6 Best Juicer For Tomatoes 2021 – Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Need some fresh kick start for this morning? A refreshing glass of tomato juice is the perfect thing that will help you the most. Pressing juice right from the tomato can be tough. Not 'can be'; it's a tough thing to do. Even if you want to make the process easier by boiling the tomatoes, it will decrease the nutrition level of your juice. So, which option will be preferable for you? Less nutrition, or more work pressure? None of them, right? We also want the best one for you. And, it's the juicer which can lessen your burden from both ends.

Wait! You just can't pick a random juicer and expect the finest result from it. You need to gather all the information and reviews to find the best juicer for tomatoes. Don't worry. We have got all of it covered for you.

All the tomato juicers are not the same. You will find some difference between them if you look carefully. Almost every person has some very different expectations from their product. You must have some. But before that, you need to know the type of juicers are available now in the market and are the best ones from all. If there are 20+ juicers, let's rely on us to sort out the top 6 for you. Let's take a look at the best one from the market.

The Top 6 Best Tomato Juicer Reviews

1. Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor - Top Choice


  • 80 RPM motor
  • Powerful, slow and two horsepower motors
  • 15 years warranty
  • Dual storage
  • Adjustable cap and 5 settings of juice extraction

One of the main reasons to go for a tomato juicer is its ability to maintain almost every type of nutrition like the way it is in the juice too. But, even after using a tomato juicer, maintaining enough nutrition can be tough.

If you want to have the best when you are having, then for the tomato juicer, go for some low-temperature tomato juicing machine-like- Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor. Does it work fully? Of course, it does! Besides working at the low speed of 80 RPM, this juicer has a total 5 setting to ensure maximum output, the way you want it.

With the dual storage, extracting most of the juice out of tomato will be just fun! You may feel ‘not so good’ with its 13 pounds. But, this awesome juicer is totally handy and well-fitted. Do you just hate all the machine sound around you? With the same ability of two horsepower motors, Omega NC900HDC Juicer won't even bother you a bit. This juicer only uses 150 Watts and 120 Volts while working. Thus, your daily electricity bill will be less too. Still, thinking about the credibility of this juice? The producers provide 15 years warranty. What do you need more?


  • Ensure enough nutrition
  • Variety of taste
  • No noise
  • Easy to use
  • Healthy & Handy


  • Some customer found the juicer’s screen not working perfectly

2. Breville Compact Fountain Juice - Best Pick


  • 9.7 pounds of weight
  • 14000 RPM
  • 700-watt motor
  • Made of high-grade polymer
  • Extra-large 3 inches centered feed tube

We all have our budget issues. You must be on this list too! Still, you can't help buying a tomato juicer, can you? For you, Breville BJE200XL Compact is the most perfect one in this list. It's not only about the money, but you will also use a good product while buying it too.

What are you thinking again? Yes, there are so many tomato juicers around you that are cheap. You may find something cheaper than Breville! But, here comes the question about quality. Quality matters the most. You may want your juicer to work fast, ensure extraction the most and be durable. You will get all of it in Breville BJE200XL Compact! This juicer is made of high-grade polymer, which is a long-lasting thing. Besides, it ensures your health too.

And cleaning! This will be super easy for you once you start using Breville. There are other juicers in the market which have some fancy parts with its body. The structure of Breville is really simple and easy to clean.  Guess what, you will be able to hold the juicer without a feeling! Breville BJE200XL Compact Juicer is only of 9.7 pounds, which makes it one of the handiest juicer. So, are you giving a thought about Breville?


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Cheap Juicer
  • Work fast & Handy
  • Extra nutrition ensured


  • It leaks sometimes
  • The body gets cracked easily

3. Deluxe Food Strainer and Sauce Maker - Best For Apple & Tomato Sauce


  • 10 square inches secure mounts
  • Made of plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Optional motor
  • Includes user manual, large hopper, and food pusher
  • 1 - year warranty

While you are buying a product, you want to use for a long time, don't you? We all do! But, what if the product is not durable enough to provide service for years! If you buy Deluxe Food Strainer, you won't have to think about the fact a bit. Because, among the juicers that are available in the market now, this one is the most superiorly durable. With the aluminum body and stainless steel screen, even after using enough plastic, this product is the most durable one. Besides, it contains 10 square inches secure mounts, it provides perfect extraction for both tomato and apple.

Aren't you in love with electric tomato juicers? No worries! While using Deluxe Food Strainer and Sauce Maker, you can enjoy the taste of both electric and manual ones. It has an extra hand which will help you to go with the manual use. The motor and other things, it will ensure the electric use too.

If you are a newbie and haven't used a tomato juicer ever, this juicer will help you with this too. It contains a smart screen, long spiral and an instruction book too, which is just enough to learn the process fully. You will find an optional motor with There are strongest clamp, large hopper and food pusher too, which make a very little waste while producing the juicer.


