A Breathtaking Battle Of Vitamix 5300 Vs 7500: Who Wins The Knockout Round?

Vitamix 5300 looks great. Vitamix 7500 is also amazing. But what will be the right fit me? You’re in a never-ending battle. Fair enough! So you are in a maze of finding the best one between Vitamix 5300 vs 7500?

When you’re comparing Vitamix blenders, you’re bound to find yourself a bit confused. Both blenders are made by the same company and win everyone’s heart.

You are not alone; many are also on the same boat as you.

Well, they come with some specific areas where each will unbeatable and shine. Here in this article, I gonna show the teeny-tiny detail of both one so that you have a clear view of the difference between Vitamix 5300 and 7500 to help you find the right blender for you.

Let’s get started.

Compare Vitamix 5300 vs 7500: An In-Depth Comparison

Let me take a wild guess; you are in nutritional craze and preparing smoothie is one of your main concerns. Or maybe you are someone who wants to make sure a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.

No matter what your purpose is, a great blender is a must-have kitchen gadget. Undoubtedly Vitamix blender is a fantastic matchmaker. Now let’s jump right in comparison.

In a hurry? Then feel free to check the quick comparison table.


vitamix 5300
  • CAPACITY - 64-oz
  • COLOR - Black
  • POWER - 2.2 HP
  • SPEEDS- 10 Adjustable Speeds
  • MOTOR -  Standard Model Motor
  • MATERIAL TYPE - Plastic
  • ITEM WEIGHT - 12 lbs
  • TYPE - Low-Profile Container 
  • DIMENSION - 7.25 x 8.75 x 17.25 in


Vitamix 7500
  • CAPACITY- 64-oz
  • COLOR - Black,red and white
  • POWER - 2.2 HP
  • SPEEDS - 10 Adjustable Speeds 
  • MOTOR - 40% quieter Next Generation Motor Housing
  • MATERIAL TYPE - Plastic
  • ITEM WEIGHT - 13 lbs
  • TYPE - Low-Profile Container 
  • DIMENSION - 17.5 x 7.7 x 9.4 in

Why Consider Vitamix Blenders?

Based in Ohio, the brand Vitamix is a privately owned company that is renowned for high-performance blenders. William Barnard founded The Company in 1921.

Vitamix offers incredible versatility and dependability. As a result, they are well known for presenting some finest blender in the industry. Not only household, but the blenders are also widely used in restaurants around the world. No wonder, if anyone plan to buy a blender, the Vitamix comes to their mind.

Overview of vitamix 5300 blender

From steaming hot soup to refreshing frozen sorbet, from silky smoothie to chunky salsa…..explore all the mouthwatering taste with Vitamix 5300.

Let’s start the Vitamix 5300 review. A Low-Profile Container, ideal for entertaining and, family meals. The best part is it fits comfortably under any kitchen cabinets. Undoubtedly this Vitamix 5300 high-performance blender is a true combination of convenience and power. It can be used as Ice crushing blender.


  • Three awesome knobs make it Easy to operate
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Convenient
  • Powerful motor


  • Annoying noise
  • Create vibration

Overview of vitamix 7500 blender

Not only for kitchen use, is this blender the ultimate choice of professional chefs. Enjoy restaurant-quality smoothies and juice at home with this Vitamix 7500 blender.

There is another version of it named Vitamix 7500 refurbished. With the capacity of 64-Ounce, it could easily adjust speed to get a variety of textures.


  • Self-Cleaning feature
  • Cool-Running Motor
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Low-Profile Container


  • Damn pricey
  • Bit of a hassle for set up

Vitamix 5300 vs. 7500: Comparison in Specific Areas

Design and making

First of all, let’s talk about color. Both Vitamix 5300 and 7500 comes in gorgeous black. But 7500 also has two colors, white and red.

When it comes to design, I must say both are pretty simple. Made of plastic, both are quite easy to handle. Let’s point the dimension. While the Vitamix 5300 is 7.25 x 8.75 x 17.25 inch, the Vitamix 7500 is 17.5 x 7.7 x 9.4 inch in dimension. We can see Vitamix 7500 a bit large in dimension though both containers have the same capacity, 64 ounce.

Now come to the blade and setting interface.

Here we see a little difference. The Vitamix seems much sleeker. Again there are a lot of similarities. Both Vitamix blender has three knobs placed horizontally. In the meantime, both have a thick handle makes it easy to grip and use. Also, the lid design is the same and quite easy to open and lock.

Who Wins the Knockout Round in design?

Well, we must say it’s a tie. As both blenders are made by the same company, the making and design look similar also.

Capacity and motor

I think motor makes a solid difference between these two blenders. Where the 5300 series has Vitamix classic moto, the Vitamix 7500 has been updated by Next Generation Motor Housing. The best part is this updated motor technology makes it quieter than the previous version.

See the difference?

Another great feature of 7500 is the Cool-Running Motor which allows maintaining a cool temperature and even torques to deliver the power to process any ingredient.

Meanwhile, other great benefits of the suspended motor housing its impressive air intake vents. Due to this vent, the machine keeps its motor cooler. Thus, this feature is really handy when you have to use the blender for a longer period.

When it comes to capacity, both are the same. Both are Low profile container with 64-ounce capacity. But yes, more than enough capacity for household use.

Who Wins the Knockout Round?

No wonder, Vitamix 7500 is the winner for capacity and motor. Its next-generation motor takes the advantage to make the difference.

Performance and Blending Time

The Vitamix 5300 and 7500 performance and blending time is relatively the same. That means both will take the same amount of time to prepare your smoothie.

Want to know why it takes same time?

