5 Best Oster Blender to Find for Having the Best Smoothie Experience

How about owning a blender from a competitive brand that can eliminate all your blending problems?  Oster brand being a well-known kitchen appliance brand, what if you could have the best Oster blenders?

We have seen many people baffled about which brand or manufacturer they should go for when purchasing kitchen solutions. Because of the hundred types and names available in this market, it is quite impossible to identify the best ones right away! Isn’t it?

Some people trust the oldest brands the most, and some try out other popular brands. Oster has been in the market for decades, and with its improving quality, it has gained user popularity quite early. Impressive!

But not all models will meet specific requirements. Therefore, keeping everything into consideration, especially the primary elements, we have brought some of the best blenders under the spotlight.

They have impressed us the most among other models; we hope they'll satisfy you as well. Take a look!

5 Best Oster Blenders Comparison Chart 2020





With reverse blade technology when a blender is able to offer you the best, why not snatch it right away?

[Editor’s Choice]

Oster Reverse Crush
Fill Counter

Easy speed control with smart action can offer the best performance you may not even expect!

[Best Pick]

Oster BPCT02-BA0-000 6-Cup Glass Jar 2-Speed Toggle Beehive Blender
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How about getting your hands on a blender that has a lightning speed action in blending and effectively chops, mixes and crushes whatever you put in it?

[Best Action]

Oster BVCB07-R00-FFP Reverse Crush Counterforms Brushed Stainless Steel Blender
Fill Counter

For the active people out there, why wait up the whole day for having a refreshing drink at home when you can have it anytime with this magic machine?

[Best Travel Partner]

Oster BLSTPB-WPK My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle
Fill Counter

With your low budget for a blender, can you even expect fusion and quality in action at the same time? With this beauty, you surely can!

[Best Fusion Blender]

Oster BRLY07-B00-NP0 B 7-Speed Fusion Blender
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Top 5 Oster Blender Reviews

1. Oster Reverse Counterforms Blender - Editor’s Choice


  • Great Power
  • Advanced blade technology with high-quality leaves
  • Smart pre-programmable settings
  • Variable speed options as user demand
  • Durable container

The Oster Reverse is one of the most highly appreciated and used models among general users. Why so? Because it provides you with all the essentials, you have been looking for in a regular-use oster blender.

Oster is overall known to all as a power production of benders. Similarly, even the Reverse Crush blender has appreciable 1000 watts power to crush and break!

The most attractive property of the mixer is its Crush Pro 6 blade system that has active and sharp leaves with dual direction action. And what is that?

Well, the stainless steel blades spin in both directions at intervals to make sure that no chunks or bits are stuck on any corner. Also, the dual direction blade technology efficiently pulls the food particles closer to the blade for optimizing the blending.

Easy usage of an appliance is what most customers look for. To ease your blending experience, the machine is infused with a one-touch control panel with multiple pre-programmed settings. Just give a touch, and your oster blender will know how to act.

You can also adjust the speed at seven different levels so you can acquire just the right texture!

Also, the container material is dishwasher safe Boroclass glass, which is equally satisfying like all the other features. To even simplify the mechanism, it comes with a 2-ounce cap filler with measurement markings. All the things this oster blender can do is incredible!

Pro Tips: Try not to overload the oster blender pitcher with more ingredients. It has an average size, it should be kept in mind.


  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful enough to crush through harsh elements
  • Durability check
  • Excellent blades
  • User-friendly
  • Precise consistency
  • Incredible 10-year warranty support


  • Container capacity is not sufficient for full-family servings

2. Oster 6-Cup Glass Jar Blender - Best Pick


  • Faster pulverization
  • Sturdy stainless steel blades
  • Speed toggle option
  • User convenience
  • Boroclass quality jar
  • BPA free material

If you want a blender with a basic design, affordable but something that'll tick all the boxes of requirement, then we cannot think of an option better than the Oster Speed Toggle blender. Why so? To know more, read to the end.

The Oster blender with glass jar has a compact design that won't create issues with storage. But does it lack anything? Not really! Even the power is on-point- satisfying 1000 watt motor!

