciness should not be appreciated that much.

Some models may even provide accessories that are indeed of no value or usable at all. Remember not to get excited due to the outward extravagance!

However, models like COSTWAY juicer combo includes chopper, grinder, dough maker, and other items that are simultaneously quality products and usable as well.

Types of juicer

Juicer means extracting fruit or vegetable juice separating the fiber. Still, there are differences in the properties of juicer and the juicing system that leads to designing different types of these similar machines.

Centrifugal juicer

These are the most common type of juicers which include tiny grinding and chewing teeth that pushes the ingredients in a mesh basket.

Although they are quite useful and economical, yet the resulting frictional heat may even damage nutrients that you would better want in your drink.

But it is not a huge issue; certainly, you can compromise with this much.

Masticating juicer

It is a rare juicer type if you are looking for it in a combo machine. What is the specialty? Well, it includes an auger to push the ingredients gently against the mesh screen.

And the benefit? It results in a higher yield, more nutrition. However, it may take up a few more seconds than other juicers. But certainly worth it, right?

Now, if you want a blender and juicer all in one, you should probably consider the juicer type and maximum nutrition extraction as well. So I guess, now, as you are clear about the possible choices, this will not put you in any dilemma.

Warranty or technical support

How do you know if your product will serve you properly before you bring it home? As experts, we would suggest considering warranties.

Warranty is a mark or sign to indicate that the manufacturer is confident enough about the product. But that does not mean a lesser warranty period goes for cheaper products.

Blender models may have technical support services from one year to even life-long time. After ticking all the above factors, you can look at the backup time for each device as well. It is more contenting for you.


If you are going for double-action in one machine, you will need to pay a little extra. But comparing with the price of two of the products with a single combo, it is quite a win-win deal for you.

Buying a single product instead of two different devices will save not only money but also your workspace.

Again, you will not have to buy packets of fresh juice from the market to fulfill your thirst now and then. A single push will do that for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a juicer if I already own a blender? Can't it do it all?

Your blender will give you the nutrition of whole-fruits, including the carbohydrate and fiber nutrients. These liquids can serve as meals as well. But if you need only the juice to make you feel light and for a healthy start to the day, you cannot compromise with the need for a blender.

How do I easily clean the juicer part?

The fibers usually remain entangled within the juicer teeth. It is better to clean the bits with a brush and then give a quick rinse. It will result in better cleaning.

What power will my machine require for simply juicing citrus fruits?

Mere juicing does not take much power as all it has to do squeeze out the citrus juice. About 50-150 watt motor power is usually enough for only the juicing purpose.

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