5 Best Blendtec Blenders for Some Quality Blending 2021!

No matter if you check online or go to the markets, you will find different choices for kitchen appliances to choose from! Why not invest in something that belongs to a famous brand and is a favorite among the general users? Yes, I'm talking about the classy best Blendtec blenders.

Many homeowners keep on asking for suggestions on the best kitchen tools brand to select the appliances from. Now, in a sea of hundreds and thousands of old and new brands, it is quite tough to find a suitable one.

But if you are craving for some classic blending action, Blendtec can be a justified option!

With so many choices and such great products, it can be both exciting and overwhelming to select a single product, most suited for you. But no worries when you got us!

We did the work for you with all the comparison and research, and now we are here with the best of the brand you can find. Why don't you view the details yourself?

5 Top-Rated Blendtec Blenders Quick Table 2020 





Are you up for classic performance by your very own kitchen blender? Settle for his classic beauty!

[Best Pick]

Blendtec Total Classic
Fill Counter

Why not upgrade the jar game one step? With this one, get flawless action in no time.

[Editor’s Choice]

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender
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Wouldn’t you love a sleek and elegant looking blender that matches with your high end kitchen arrangement? Get the Designer series for some elegant looks and efficient performance.

[Best Jar Quality]

Blendtec Designer Series
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Don’t want to scare off the neighbours and kids with the horrifying mixer noise? This might be the right choice for you!

[Quietest Performance]

Blendtec Professional 800
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A volume jar, powerful motor, quiet operation and cleaning ease- when you get all in one product, why look for other options?

[Professional Performance]

Blendtec Classic 575
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Top 5 Blendtec Blender Reviews

1. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with FourSide Jar - Best Pick


  • Thicker patented blades
  • Simple blending
  • Heated soups
  • More servings
  • Effortless cleaning

How about having a classic kitchen appliance that offers you some professional quality blending, and that also in the best value? Yes, we are certainly pointing towards the Blendtec Total Classic. Now, what makes it a class choice? Read the details to find out.

Are you having a hard time blending frozen items? The forged stainless steel blades with sharp edges and wings are here to vanish all your worries and ease every work, no matter it is frozen ingredients or ice itself.

Do you love having a mouthwatering hot vegetable soup on a cold evening? Well, you might be just one step away from your favorite kitchen gadget. The frictional heat of blades of the machine allows you to heat your favorite meals or make a healthy soup in only six minutes! So, who's down for delicious veggie hot soup?

Sometimes, the manuals can be tough to learn and operate with. But Blendtec has resolved this issue as well.

It offers a variety of 10 different speed options and six presets. But to make the operation more accessible, they are all designed as the one-touch buttons! Achieving the perfect texture, along with mastering the machine control, is now a piece of cake.

Why enjoy delicious hot soups and healthy smoothies all by yourself, when you can serve it to your whole family without any hassle? Yes, the 75-ounce jar with BPA-free material allows you to serve up to six people at a time!

Do you hate the cleaning part post blending? So do we! And hence, the self-cleaning options with a bit of soapy water seems like a savior for all of us. What do you think?


  • Variety assured
  • Sturdy blades with effective action
  • BPA-free container
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Easy handling and cleaning
  • No unwanted cuts from blades
  • 8-year long warranty


  • Loud action
  • Pitcher vibration during blending may be frustrating

2. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender - WildSide+ Jar - Editor’s Choice


  • Refreshment for everyone!
  • Soup warming feature
  • Stronger and thicker blades
  • Versatile blending cycles
  • Quick cleanup

Do you want to the audience the maximum blending action and serve tasty refreshments to all your friends and family? Take a quick glimpse at the Blendtec Total Classic with WildSide jar. We’re sure this is what you have been searching for!

The fascinating feature of this appliance would be its incredible 90-ounce WildSide jar that allows you to make some mind-blowing margaritas for a crowd at your summer party! So, who's up for a party?

Not only is it highly efficient with cold shakes and drinks, but it also offers you the opportunity of making some exquisite heated meals and soups. No, don't worry, it doesn't even take long to make these fantastic dishes. Only 6 minutes are enough!

