5 Best Commercial Blenders to Get Your Business Rolling!

Are you opening a new bar? Or want to upgrade the quality of an old one? Or maybe you get pretty high demands of smooth shakes from your family members? Get your hands on the best commercial blenders to meet up any requirements!

Why are we reviewing these commercial blenders differently or why this on a different category? Well, your home blender cannot act sufficiently for professional activities. Let us give an example.

Commercial usage demands maintenance of a serene professional environment so that you don't scare away your customers. And hence the suitable blenders have special features to battle the noise pollution.

Not just for a juice corner or a business, home chefs love professional heavy-duty mixers as well, can you deny?

And so to lift your blending game with some superior mixing and crushing; let us introduce you to the top products in this regard!

5 Top-Rated Commercial Blenders Quick Table 2020





The best commercial-grade machine that would lift up your coffee business to sky-high!

[Best Pick]

Vitamix 36019 36019-1
Fill Counter

For the maximum customization of drinks and to enter into a whole new level of recipe variety, take this one home today!

[Editor’s Choice]

Blendtec Stealth
Fill Counter

Too many servings? With the incredible quantity this one can make at once, you’ll never feel the pressure anymore.

[Best Jar Capacity]

Vitamix 5201 XL
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With the best design, handy controls and an absolute quiet performance, try this Tempest blender for your bar.

[Best Construction]

Hamilton Beach HBH650
Fill Counter

Take a break from the popular brands and switch this beauty that will satisfy your blending needs in a professional manner.

[Best Control]

Waring Commercial B00BHQSR6U MX1500XTX
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5 Best Commercial Blender Reviews

1. Vitamix Quiet One Blender - Best Pick


  • Medium batches
  • Versatile programs
  • Premium blending with stainless steel blades
  • Noise dampening
  • High power motor

May it is for homeowners or coffee shop owners, Vitamix has something in store for every use. And with the proper understanding of maintaining a professional environment, where they have arrived with the Vitamix Quiet One. Let's see if it's compatible with serving your purpose. Shall we?

Sometimes a larger jar can be tough to handle. And especially when we are explicitly talking about commercial usage, managing a bigger machine can be quite troublesome. And so, this blender resolves this issue with its BPA free 48-ounce pitcher with a secure pouring system.

For fulfilling the different demands of the customers, you’ll need a lot of machine support and versatile functioning. And this is a piece of cake for this blender. With over 34 blending options with the six control buttons, you are allowed to bring on all your customer desires into reality.

With the fantastic commercial-grade quality and the scope for exploring the vast possibilities in blending recipes, this commercial blender stands high among the users. With such features, isn't is quite impossible to resist this one?

The built-in sound dampening system is here to save you from embarrassing yourselves in front of your customers. And for the further sound enclosure, it even has a plastic secure. No wonder why it's titled the 'quiet one' and why people are crazy about its quietest operation.

Yes, it is very low on the sound but no compromise with the power at all! And hence, the 3 horsepower motor allows you to blend, mix and pulverize your favourite smoothies, ice cream, frozen desserts, nut butter and so on! Keep on included new items on your menu!


  • Effective performance
  • Strong motor
  • Easily crushes ice
  • Quiet operation
  • Sufficient capacity
  • Quality material
  • Easy cleaning


  • Expensive

2. Blendtec Stealth 895 NBS - Editor’s Choice


  • Heavy power
  • Smart interface
  • Variety of presets
  • Sound enclosure
  • Customize your drinks!
  • Alternative WildSide jars

Are you ready to encounter a fantastic machine that fits into the requirements of the perfect commercial blender? Let's look into the details of the superior Blendtec Stealth 895 NBS.

You run a juice corner, and most of your blends require a lot of ice-crushing, so what do you need the most? Power! And yes, this mixer provides you with an incredible 3.8 horsepower motor to break through the most robust items most quickly and efficiently.

An exciting feature of this gadget is its tactile interface. And what are the benefits? Well, if you're having a busy day at work, you cannot supervise your commercial blender for the whole time of blending, can you? And hence, with the least supervision, get the best outcomes. The touch operation combining with illuminated functioning ensures a smooth process.

