25 Green Smoothie Benefits You Can Never Ever Ignore

Do you support the Go Green attitude? I am sure you do. Why do not you introduce it in your kitchen? Add Green Smoothies in your everyday menu and get astonished. Yes, you heard it right; Green Smoothie benefits will not only keep your health exhilarated but will also make your life active.

Is Green Smoothie Good to Drink Every Day?

The name says it all. A green smoothie will have leafy greens and nutritious green veggies mixed in your best smoothie blender. Therefore, how can it be bad for your health?

You may end up in some dispute between smoothie lovers and skeptics; however; no authentic study said having a green smoothie every day is terrible.

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What Does Green Smoothie Do to Your Body?

Well, if I try to make a list of green smoothie benefits, it may finish in April fool’s day. Still, I will end up being fool realizing how many smoothie benefits I missed. However, we went through every possible research and studies and compiled the best 25.

If you discovered a new one, do not hesitate to share with us. Moreover, we always welcome your experiences with different vegetables used in smoothies.

Green Smoothie Benefits

1. Nutrition Booster

Life is now fast and hectic. We do not have time to make fancy foods and delicate drinks in working days. Nevertheless, you cannot compromise with nutrition. There is a need for the balance between healthy eating and fast-paced life.

Thus, the solution is all the leafy greens and veggies in your best portable blender. It will ensure you get all the nutrition for an eventful day. Your body will need a whole lot of vitamins, minerals, plant-based protein, and fats, and so on. Fresh green smoothies can deliver all.

2. Support Immune System

No one wants to sneeze or get cold because of a weakened immune system. Load your vegetable smoothie diet with berries, ginger, and citrus to lift your bodily resistant. Make sure you maintain a balanced ratio of smoothie with other daily meals.

Leafy greens are an excellent source of phytonutrients. These natural immune boosters strengthen the white blood cells that keep the germs away. In this way, you will stay out of any sickness for long to enjoy glasses full of green fruit smoothie.

3. Everyday Energizer

Green smoothie health benefits are enormous. One of the best is it provides energy for all your activities. There could be a debate between the serving size of Magic Bullet vs Ninja; however; there is no doubt they will be loaded with energy.

Green smoothies contain a wide range of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and much more. What else you need to stay energized?

4. Take care of Ladies

Have you ever tried to have a romantic conversation with your wife while she is in PMS? No matter you make six flavors of ice cream for six days; she will always be in grumpy mode. She is helpless; there is nothing she can do.

The hormone imbalance is the real culprit. Hand her a glass of green beverage. All the benefits of greens will soothe her PMS pain and mode swing. After that, you will be surprised to realize how green can ignite romance in the air!

5. Weight Loss Watchman

Fast but unhealthy foods are putting extra weight on us. If you think fast food is saving your time, then why not a super quick green smoothie? It will cut down your calorie intake and fill you with natural fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

Do you want to experience the benefits of green smoothies for weight loss? Replace snacking with smoothies. It will gradually change your food habit and make you keen on healthy eating. Some of my health-enthusiast friends told me how they lost weight by having different veggie juice every day. You can give it a shot!

6. Strengthen the Bones

Strong bones and muscle give you a toned body. The muscles will work properly if you have solid bones. Thus, you need green smoothie benefits that will provide nutrients for healthy bones. Leafy greens and veggies contain Calcium and vitamin K that make and develop bones.

It is not surprising that a Green Smoothies lover will have relatively stronger bones. Nevertheless, it is essential that Calcium dissolve well in smoothies for better absorption. Therefore, make sure you blend smoothies with enough water.

7. The heart will be on the go

Yes, you can do more when you drink more green smoothies. Immune boosting chemical and vitamins strengthen your cardio muscles so that the heart can work efficiently. Moreover, those vital nutrients lower the fat concentration in blood and reduce the heart block.

No wonder green smoothies benefits will ensure a healthy heart. Nevertheless, when you are making your favorite green, please check whether the blender is strong enough to crush the ice. Otherwise, you will end up getting a new one!

8. Focus, concentration and many more about Mind

Next time when you feel an afternoon crush, do not head towards coffee. Get a green smoothie. The vital organic compounds will not only energize your body but will also restate your concentrations. Now neither your emails will sound grouchy nor will your reports look shabby.

