The Celery Juice for Constipation

Since the beginning of time, herbal remedy, relying on natural and rawer materials, homeopathy, organic medicines, etc., were of the norm. Our great-grandmothers and our grandmothers and even our mothers would pester us to drink hot tea filled with ginger and lemon extracts to soothe scratchy throats and fever. And, we can gladly say these cures didn't go to vain. They are very much more effective and healthier alternatives to medicines that we take like antibiotics and paracetamols. Therefore, relying on a natural cure is one of the most important things a person can promise upon.

Why We Should Rely On Natural Cures?

Natural cures don't have severe side effects and the bacteria being immune to these cures are not seen in the usual statistics.

Apart from being sick and using these products to cure our sickness, we also consume many organic substances like chia seed, apple cider vinegar, freshly squeezed lemon juice, herbal tea, aloe Vera juice and even essences that can keep us healthy and refreshed. Eating fruits rather than unhealthy fried snacks is so far a better alternative. Having a routine and also making sure we take these foods as a part of a healthy diet keeps our heart stronger, body healthier and even can make us less fat than usual.

Knowing More About Constipation – A Rising Disorder Nowadays

One of the great causes of human discomfort nowadays is constipation. Due to excessive intake of oily and fried food, imbalance of life, absence of a healthy routine and sleeping pattern, we all fall into a huge bough of constipated stomach aches. These aches don't easily go as we seem to not care about changing our habits and whatnot.

Celery to The Cure!

So out of all the natural cures for constipation, celery juice seems to be the finest. It might come off as weird and unusual but actually, celery could be made out to a fine juice that helps battle constipation and provide a healthier, constipated stomach.

How Celery Helps Prevent Or Fight Constipation

One of the reasons for this is because celery juice has alkaline properties, that can cleanse the acids that form in the stomach. It's simple chemistry. Acid and base when reacts neutralize to form a neutral salt solution. This is how celery juice acts as a base to eliminate said acid in the stomach. It's also said that celery juice can also prevent chronic disease. A glass of celery juice is highly nutritious since it contains amazing nutrients and vitamins such as - folate, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin K, and vitamin C. It's basically drinking a cup of glorious refreshment that soothes your stomach, makes your skin glow brighter and makes your day happier.

In clearance, the reasons why celery juice is healthy for our body are because:

  • It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, due to phytosterol or some substances that aren't identified.
  • These anti-inflammatory properties help with acid reflux, bloating, IBS, constipation, acne, eczema, and other health issues in our bodies.
  • It has vitamin K which helps to curb with bone diseases as well as hearth problems.
  • Celery has diuretic properties so it contains vital nutrients that furthermore help control blood pressures.
  • It even has vitamin C which helps with a functional immune system.

Some Other Benefits Of Celery Juice

If we pinpoint some of the good sides, as well as how it helps with constipation are:

  • Celery juice helps in curbing constipation. It is a basic substance that cancels out acids and flushes out all the bad toxins in the body. It is extremely detoxifying.
  • It can help kill viruses, bad bacteria, fungi and parasites in your body.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy fit stomach and can reduce bloating.
  • It can improve digestion and thus, provide a great metabolism.
  • It also helps improves the body's ability to break down protein and fat.
  • It can boost energy level.
  • It can also balance hormones.
  • Reduce inflammation and alleviate skin issues. 

Some Fine Recipes for Celery Juice

We can see people seeing health benefits by drinking celery juice and even going on juice cleanses. It has effects on a person's personal and even healthier life. Some sites even sources that celery juice could only be a hype that rampaged over the social media being the new fad but some sites also source the extreme benefits and videos ranging from how it helped them get in shape and health in a matter of even ten days.

We can take these helpful and beneficial celery juices in many ways. Smoothies and juices are some popular forms of taking celery. After some research through the internet, recipes of celery juices and smoothies are in abundance. A few fan favorites are given below:

The Basic Recipe -

A very simple and easy recipe with only a bunch of celery and water can be easily whipped up. The recipe is given below:


(in case of a blender)

1 bunch celery

½ cup of water or more If needed.

Chop the celery into cubes and drop them in the blender along with the water required. Blend until smooth and then with a strainer strain out all the pulp with a mesh strainer. The juice will be squeezed out. Drink out easy to clean celery juice in an empty stomach for maximum effectiveness.

(in case of a juicer)

Blend all the ingredients in the juicer as per the instructions in your selected juicers.

Spiced up celery-

If the craving for a simple celery juice isn't enough, it can be easily spiced up and made even more nutritious by adding ginger to it. The recipe is given below:


1 bunch of small celery

½ English cucumber

1 large green apple

½ lemon

1-inch ginger

In a blender or a juicer, drop the roughly chopped up celery and cucumber in low settings (depends on your machinery)

Then pour in the apples, lemon, and ginger in the juicer and set it in high settings. To make the juicing easier, water can be poured to make the drink less thick and refreshing.

Must be drunk on an empty stomach for maximum effectiveness.


What's better? Constipated stomach and abundance of chronic disease OR drinking a glass of celery juice that adds strength and longevity to your life? You decide!

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