The performance of a mixer mostly relies on how the blades perform, and in this case, you wouldn't be disappointed that's for sure! With the 80% thicker forged blades, you are going to have silky smooth drinks ready right at home!

If you are going to experiment with taste and flavor, you'd need some speed adjustments. And so this blender offers eight-speed variables along with seven distinct blending options to bring ease and versatility in every blending.

So many features mean using the machine more often. And it indicates more cleaning. But nothing to think about when you have the one-minute cleanup option with a little soap and water. Easy!


  • Heat resistant jar
  • More blending options
  • BPA-free material
  • Complete control
  • Forged blades providing the best performance
  • No hassle in cleaning
  • One-touch control for smooth operation


  • Container quality could've been improved
  • Noisy

3. Blendtec Designer Series Blender - Best Jar Quality


  • Touchscreen interface
  • Stainless steel blades for smoother action
  • Multiple blending cycles
  • Large batches
  • Enjoy mouthwatering hot soups!

Blendtec kitchen appliances are designed to reach your expectations regarding flawless performance standards. And this Blendtec designer is not an exception either. Why don't you take a look at yourself?

Do you have operating issues with buttons on the appliance? Then you should consider taking a chance with the practical and convenient touch slider control of this Blendtec designer mixer. It is from any hassle and works with the same efficiency at the same time!

Investing such a right amount in a kitchen appliance, and then you see it leaves chunks of fruits in your drinks? Not acceptable at all! Get some smooth action with the patented thicker forged blades of the Blendtec designer series that are indeed ten times stronger than typical leaves!

Only getting complete control over your machine would allow you to get the desired consistency in your recipes. And to achieve it, manufacturers have included eight speeds and seven options for blending along with visible time duration feature to ease down your work a little more. It seems quite enough. What do you suggest?

It even offers you the advantage of serving your flavorsome creations to your loved ones. Yes, with the 90-ounce pitcher, make sure everyone gets a taste of your magical skills in blending!

The blades are so effective that the frictional heat they generate is enough to warm some meals or even to make some healthy soup. And all in just less than 6 minutes!

Have you heard the loud noise of traditional blenders?  Then you must be looking for one that allows some low noise generation. Good news for you! This one even has a sound reduction feature due to its baffling internal system. What a great addition! Now you can take a sigh of relief.


  • Noise reduction
  • Better performance
  • LED display for better operation
  • Impact-resistant pitcher
  • Versatile action
  • More speed options
  • Auto-cleaning
  • Lengthy 8-year warranty support


  • Noisy
  • The vibrating jar is annoying

4. Blendtec Professional 800 Blender - Quietest Performance


  • More blending options for bringing variety in recipes
  • 11-speed adjustments
  • Professional standard design
  • Quality jar with more capacity
  • Sound Enclosure

Let's leave the basics behind and get yourself something unique and professional graded to see if it can be your best kitchen buddy for ages. One of your options can be the Blendtec Professional 800.

Why not try and bring a little variety in your everyday refreshment? This machine is all set for the unending magic. With the six presets cycles for shakes, soups, juice, smoothies, ice-cream, and so on, this will allow you to unveil your inner taste master! Do you thing the operability is going to make you struggle? No, the one-touch controls would surely make things more convenient.

It offers accuracy in a speed control with eleven-speed adjustments by a simply finger-sliding mechanism. And with the LCD countdown display, even consistency is now in your hands!

The professional title it has been given did not come at no cost. The ten times more durable and thicker blades have been proven that this machine is capable of taking the heavy-duty and handle it like It's no big deal!

And to combine with the fantastic performance, this even comes with an impact-resistant WildSide jar with a broader base and 90-ounce capacity. Now, you can blend some refreshing drinks for all and with zero maneuverability hassles! It seems like a win-win situation; What do you think?

And all this to top with sound blocking feature. Yes, the structure has been well designed to refrain the deafening noises from troubling you and the people around you. Now, you can get more servings, more action, and better performance with quiet operation.


  • Quiet operation
  • Professional quality
  • One-touch control
  • A countdown timer for precision
  • Durable pitcher with vented lid
  • Versatile
  • Long-lasting
  • Comfortable usage


  • Takes more space

5. Blendtec Classic575 Blender - Professional Performance


  • Free from any food processing hassle
  • Family servings
  • One-touch control
  • Sufficient speed and preset options
  • Self-cleaning mechanism

Are you looking for another excellent option with classic features, some classy looks, and effective performance? Yes, we mean the Blendtec Classic575. Have a look!