When you have such a focus, taking any critical decision will be a breeze. Therefore, it will be the best time to decide between Vitamix 5300 vs. 7500 as a gift to your smoothie lover colleague in the evening.

9. Natural Anti-Depressant

The color green itself is soothing. No wonder the green drink will be the same. It works as an excellent anti-depressant due to its minerals, and vitamins content. Vitamins like A, C, and B boost the blood flow in the brain, release feel-good hormones and cure the depressant.

It does not make any sense of getting expensive anti-depressant medication when you have a healthy and handy option. Do you want to make the process smoother with automation? Get a nutri ninja auto iq for smart blending.

10. Happily Hydrated

You have all the answer if someone asks you ‘are green smoothies healthy.’ However, do not forget to tell how it keeps us hydrated. A significant portion of leafy greens and vegetables is water. Hence, it is evident, when blended; they will release a lot of that.

This water is the additional benefits of green smoothies along with refreshing minerals. However, if you want an emulsified blend of water and nutrients, take a look at the Nutribullet pro 900 reviews. This super-power blender extracts all the vital nourishment into the water.

11. Green Gainer (Yes, you get more Green)

I was never a fan of greens even a few years back. Nevertheless, my attitude toward veggies turns opposite after reading the magic bullet review. It makes me get one immediately. This handy mixer piles up my daily diet with varieties of vegetables.

One of the best green drink benefits is it will convert you into a veggie lover, and you will not notice it. How great is that? If you can make your green smoothies with different leafy greens and veggies every day, your menu will turn greener and greener.

12. Natural Mineral Mine

A significant number of researches in the National Institute of Health found green veggies and leaves as one of the largest sources of dietary minerals. Thus, when you make smoothies with those, no wonder your beverage will be a pool of healthy minerals.

You need an ample supply of Potassium, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium to keep yourself charged up. Do you know one of the best sources of all these? They are Kale and Spinach. Regular intake will turn you active as Popeye! Other kale and spinach smoothie benefits include revitalized immune and muscle system.

13. Cholesterol Controller

Is having an egg can affect your cholesterol level? I know this is always a perplexing issue. Some doctors support while others reject it. Let the debate goes on. We have much more baffling questions to deal like which blender is best between Vitamix 5200 vs 5300 for green smoothies.

Natural Calcium and Vitamin C in leafy greens are big Cholesterol killer. These two will reduce this lousy fat in your blood and keep it flowing effortlessly.  Now you can have a pressure-free cardio session in the gym. Do not forget to have healthy vegetable smoothies after the session.

14. Fountain of Youth aka Antioxidant

We all want to stay young and sexy! You do not have to be Indiana Jones to discover that fountain of youth; it is already there in your refrigerator. Yes, you heard it right. All the fresh crispy green fruits, leaves, and vegetables are a natural fountain of youth. They contain the essential ingredients to keep you young, anti-oxidant!

Anti-oxidants are as magic spells. They revive your cells and remove toxins from the body. In this way, your body gets rid of harmful chemicals and fills with energized cells. Now you can do anything you like. As you are in the high-active mode, can you help me to decide between Vitamix 750 vs 7500? Both of them are equally great for green smoothies. I know it’s difficult to clean a blender. Cleaning a blender isn’t an easy job. If you are lazy and don’t wanna clean a blender a lot use Ninja Mega Kitchen System.

15. High Blood Pressure goes low

Green smoothies are one of the sources of natural Calcium. You may be surprised why I am talking about Calcium where I supposed to talk about lowering Blood Pressure. Well, there is a reason.

A recent publication on the American Journal of Hypertension found a direct relation with Calcium intake and Blood pressure. The dietary Calcium eases the blood vessels and regulates high blood pressure. You should have healthy green smoothies at least during breakfast to keep the blood pressure low.

16. Take care of Colon

Incredible green smoothies are full of natural fibers. Moreover, they contain a diverse range of probiotics. Both of these organic ingredients keep the colon active a healthy. Additionally, they reduce the chances of any possibility of Colon Cancer or Ulcer.

