Which Perfect Smoothie Ratio Is Best to Boost You Every day?

What is the essential thing in any food preparation? Veteran chefs say it is the ratio of spices, and main ingredients. The meticulously measured the ratio of spices, and other components can produce a mind-blowing dish. In contrast, a subtle miscalculation can lead to a ‘kitchen nightmare.’

Things are not different for smoothies. A perfect smoothie needs an excellent blender for frozen fruits. Moreover, it depends on the exact amount of fluids, fruits, veggies, and adds ins. Otherwise; your favorite beverage will turn into a ‘hemlock’ solution!

If you want to charge up yourself every day with a glass full of super smoothie, make sure you know the best smoothie ratio.

What is the right way to make a smoothie?

Well, there is nothing in black and white about the perfect smoothie ratio. Smoothie proportions depend on you. Yes, you can imply all your creativity on it; however; no one can guarantee the taste!

Thus, despite the lack of any perfect proportion, some basic smoothie ratio can make some excellent health beverages. However, you can always tweak the proportions to customize according to your mood.

Smoothie measurements depend on the proportion of main ingredients and base liquid. Not all fruits will go great with all the juices. Thus, it is essential to know which component has the best combination with which fluid.


What is the Perfect smoothie ratio?

Frozen Fruit Smoothies

It is the most common and popular smoothies. Most of the smoothie enthusiasts love to have it at any time of the day. I love to have it either at breakfast or after my cardio session. The key to this smoothie is the choices of fruits. You have to figure out the best fruits for smoothies.

How many fruits and base liquid you are going to mix in your blender? After numerous smoothie sessions with the enthusiast, the perfect smoothie ratio for frozen fruits is as follows.

  • 3 parts of Liquids
  • 3 parts of Frozen Fruits
  • 1 to 2 tbsp of add-ins

Unfrozen Fruit Smoothies

Do you want to get the freshness of fruits in the smoothies? Unfrozen fruit smoothies will offer all the goodness of fruits. The main difference with its frozen counterpart is the use of ice cube. Ice cubes will make it chilled and charging.

To make a great unfrozen fruit smoothie, you need to mix

  • 2 parts of Liquid
  • 3 parts of Unfrozen Fruits
  • 2 to 3 cubes of Ice
  • 1 to 2 tbsp of add-ins

Green Smoothies

It is considered as the healthiest of smoothies among the enthusiast. Green smoothie benefits are numerous just like its ingredients and their ratios. It is not easy to tell how to make a perfect smoothie with greens; however; there is a base formula.

You can always customize the proportions to match with your taste buds. Nevertheless, let us try the basic ratio first.

  • 3 parts of Frozen Fruits
  • 2 parts of Liquid
  • 2 parts of Leafy Green

What is the best liquid to use in a smoothie?

Do you know the best liquid for smoothies? Well, the list is not long. However, it is crucial to know the perfect combinations. Among the widely used liquids, water, fruits, juices, and milk are the most popular.


Water may be the most basic fluid for any beverage. However, it makes the lightest and healthy smoothies. There are many reasons behind using water in the smoothies. However, the most important is it keeps the original flavor and nutrition intact.

Fruit Juices

For an additional flavor, you can use any fruit juice in the smoothies. Pineapple, orange, or cranberry juices adds extra freshness in the smoothies. Moreover, fruit juices go best with any green smoothies.


Do you want to make your smoothie extra rich? Add some milk on it. It could be regular milk or almond milk. Both will ensure additional creaminess in the smoothies. Milk makes an excellent combination, especially with berries, oats, or coconuts.

If you want to add smoothies in your post-workout snack, add some milk in your best portable blender for a quick boost.

Revive the magic with best Smoothie Ratio

Smoothies are a work of culinary art if you can make them at the perfect ratio.  Blend your favorite fruits with the best fluids to get the instant lift in energy for a busy day. Also, It's very necessary to know how long do smoothies last that you can keep the smoothie fresh for a longer time.

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