5 Best Quiet Blenders 2020 – Keep It Going But Keep It Quiet

Can any of us deny the necessity of a blender? Starting from making shakes, smoothies, purees to preparing baby food, soups, sauces, grinding, chopping, and so on. But what about the loud noise it makes? That is why we have enlisted the best quiet blenders.

The other day, one of our colleagues was having a terrible headache in the morning.

When we dug deep for a reason, we got to know that, every morning after waking up, the first thing she does is blends food for her baby, makes soups and prepares morning smoothies; no matter whether she has had a good sleep or not, and the ear-piercing noise, goodness!

We needed a quick solution for that. That’s when we looked up for quieter blenders. And we couldn’t deny what a lifesaver it could be for many people! Hence, we thought of sharing this with you.

So, here we are, with all the information you need to know about the quiet blenders. It can be an excellent rescue for you. Take a look for yourself!

5 Top-Rated Quietest Blender Comparison Chart 2020





[Top Choice]

Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender

 A blender that allows you to do everything but that also maintains a smooth hush, great right?

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[Best blender for commercial use]

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender

Do you need the kitchen solution for your newly designed café? You want to ensure a comfortable ambience for the customers? Look no further!

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[Best power and performance]

Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender

Have you heard of a blender with wind speed action, variable speed control, outstanding performance yet quieter operation? Well, you have now!

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[Best versatile blender]

Vita-Mix Blending Station Advance

A blender that suffices not just yours but the needs of your whole family with providing you maximum options for your recipe for the day.

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[Best budget blender]

Hamilton Beach SoundShield 5-Speed Blender

Effortless blending and noise reduction up to more than half? Is it even a dream? Not with this one!

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Top 5 Quiet Blender Reviews

1. Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender - Top Choice


  • Noise reduction technology
  • Advance Container design
  • Powerful motor
  • High-end performance
  • Convenience in cleaning
  • Backed up with a 3-years warranty

The Quiet One- as the name suggests, so does the appliance performs. If you are looking for some groundbreaking, quiet operation because blender noises bug you all the time, this will not just ensure total hush but also splendid performance for professional use. How? Read below.

Do you need to pause your conversations or raise the TV volume while you use your blender? No more stopping! It has got the long-awaited patented noise reduction technology. The magnetically secured sound enclosure avails this technology that lets you interact with your friends comfortably and also reduces the cleaning struggle!

The 48-ounce pitcher is enough for family servings. But that's not it; the advanced design of the jar ensures the smoothness of your drink with a proper blend. Also, don't forget the no-spill spout for absolutely no-mess operation and no-hassle cleanup.

With 3 HP peak motor power, you can pulverize and blend your favorite fruits and vegetables into fresh smoothies, juices, great blender for milkshakes, frappes, and so on within a blink.

How can you tell if the machine provides optimum output? Well, with 34 variable settings, 6-optimized programs, and a useful automatic shut-off, what else do you need to upgrade your blending game?

Pro Tips: It is one expensive machine, and you want it to last the most if you value your hard-earned money. So remember to follow the directions when using any programmable settings of this versatile blender.


  • The perfect solution for professional use
  • Super-quiet
  • Efficient
  • Ensures easy cleaning
  • Versatility guaranteed
  • No-mess operation


  • The price is a bit too high

2. Blendtec Professional 800 Blender - Best Blender for Commercial Use


  • 11 variable speed control
  • Multi-purpose use by preprogrammed blending cycles
  • Powerhouse blender
  • Impact-resistant WildSide+ container
  • Sound minimization
  • Decade-long warranty backup

Are you afraid of investing in an expensive kitchen solution because you are unsure of the performance it will deliver? No more worries, the Blendtec Pro 800 is here. Once you look at its features, you’ll know why you should invest in it!

The professional standard blender lets you experience with your skills in blending and mixing. Even the most stubborn ingredients will listen to this machine with the 11 variable speed control settings.

Do you think it might be tough to use? Not at all! Simply slide your finger on the panel and adjust the required speed. With six preprogrammed blending cycles, you can prepare batters, smoothies, pulverize whole fruits, frozen treats, and even make hot soups!

Don’t be surprised when I say it has 1800 watts mind-bobbling power with a peak HP of 3.8. Yes, now you can guess all the things you can crush with it.

The uniquely designed container is made for offering larger servings and boosts the efficiency of blending up to 25%. That means faster blending and better results!