  • Can be used manually and electrically
  • Makes little waste
  • Durable
  • Less cranky


  • Plastic waste funnel is breakable

4. Weston Deluxe Tomato Strainer - Budget Pick


  • 200 Watt motor
  • Forward and reverse button
  • 3 type’s stainless screen
  • Large hopper
  • Dishwasher safe

As you are buying a tomato juicer, you just need a little bit break from the work. Of course, you will get your break if you have a tomato juicer. But, who will peel the tomatoes? It's tough to take the skin away every time you want to drink tomato juice by yourself. Weston Deluxe Electric Tomato Strainer provides the best solution to this problem.

While using this product, all you just need is to dump the tomatoes into the strainer. After that, it will take the juices out of the tomato peel too! With Weston Deluxe Electric Tomato Strainer, there is no way to waste your food. Not only that, you will be able to enjoy different types of screen facilities in this juicer too.

Weston Deluxe Electric Tomato Strainer contains three different screens for different types of food. There are- pumpkin, tomato, and salsa; a total 3 stainless screen.

Have your food got stuck in the juicer ever in the middle of the operation? This juicer has both reverse and forward options. So, if your food gets stuck in the middle of anything, through these options, you can easily get out of it and continue the process. Sometimes, making juice can be a messy procedure. Weston Deluxe Electric Tomato Strainer will ensure the total cleanliness of your kitchen while you are making juice.


  • Versatile Juicer
  • Large capacity
  • Separate skin
  • Don't get stuck
  • Stomper keeps your fingers safe
  • Huge capacity


  • No negative sides so far

5. OMRA Spremy Tomato Strainer - Best Electric Tomato Juicer


  • Automatic extracts (seeds and skin)
  • 330 pounds (150 kg) tomato extraction per hour
  • 110 RPM Worm rotation
  • Motor with the cooling fan

Enjoying a glass of refreshing tomato juice, you just don't have to do anything for it. All you need to give the command to your juicer. Have you ever thought to find such a genie? OMRA Spremy Electric Tomato Strainer is the name of it! Whether it is a cocked one or raw, you just have to put the ingredients into the strainer and the juicer, it will take away the skin and seeds of the tomato by itself. Amazing, isn't it?

Not only for you, but this juicer will also support your whole family at a time. Within an hour, OMRA Spremy Electric Tomato Strainer can produce a total of 330 Pound tomato juice. While building with metal, it contains stainless steel hopper too. To ensure the whole enzyme of your tomato, this juicer has Food Grade Nylon Auger in it too. Besides the tomatoes, you can even make apple juice through it too. It is very easy to take apart and assemble once again. So, washing is really easy too.

Like the other tomato juicers, OMRA Spremy Electric Tomato Strainer helps to ensure the whole nutrition from the tomato. Besides, only because its worm rotation is 110 RPM and it has supportive material to ensure more from the ingredients, you will enjoy your health the most out of this juicer.


  • Peel and remove seeds by itself
  • Huge container
  • Metal body, durable
  • Time saver
  • Healthy


  • Expensive
  • Rubber fit

6. Tribest Greenstar Elite Cold Press Masticating Juicer - Best For Commercial Use


  • Twin gears system
  • 18.6" W x 6.8" D x 12.4" H Dimensions 
  • Three stages of juicing system
  • Grip handle
  • Magnetic and bioceramic technology
  • Mastication system
  • 12 years warranty

How many types of variety do you want to taste in your tomato juice? Of course, the tomato is the same. But, the extraction, the density of it and the layer- all will contribute to the pattern of taste. So, which variety do you want to taste now? You even don't have to think a bit. All you need to do is, deciding the extraction pattern and going for it!

Maybe, you are thinking about the price. But, price is not everything that matters here. While you are looking for taste and health, going for the best one should be the prime concern. Keeping aside the price of Greenstar Elite Cold Press, there are a lot of amazing things to discuss. It comes with the three-stage juicing system, where it will use the twin gears system.

All of these features will help you to get the extremely dry pulp. This juicer has a huge body with the insurance of proper cleanliness. If you are going to buy it, you should choose a place in your kitchen to place it. But, along with this, it will ensure that no juice is splashing around. While cleaning it needs time, to enjoy the variety of taste in your juice and enjoy a perfect refreshment juice for a bulk of people, Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite is one of the best for commercial use.

Once you buy it, you will get so many pieces of equipment included in the machine beside the four different screens. Along with the other things, you will get a glass juice pitcher, wooden plunger, plastic plunger, and cleaning brush in the packet.


  • Don't waste a bit
  • Clean juicing
  • Huge juicing capacity
  • Versatile use


  • Heavy & Huge body
  • Takes time to clean

How To Make Your Tomato Juice Tastes Better?

