5 Best Bottles for Juicing to Cheer You Up Every Morning

Who won't love to start a day with a glass of fresh juice? Moreover, if you can take the sip from your best bottles for juicing, the morning will be a perfect one.

Till now everything is perfect. However, when you have to clean a big load of jars, glasses, and many more, your opinion about the morning may change. Therefore, you need a solution that will keep your joy of juicing intact while cutting down your cleaning chore.

The solution is Juicing Bottle. Yes, an excellent bottle for juicing will not only keep the nutrition of the juice but will also save your time and energy. And when you are about to start a hectic day, you need both of them.

Why do you need a Bottle for Juicing?

Fresh juice or smoothies are great for health. They contain all the nutrition and health benefits of the ingredients. However, it is not easy to make multiple batches. Thus, it is much more convenient to make a large batch and store for the day, at least.

You will need an excellent juicing bottle to either store or carry your favorite juice with you. Perfect storage will ensure the nutrition quality of the juice. Additionally, if you can take the juice with you, it will make sure the required intake of daily nutrition.

The juicing bottles will keep you healthy and energetic by maintaining the nutrition quality of the juice. Moreover, if you are a person on the go, it will make sure you never miss a sip on the way.

If you need a great bottle for your favorite juice, go over the 5 best juicing bottles of the market. We are sure this review will help you to pick the best one for you.

5 Best Bottles for Juicing Quick Table 2020 





Highly durable stainless steel juice jar

[The Best Brand Value]

Thermos Stainless King
Fill Counter

Glass juice bottle with a trendy loop cap.

[User’s Choice]

Pratico Kitchen 18oz
Fill Counter

High quality glass bottle with durable cap.

[Editor’s Choice]

Epica 18-Oz.
Fill Counter

Compact glass juice bottle with a cap lined with food grade rubber.

[Best Price Value]

Estilo Glass Water Bottles
Fill Counter

Non-toxic lead free glass bottle with carrying loop.

[The Best Easy to Use]

Chef's Star Glass Water Bottle
Fill Counter

5 Top Best Juicing Bottle Reviews

1. Thermos Stainless King 24 Ounce Food Jar - The Best Brand Value


  • Double-walled stainless steel for the highest durability
  • Comes with Thermos vacuum insulation technology that retains maximum temperature
  • Sweat-proof exterior for supreme grip
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to fill, drink, and clean because of the wide mouth

What more can you ask for when your favorite juicing bottle will keep the beverage cold for 24 hours? At least we won't look for anything else from it. However, the Thermos Stainless King 24 oz food jar comes with many more stunning features.

The vacuum insulation technology ensures no exchange of heat through the double-sided wall. Therefore, the weather outside the food jar will stay out for up to 24 hours, but the taste will be locked in.

Filling up the juice bottle can be a messy job, especially when you are in a hurry. The wide mouth of the Thermos King 24 oz offers an easy fill and drink. No matter how thick the juice is, you will have a spill-free experience while pouring in or out.

The durable exterior and double-sided wall make it one of the most durable bottles for juice. It is dishwasher safe and can take any bump on it.

When you are on the go, it gives you a tight grip. Thanks to the ergonomically contoured design. Last but not least, you can take a sip anywhere with the built-in serving bowl. How great is that?


  • Large capacity
  • Convenient to drink
  • Affordable
  • Highly durable
  • Fits perfectly in car's cup holder


  • Not easy to clean with hands
  • Cannot contain too hot materials
  • A few users have faced a leakage issue

2. Pratico Kitchen 18oz Leak-Proof Glass Bottles - User’s Choice


  • Made with BPA-free, FDA approved soda-lime glass
  • Comes with Loop Cap
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Measuring line for accurate storage

If you love to carry your juice in a slick and slender bottle, Practico Kitchen 18oz bottle is the best. This trendy juicing bottle adds style to your active lifestyle while convenient in your busy life. No wonder the users rank it as one of the best glass bottles for juicing.

One of the most eye-catching features of this slick bottle is the BPA-free loop cap. You can attach this bottle on your belt or can just put your finger and carry it. Most of the fans of this bottle love this feature for better portability.

The high-quality soda-lime glass maintains the pH level inside the bottle and doesn't let your juice go bad. You will have all the taste and nutrients from the liquid with the Practico Kitchen glass bottle.

The glass surface inside the bottle is non-porous. Thanks to the better fusing of the soda-lime glass technology. Now, no taste or aroma will be lost or absorbed by the juice while it is inside this magic bottle.

The BPA-free loop cap is the jack of all trades. You can use it as a cup to take a sip. Moreover, its rubber liner prevents any spill or leakage. It doesn't matter whether you are on the trail or office corridor, you will always have a spill-free finish. .

There is no headache of how much juice you are consuming every day when you have this glass bottle from Practico Kitchen. The measuring lines will give you a perfect consumption amount.