Let's not forget the sound enclosure technology and the airflow system infused in the machine to make it quiet. Also, a fascinating interactive illuminating touch screen is added that shows blending information. Isn't it cool?

Pro Tips: Store the blender in a well-adjusted and spacious place. You don’t want to cause this beauty any damage!


  • Outstanding performance
  • Robust blades
  • Versatile
  • Reliable
  • Quality pitcher
  • BPA-free blender parts


  • Does not include a tamper
  • Consumes more space

3. Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender - Best Power and Performance


  • Faster crushing
  • Unique quiet shield features
  • High-quality container
  • Variable program settings
  • Easy cleaning
  • Incredible 5-year warranty

Have you looked everywhere for a powerful blender with high power motor but also does its job without annoying the people around you? Don't worry more. Here is one! Well, you should probably get hold of the Hamilton Quiet Shield Blender.

The most powerful and at the same time quiet blend is right here. The quietest blender also has a mighty force of 1500 watts with a peak 2HP. And the blades? They rotate at a speed of 105 miles/hr. The built-in cooling system has the over-heating under control.

The sharp blades and the robust motor also allows the faster and precise blending of any ingredient!

What sorcery is behind the hush of this powerful machine? It is the well-designed motor that optimizes airflow to reduce noise and the removable quiet shield to dampen sound.

Having speed control is necessary. So, ensure it with the unlimited speed control settings and pulse setting of the blender from 3000 RPM to about 18000 RPM, amazed?

The four programmable settings for ice-crushing, pureeing, smoothie making, and cleaning- all added for your convenience. What else?

It also comes with a 32-ounce durable container, rubber-mounted parts, a tamper for thicker mixtures, and a secure cleaning setting. Easy use and cleanup ensured!

Pro Tips: The blender functions allow the jar to clean itself but yet you need to be careful about regular cleaning after each use.


  • Tough motor
  • Amazing noise reduction ability
  • Dishwasher-safe container
  • Versatile settings for multi-purpose use
  • Breaks tough ingredients with ease


  • Not sufficient for larger batches
  • The pitcher quality is not as expected

4. Vita-Mix Blending Station Advance - Best Versatile Blender


  • Power-blending
  • Over the top performance
  • Extended use and multi-tasking
  • Quieter operation
  • Improvised container design
  • 3-year warranty backup

Most of us want vigorous blending power of blenders that can effortlessly blend through fruits, vegetables, ice, and so on because we craze for delicious smoothies. But we also require quietness while we use our blender without hesitance. Hence, the Vitamix Blending station offers you the perfect solution!

Talk about power or the Vitamix Blending Station, that's the same. Operating at 1800 watts with 3-peak HP, it can blend, crush, grind and mix within a breeze.

Do you want to upgrade your blending skill or try out new recipes? It is the perfect partner with 34 built-in programming cycles, 93-speed control, and 6-beverage buttons for maintaining the right consistency no matter what you are making. Oh yes, you read it correctly.

Forgot an ingredient? Wouldn’t it be great if you could add it while your blender is still running? It’s not a wish anymore because you can do it with this machine! You can also multi-task by virtue of the automatic shut-down mechanism.

A 48-ounce pitcher with no-drip spout and widened base makes the usage comfortable and less messy.  And the silent feature? Yes, it has heavy insulation and sound enclosure cover to dampen the noise.

Pro Tips: For ensuring optimum usage and durability, we recommend you to use, store and clean it properly.


  • Quieter blender for commercial use
  • Built-in spout for no-spill operation
  • Classy yet sturdy design
  • Convenient cleaning
  • Trouble-free re-assembling


  • Expensive
  • Does not come with a tamper

5. Hamilton Beach SoundShield 5-Speed Blender - Budget blender


  • Effective Quiet Blend technology
  • Unique Multi-blend technology
  • Two jar options
  • Ultimate control
  • Easy usage and cleaning
  • Backed up with a great 5-year warranty

We don't get to see many quieter blenders that are considerably affordable too. You cannot even trust them with the power, performance, and control. But the Hamilton Beach SoundShield is an exception. Why am I saying this? You'll say the same once you take a look at the details!

This is your very own counter-top blender to ensure high-end performance. With 950 watts power, you can generally think that it'll produce too much noise and blow up your ears. But that's not the case with this, the sound-absorbing jar pad, muffled chambers and rubber feet for less vibration and the quiet shield are claimed to reduce sound generation to a magnificent 55%.