Tomato itself is very tasty. But, if you want your tomato juice a little bit tastier, there are some ways you can apply. Of course, you need to find the best juicer for tomatoes first. You can add sugar in your tomato juice to make it taste better. On the other hand, some spices can make the juice tastier. The event, you can go for some extra added flavor or lots of other fruits in the juice too. Whatever you do, don't mix a lot and maintain your health properly. You know! Sometimes, it gets less tasty, the healthier!

Why will You Buy A Tomato Juicer?

The most important question indeed! Why will you buy a tomato juicer? Some of its reasons were given in the introductory part of this article. But, if you want to be more sure and confident about your next juicer only for tomato, here goes the reason behind buying it.

Ensure all the nutrition

It's not about the raw juicing portion, but if you go for the cooked option, most of the nutrition will go away from tomato. Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes and much more nutrition there are in tomatoes. Here, a fine tomato juice maker can ensure you all of it, properly.

Easier to operate

Of course, a tomato juicing machine will work more perfectly than your hand. If you find the best one from the market, it will be easier for you to operate too. You know, when you are going for tomato juice than a real tomato, it means you want it to be easier. Juicer makes the process simple, easy and convenient. And your kitchen, it won't look messy after finishing the work too.

Fresh and healthy than the canned juice

You may go for the canned tomato juice. But, see the level on the bottle. There are so many things that may have been mixed into the juice. Extra sugar, extra preservatives, and so many things more. It's not like that they are not fresh. Those tomato juice, they can be unhealthy for you even!

Enjoy the most

An electric tomato juicer not only will provide you juice of a great taste, but it will also ensure the most of it. There is another kind of juicer too. But, with those, you won't be able to enjoy most of the part of the tomato. It will be a waste. Tomato juicer, it will take care of it fully.

Buying Guide

Types Of The Juicer

There can be two types of tomato juicer. One is manual, and the other one is automatic or electrical. In the manual juicer, you will need more time and strength for it. But, in the electronic juicer, it will be fast and more convenient for you. The price of an electric juicer will be more. But, to save time and enjoy the finest juice, you can go for the electrical one.


How much juice will you need matters too. Is it only you who are going to drink juice daily? Or, is it your family? Some juicers can produce juice for a bulk amount of people. So, go for the perfect one which can produce enough. Keep in mind that, the juice remains fresh for 24 hours. Son, don't go for a huge among if you can't finish it within 24 hours.

Extra Features

There are some features which always can help you to enjoy the best result. If you want your juice fast, you should go for a motor that works fast. There are juicers which provide an extra cap, large hopper, and so many things more. As it is a juicer, it will produce juice. But, ensure that your juicer is producing juice in the best way too.

Product Review

Of course, after reading this article, if you have any product chosen in your mind, then go for the product review. Product review always reflects the real things about a product. To know which the negative sides are and which are the positive ones of your juicer, you will be able to be mentally prepared, buy it and enjoy the best service in the best possible way.


There are lots of options in the market. You should go for a juicer which falls into your budget. It's not that, juicers which are of less price not good enough. Rather, you may get some handy and super active juicer in your budget too. So, at first, go according to your budget and get the best one.


From which materials a juicer is made matters a lot. From making the juice to cleaning the juicer, all fall under it. There are some materials which breakable, not healthy enough. Don't go for it. Besides, try to find something which is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily. If you don't want to take the burden of cleaning, go for a juicer like that.


Which Are The Best Juicing Tomatoes?

Of course, the plum tomatoes. These tomatoes have more flesh and less water and seeds. So, normally for different types of procedure, plum tomatoes get used.

Should I Drink The Juice Immediately After Juicing?

Yes. It's better to drink it as early as possible. To get proper nutrition out of the juice, you should drink it within 24 hours of juicing.

Which Is The Best Tomato Juicer?

There are many juicers can be found in the market. Which one is the best will depend on actually which features you need to enjoy in your juicer. Different types of juicers have their abilities differently. So, decide the things that you need and go for it.

Which Is A Good Time To Drink Tomato Juice?

You can drink it at any time. But, it would be best if you drink it in the morning. It will provide you more energy then.

Can I Drink Tomato Juice Every day?

Of course. Research says that tomato juice helps to eradicate inflammation. So, you can drink it every day.

Final Verdict

While you are lacking time to ensure proper health and taste for you and your family, a glass of tomato juice every morning can make your life easier, better and healthier. You may find it a little bit difficult to find the best juicer for tomatoes immediately.

But, take your time. Don't hurry. As an introvert and home-loving person, I love OMRA Spremy Electric Tomato Strainer and took it a while ago. It is serving me perfectly. You must have your own choice and options. Wait a bit, read a little and after thinking some time more, go for the perfect one that you are in love with. Make your decision on your terms of perfection. You will love it!

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