  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • Non-porous glass surface does not absorb the taste
  • Clear glass ensure better cleaning
  • Comes in diverse color
  • Loop cap offers portability
  • Leakproof


  • Price-Capacity ratio is higher
  • Users complained about stability issues
  • Can't contain carbonated beverages with high pressure

3. Epica 18-Oz. Glass Beverage Bottles - Editor’s Choice


  • Eco-friendly and dishwasher safe
  • Fit to any lifestyle
  • Lead-free, highly durable glass made
  • Spill-free, wide mouth design
  • Leak-Proof cap
  • Air and watertight

Your journey towards a healthy lifestyle will become an epic with Epica 18-oz glass bottles. These airtight juice containers are a unique combination of convenience and comfort. You can take this glass bottle almost anywhere.

The use of less water ensures less carbon emission and pollution. Epica glass juice bottles are dishwasher safe and require a minimal amount of water. Therefore, you are causing less pollution while you have it in your home. Additionally, think about the utility bill next month!

Lead-free glass not only adds an extra sparkle to your juice but also ensures nutrition and taste. There will be no exchange of any odor from the glass to your juice. Moreover, the durability of the glass prevents any accident even if the bottle drops from your hand.

Fruit and veggie juice contains sugar and alcohol. What will happen if air gets into it? Recall your Organic Chemistry 101 classes.

Yes, they will be oxidized and turn into sour acid. The airtight cap makes sure no air gets into the bottle.

Get caught in the middle of the rain while jogging? Don't worry; the cap will also prevent any water from getting in. The Epica glass juice bottles are suitable for any harsh weather. Whether in a lunch bag or a car cup holder, it will fit perfectly.


  • Highly durable glass ensures the safety
  • Glass bottle keeps the taste intact
  • Fits in car's cup holder
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to fill design


  • The cap sometimes don't work properly
  • No loop to carry

4. Estilo Glass Water Bottles 16 oz - Best Price Value


  • Durable and high-temperature resistant
  • Made with lime-soda glass
  • HIgh-quality cap with food-grade rubber liner
  • Easy to wash and use
  • Durable and shock-resistant

Are you looking for a slick but portable juicer water bottle? If yes, try Estilo Glass Water Bottles. This 16-oz juicer water bottle is not only handy but also trendy for an active lifestyle. It comes as a batch of 6. Therefore, your whole family can enjoy the nutrition of fresh juices.

The ultra-clear soda-lime glass gives an extra edge to this glass juice container. This particular glass type has no pores on its surface, so there will be no exchange of taste and aroma between the jar and juice.

The bottles are easy to clean with warm water and soap. They are not dishwasher safe. However, each wash will make them sparkle more. The glass can bear high temperatures with very little expansion.

One of the best things about this juicing bottle is the stainless steel cap. The silicon inner lining ensures air and watertight condition. Moreover, you can use it as a sipping cup while on the go.

The capacity is not very high, like the other juicing jars. Nevertheless, 16-oz will be enough when you have six bottles to fill. You can use each for your different daily activities.

If you want to add additional excitement, fill each with different veggies and fruit juices.


  • Affordable
  • Comes in a batch of 6
  • Eco friendly
  • High temperature resistant
  • Very low expansion ratio


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • No loop cap

5. Chef’s Star Glass Water Bottle 6 Pack - The Best Easy to Use


  • Made with BPA-free glass
  • Stainless steel cap with carrying loops
  • Free Nylon Protection Sleeve
  • Comes as a batch of 6 bottle
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

When we think about Chef's star, we think about Michelin Stars. If a restaurant has Micheline Star that means it's a great one. In the same way, glass juice bottles from Chef's star are great for your healthy and active life.

The bottles are made with BPA and lead-free glass. These glass types are non-toxic and do not alter the taste of the juice on it. Besides, the smooth surface makes the juice look more delicious when stored.

You will get a batch of six glass bottles. Therefore, storing your favorite juices and veggie smoothies is much easier now. You can save a large bunch or make six-different flavors.

The stainless steel cap has turned these glass juice bottles into a trendy everyday gadget. The food-grade silicone liner makes the bottles' both air and watertight. Have you noticed the carrying loop on the cap? Now, you can carry the bottle almost anywhere with it.

Pricewise the purchase is a considerable profit. You are getting 6 high-quality glass juice containers at a very affordable price. Your entire family can go for a jog while having their favorite health beverages on the bag.


  • High-quality food-grade glass
  • Stainless steel cap with carrying loops
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-toxic, lead-free material
  • Good for any outdoor


  • Low capacity
  • A few complaints about the stability of the cap

Plastic vs. Glass Juice Bottles

Glass bottles are always better than plastic ones. They keep the environment clean and maintain the taste and nutrition of the beverages. Besides, the glass juice container is non-toxic in comparison with their plastic counterparts.

The plastic bottle is made with harmful chemicals like PET and PVC. They are not only harmful to the environment but can also cause severe damage to our health. On the contrary, the glass bottles are made mostly from BPA-free, soda-lime glass. They are suitable for health and home.

You cannot use a plastic bottle more than once. There may be some reusable versions, but none of them will look pleasant after a few washes. The best glass bottles for juicing comes with a long life span. Use them properly; they will be with you forever.

A plastic bottle can not store hot beverages. Nevertheless,  you can easily use a glass bottle to store almost any kind of drink. A glass juice container is far more convenient and healthier than plastic bottles.