Both blenders fitted with a 2.2 HP motor. Besides, these two blenders are also capable of grinding, chopping, pureeing and blending.

In a word, you can enjoy silky and creamy smoothies by both blenders. It's true The Vitamix 7500 will just perform slightly more efficiently than the 5300.

Who Wins the Knockout Round?

Overall, you’re not going to find a difference in capability or blending quality. Comparing the performance, the Vitamix 7500 will stand ahead from the Vitamix 5300 blender.

Noise and Vibrations

As I mentioned earlier, the Vitamix 7500 has made up with updated, suspended motor housing which makes a huge difference in performance.

The main improvement of that next generation motor is it reduced noise levels. The suspended motor housing makes it 40% quieter than the previous 5300 version. While the Vitamix 7500 produce only 88 decibels on its maximum speed, the 5300 creates high vibration around 98 decibels.

So have we got that straight?

Now let’s focus on vibration. As we all know vibration is closely related to stability. The motor housing also has a big impact on vibration.

Who Wins the Knockout Round?

The Vitamix 7500 is the winner. Thanks to its 40% quieter Next Generation Motor Housing.

Unboxing: What comes with the blender?

What comes with the vitamix blender

In this case of packaging, both blenders have the basic container and temper. We mentioned earlier; the pitcher has 64 ounces capacity. Let’s see what the Vitamix 5300 gives us in its packaging.

  • Tamper
  • Getting Started Recipe Book of 70 recipes

Now come to the Vitamix 7500 packaging. It includes:

  • Tamper
  • Instructional DVD
  • Getting Started Recipe Book
  • Simply Fresh Cookbook with 200+ recipes

Who Wins the Knockout Round?

Unsurprisingly, the Vitamix 7500 is the winner. The extra Simply Fresh Cookbook makes the difference.

Speed Control and Setting

Speed Control and Setting

First see how the Vitamix 5300 works, is designed with easily adjust speed to ensure a variety of textures. One unique feature of this 5300 version is the dial, allows being rotated at any point so that you will get complete control.

On the other hand, the Vitamix 7500 has ten variable speeds which allow refining every texture with awesome culinary precision, from the heartiest soups to smoothest purées.

Yes, you heard that right. Ten variable speeds!

Sounds impressive, right?

Besides, both blenders have some common features in the interface. Of course, you will get the start/stop button. In the meantime, there is a Pulse Switch.

Who Wins the Knockout Round?

Again it’s a tie. Honestly speaking, controls are identical and which will be great depends on personal preference.


In price comparison, there is a big difference. You can find the Vitamix 5300 at a more reasonable price and you can clean it easily. If you go for Vitamix 5300 refurbished or Vitamix 5300 Costco, you have to spend some more but classic 5300 is pretty reasonable.

On the contrary, the 7500 version is a bit pricey than 5300. The reason is pretty clear; the Next Generation Motor Housing makes it more effective and an impact on price.

Things the Two Blenders Have in Common

As both blenders come from the same brand, no wonder there will be some major similarities. Yes, I am talking about the Vitamix 5300 and 7500. Let’s see the similarities.

Looks Stylish

The very first thing you will notice is its state-of-the-art design. Both look pretty sharp and will easily suit your kitchen cabinet. The Vitamix blender Series were innovated to ensure the best experience. The sleek and modern design will satisfy you from every angle.

7 years warranty

Both of them are offered by the same company Vitamix. So it’s obvious both are backed by the same warranty.

The Vitamix 5300 is backed by a company 7-year full warranty whereas the 7500 is also accompanied by the same 7-year warranty. In the meantime, you will get a further 3-year warranty on its constituent parts such as the cups and jars.

I think you don’t have to worry about warranty, Vitamix never compromises with quality. Still, the warranty gives a great confident I know.

Low-Profile Container

This 64-ounce container is another common feature of these two blenders. Alike every Vitamix container, these two’s container also clearly marked with cup and ounce measurement. The best part is even the lid plug comes with a 2-ounce measurement line.

This low profile container will be perfect for entertaining or family meals, fitting easily under most kitchen cabinets.


Vitamix items are self-cleaning; these two are no different. As a result, cleaning the blender is quite simple.

Sound’s good?

Yes, it is. You will only need to add some water to the container, put dish soap, and then turn the machine on. After some turn, increase the speed until it is clean. Hardly will it take 30 to 60 seconds to clean up properly.

Though they have a self-cleaning mechanism, you should be careful about the glass container. It can get cloudy. Therefore, you have to use a sponge to clean the glass manually.

But keep in mind, they are not dishwasher friendly.

Pulse Feature 

Both come with the Pulse feature, which allows layer course chops over purees for silky recipes, such as thick vegetable soups or chunky salsas.

Therefore, it helps to achieve a variety of textures by working with the Variable Speed Control. You can enjoy this feature by both of the blenders.

Make Restaurant-Quality Smoothies

Prepare your refreshing smoothies at home with both blenders. Whether you’re craving for a green smoothie or refreshing tropical smoothie packed with nutrients, you can make plenty of healthy recipes by this blender.

Wrapping up

Overall, in the battle of these two blenders, The Vitamix 7500 is the winner. Yes, there are some similarities as both are the same brand. But technically The Vitamix 7500 is an upgraded version of the 5300. So I think it worths those extra bucks.

No doubt about it!

Still which blender will be the right fit for you between Vitamix 5300 Vs 7500; this depends on your requirement and personal preference.

If noise is a huge concern for you, then obviously you should go for the vitamix. Otherwise, as other functions are quite the same, you can go with the Vitamix 5300 to save some bucks.

But no doubt about the brand, they never compromise about quality. Both the blenders are best in their aspects and are designed to deliver you the needed healthy life.

Ashton Max

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