Different Types of Coffee That are Popular Around The World

Hello, coffee lovers out there! I know you must be a fan of coffee otherwise, you won’t be reading this. Only coffee freaks are interested in coffee varieties. I have done quite a few researches on how to make different types of coffee, including its variety along with the different type of coffee makers. In fact, different types of coffee beans used for different flavours. Therefore I have tried to point out the popular types of coffee available along with a list so, let us get into it.

1. Cappuccino coffee:Cappuccino coffee

Originating from Italy, it is an espresso-based coffee giving you an Italian taste. This is the most common but popular one in the coffee shops. It is initially prepared with steamed foam milk. Some like to have it with cocoa or chocolate powder, and even any other personal favorite add ons.

2. Flat white coffee:Flat white coffee

A flat white coffee is just the before version of a cappuccino. Such type of coffee is primarily found in New Zealand and Australia. The consistency of milk in this coffee has a velvety touch along with small microfoam with a higher amount of coffee to milk. This is a cappuccino without the steamed milk and foam topping.


3. Café latté:Café latté

This is also an Italian flavoured coffee originating from Italy, which means milk coffee in English.it can be served both hot and cold. The main ingredients of café latte steamed milk and espresso, while the milk or cream is poured in the cup it is mostly poured by creating a pattern. (most common flower or heart)

4. Piccolo latte:Piccolo latte

This is also an Italy originated coffee, and the term piccolo means short. This is so because this is considered as the shorter version of the café latte. It consists of 1 shot of espresso and steamed milk that may be topped with microfoam.

5. Espresso coffee:Espresso coffee

Espresso is the usual coffee foundation. Moreover, shots of espresso are used as a base for many drinks. A single shot of it is known as espresso, and double one is double espresso.

6. Double espresso:Double espresso

Well, double espresso is a bit bitter. To balance the bitter taste, it is taken with a spoonful of brown sugar. Double espresso tastes bitter because it has two shots of espresso and is usually a strong one than others.  This coffee is also known as doppio.

7. Macchiato coffee or short macchiato:Macchiato coffee

The espresso lovers who want a sweeter taste goes for a macchiato. A normal macchiato is usually a shot of espresso topped with milk and foam to sweeten the bitter taste.

8. Large or long macchiato:long macchiato

It is just the larger version of a small macchiato. If you go for a large macchiato, then there remain two shots of espresso, and to sweeten the taste.

9. Irish coffee:Irish coffee

Irish coffee is served hot is a special Irish glass mug. The secret ingredient is Irish whiskey. This coffee tastes very sweet and is popularly taken in the winter. It is a mixture of coffee, sugar, water, Irish whiskey topped with whipped cream.

10. Americano coffee:Americano coffee

Americano coffee is also known as a long black coffee that is originated from Italy and Latin America. The main ingredient of this coffee is hot water and espresso. Mainly extracted espresso is poured in hot water, and the coffee is served hot.

11. Mocha coffee:Mocha coffee

Mocha is also famous around the world. This is the combination of hot chocolate and espresso. A shot of espresso is mixed with chocolate powder and topped with microfoam and steamed milk.

Macchiato, mocha, latte, espresso there comes so many when it comes to listing different types of coffee. Me as a coffee lover, I have craze over every single type of coffee. I am sure such a craze is probably seen in most of the coffee lovers.  But my personal favorite is espresso. I have researched and experimented over the years about how to make espresso and tried to make it with the best home espresso machine.   When it comes to the coffee maker, I like the manual one. If you are one of those who is also an espresso fan and searching for the best manual machine to rely on, you can visit the best manual espresso machine. This shows the best of the budget.

So, this was a popular list of different types of coffee. Though there are many more but these are the most commonly found.

Ashton Max

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