Top 6 Easy To Clean Blender | Best Picks & Reviews In 2021

Blending is fun, and so are the smoothies. Nevertheless, cleaning a blender is not fun at all. Therefore, you need to pick models that are easy to clean and maintain. We have done some extensive market research and come up with the best three models.

Pick any of them and enjoy the best blending experience with self or accessible cleaning settings. Whether it is veggies smoothie or juice for every day, you will get the best result every time.

Our Top Choice

Vitamix 5300 has a classy look that attracts the users. The stainless steel blades will make you the juice of perfect texture. It comes with variable speed and pulse feature to deliver a smooth recipe. A 64-Ounce container comes along the appliance to suffice your need of a jar to store and serve. Durability is ensured due to the materials used. And of course self-cleaning is available for ease of cleaning.

Our Budget Pick

Now, the budget is a significant factor when you need to purchase an essential item. You need to be concerned if your money is being valued; otherwise you would regret afterwards. Considering the budget, our pick would be KitchenAid KSB1575ER. Now, why this blender? Let’s get into the answers.

The blender comes with a diamond blending system, speed control feature, a 60 Oz container and a sturdy metal base- all that can improve your blending experience at the least cost. The pitcher is stain-resistant, dishwasher safe and also the blender has clean-touch control panel to wipe the dirt off it easily. So, doesn’t it sound like a good deal for an affordable price?

Top 6 Easy To Clean Blender Comparison Table

Product Name 





1. Vitamix 5300 Blender

[Top Pick]

Vitamix 5300

30-60 sec.

Fill Counter

2. Ninja Mega Kitchen System

[Best Value]

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

30-45 sec.

Fill Counter

3. Blendtec Classic Blender

Blendtec Blender

45 sec.

Fill Counter

4. KitchenAid KSB1575ER Blender

[Budget Pick]

KitchenAid KSB1575ER

30 sec.

Fill Counter

5. Nutri Ninja BL455

Nutri Ninja

25 sec.

Fill Counter

6. Braun MultiQuick Hand Blender

[Reasonable Pick]

Braun Hand Blender

20 sec.

Fill Counter

Top 6 Best Easy To Clean Blender Reviews

1. Vitamix 5300 Blender - Top Pick

Vitamix 5300

You have an urgent meeting to attend, and you are craving for a glass of home-made juice. You would undoubtedly rely on your juicer to serve you with a refreshing drink and an easy cleaning later on.

Vitamix5300- A perfect combination of efficient performance and elegant looks. A blender you can rely on when you come back from a tiring session of the day.

Sturdy stainless-steel blades: Even the toughest ingredients can be easily blended using the aircraft-grade stainless steel blades. This ensures the quality of the beverage.

Adjustable speed and pulse: The blender provides you with complete control of it. Free-rotation dial lets you adjust the speed according to your requirement. The smoother texture is ensured by the pulse feature.

64-Ounce Container: The container is perfect for serving during a family gathering or afterwards storage. It is easy to clean and takes up lesser space in your kitchen cabinet.

Easy Cleaning: A blender needs to have features to keep it clean with less effort. With a few drops of soap, Viamix 5300 can easily clean itself within 30 to 60 seconds.

Warranty: A complete warranty of 5 years covering the performance, all detachable parts and labour as well is provided with the blender.0

2. Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Blender - Best Value

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Are you looking for a healthy food habit? Go for the Ninja Mega Kitchen System blender. The blender itself is a blend of high performance, efficiency, and durability. With the aid of 72-oz pitcher, 8-cup food processor, and two of the 16-oz signature cups.

The motor is the heart of this champion mixer. It comes with a 2-hp professional kitchen motor. No matter how hard the ingredient is, the 1500-watts machine can crush or paste anything. You can use any type of nuts or any great vegetables for smoothies in this machine.

Size does matter for this mixer. The 72-oz pitcher attached with the power base makes it an excellent blender for frozen fruits and ice. Making juices or smoothies for a big group is not an issue anymore when you have BL770 in your kitchen. The pitcher is made of BPA free and its dishwasher proof.

BL770 kitchen system is a complete kitchen solution. Not only you can make great smoothies but also process foods items for excellent preparations. The 8-cup container works as an ‘all-in-one’ food processor. Chop, stir, mix, puree, or liquefy; you can do all with this complete kitchen solution.

3. Blendtec Total Classic Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Blender

The classic complete blender is a package of all the features you want in your blender. The power, material quality, classic touch to the look, blending speed and durability makes it stand out amidst a hundred other models manufactured every day.

Sufficient power: The total blender proves its efficiency and power with a strong 1560 watt motor. Hence, by virtue of the powerful motor, the blender can crush ice in a matter of seconds ensuring taste, finesse and smooth texture at the same time. Thus, quality with efficiency.

Blending cycles: This kitchen appliance has 6 programmable settings including- smoothie making, hot soup preparation, fruit juice, ice crushing, ice cream and batter making. The option for ultimate versatility lets the appliance to mark its all-round usage in your kitchen. The easy blending cycle technology allows you to perfectly blend and mix your mixture in no time with a simple push of a button.

Ease of operation: The forged stainless steel blades offer for fine blends and smooth texture in smoothie making. It reduces your hassle of re-doing the making and gives you guaranteed satisfaction in one try. It comes with a self-cleaning mode. So you can pour some water and soap in it, give it a blend and there you go, your mess cleaned in seconds!

Bonus features: This also comes with a 90-ounce blending jar that can produce juice for up to 6 persons. So, you can have your small home get-together and let the total blender be your partner in making it a success. The heat from blade friction also allows heating soups or meals in a couple of minutes.

Thus, no matter what kind of beverage you want to make, the Blendtec classic will always be a reliable kitchen appliance for you.

4. KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender - Budget Pick

KitchenAid produces robust and unique blenders to make your days healthy. Powerful motor, 60-oz BPA free diamond pitcher, and easy to use control panels makes this great mixer an essential component of your kitchen.

Diamond blending system is a unique mixing system that ensures complete mixing of the ingredients. The system comprises a robust motor, 60-oz BPA free pitcher, and stainless blades. When all of these work together in the blender, you got the most stunning result.

The motor has its sense of resistance. Therefore, it will change its rotation speed based on the ingredients. The Intelli-Speed motor control set the optimum speed according to the food ingredients. The harder the items more powerful, the rotation will be.

The Kitchen Aid blender comes with 5-speeds. Thus, you can choose the speed according to the food item. You can pick any settings among stir, chop, mix, puree, or liquefy. This blender will give you the freedom to make anything from green smoothies to baby food.

5. Nutri Ninja Personal Blender

Nutri Ninja BL455

Your cravings vary according to your mood. You might sometimes crave for ice-smoothies, a usual fruit juice or a smooth puree. Now, you need a powerful blender to suffice your needs. The Nutri Ninja Personal Blender is just the right choice for you.

Powerful: When you need to crush ice and harder ingredients for your beverage, you undoubtedly require a powerful blender with a high-power motor. The mixer provides 1000 watts power to ensure the crushing of even the toughest ingredients.

Better extraction: Complete extraction of fruits and vegetables, that also means total extraction of nutritious ingredients is ensured. The juice and beverage this appliance will serve you with will be packed with nutritious goods!

One-touch intelligence: It comes with automatic IQ based one-touch intelligence to make your juicing experience better and easier.

Easy cleanup: The blender has an elegant look outside and a simple design which makes it easy to clean up, assemble and convenient to use.

6. Braun MultiQuick Hand Blender - [Reasonable Pick]

Braun MQ505 Hand Blender

Who isn’t up for a multipurpose hand blender that both whips and blends? Want some fresh juice, give a quick blend to the fresh fruits! Want some bakery? Whip up your delicious ingredients to come up with something to awestruck everyone! Your innovation is now in your hands.

Faster operation: The improved cooking tool blends faster and better. You can whip up your innovation in a matter of minutes. The German manufactured powerful motor gives the appliance to work with good speed, ensure durability longer life and optimum performance. And the fun part is there are bonus features that lets you quickly transform the blender into making purees, dough or whisk your dessert!

Powerbell technology: The most interesting feature of this gadget is the powerbell technology used in it. The stainless steel quality blades maintain the texture of your mixture. And the blending shaft is given a bell shape to deliver finesse in the making, for quicker and comfortable operation as well.

Ease of use: Another advantage of this gadget is that manufacturers, Braun to be exact, has considered the ease of operability. It comes with an easy-click feature to unassembled the attachments in the simple push of a button. For longer use, to ensure comfortable operation, the extra-light gadget comes with a soft grip as well.

Additional features: Additionally, you can get a quality whisker and a 20 oz beaker with the gadget. Hence, whisking beating or whipping eggs to create soft, fluffy desserts is not a big deal either. Thus, this helpful kitchen tool offers you the flexibility to make classic juices and desserts or add some creative touch to it.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Buying a Blender

How To Clean your Blender in 30 Seconds

how to clean a blender

After an everyday busy schedule, who has the scope for cleaning up a blender taking time? The lengthy cleaning process can thus be frustrating at times. What we require to solve this problem is an easy to clean blender and the instructions for easy cleaning within a short span.

The 30-second cleaning process doesn’t include taking apart your blender parts, a faster and easier method to follow for the cleanup. Isn’t it a splendid and exciting way for easy cleaning?

Let us get straight into this easy process without any delay. All you need is warm water, a few drops of soap and your messy blender. Pour warm water and a few drops of soap in your blender and turn it on for 30 seconds and watch what wonder it does! After any usage, you can try out this method that will take only a few seconds. After the blend, turn off the blender and add some water for a quick rinse. And it is done!

It is to be noted that this method is for everyday light cleaning purpose only. You can clean your blender following this 30 seconds method after basic jobs but you would still require to take the detachable parts apart, clean under the blades, within narrow spaces and give this product a heavy cleaning from time to time to ensure removal of dirt and food particles completely. Now you know the secret, make more smoothies and see if this works!

How To Choose An Easy To Clean Blender

Among the multiple models and varieties of blenders, we always look for the gadget that is easily maintainable and cleanable. According to me, even though various models offer you complex and fancy functions, the flexibility and use depends on how easily you can operate and clean it.

In this busy era, we are all looking to save our time and energy and when it comes to blenders, what can be better than easy to clean blenders? Let’s have a look at the considerable factors when choosing one.

Less Complex Functionalities 

according to me, the more the features, the more the hassle. We always prefer classic functions only when it comes to kitchen appliances. As a workaholic, we do not often get enough time to create fancy beverages, so less functions with quicker output will always be my priority in this case.

Simple Design

keeping the design simple, with fewer edges and narrow spaces, it is easier to clean the appliance. Hence it is better to go for elegant yet simply designed blenders.

Detachable Parts

When the appliance comes with the scope of removing different parts, that is a plus point. Nevertheless, washing the different parts individually ensures better cleaning and user flexibility as well.

Final Thoughts

Using a blender that comes with easy cleaning features add extra convenient in your kitchen. Kitchen full of stained and leftover pitchers is not a pleasing sight at all after a big party. Sometimes, you do not have enough time to clean them separately. Thus, it is vital to get a self-cleaning or convenient cleaning blender.

The market is already crowded, with a large number of options. However, not all of the models will fulfill your needs. Therefore, it is vital to select the right one according to your budget, requirements, and preferences. No matter which one out of our best three you pick, we can ensure your best performance and maximum satisfaction.

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