The sharp and rustic blades with a suitable 4-point design will not make you struggle in pureeing, chopping, or crushing difficult items.

What makes us fascinated more about this machine is its innovative speed toggle feature between high to low speeds. So, if your mixing needs low or high speed, you and your oster blender will know what to do.

For accurate measurements and up to the mark taste quality, the filler cap with 2-ounce capacity has markings. You won’t go wrong with the flavor for sure!

Again, with an all-metal-drive structure, the jar is also made durable with Borosilicate glass. And even the capacity is quite good for a small gathering- 6-cup or 48-ounce.

With the Crush Pro blades and the assured durability of the product, we would rely on it without any further confusion!

Pro Tips: Though it is designed to withstand more heat, yet for longer life of the machine, try not to add too heated liquids.


  • The glass jar can withstand extreme heat
  • Convenient usage
  • Hard and durable leaves
  • Allows making soup
  • Basic design without unnecessary fanciness
  • Less hassle
  • Confident 10-year warranty


  • It does not include pre-programmed settings for varied blending options.

3. Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender - Best Action


  • The alternating direction blade system
  • One-touch easy control
  • Precision chopping and pulverization
  • Metal-to-metal set up
  • Sufficient strength

If you are in search of a machine that’ll improve your experience of having refreshing drinks now and then the Oster Counterforms is here to blow your mind.

Food jamming in the blender can be a serious issue because it lets in lumps in your favorite drinks! Hence, this Brushed reverse crush blender has infused Crush Pro alternating direction blade technology with the finest quality stainless steel to give you a silky smooth experience.

Do you expect professional quality from your home-blender smoothie? Not a problem anymore. With the easy one-touch control presets, you can get any drink processed in the best way right at home.

The manufacturers have thought about durability highly, and so designed the all-metal-drive structure.

Even the well-defined structure and compact design are beneficial to any user. It doesn't let you struggle with the assembly or storage. Thus, less effort in set-up and operation!

Such a user-friendly machine indeed.

Pro Tips: For smooth operation, clean the nooks and corners of the machine and blade precisely.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • The glass pitcher is strong enough
  • Even blending
  • Smart mixing
  • All-metal construction
  • No jamming or instability in operation


  • The noise is a bugger
  • Blender structure could have been better

4. Oster My Blend Blender - Best Travel Partner


  • On-the-go appliance
  • Sport bottle on the run
  • One-touch blending for convenience
  • Overheating preventing feature
  • Easy handling and portability

Are you a travel-freak but cannot compromise with the benefits of healthy beverages throughout the day? The Oster travel sport blender might be your ideal companion. The features will let you know why.

Yes, the Oster personal blender has small and compact dimensions but is specialized for active people who are always on the run! But don't get confused by its size because it has 250 watt motor sufficient power to deliver the tastiest treats like other oster blenders in this list.

The hygienic 20-ounce container is the perfect travel partner with some refreshing smoothie in it. For convenient portability, it has a hand-carrying hook, and to keep things in place, it has a lid storage cover.

We know you are on a busy schedule, who isn’t? And so the manufacturers have made blending easier with one-touch precision control.

If your blender overheats, don't panic because the travel blender has a resettable fuse that revives the powerful motor within 15 minutes of inactivity. Safety first!

For single servings and ready-to-use facility, the sleek design undoubtedly stands as one of the models in the market! What do you think?

Pro Tips: As a compact model, the storage will not be an issue. But yet remember to store it in an open or spacious place.


  • User-friendly
  • Convenient for travel
  • Intended for single serves
  • Reduced heating
  • BPA-free material
  • Sporty look


  • Not designed for providing larger serves
  • Functions are insufficient

5. Oster 7-Speed Fusion Blender - Best Fusion Blender


  • Superior crushing
  • Preset digital speed options
  • Heat-proof durable jar design
  • Ice-crushing efficiency
  • All-metal drive design

The Oster Fusion Blender is a perfect model that will get you high-end performance and guaranteed satisfaction with less investment. Are you in doubt whether it can deliver superior performance or not? Well, you won't be anymore when you read the details!