With 42 magnificent presets, bless yourselves with the automatic speed adjustments. This will result in creating some out tasty worldly recipes to surprise your customers.

The sound enclosure technology that is a perfect combination of a secure and noise dampening system lowers the sound generation to a great extent. It is similar to the intensity of having a normal conversation. Amazing, right?

Aren't you satisfied with the 42 pre-programs? It's okay, and there's more! With the BlendWizard online tool, make custom beverages and save it in your machine memory for later use.

Too many orders? No problem! You can easily switch between distinct recipes without the struggle of cleaning or starting from scratch. How? The commercial blender comes with two WildSide jar options to ease your work!


  • Quiet operation
  • Power-packed action
  • Custom programs
  • Versatile
  • Added accessories
  • BPA-free construction
  • Hassle-free switching between recipes
  • Impact-resistant jar
  • Easy to operate


  • Bulky model
  • Very pricey

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3. Vitamix XL Variable Speed Blender - Best Jar Capacity


  • Two polycarbonate pitchers
  • Incredible capacity
  • Very powerful
  • Simple control
  • Variable speed controls with pulse

Are you looking for some professional flexibility in blending?  Need a machine that can blend bananas to hard ice with the same proficiency?  Well, get ready to find your dream product. Check the features of the Vitamix variable speed blender.

Want to go an extra-step for blending quantities? Well, we hope the 1.5-gallon capacity will meet your demands. Yes, don't be surprised at the function. It is best suited when you have a favourite drink in your juice shop.

But that's not it, for lesser demands, you also have the option of a 64-ounce polycarbonate pitcher. So, no matter if the requirements have reached the sky or typical, Vitamix 5201 has got it under control!

When you have to blend such a large quantity of drinks or beverages, you will need some superhero-powered motor. And a 4.2 peak horsepower motor with this unimaginable quantity goes just right!

It also comes with variable speeds and a pulse option. So, your customer demands of a wide range of recipes is now not a problem anymore! And for maintaining the smooth consistency, the pulse feature will extend adequate support.

This commercial blender can aptly handle all kinds of temperature, be it hot or cold. Hence, you don't have to struggle to bring the ingredients in average temperature. Easy and effective!

Do you forget to add the ingredients to your recipe sometimes? We do too! But that's no big deal anymore. With the removable plug attached to the lid, you can add on the forgotten items and serve your customers with the pure taste of their favourite drinks!


  • Great for creating versatile recipes
  • Accuracy in blending
  • Can make huge quantities at once
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Easy handling
  • Easy operability
  • Included removable plug in the lid
  • Crushes harsh items with ease


  • Heavyweight
  • Not designed for cleaning with dishwasher

4. Hamilton Beach Commercial Tempest Blender - Best Construction


  • Advanced wave action
  • All-metal drive system with a strong motor
  • Precision blending with multiple settings
  • 64-ounce quality pitcher
  • Added features

Are you planning to run a small business regarding some juicing and coffee making? Are you already running one? If you haven’t found the right product yet, take a look at the Hamilton Beach Tempest blender to see if it works for you.

Typical blender edges can leave behind many chunks as the items do not get a proper crushing. And so this machine has been designed with the wave-action system that combines the perfect jar design with quality stainless steel blade action to deliver smooth recipes every time!

Do you have a busy kitchen in your coffee shop? Or an overwhelming amount of orders? Hamilton has got it under control. With the all-metal drive design combined with a high-powered 3 HP motor, your blender will efficiently blend all kinds items and deliver up to 200 servings per day!

Yes, this commercial blender does not come with any pre-programmed cycles. But indeed it has something great to offer. Along with two alternative speed options, you will get a jump cycle feature. This allows you to start the machine in lower speed then gradually increases in speed that provides for finesse in your drinks and less sound generation.

And what about the container? It comes with a BPA free 64-ounce quality jar to serve your needs saving maximum time. Sounds quite enough, doesn’t it?