Buying Guide for Picking the Best Juicing Bottle

Container Capacity

Size does matter, at least for glass juice bottles. If you want to make a big batch and store for the future, high capacity juicing bottles like Thermos Stainless King will be an ideal choice. Nevertheless, you can also store them into smaller containers and store them separately. Juicing bottles like Practico Kitchen, Epica, and Chef's Star will be of great use in this condition.

How much space you have in your kitchen or refrigerator is also a vital factor. A small string space will require smaller bottles, whereas an ample space gives you the freedom to choose the high capacity options.

If you want to make juice for every member of your family, a small size serving will be helpful. If they do not like the taste, a big batch will be a complete waste. Thus, make it small and convenient for everyone.


The best juicer water bottles are made either with glass or stainless steel. Both materials have some pros and cons. But, in either material, your juice will retain all the taste and nutrition.

If you have a very active lifestyle and do a lot of outdoor activity, steel juicing bottles will be an ideal choice. Thermos Stainless King will give you portability and durability. If you accidentally drop the jar, there may be some bump on the body, but the beverage will be there.

If you are not that much outgoing and love to spend time in the gym and office, you can get some of the glass juice bottles. The Epica Glass Beverage Bottle, Estilo Glass Water Bottles, and Chef's Star Bottle will be some of the great picks. These are trendy and add a new dimension to your lifestyle.

Mouth Size

The mouth size of the bottle is related to convenience. Wide mouth bottles offer easy filling and cleaning options. However, they may create spills while you are on the go.

If you use your juicing bottle in the car's cup holder, a wide mouth bottle will spill juice or beverages. Thus, it is safe to use a small mouth bottle while you are in a vehicle. The Practico Kitchen, Epica, and Estilo Glass Bottles have a relatively less wide mouth and are suitable for the car.

On the contrary, a large mouth juicing jar like Thermos Stainless King is excellent for storing juices in the freeze. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to fill without any spill.


No matter how durable your juicing bottle is, unless it has a good lid, it will never be water or airtight juice container. Therefore, the lid is an essential factor when you are buying a juicer water bottle.

Lids or caps have an inner lining made of rubber or silicon. Rubber breaks down pretty quickly in comparison with silicon. Therefore, a silicon inner lining will be preferable over rubber lining while getting a juice jar.

Some lids can be used as a sipping cup. Before you pay for one, open and check the cap whether you are comfortable drinking with it.

A great bottle with a high-quality lid will save you from leakage and spilling mess.

Carrying Loop

After lid, the carrying loop is the second most crucial factor of the juicing jar buying guide. It may not look like an important part. Still, an outdoor person knows how essential a carrying loop is for a juicing container.

A carrying loop or handle helps you to attach or grab the bottle while you are jogging or walking on the trail. On a treadmill, you may have a cupholder, but in nature, you have to carry it on your own.

You can attach the bottle with your belt or sometimes with the backpacks.


Larger bottles are great for larger quantities. Nevertheless, they require more space in the kitchen or in the refrigerator. If you have small kitchen space or limited space in the fridge, small-sized bottles like Epica, Practico Kitchen, or Estilo are great choices.

If you have more space in the refrigerator, we will recommend larger bottles like Thermos or Chef's Star.

Bottle for Juicing FAQ

Can you put juice in stainless bottles?

Why not. Keeping juice in a stainless steel container is as safe as keeping in glass juice bottles. High-quality steel containers do not leach any harmful chemicals into the fluids. You will get the exact same taste and nutrients during the time you made it.

The additional benefit of the stainless steel container is it won't break if you drop it. There may be some dent on the jar, but at least you won't have to clean any spilling mess.

Can you store juice after juicing?

We can store any juice after juicing the raw ingredients. However, keep this in mind that you can store any fresh juice in a refrigerator from 24 to 48 hours. The juice may remain ok up to 72 hours, but after that, we won't recommend consuming it.

If you want to preserve juice for more than 72 hours, freeze it. Pick the best glass bottles for juicing from our list, fill it with your favorite beverage, and freeze.

How long does it take for fresh juice to lose its nutrients?

Typically fresh juice starts losing its nutritional values 24 hours after juicing. It will happen only if you do not put it in the freeze. Therefore, it is better to consume fresh juice right after or shortly after juicing.

Blender types also play a role in nutrition, losing time. Juices made from centrifugal blender do not last more than 24 hours. On the contrary, juices made with a masticating juicer will stay good up to 2-3 days.

Final Thought

Overall the Epica 18-oz Glass Beverage Bottle is the best among our top 5. It has some excellent features and the highest satisfaction rating from the user.

If you consider price over satisfaction, go for the Estilo Glass Water Bottles. The 6-bottle set is always a great deal. According to brand value and storage capacity, Thermos Stainless King will be on the top.

Picking a bottle to carry your favorite juice is not as easy as making juice from your favorite fruits. Besides, juicing is more fun when you can have it from the best bottles for juicing in your kitchen.

After going over the review, picking the best juicing bottle will be like a breeze to you. Now you can enjoy both the goodness of nature and vitality of nutrition.

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