You don't only want faster blends, but we want superior quality extraction as well. So, with sufficient 600 watts ice-crushing strength, it can deliver quality in every glass.

With seven variable speeds, you can start from ice-crushing to pureeing with maintaining the same quality throughout! No compromise with taste!

The heat and shock resisting quality of the Boroclass pitcher fascinate the customers as well. But what interests us the most is the reversible blade technology with 6-point quality blades, which makes jamming of food non-existent!

From fine chopping to pulverizing delicate ingredients, the one-touch preset control is equally useful for all-purpose use.

And the easiness of the measurements with a 2-ounce filler cup along with the comfortable, durable, and reliable usage makes every blend satisfying.

Pro Tips: It has improved ice-cutting ability, but it is better not to insert bigger ice chunks. This might damage the sharpness of the blades.


  • Easy control
  • Expert outcome
  • Convenient for any user
  • Free from jam-ups
  • Automatic reversing
  • 10-year warranty back-up
  • Easy cleanup


  • Noisy operation

What Factors did We Considering While Selecting These Oster Blenders?

Whenever we are keen on purchasing new devices or appliances, we ought to look for a trusted brand. Considering kitchen solutions, Oster is one of the most trusted and reliable.

making smoothie with oster blender

But even among the hundreds of Oster blender reviews, users get baffled and confused, which one to choose. Hence, we are here to help you with the issue.

Bringing in the spotlight, these amazing machines, we will help you choose the best of the best. Read more to know more!

Variety of Oster blenders

The manufacturers have been awing customers with newer and better models every day. But do they have similar purposes?

No, every design is differently made with a specialty that makes them unique. But don't worry about the performance, because Oster does not compromise with it!

Based on design and system

Some users who are strict schedule would like to leave the blending on the machine totally without taking zero-hassle for self. Whereas, there are people who still want to control their devices traditionally. Manufacturers have a solution for both-


You need to use and operate such mixers manually. That is, they do not have the scope for regulating the desired speed all by themselves. They don’t even have multiple presets or automatic on/off facility.

You have your oster blender in hand and multiple buttons on it. So, you can operate it yourself.

It might not be a feasible decision, but the control and confidence you can have while operating the oster blender cannot be denied.


With a single push of a button, these blenders will allow you to change between hundreds of options. You can go work while you let the mixer on the action.

It will regulate the speed and stop automatically once the desired is achieved. A smart move for a smart generation!

Based on speed types

Constant or alternating speed both have their benefits. Yes, we agree that in today's generation, variety is a must. But, if your requirements are only a few, then why waste more bucks?

Fixed Speed

These oster blenders are made for simple smoothie making only. You cannot change the speed and allow versatility of consistency with these.

But obviously, they cost way less than the ones with more varied speed options.

Adjustable Speed

The modern blenders provide you with a speed control knob that allows you to adjust/decrease quickly or increase the speed for different user demands.

For instance, with lower speed, you can grind, blend chop, or mix usual ingredients. While with high speed, you can crush ice, nuts, or whole fruits without any hassle.

Nonetheless, the cost can be an issue. However, the price is worth it!


Though having enough energy and strength is a significant factor, but many times we overrate its significance.

Suppose a blender has magnificent wattage, but it's not efficient enough. Firstly, you need to know that power and efficiency are two different things.

A minimum powered model can be highly efficient and vice-versa. So relying only on wattage would be stupid!

If you ask us about the threshold power of a good oster blender, we would suggest about 350 to 450 watts.

However, for ice-crushing and heavy-duty tasks, this is not highly recommended. For total satisfaction in crushing and breaking hard elements, 500-600 watts is quite good.

If your blender has even more power, then congratulations! You can pull out more substantial and versatile tasks without hesitation.


Why a customer will choose a particular blender lies a lot in the ease of operability.

You have a shining machine before you, but the handling and working out with the tool is a boomer. Is your hard-earned money being valued this way? I don't think so.

