5 Best Compact Juicer to Make Your Every Active Day Easy

Juices are the quickest ways of refreshment and nourishment. A glass of fresh juice from your best compact juicer will energize you in a few seconds after a hectic day.

Fresh juice from fruits and vegetables has all the vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to revive your entire body. Besides, the high fiber content ensures a great digestive system.

When you have that much benefit from a glass full of goodness, why won’t you try it? However, to make mouthwatering juice, you need an efficient juicer.

Picking the most appropriate one from the market may be a daunting task. Nevertheless, we have rounded up the most helpful compact juicers, so that you can have all the fun of making fresh juices. 

5 Top-Rated Compact Juicer Quick Table 2020 





Heavy-duty masticating juicer with a double-edged auger.

[The Best Brand Value]

Hurom HH Slow Juicer
Fill Counter

Single auger masticating juicer with pulp ejection.

[User’s Choice]

Omega VRT350
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High-end centrifugal juicer with overload indicating LED.

[Editor’s Choice]

Breville JE98XL
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High powered centrifugal juicer

[The Best Easy to Use Juicer]

Mueller Austria Juicer
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Citrus juicer with universal cone assembly

[Best Price for Value]

Cuisinart CCJ-500
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5 Best Compact Juicers Review

1. Hurom HH Slow Juicer - The Best Brand Value


  • Rotational Speed: 43 rpm
  • Chamber Capacity: 500-ml Tritan Glass
  • Auger: High strength, double-edged
  • Spinning Brushes: 4-types
  • Strainer: 2-types (coarse and fine)
  • Motor: 150 watts AC
  • Colors: 4

Hurom HH is a celebrity among the best small juicers. It already won multiple awards for its stylish look and stunning performances. Moreover, this juicer was featured in international dailies like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

The HH model is the best seller among the Hurom Classic series smallest juicers. These juicers offer both slow and fast speed. Now, you have the option to choose between 43 or 80 rpm. Now, turning into a slow or fast juicer is a matter of a second.

You will get about 35% more juice from any fruits or vegetables with Hurom HH. The double-edged auger makes sure the pulp that comes out is super dry. It means you are getting more juice.

Slow rpm generates almost no noise. There is another feature that will give you extra peace of mind. This mini juicer will not start until all the parts are correctly assembled. However, do not worry; assembling and disassembling the machine is super easy.

Making juice from vegetables is much more comfortable with the HH series juicer. You can enjoy this joy of juicing for a long time as the motor comes with a 10-years warranty.


  • It’s easy to use and clean
  • 10 year warranty on the motor and 2 year warranty on other parts
  • Produce low noise
  •  Durable exterior


  • The auger fills up quickly
  • You may found pulp in your juice

2. Omega VRT350 Vertical Low-Speed Juicer - User’s Choice


  • Rotational Speed: 80 rpm
  • Chamber Capacity: 64-oz
  • Auger: High strength, single
  • Spinning Brushes: 2-types
  • Strainer: 2-types (coarse and fine)
  • Motor: 150 watts AC
  • Cleaning: Automatic

This vertical juicer will add shine on your kitchen top and satisfaction on juicing. The stainless steel exterior of the VRT350 gives it a different look from the other smallest juicers.

The 150-watt motor is the main feature of this masticating juicers. The motor runs a single blade auger that squeezes maximum juices from any fruits, vegetables, and citrus. Moreover, you can make nut milk with it.

Omega VRT350 comes with a rotation speed of 80 rpm. It is the standard for any masticating juicer. Due to this slow speed, the motor makes almost no noise. Low rpm also generates less heat and prevents juices from oxidizing.

The high strength auger dries up the pulp for maximum yield. Besides, the pulp will get out of the juicer automatically because of pulp ejection technology. The only thing you have to do is to turn it on.

The jar and other interior parts are made with BPA-free plastic materials. Thus, there is no chance of any leaching of unwanted taste and odor. Moreover, the materials make the cleaning as easy as making juice.

The 10-years warranty offers extra peace of mind with additional nutrition in your active life.


  • Low-speed generates low heat
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Quiet operation
  • Comes with 10 years warranty
  • Suitable for fruit, veggies, and citrus juices


  • Not very efficient with leafy greens
  • A few users complained about mold build-up

3. Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus - Editor’s Choice


  • Rotational Speed: 12,000 and 6500-rpm
  • Chamber Capacity: 1.1 quart
  • Pulp Container: 6.5 quart
  • Blade: Stainless steel, high strength
  • Filter basket: Micro Mesh
  • Safety: Overload protection LED
  • Motor: 850 watts AC
  • Colors: 1

This centrifugal juicer is one of the most convenient models in the market. It cuts down the prep time into a minimum and enhances the enjoyment from juicing.

You do not have to cut any fruits and veggies now. The 3” extra-wide chute makes sure everything goes in and comes out as the tastiest juice. No matter how hard the ingredients are, the 850-watt motor can take care of them.

