5 Reasons Behind Making Frozen Fruit Smoothie with Water

Smoothies are super satisfactory! They are both tasty and nutritious. Each time you take a sip on the morning or after the gym, it fully recharges you. We always think of frozen fruit smoothie with yogurt. The reason is the yogurt makes your favorite smoothies rich and creamy.

However, putting a whole lot of dairy have some cons too. Are you thinking about some other liquids? You can add almond milk or coconut water, but the taste may be compromised. Therefore, how can you make your frozen fruit smoothie without yogurt tasty and healthy? The answer is water.

We had talked with smoothie lovers and nutritionists. They told us many ways of how to make a frozen fruit smoothie with water and fruit. Moreover, they told us about numerous benefits of adding water in smoothies.

Water in smoothies, really?

benefits of add water in your frozen smoothies

Yes, it is true; you can have an excellent smoothie experience with water. Whenever we think of smoothies, it comes with yogurt, almond milk, coconut water or at least milk. It is impossible for us to imagine this beverage with water.

However, if you know how to make a smoothie with water and fruit, you can have all the health benefits with taste. The water itself is refreshing. When you add it in your fruits and veggies blends, the beverage becomes refreshing too.

Moreover, water maximizes nutrition intake. It helps to dissolve all the goodness of smoothies so that your body can absorb it. If you are thinking of losing weight, take water-based smoothies. It will only cut your plump without cutting down nourishment.

Let us look at the 5 reasons that will make you add water in your next smoothie fest.

Is a smoothie better with milk or water?

More liquid in smoothies will make it runnier. It is up to you how you want it. However, the extra fluid can make blending difficult for your normal blender. Milk will add extra taste, but it has some drawbacks too.

Milk is full of fat. Despite its nutrient contents, it will pile up extra plump on your body. If you want to have a more refreshing experience, go for water. You will keep yourself healthy and hydrated.

Nutrients prefer water to dissolve

Best blender for frozen fruit comes with state of the art nutrient extraction technologies. Therefore, you will get the maximum nutritious from your sweet fruit smoothie recipes. Nevertheless, these nutrients have some preferences.

As an organic substance, the nutrients love to dissolve in water than yogurt, milk or coconut water. If they cannot dissolve properly, your body cannot absorb them. Thus, you should pick water over other liquids to get the maximum health benefits from smoothies.

Add water to lose weight

If you want a frozen fruit smoothie for weight loss, make it with water. Adding milk, yogurt or other rich dairies will add taste. However, they will also add extra weight. It will be useless to have a fat-rich smoothie after cardio.

Juice smoothie recipes with water will provide maximum nutrients with almost no fat. Hence, after each high-intensity session, you will get the full boost. Many of my friends carry their favorite fruits and veggies in their portable blender in the gym. They only add water and blend.

Water will turn the smoothie into a liquid

The nutritionist does not consider frozen fruit smoothie with yogurt or other dairies as a liquid. The reason is fiber. All the fruits and veggies left behind their fiber when blended.  These fibers ensure a more filling impression in your brain. Therefore, you do not feel hungry for a long time.

However, too many dairies with fiber can cause digestive problems. Moreover, it may make you dehydrated. Thus, adding water will turn this fibrous non-liquid into more absorbable and hydrated. Now it will meet the need of your daily dose of water and nutrients.

Water adds life both in you and your smoothies

There is no doubt about the benefits of water. Therefore, the water-based smoothies will undoubtedly contain more benefits than any other types. Therefore, do not wait, start making frozen fruit smoothie with water and enjoy the goodness of nature.

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