Best Vegetables for Smoothies That Keeps Us Healthy Every Day

We all love veggies. Some may enjoy it sautéed or may be steamed. However, we all know how good vegetables are for our health. In the produce section of every grocery, we see vivid colors. They not only soothe the eyes but also save the wallet. You can make almost anything with these colorful products. Moreover, you can pick some of the best vegetables for smoothies.

Veggies are Useful in Any Form

Veggies are the storage of goodness. They are loaded with vitamins. These organic nutrients keep the body ready for any situations. We can fight with almost any health issues. Antioxidants are the fighter against aging. Many of our customers said they feel young and energetic just because of adding a few extra chunks of green and yellows in their diet. 

Our moms knew how to preserve the goodness of these superfoods. Therefore, they steamed, sautéed, or sometimes boiled the vegetables. Things are not the same anymore. We do not have time to stand behind the stove to prepare mom’s recipes. However, we need the best of those colorful produces. The best solution is the vegetable-only smoothie. 

Why are Vegetable Smoothies so Boosting for Bodies?

The secret lies in the preparation. No matter how low-heat you cook, vegetables lose some of its nutrients. Sometimes, they lose a big chunk of goodness, if the dish is slightly overcooked. Thus, getting complete nutrition’s is not entirely on your hand. Nevertheless, it is not the same for smoothies. You will get all the vital ingredients from your fruit and vegetable smoothie recipes. Moreover, you can get some additional benefits from veggie and fruit juicing.

The story will begin with a good smoothies maker. Your best blender for frozen fruit and veggies come with nutrition extraction technologies. This technology ensures you get the maximum nutrition from all the ingredients. The blender blades emulsify the vegetables and release the micronutrients. Our body easily absorbs the nutrients when we add the emulsified veggies with either milk or yogurt.

What is The Best Smoothie Boosting vegetables?

The vegetable choices are endless in the groceries. Therefore, the best option will be to rotate them every day. In this way, you will not get bored. Additionally, different veggies will provide different taste and nutrients. While comparing Magic Bullet and Ninja, pick which vegetables will go into the smoothies today.

We have talked with many smoothies lovers. They are not the only pro but also spend a whole lot of time to develop the best choices for smoothies. Based on those remarkable conversations we have narrow down into five smoothie boosting vegetables for easy, healthy smoothie recipes.

1. Beet Greensbeet greens

This is a storehouse of nutrients. The green leaves are full of vitamins and minerals. They detoxify our body and refresh the mind. Moreover, we will get a burst of vitamin A and K to enhance our health and blood circulations.

The root contains iron, protein, vitamin B1 and B6. These will keep our immune system ready to fight any battle. Add this if you want to prepare vegetable smoothie recipes for weight loss. 

2. SpinachSpinach

No wonder “Popeye, the sailor man” got so much energy from a can of spinach. It is an excellent source of fiber and vitamin K. Additionally, this leafy green contains all the goodness to prevent cancers. We can also control blood pressure by the regular consumption of spinach.

Its high vitamin A content not only prevents eye issues but also save us from cataracts. This super leaf has beta-carotene and lutein for better eyesight.

3. ChardChard

Chard may look like spinach. However, they are different. Some of us sometimes refer to it as Swiss Chard. Moreover, it has other names like Argenta, Fordhook and so on. This leafy green comes with vitamins A, C, E, and K.

Chard also comes with manganese, potassium, magnesium, and copper. Regular consumption will keep ulcers, tumors, and leukemia. Moreover, it controls blood pressure and blood sugar. We can boost our digestion and bone density with chard.

4. KaleKale

It is the best leafy green veggies for vegetarian smoothies. Kale is full of immune-boosting nutrients. It is not surprising why we call it “Queen of Greens.” It has a high density of vitamin C, K, antioxidant, fiber, carotene, and calcium.

5. FennelFennel

This super vegetable will surprise us with its goodness. It prevents constipation, menstrual problems, and anemia. Moreover, you can keep your blood pressure under control if you add this in your smoothies.


Smoothies are super beverages for your body. When you add veggies in it, it becomes a body-boosting food. These veggie smoothies will not only keep your body healthy but will also save your mind fresh. Why will you wait? Add some of those super ingredients in your best travel blender every morning. You will get all the vegetable smoothie benefits.

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