The most promising property of this one seems to be the no food processing feature. Yes, you read it right! You do not have to go the hour-long fruits and veggies processing pre-blending anymore! So save time and your strength.

What do you think would a 90-ounce capacity jar would be enough for holding the long-awaited get together with your family? Then what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this beauty and throw a party!

For added versatility, it has a pulse option, five-speed adjustments, and four pre-programmed cycles. Just another step till you unveil a new world of experimenting with amazing flavors and textures!

Users may get a little scared with the fancy functioning but nothing to worry about. You'll get all these in one-touch buttons.

Are you opting for some smooth blending? Craving for silky fresh smoothies? The wait is over! The machines' stainless steel blades with wings will give you even texture and intact flavor in your recipes as you desire. Hurry up before all gets sold!

Busy schedules mean less time. So who has time for hours of post-party cleanup? Hence, the self-cleaning feature will allow the blender to do the cleaning itself and in no time while you take a step back from all the work.


  • Superior blending
  • Handles tough ingredients
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Certified with safety standards
  • The perfect consistency of recipes
  • Easy and quick cleanup
  • Powerful
  • Amazing 8-year warranty backup


  • Pitcher quality isn’t up to standards

How to Get the Hang of The Best Blendtec Model

When we dug deeper into your favorite choices for kitchen gadgets, Blendtec was one of the top names that came on.

Blendtec manufacturers do not lag in producing some fantastic heavy-duty machines that have the essential qualities to be your first choice when considering blenders. Like- a high motor, excellent control, variety, speed adjustments, and so on.

Making smoothies with Blendtec

But even out of the finest, you may need to pick something that ticks the boxes for you. And hence, let us now give a rough guideline to help you with it. Shall we get started?


Most of the Blendtec blenders mentioned above have almost 1000-1500 wattage motors. This means that Blendtec has been providing some high power throughout the decades.

And well, why wouldn’t it? A good blender that you are going to use regularly and for carrying out a good load of action must be a little heavy on this case, don't you think?

Not everyone has the same old need of only making smoothies with these Blendtec blenders. The requirements can be multidimensional, including- grinding beans, soup preparation, making some chilling margaritas, and so on. And to fulfill all these demands, you cannot compromise with average power, can you?

User-friendly interface

If a machine isn't convenient to maneuver, then all the fanciness and loads of features somewhat become meaningless.

We've even seen cases where the user has a multidimensional kitchen appliance. But due to the modern interface and so many controlling options, he got baffled and frustrated over the machine. Then was the invested money even worth it?

Hence, most of these mixers come with user-convenient interfaces such as- soft push buttons and a one-touch touch slider. If you get the hang of the tool quickly, wouldn't you love blending with it more?

Speed adjustments

Depending on the extent of this feature, the price may vary more or less.

Remember, we have mentioned earlier that individual choices and expectations vary from one another?

In this regard, you may only want your machine to serve you with some cold shakes every day while another one may want to experiment with their taste buds and unveil the world of blending possibilities. Hence, for you, a couple of speed options would be enough, but for him, Oh, boy! He would need some multiple options for maintaining the right consistency of every recipe.

Most of the enlisted products come with more than five-speed options, which is enough for serving your daily needs. But if you want better action, then products like the Blendtec Total Classic with ten-speed controls might be more suited for you.

Now, the budget can be a factor here as well. We are coming to that soon. Keep reading to the end!

Pre-programmed cycles

Everything seems so harsh and frustrating at this age. And so everyone craves for some ease and simplicity.

As our mothers and grandmothers used to blend our favorite drinks for hours with all the processing and they would stand beside the machines, manually handle it until it gave out the desired outcomes. Well, can this busy generation do that with so much patience?

We aren't sure about it. And so the presets are modern blending hacks. The enlisted products offer a range of pre-programmed cycles, including- whole juice preparation, soup making, smoothie and shake blending, ice-cream processing, and even self-cleaning.