Nutri Disc technology is a unique feature of this centrifugal juicer. The stainless steel blade and mesh filter basket squeeze the maximum juice out from the pulp. The pulp will go automatically to the 6.5-qt container.

The juice jug is big. Thus, you can satisfy your whole family or group of friends. No matter how much juice you make the blade and heavy grade polymer body is there for the long-lasting durability. Up to 10-years warranty is a bonus with it.

You can never overload this machine. The overload protection LED will lit immediately each time it goes beyond capacity. This will also prevent any spillage and mess in your kitchen.

The safety locking arm will not turn on on the juicer until the lid is on its position. You can easily clean and store this great juicer. It's dishwasher-safe and convenient to store in any storage.


  • Large juicing jug and pulp container
  • Wide feed chute
  • Powerful motor
  • Vertical loading
  • Parts are dishwasher safe


  • Slightly larger dimension
  • Slightly low juice extraction

4. Mueller Austria Juicer - The Best Easy to Use Juicer


  • Rotational Speed: 18,000-rpm
  • Chamber Capacity: 34-oz
  • Pulp Container: 68-oz
  • Blade: Stainless steel, high strength
  • Filter basket: Micro Mesh
  • Safety: Locking Mechanism
  • Motor: 1100 watts AC
  • Colors: 1

This Austrian juicer is the powerhouse of the juicer community. The 1100-watts motor and the stainless steel blade can yield juice from almost any fruits and vegetables. No wonder the user voted it as one of the best small juicers in the market.

Firstly, the juicer will add a slender and stylish look in your kitchen. The stainless steel exterior ensures you are satisfied with the look along with the performances. The 100-watt motor can make 16-oz of juice in just 8-seconds.

Despite larger containers, this compact juicer does not take a massive space in your kitchen top. The only time you will feel its presence when you will sip on the smooth juices. It makes a little noise, but it is worthy of the refreshing sips.

Not all fruits and veggies are the same. Thus, this compact juicer comes with different settings for both soft and hard ingredients. You can choose any of them; however, the outcome will always be smooth and creamy.

This compact juicer is also convenient. With a 3” wide feeding tube, you do not have to cut any fruits or vegetables. Just put them through the chute and get a glass full of natural nutrition.

Do not worry about the pulp. It will separate and go into the pulp container through a reverse function extraction. You will get an extra cleaning brush for your convenience.


  • Powerful centrifugal juicer
  • Dual speed for versatility
  • Extra-wide chute
  • BPA free interior
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Safety lock arm and overheating monitor


  • The pulp comes out through the joint between the top piece and pulp container
  • A little louder

5. Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer - Best Price for Value


  • 3 pulp control adjustable rimmer
  • Final spin for extra juicing
  • Universal juicer cone with an auto-reverse feature
  • Final spin activated by the cover
  • Dishwasher safe brushed steel exterior

You will feel the absence of a citrus juicer during the hot summer days. Yes, this Cuisinart Citrus juicer will be the source of your refreshment in those warn days. You will get all the nutrition along with satisfaction with this easy and affordable juicer.

We look for convenience while searching for mini juicers. This citrus juicer is not only compact but also it’s easy to use. The universal juicer cone extracts all the citrusy punch from your favorite fruit.

You can adjust the pulp control with an adjustable rimmer. The 3 convenient settings let you control the amount of juice and pulp. Whether you want only the liquid freshness or a mixture of pulp, the Cuisinart citrus juicer can make all of them.

You have heard “the first impression is the best impression.” However, mini juicers like CCJ-500 make their impression at the end. The final spin squeezes the last few drops of juice from citrus fruit and makes sure maximum yield.

The juicers come with an extra-long snap-up spout. This specially designed spout makes sure not a single drop of juice spills anywhere except your glass. It prevents any messy situation in the kitchen. Any size of glass is adjustable on the spout.

The juicer parts are dishwasher safe. Thus, you will get the same shine and spark after each juicing session.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Great for citrus juices like orange juice
  • Energy efficient
  • Take less space


  • Spout sometimes overshoot
  • Not fit for any other fruits

Buying Guide for the Best Small Juicer

Types of Mini Juicers: Masticating vs.Centrifugal vs.Citrus

This is the most crucial decision you have to take before buying any small juicers’.It all depends on what you are expecting from the machine. Moreover, your lifestyle is another factor in choosing the right option.

Masticating or cold press juicers use gears to press and grind foods to squeeze the juice. These juicers use either one or two gears or augers to do the juicing job.

These juicers waste fewer food ingredients than centrifugal ones. However, due to its slow speed, juicing takes time. Hurom HH and Omega VRT350 can be your best pick for a masticating juicer.