Hence, choosing a model that can be controlled precisely, extending versatility options, but not limiting user access will benefit you in many ways.

Firstly, you would be able to make a drink any time of the day; your strict routine will not be a problem anymore, and also you can make more servings to entertain everyone!

Many models have a one-touch control panel. It allows the user to have total control over the machine with a single touch! Easy, right? Well, that is the main target.

Is it easy to handle?

Have you encountered heavy and large kitchen appliances that might require 2-3 persons to handle it? With all the other kitchen tools, how can you expect to have this much space on your countertop?

Kudos to you if your kitchen cabinet or countertop is large enough, but what if it is not? This is where the size matters. A compact structure will make it convenient for you to carry or store it.

But the size and handling properties are indeed secondary features to consider. First, make sure your machine works perfectly.

How is the blade technology?

Newer and better stainless steel blade technologies are being invented as days pass by. Six or eight leaves are new additions to blade numbers.

But more leaves do not necessarily mean better crushing. However, it can speed up the process to some extent.

For instance, the enlisted Oster Reverse offers the Crush Pro 6 stainless steel blade system for fine-tuning the texture and consistency of your beverages.

Blade quality and innovative technology matter a lot indeed. Hence, these things should be kept in concern. Especially if you love frozen drinks, then I guess, the leaves should be your main priority.

And it is needless to say that the material and sharp edges of the leaves are significant as well. Stainless steel material is a must, and the quality should be top-notch.

Well, we guess that’d do!

What is the jar capacity?

Before you think about the capacity, make yourself clear about the amount of serving, you will generally be making.

Suppose you and your partner have similar smoothie cravings most of the time. You are not much of party-host rather more introverted. Hence, a minimum jar capacity like 48-ounce will serve you well.

On the contrary, if you have a large family or your friends love hanging out with at your home mostly; then, opt for a larger serving option. 64-ounce will be sufficient.

But whatever the capacity, the material durability should be on-point. Nowadays, shock-proof, heat-proof, and stain-proof glass pitchers are available in the market.

If you think your blender will have to bear some heavy-duty, opt for more long-lasting pitcher choices.

Special features

Apart from the underlying properties, many machines offer some special functions.

For instance, they offer dual direction blade technology, heat withstanding ability of the jars, additional ice-crushing feature, and so on. All these are targeted to improvise the overall performance of your machine, making it stand out to you and achieve a reliable title.

Best value

When you go for purchasing any product any time, your first consideration is if the product fits in your budget.

Your hard-earned money should not be ill-spent. Every penny should be counted.

Therefore, before you pay for it, observe carefully again if all the properties are in your favor. Compare with other models and then conclude whether you will be buying the appliance or not on.

It is better to take more time to analyze a useful tool than wasting more bucks on a useless one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best among Oster blenders considering power and blade technology?

If we consider maximum power supply, best blade technology, and quality stainless steel blade material, then we would say, the Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender, as enlisted, will serve you just right!

How long can I preserve the juice after blending?

If you ask experts, they would say it is better to drink the beverage freshly made since it constitutes a package of nutrients at that point. However, if you have a rush for the next few hours, you can pre-make some more of the drink and store it for about 48 hours.

Some models let you preserve for about 72 hours as well! But, indeed, we do not recommend this span!

How can preset options make my juicing better?

Preset options are input in a blender specifically for some tasks. For instance, there are pre-programmable settings for ice-crushing, soup making, and even cleaning.

For these programs, your blender will smartly identify what work it needs to do and work accordingly. Pretty useful!

Final Thoughts

The best thing about Oster blender for smoothies is the high-end performance they offer within a reasonable budget.

We would say, if we compare the products, the Oster Counterform Crush is unbeatable in every case. For traveling companion, why would you even think about any blender other than the Oster travel blender?

However, the toggle speed beehive blender from Oster deserves equal appreciation as well.

As you can see, Oster has given hundreds of options to choose from. But to go for the best Oster blender, you would consider comparing and knowing them a bit more, which we hope, this article has successfully accomplished.

Now, what you are getting is up to you. Happy blending!

Ashton Max

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