Next time you pick the best veggies for smoothies in grocery, get the ones with high fibers. Your first choice should be leafy greens. I was surprised to learn about kale shake benefits. Next, go for vegetables like celery, broccoli, and cabbages.

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17. Good for Gut

One of the most significant health benefits of smoothies is its Good for Gut properties. This green beverage comes with a sea of minerals and probiotics. These natural nutrients help the digestive system to work correctly. Moreover, they regulate the secretion of gastral juices to break down the food.

These influences of green smoothies on Gut system keep it active and healthy. Besides, the controlled secretion of gastric juices keeps the Gut safe from any future complications. Other benefits of smoothies on your gut include less time in the loo and no more heartburn.

18. Smooth and Radiant Skin

Each time someone asks my wife what does a detox smoothie do, she points to her skin. Well, it may sound bragging, but her skin turned dazzling after we have started the Go Green movement in our kitchen. The reasons are obvious. Essential vitamins, minerals, and antibodies remove toxins and ensure healthy cell growth.

When harmful toxins are gone, your body reacts with restated energy. You will see that reaction as a glow in your skin. Moreover, constant cell growth will keep the skin surface smooth. Whom else will need expensive skincare? Maintain a 10-day green smoothie recipes program, and you will see the difference.

19. Dazzling Nails and Hairs

There is a famous saying that nails are a reflection of your body. It is true. You will found white spots on it while having a Calcium deficiency. Furthermore, the iron deficit can also be traced with red spots on the nails. Thus, if you want to get rid of all these spottings have something that will provide all these vital nutrients. There could be no other better option than a green smoothie.

Like the nails, shining hair means a healthy body. If your body gets enough nutrients from foods and drinks, it will show on your hair. Thus, to get shiny, silky hair, start drinking greens. No lavish shampoo and conditioner can give you that shine.

20. Nothing can hide from your Eye

I have never seen my grandparents wearing glasses, even in their seventies. They always told me to eat more veggies instead of process food. Now, when I study numerous researches saying greens are great for eyes, I can realize their wisdom.

Green veggies contain a massive amount of Vitamin A that boosts our eyesight. Moreover, it helps to keep the optical nerves and veins active for a clear view. Thus, it means you have to make and take green smoothies to SEE the vegetable smoothies benefits.

21. Chronic Diseases will be in Chronicles 

Chronic or long-term diseases are unseen enemies in life. They affect both mind and body as long as they are not in control. You have done almost hundreds of visits to the therapists, but it is still there. Why do not you try Green Beverage?

There are numerous published studies in leading dietary and medical journals that said vegetables and leafy greens could minimize the effect of chronic diseases. Diseases like cardiovascular problems, cancer, obesity, or type-2 diabetes will be controlled by the benefits of smoothies.

22. Cease the Seasonal Allergies

Despite some debates, several studies found an indirect relationship between seasonal allergies and vegetable smoothies. Participants of those studies have shown significant improvement from seasonal allergies while they were drinking green smoothies.

23. Craving Cutter

Vegetables and leafy greens are full of fibers. Thus, they fill your stomach and keep it full for a long time. Meanwhile, you do not feel hungry and do not run for frequent snacking. The result is weight loss with a healthy eating habit.

Why do not you encourage your friends or colleagues to take a green drink for weight loss? They will appreciate yours after seeing the weighing scale reading!

24. Keep Wallet Weighty

Vegetables are not only fresh and healthy, but they are also cheap. Unless you go for fancy organic version, the grocery bill will go down by a quarter. So what can you do with the savings? Well, if I were you, I would have got some more for my friends. Why? Green party in the coming weekend!

25. Eco-Friendly Beverage 

Getting the fresh produce from the grocery is one of the best ways you are saving mother earth. The vegetables have moved through lesser steps from farm to the shelves. Thus, it means lower energy and reduced emission than any processed food.

I am sure hundreds of more points are waiting in the queue. However, the list will still be incomplete to show the green smoothie benefits.

Therefore, do not wait; add this magical green portion in your daily food routine. If still someone asks you are smoothies good for you, invite the person in your green smoothie fiesta. After a few days, he or she will not only be an admirer of the green but will also become an active fan.

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