This isn't where it ends, folks! Specially designed for bars and a busy juice corner, this one comes with a timer with automatic shutdown. Just set the time for a recipe, and once it's over, the blender will stop by itself. Hence, effortless hands-free blending isn't a mere wish anymore!


  • Better control
  • Precise results
  • Simple operation
  • Removable filler cup added
  • Durability check
  • Comfortable usage
  • Hassle-free blending
  • Standard 3-year warranty


  • No available presets
  • The lid does not fit tightly

5. Waring Commercial Reprogrammable Hi-Power Blender - Best Control


  • Extreme power blending
  • Versatile programming and pulse feature
  • Maximum control
  • Good capacity jar
  • Noise reduction

If you are tired of the best kitchen appliances brand, and the sky-high prices of their products, why not try the Waring Commercial, the perfect newbie to try!

Can this machine carry on some heavy-duty? Definitely! With its 3.5 HP motor power, this can show you some pretty awesome action starting from juice making to ice-breaking!

Have you heard of the dual pulse system? Sounds too unbelievable? Well, guess what? This fantastic machine has double pulse feature paired up with four reprogrammable cycles. This will not just ensure finesse in your drinks but will avail with a large number of possibilities in the world of blending!

With the reprogrammable settings, you can change the settings according to your preferences with the only click of a button. And for necessary texture and flavour, it also comes with variable speed adjustments.

Get the controls in your hand with its electronic membrane keypad and a backlit LCD screen. Now finetune all your creations and amaze your clients with some perfect drinks!

The quantity it delivers isn't any less either. It has a BPA free 64-oz container that can blend a large batch at once. So, save time and efforts!

But what about the noise reduction facility? Yes, it even has a provision for an extra plastic secure and sound enclosure technologies to facilitate noise reduction as well. Hence, you can use this machine at your bar or shop with zero worries!


  • Accuracy in blending
  • Dual pulse option
  • Self-cleaning
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Durable
  • Reprogrammable speeds
  • Larger servings
  • Affordable
  • 3-year warranty


  • Technical issues
  • Bulky design

What Makes a Commercial Blender an Excellent Choice for Your Small Business?

Firstly, you can ask why we have chosen the above products? Well, in a few words we can summarize that out of the hundreds of choices, these options are durable, easy to use, capable of taking on loads and also have a few smart features for user convenience.

But, your requirements cannot be based on a scratch idea. Hence, you should choose carefully verifying your needs and other products as well. So, here's a guide to help you!

Heavy power

An essential factor in commercial blenders is power. 'Why?' you may ask.

Well, as they are designed for professional use and some heavy work, this signifies that they're going to be blending a lot of different ingredients and a high quantity every day.

If your machine isn’t powerful enough, how can it take such load and yet protect itself from the incoming wear and tear? Well, it can't. And so high-power of the machine motor is essential.

Another benefit of a high-powered motor is that it'll save you some valuable time. This means you can blend more in less time. This can be an excellent way to make your business more profitable. Right?

So, now what's the requirement? As experts, we feel like about 3.5-4 HP motor can blend the contents in high speed and less time. So kudos to some profit in business!

However, do remember that this is not the only point to consider your blender quality. Let's check the other factors now.

Where to use? And what purpose will it serve?

So, a commercial blender does not signify one that you will use for making smoothies for a hundred customers. There are types of this machine, three main types being- food blender, immersion, and blender for the bar.

Now, a food blender can serve different purposes, including the typical ones. They can be used to chop veggies, for making some sauces or salsa, usually frozen drinks and even for grinding beans and making a bowl of hot soup. In this case, your requirements will only be met with a multidimensional machine and one that takes a lot of massive action.

Nextly, the immersion blenders are handheld. And they can be convenient for lighter activities. Another benefit of this small tool is that you can use it in different containers according to your preferences.

Lastly, bar blenders are the most usual commercial blenders. You go into a coffee shop, and the mixers you see that makes up those frothy smoothies or frappes for you are the bar blenders. Many models can only carry out this one typical task while some available in the market can serve multiple functions as well.

So what's your need for a commercial blender?

Jar quality

In the modern age, you will blenders and mixers are being made of different materials. But if we are emphasizing on commercial blenders here, then you must choose the material that is more durable and able to tackle a lot of wear and tear.