The multi-blend technology is equipped with a container that pushes ingredients to the blades, the motor sensor to adjust speed, and the folded lid, which allows the return of the food to the jar. All this helps you make margaritas, smoothies, sauces, and even purees with comfort. Wait, there's more!

You have two jar options, a travel jar, and the 52-oz glass jar to alternate when necessary. The container lid has a drip-free spout for the no-spilling facility.

With the easy one-touch programming between the 5-variable speeds, it allows you to make the recipe of your choice in a simple touch. These features also enable cleaning with convenience. Get your blender now!

Pro Tips: It will not trouble you with the cleaning process. A quick blend with soapy water and wipe cleaning the body will do it!


  • Crushes ice and hard ingredients nicely
  • Good at pureeing jobs
  • The pitcher can withstand heat
  • Multi-functional use
  • Durable


  • Not ideal for green leafy vegetables
  • The grinding function is not up to standards

Why do You Need a Quiet Blender? And How are They Made?  

When you buy a product, you need to know precisely why you are purchasing this, and why is it necessary.

So the questions generally come, "why to buy an expensive, quiet blender if you can get one for a lot lesser money?"

The deafening blender noise can make you frustrated at times. Especially if you are using it in a café or restaurant, that's probably a no-no for the customers.

So what do we do? Some fine adjustments made to the structural features lead to noise dampening. The ultimate creation is the quieter blender.

Mostly, a rubber base or any other insulated base can lessen the noise to a great extent. Again, other solutions include sound enclosure technology with the help of the container cover or sound-proof double material of the container.

Buying Guide: Look Deeper into What Things You Need Consider before You Get a Quiet Blenders

silence in blending

Technology is all about making things simpler. So, were the Quiet Blenders manufactured.  As they started gaining more popularity, the choices for users increased as well.

So many new technologies, features, price ranges, and specialties. Which one to go for?

As experts, we looked up to different models, did varied researches, analyzed the best options, and vital factors before making a purchase.

That is when we got to a conclusion and prepared this guide to help you out in making the right decision. We don't want your money to be a waste. So, know well to buy well!

Effective Quiet Technology

If you need a simple blender, you can even afford it in about 100 dollars. Then why these higher-priced ones?

Well, you do not want to use earplugs with the usual blenders, neither annoy your pets and beloved neighbors. Additionally, for commercial use, especially, you cannot afford to buy a device that will ruin your customer experience.

That is why the manufacturers have started producing blenders with this smart technology to keep it down with the noise. When you purchase one of the silent mixers, you need to be sure that they are worth the money.

Some models come with fantastic sound dampening features, some with Quiet shield sound restriction. Check if these features are useful enough. Because Oh, boy! The number of scams these days. Don't fool yourself!

Don’t compromise with the motor power!

Even if you are buying a quiet smoothie blender, don’t just adjust for the no-noise operation! If you are laying out your hard-earned money for an appliance, make sure the performance is worth the value.

The performance and ability of the blender to cut through anything will rely mostly on motor power. But also you don't want an overpowering motor either because it might just overheat and even burn.

The power of the motor can be indicated in both ways- in watts or horsepower. Wattage power denotes the amount of energy the engine consumes, and the horsepower signifies the power production ability of the machine.

The term “peak HP” is commonly indicated in these blenders. It means the most horsepower the motor generates. Okay, I guess that’s enough study of the engine!

All this knowledge is necessary because you need to know the complete information about your device. The sufficient power for the quieter blenders can be from 900-1800 watts. It means they can crush almost everything, even the toughest of the ingredients.

If you are using such a strong engine, you also need to see if the spinning shaft that keeps the motor cool is capable enough.

Container quality and quantity it can hold

You blend, mix, pulverize and churn- all in the pitcher. So, the condition needs to be top-notch.

The containers are generally glass-made or of BPA-free polycarbonate. Whatever the material is, you need to be careful about how it has effects on your health. After all, the container is what keeps the ingredients.

You should keep in mind that the container is

  • Safe to use
  • Hygienic
  • Keeps the beverage fresh
  • Retains the flavor
  • Does not affect nutrient consumption

Some of the pitchers also avail the scope of advanced technology that pulls the elements towards the blades. It maximizes the smooth texture and consistency of the smoothies.

Some are even made with shatter-proof, shock-proof, and extreme temperature withstanding qualities.