Centrifugal juicers rely on high speed and quick outcomes. These juicing machines have the high-speed motor and sharp blades. The blade and motor assembly slice the foods and extract juices from them. In this process, a considerable amount of raw food remains unused.

Despite quick juicing, the juicer may waste food items. You can pick between Breville JE98XL or Mueller Austria Juicer for our convenience.

Cuisinart CCJ-500 is the only citrus juicer on the list. This type of juicer works only with citrus fruits to extract juice and pulp. You can control the pulp and juice ratio. For a quick lifestyle and beginner level juice lover, the citrus juicer is the best option.

Ease of use and cleanup

The best small juicer should be easy to use and clean. However, the more removable parts your juicer has, the more difficult it is to clean. Besides, the materials also play an essential role in the ease of use and clean.

Durable plastic or stainless steel juicers are easy to maintain. You can assemble and disassemble them without any fear. Additionally, you will have no surprise after taking them out from the dishwasher.

Design, Dimension, and Weight

All of these features are essential while choosing a compact juicer. If you have a small kitchen, it is better to buy a simple, compact, and lightweight juicer. It will make both storing and using the juicer easier.

On the contrary, a bigger and spacious kitchen can always accommodate a feature-full, larger, and heavy-weight juicer. It may use up some space in the kitchen but will fulfill all your juicing needs.

Cuisinart CCJ-500 is the smallest and simplest juice extractor on our list. Thus, you can always get it for simplistic juicing needs. Breville JE98XL, Hurom HH, and Omega VRT 350 are large-sized compact juicer fit for any big space.

Price tag

Price is another vital factor while choosing the best small juicers. Typically the cost can vary from $15 to a few hundred bucks. Therefore, your affordability and preference are the keys to select a particular number.

Pricy small juicers are mostly loaded with features and juicing options. If you are a big fan of juicing and it is an integrated part of your life, its always worth to invest.

Hurom HH and Omega VRT350 are on the pricy side of the range. You may end up paying a few hundred bucks for these high-end machines. Breville JE98XL is in the middle of the price spectrum. There may be limited features, but you get what you pay for.

For people with a limited budget, Mueller Austria and Cuisinart CCJ-500 are the best choices. You can have all the funs of fruit and veggie juicing without hurting your wallet.


Durable juicers will give you peace of mind for a long time. Therefore, check the guarantee of the motor and other parts. You should do it before getting any of the compact juicers from our list.

Hurom HH, Breville JE98XL, and Omega VRT350 come with a 10-years guarantee. They may cost you a few extra bucks; however, you can forget about any maintenance issues for the next 10 years. How great is that?

Machines with short guarantee times will always be an issue. If it breaks down right after the guarantee period, you will end up paying for another new one. Thus, our recommendation will be to get the guarantee to enjoy the tranquility.


The faster a motor works, the louder the noise it will make. Therefore, it is evident that centrifugal juicers like Breville JE98XL and Mueller Austria will be noisiest in the list. Nevertheless, you will get your favorite juice in the shortest time.

Masticating juicers like Hurom and Omega VRT350 are less noisy. They spin slowly and make less noise. In fact, you may not hear a single sound at all. The only thing you will enjoy is the whole fresh juice.

Compact Juicers FAQ

What is the most reliable compact juicer?

It is not easy to answer. On the contrary, it is also effortless to solve. How? Well, it depends on your preferences.

If you are a fan of smoothies and juices from almost any fruits and vegetables, masticating juicers are great for you.

You will love the centrifugal juicers if you like a quick and pulp-free juicing. The extra speed and spin may not squeeze all the juices from the pulp. Nevertheless, you will always have the fun of fast juicing.

Citrus compact juicers are best for citrus juice lovers. If you want to take a sip on the citrusy punch during the hot summer days, go and get a Citrus compact juicer. It is more affordable and convenient than any other type.

What is a good juicer for beginners?

This is one of the most common queries we face from our clients. According to the experts, it is always better to start a new trend with the most basic option. The same goes for the juicer.

Your friend or colleague probably motivated you for daily juicing. It is a great initiative; however, difficult to conclude whether you will like it or not. Therefore, grab one of the best small juicers.

If you started liking it, it's high time to move towards more high-end mini juicers.

Final Verdict

While you are getting ready to get the right juicer for yourself, let us go over the conclusion. Out of these five compact juicers, Breville JE98XL is the best in every aspect. This high-end centrifugal juicer has almost all the features of a great juicer.

Cuisinart CCJ-500 is the best from the aspect of affordability. This citrus juicer may not have all the great features but will serve you a glass of fresh juice in the shortest time.

If you consider getting the whole nutrition with less food waste, the Hurom HH series will be the best choice for you. This slow but compact design juicer may make you pay a little high price but will ensure all the goodness of nature.

What juicing gadget you have in your kitchen is a significant factor in making great juice. You can pick any from the best compact juicer for convenience. No matter which one you choose, always get the best one.

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