Mainly, we would prefer glass or polycarbonate jars. Yes, both of them have their right sides, and they are both easy to clean and durable. But yet, there are multiple reasons why you would prefer one of them over another.

If we consider glass jars, they are absolute luxury materials that would last for a lifetime, if taken good care of. However, there's still this fear of breaking them suddenly. Polycarbonate jars last longer as well, but they have a slight issue. You may get sudden absurd food odour from them over time, and the scratch marks are also there.

Now, it's totally up to you what part of the goodness you'll pick and which drawbacks you are okay with.

Volume requirement

Did you ever have a hard time to fit all the ingredients in your blender to make some good drinks for everyone? Well, then you must be aware of the hassle.

And especially if you have a lot of orders in your business kitchen, then boy! You have got to do some quick work, or only some smart act can save you. And this is where you need to choose a machine with enough capacity.

In our list, we have included commercial blenders that can serve a sufficient amount at a time. This is because we believe it is essential to keep up the pace of supply with the demand. At least 64-ounces is a must if you are planning to operate a blender in your professional environment.

Noise control

Controlling the noise and maintaining a working environment is mandatory for any small to big business.

Now, it's not only about your bar. But even if you are at home making some delicious beverages to go with your yummy breakfast, then probably it's the most undesired thing you will want to hear is your blender roar as if it's going to gulp your whole surroundings.

Most of the enlisted products have built-in noise dampening system that reduces the deafening drastically despite having massive power. Some even have extra security to prevent the sound from coming out.

If the noise annoys you, then you must look for these features.

Elegant looks

For us, the actions speak for the machines. While as for many, the aesthetics are of more importance.

For homeowners who are obsessed over their kitchen appliances and for those of you who want to maintain their standards in blending business, the instruments must be strikingly gorgeous or at least appealing.

However, if you use your machine regularly, then a few spots and scratches are evident on it.

Now, what will you choose? Typical industrial looks or some unique elegance?

Smart features

Don't get swayed by the unnecessary glittery features of a product. Yes, some of these products come with some useful properties.

For instance, the Hamilton Beach tempest has a timer with auto-shutoff, and the Waring blender has a dual pulse feature. Hence, you have to look at the big picture before you spend some precious bucks.


After such massive action regularly, the blenders experience some heavy wear and tear.

No, we wouldn't say that more extended warranties indicate the quality of your machine. But it can indeed keep you contented with the confidence of the manufacturers.

For more extended warranties, you'll get more of your money's worth.

The cost

Now if you are looking for some premium quality blenders, then you cannot expect to find something alike in a strict budget.

But of course, you can have an average price range on which you can fit your product somewhat. This will help you find a worthy kitchen companion!

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m going to make more than 100 servings per day, what will be the power requirement?

For such a considerable amount of servings every day, you will indeed need some good power. About 3.5 to 4 HP can help you in these cases to carry on the blending tasks smoothly.

Is the plastic enclosure an excellent way to handle the noise?

It might not be the most effective way for a sound enclosure. But it will dampen the noise to a reasonable extent. And for use in a bar, this is quite an excellent way to keep the noise the low.

However, if you want a further reduction of noise, then noise baffling, and other technologies will work better for you.

Are these heavy duty machines easy to clean?

To be honest, these commercial blenders are mostly multidimensional, and they have to tackle a lot of work and heavy-duty. Hence, even though some devices have secure cleaning facilities, most lack any such option.

But you can clean them manually- you can wipe clean the surface and use some dishwasher or soapy water to clean the parts.

Final Thoughts

If you ask for the best model, we cannot pick one because your needs and someone else's needs will not match. However, if you are looking for a more professional and trustable action, then the Vitamix Quiet One is an option everyone loves.

You can also go for the Blendtec Stealth that'll give you some quality action as well. But if you want a more affordable choice and want to try something new, the Waring Blender will not disappoint you.

Hence, before making a purchase, make sure you are well aware of your needs and only then you can find the best commercial blender for yourself.

Ready to lift your bar business?

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