How Long Do Smoothies Last – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Are you a regular smoothie consumer? If so, you may often ask yourself or someone else a question – How Long Do Smoothies Last? You are not asking this question alone! We have heard to ask this question from most of the smoothie-lovers. As they are sensitive, people often face problems while drinking preserved smoothies. Just at that time, they ask the question mentioned above. Keeping in mind that, in this article, we have made a nice solution for you! Let’s have a look.

What is Smoothie?

Don’t you have any idea about a smoothie? It's a creamy and thick beverage. It is made from pureed raw vegetables, fruits, and dairy products such as milk, ice-cream, cottage cheese, or yogurt. Generally, people use a blender to make it.
You can also make them using other ingredients, for example, water, fruit juice, crushed-ice, whey powder, plant milk, nut butter, nuts, tea, seeds, chocolate, nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, or sweeteners such as sugar, stevia, honey, or syrup.

The Way of Freezing and Taking Smoothies Out

Freezing your smoothies is an easy task. To freeze them, you need to pour them into a suitable container and keep them in the freezer. You can preserve them in a freezer for more than three months.
Now, you need to learn – how to take them out of the freezer and use them properly. Firstly, take them out and keep them for about one or two hours to liquefy it completely. If you are habituated to drink a glass every morning, you can keep it in a refrigerator the night before.
Another thing is that if you want to melt it quicker, you need to keep the container out of the freezer for a few hours. One of the most important things is that you have to fill the container to the very top so that air cannot trap inside it. If it happens, air will put a bad effect on them because it can oxidize nutrients.

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Make Smoothies Last Longer!

You may preserve your smoothies in a freezer or fridge. But you have to maintain proper steps to make smoothies last longer. Here are some suggestions for you!

Firstly, you can add lime or lemon juice to it. They contain Vitamin C that prevents the smoothies from the oxidation. It will not only preserve them but also make them tastier. 

Secondly, you have to use a suitable blender to store the thing for a long time because the blender that you are using can put a lot of impact on it. You can use a quality vacuum blender for making this.

Similarly, a quality vacuum blender helps smoothies not to separate easily and in this way, the oxidation process will be slower. This kind of blender removes excess air from the jar while working and thus, keep them fresh for longer. Moreover, this blender contains strong motor and sharp blades so that they can blend things properly.

Thirdly, avoid a traditional blending mode because it can lose nutrients due to oxidation. Apart from it, oxygen is to be added to the mixture of ingredients. So, you can buy a blender having an oxygen removal blending mode. It helps you not to lose any nutrients quickly.

Now, with the help of it, you can prepare smoothies the night before and they will remain the same in the morning locking in all the nutrients and vitamins. Even, the colors of the drink look brighter and vibrant.

Avoid 5 Mistakes to Make Smoothies Last Longer

  • Store your drinks properly. Many people don’t apply techniques while storing them. Therefore, they face problems with them after some days.
  • Don’t add too much fruit to the drink. Along with a variety of health benefits, fruits are full of high sugar and calories. Having too much sugar can destroy them within a few days. This is also bad for your health because you consume a few hundred extra calories unconsciously if you add much fruit to your drinks.
  • Take time to blend them properly. We know that there are no shortcuts ways of success. So, don’t be lazy while preparing the drink. It may hamper your enterprise. To make a good, nutritious, and long-lasting drink, you have to blend it properly.
  • Don’t add fruit juice to it. Fruit juice contains fewer nutrients than real fruits. It is nothing but a combination of water and sugar. If you want, you can use water or a different type of healthy liquid according to your choice. Remember, fruit juice can reduce the durability of your drink. So, you must avoid it.
  • Avoid adding too much sweetener to them. If you mix much sweetener along with flavor, they will not last long. They are also harmful to health. Most often, you try to add as much sweetener as you can to make it tastier. But be careful about using the sweeteners from honey to coconut sugar. Always think about making the drink healthier and long-lasting.

The Durability of Smoothies in a Fridge

You can keep your smoothies in a fridge for several days. But you need to do some specific things for that. Firstly, you have to manage an airtight container so that the air must not get enough places to fill in. Then, fill the container to the very top. It will prevent from oxidizing.

Remember, when it looks brown or off-color, it will smell bad and then you must not drink it. Another thing is that banana smoothie may not last long in the Fridge because it cannot cope with the cold environment. It looks brown quickly. So, try to make it for one-time use. It means that you will make and drink all of it at a time. 

The Durability of Smoothies in a Freezer

Generally, a freezer can preserve a drink longer than a fridge. If you have less time, you can make so many of them at a time and can preserve them in a freezer. They can stay safe and fresh for up to three months in a freezer.

The Final Verdict

We hope that after reading the article you have got the answer to your question. Now we are 100% sure that you need not ask – How Long Do Smoothies Last? Remember the process of preservation, enjoy your smoothies perfectly, and lead a healthy and tension-free life.

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  1. Most of my groceries have been going bad because of not being consumed on time. I can turn them into smoothies and freeze. I only need to buy jars for storage. Very informative.


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