But with the more significant the benefits, the more is, the more price. Yes, obviously, if you want something more, you'll have to pay a bit more for that too. But if some extra bucks can make things a lot easier, what's the damage?

How well do the blades perform?

The performance depends on these stainless steel leaves mostly. But how?

Suppose, your heart and soul are cravings for a chilling glass of milkshake with some fruity flavors. But these fruits are frozen. Can your desires wait for a few hours? Most probably, yes. But why would you?

With some fine blades, even the harshest ingredients are possible to chop in a blink. The manufacturers have taken the quality of modules in due consideration, and out of the concern, they have designed the machines equipped with the best leaves.

Yes, these are forged blades made with stainless steel material and have wings that make every blending task look effortless.

But if they are too sharp, you can easily cut your fingers while washing them as well, right? Hence, the blades are made dull to avoid such cuts and pokes. Very talented, what do you think?

How is the container quality? 

You need to get something straight here, folks. Only a sleek design of the container and the overall blender does not mean it is worth your money.

Without a good pitcher material and sufficient capacity, the total machine may become useless. This is why the manufacturers have designed the mixers with BPA-free material, and some of the pitchers are even impacted resistant, which indicates a durability check!

The Fourside and the WildSide jars have been designed to give the best performance along with cleanup ease. Now, let's give you a brief on the required capacity as well.

The enlisted Blendtec blenders offeres at least 60-ounce capacity, which means you can hold a small get-together with your peers at any time. Now, if you are too social, then the 90-oz ability of Blendtec blenders like the Classic575 should be preferable for you.

Well, this huge capacity might be giving you thought about storage convenience. Yes, you will indeed need a little more space than usual, but the products are not bulky at all, so plus points to that!

Does it allow quiet operation?

Your blending necessities must be fulfilled, but it doesn't allow you to scare off your neighbors with a loud noise! And so keeping this in mind, Blendtec has also designed some products that enclose the sound emission.

For instance, the Blendtec Pro 800 has a sound enclosure feature that allows quiet operation without compromising with your desires. How convenient!

Is it a popular choice? If yes, then why?

Before you choose any product, you need to do some research, whether it is a popular choice among other users as well. And even if it is, is it justified?

The Blendtec blender reviews will allow you to know more about such products. For example- apart from the enlisted Blendtec models, models like the Blendtec classic 560 or Blendtec designer series 625 and so on can fit in your requirements too. Thus, a little research can be quite helpful.

Warranty backup

Warranties are safety agreements for your machines. So you better keep a watch with the warranty period length.

However, Blendtec models all come with a good warranty backup. So no worries about that!

Is it worth the value?

Finally, let's come to the expense. No matter what you buy, how many features it has, or how fancy it is. You need to correctly inspect if it justifies the price tag put on it.

With lesser needs, you can settle for less expensive models, but if you have more bucks in your pocket, then you can go for a choice that'll serve you more than a simple regular blender. But you should always refrain from investing unnecessarily. So, pick your requirements first and then select a preferred tool. Easy, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of these products emit the least noise?

Too much noise can be irritating in every situation. And especially, if you have babies at home, you cannot disrupt the sound environment of sensitive beings, can you? So, if you want the noise to stay low, the Blendtec Pro 800 should be one of your top choices.

Are all these models compatible with crushing some ice?

Yes. Fortunately, all these models come with high power, which signifies that they can break through any kind of harsh items with ease, including ice!

What is unique about the WildSide jars?

Blendtec manufacturers give you two choices regarding the container- the Fourside and the WildSide jar.

The WildSide container has an added side that allows for a more elegant blend. And it also has a more comprehensive, sturdier base, which signifies stable action.

Final Thoughts

I’m convinced that if you have read the whole article, you won’t have any questions regarding the quality of the Blendtec blenders.

The classic choices can be the Total Classic Blender with Fourside jar, and if you want a one-step upgrade, then the Total Classic Blender with WildSide jar should be the right choice for you. However, if you are hoping for some quiet action, then the Blendtec Pro 800 is the most suited.

You can also take a look at other products of the brand. Each one is sure to surprise you with some unique features and outstanding performance. But to get the best Blendtec blender for yourself, you must first know your demands correctly.

So, are you ready to bring an excellent kitchen appliance to your kitchen?

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