Now, let's talk about the container capacity. With an expensive blender, you will not keep expecting less with the servings it can do in one go. Also, you cannot pile up the gadget with excess ingredients because neither will it justify the performance nor will it be ideal for blender durability.

Do not settle for the looks only, because size matters. What if you are holding a get-together party, but you are in a rush as well? So, go for the size that is sufficient for your use.

Some containers also have no-spill, no-splatter features, including a pouring spot to lessen the mess. Consider all these things before you get yourself the appliance.

Speed controls

If you want to have control over your blender entirely, then the speed settings are something you should prioritize.

Most blenders have variable speed settings. Some of you may ask, “why should I pay more for this?”Let us explain.

More speed settings mean more control. The consistency of shakes, smoothies, purees, soups is not the same. But if you only have limited speed settings, you will not be able to take your blending skill one-step forward.

Again, you might need to blend softer fruits at one time, and in the next go, you will need to crush ice and nuts. You cannot do both at the same speed.

Some blenders offer customized blending cycles and others about 100 different preset cycles. The Vitamix- Blending station can be an excellent example of this.

Also, the pulse setting is essential too, because you can enhance the speed for a while with this feature. It also allows you to control the right consistency of your recipes. Why spend more time when you can do the work in about a minute?

Easy maneuverability and cleaning

Whatever your device or machine you get, you need to be sure that it is easy to operate and maneuver. No one has the time these days to make considerable efforts in producing a simple kitchen tool.

Yes, the quiet smoothie blenders can indeed come with even a hundred different options, but they should be easy to change and alternate.

When you are on a busy schedule, you don't want to get frustrated with a little blender, right? Hence, easy maneuverability is a significant factor, folks!

Cleaning is a mandatory part of blender use. You cannot ensure the durability of your machine if you don't keep your device clean.

Most of the models come with a smart cleaning solution. Add some soapy water to the jar, and power it on. The blending will automatically make the container and blades clean.

But there are still those models in the market that need manual cleaning. So you need to be careful if the parts are dishwasher-safe because you need to put them in dishwasher solution.

Some models even offer removable blades. It is easy to disassemble them and clean in a jiffy.

Again, the parts need to be BPA-free as well because health is always our main concern, isn’t it?

Additional features

Manufacturers are trying their best for constant improvisation. And aren’t they doing a great job though?

Bonus features are always a great addition to a product. Different properties are brought to these machines for bringing uniqueness in each model.

For instance, the unique blending mechanism of the Hamilton Beach Speed Blender for precise blending, the sturdy jar design of the Blendtec Pro 800, or the 93 variable speed settings of the Vitamix Quiet blenders, everything sums up to making the appliance noticeable to the users.

Of course, you shouldn't fall for the fancy properties at all. Keep the necessary things into consideration first.

Warranty backup

Why is a warranty, a necessity? A warranty is an assurance against sudden malfunctioning of the appliance. It is more like a relief.

You know you can do something about it when you’re brand new blender doesn’t listen to you. You get free service from the manufacturers!

If we talk about usual blenders, the warranty ranges from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 10 years. With these silent blenders, the case can be a bit different.

These are mostly for commercial use, which means you are going to use them frequently. Hence, the warranty period is shorter. Yet, some of these models, like the Blendtec Pro 800 offers an incredible decade-long warranty, unbelievable but true!

Check the warranty period before you raise your expectations.

Frequently asked questions

Which quieter blenders are best for professional use?

We would suggest the Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield Blender and the Vitamix Blending station as they offer a good range of speed control systems, a few preset programs, amazing power and a long warranty to go with it.

Does the noise reduction technology hamper the performance?

Not at all! As I’ve mentioned above, the noise reduces due to a specialty in structural features. That can be the double layer material of the jar, the Quiet Shield or the enclosure that covers the jar and makes it soundproof. It does not affect the technicality at all.

What should be the adequate power range of these blenders?

These are strong and powerful blenders with about 1000 to 1800 watts power. This range is quite efficient for these blenders with no problem in crushing ice or heavy ingredients.


With the powerful motor, programmable settings, sound enclosure feature and durable container, the Vitamix-Quiet One Blender has stood as the favorite one among all these blenders. For commercial and professional purposes, the Blendtec Pro 800 has its fans too.

And if you ask about the budget pick, none would top the Hamilton Beach SoundShield Blender.

All the appliances suffice different yet quite similar needs. So, select the one that convinces your needs among the best quiet blenders.

Test and experiment with smoothies and shake all you want. Keep it low, but it keeps it going!

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