5 Best High Speed Blender 2021 to Save You Some Precious Time

Tired of chopping fruits and vegetables before you put them in your blender? Come on, who has that much time anymore? How about a more straightforward solution? How about the best high speed blenders?

Look around you and at yourself, do you see how busy everyone’s life is? Then how can any of us expect to take extra time for blending traditionally?

Also, wouldn't it be great if a single gadget can do more than just traditional blending? How about some coffee grinding, baby-food making, nut butters, iced drinks, or even warm soup? Yes, that is all possible because of the speed these blenders offer.

The frictional force is sufficient for not only cold drinks or pulverization of hard ingredients but also for making hot soup recipes! Interesting!

Even if we talk about health, total extraction means more nutrients in the body. And these quick blenders offer exactly this benefit. Hence, considering all the positivity, we have enlisted five of the best high powered blenders and all that you need to know about them!

5 Top-Rated High Speed Blender Quick Table 2020 





A machine with 2 HP peak motor power should be able to crush even the harshet, toughest of ingredients with no struggle.

[Top Choice]

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional Grade
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A trusted brand that comes with innovative technology to simply make your blending experience faster and better.

[Editor’s Choice]

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender
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Multiple preset settings with faster action, but no loud operation. Sounds like a great deal!

[Quietest Operation]

Blendtec Designer 725 Blender
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Some cyclonic action and sharpest blade technology to crush the elements into bits delivering the smoothest drink.

[Best Blade Technology]

COSORI Blender 1500W for Shakes and Smoothies
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What if multiple useful accessories come with a high-powered lightning-fast blender? Definitely a win-win!

[Most Accessorized]

Blendworks 10 Pc All-In-One High-Speed Blender Set
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5 Best High-Speed Blenders Reviews

1. Vitamix 5200 Blender - Top Choice


  • More favorite beverage
  • Hot and cold recipe maker
  • Adjustable speed
  • Advanced blade technology
  • Ease of cleanup

How about a blender with 2 Hp peak motor power that blends quality and taste that can relax after a hectic day? Yes, we are talking about the Vitamix 5200. Want to know more about its magic? Read below!

Talk about a little more, and here is the blender to give you more. With 64-ounce pitcher capacity, blend medium to large batches and treat your family, friends, and more.

With 1400 watts of motor power, the friction and spends extend to such a stage that allows you to make your favorite warm, delicious soups right at home. The power and speed are enough to turn cold elements into heated liquid within five to six minutes!

With 10 variable dialing speeds, you are now in total control of the machine and how efficiently it makes the recipes. But wait! That's not the only control option. It even has a mode that switches between variable and high speed. So, if you want to crush ice, nuts, or frozen fruits, try the high-speed way or for softer ingredients, try the variable mode.

This way, even your gadget will last long!

Want some silky smooth beverages and tired of lumps? The premium quality air-craft graded stainless steel blades will take care of that too!

Why make effort cleaning when your tool can do itself? Yes, the appliance has a self-cleaning mechanism that allows it to clean itself within a minute if you a pour a little soapy water in it.

And the spill-proof rubber lid along with the tamper will make every operation more convenient just for you!

Pro Tips: We would suggest not to use the dishwasher on this product for extending product life.


  • On point motor strength
  • Good quality material
  • Well-structured
  • Compatible kitchen appliance
  • Easy and simple operation
  • Heavy-duty blender
  • Assuring 7-year backup


  • Blender parts are not suitable for dishwasher cleanup
  • Takes more space

2.Vitamix Professional Series 750 - Editor’s Choice


  • Blending under control
  • Automated mixing for user convenience
  • Quality result with quality stainless steel blades
  • Family-size container
  • Self-cleaning mechanism

Looking for a high-end, lightning-fast blender? A blender that will keep you at peace for years and years to come? How about the Vitamix 750?

Hands down, Vitamix series, is indeed the flash of blenders. A pulse feature with variable speed dials, you cannot go wrong with fine-tuning the texture and consistency of any of the recipes you make!

Why only a smoothie? How about desserts, purees, frozen drinks, and even more? With five pre-programmable settings, all you need is to push a button and wait for a quality experience.

From the very first mixing to the last, we want perfection and the same quality of beverages. And this is indeed possible with the aircraft-grade stainless steel blades that are sturdy enough to handle all the elements. And will they last long? Why don't you try yourself?  No disappointments, that's for sure!

Family is the only escape from the chaotic world. Hence, have fun and chill with your people with the 64-ounce family-sized container. Serve everyone with your taste skills!

With an even consistency at every blend, get an easy cleanup after every use too. With a minute of quick swirl, your machine will clean itself!

Pro Tips: Since the machine is not highly recommended for dishwasher, just give a quick rinse with soapy water! That shouldn’t take much time or effort.


  • Sturdy motor
  • Grand power
  • Able to take on heavy tasks
  • Premium quality
  • User-friendly
  • Large servings
  • Convenient cleaning
  • Full 7-year warranty


  • Not suitable for dishwasher
  • Pricey

3. Blendtec Designer 725 Blender - Quietest operation


  • Smart blending
  • Smooth blending
  • Reduced noise production
  • Multiple pre-programmable settings
  • Large container capacity

None of us can deny the fact that a little better may always cost a little more, but the question is, is it worth the value? The Blendtec Designer certainly is! Why? Read more to know.

Want ultimate power and control over your blender? Here it is! Blendtec is designed with 100-speed dial options for better consistency and texture. It even tells you when to dilute it a bit more.  Smart, right?

The blending buzz is sometimes really hard to take. That is why the manufacturers have infused internal sound baffling and noise damping technology in the machine to relieve you of this struggle.

With six different presets for making smoothies, frozen drinks, dips, soup, ice-cream, and even self-cleaning, neither the operation nor the cleanup is a big deal. The blending technology has reached such an advanced stage that it can detect any issues, even air pockets, and load-up errors! So that you can fix it right away.

With a 70-ounce blender jar capacity and a 1500 watts power, make whatever you want and make it for everyone. Entertainment and relaxation for the whole family at once!

For making smoothies in smaller batches, you have another option. The twister jar will allow you to prepare baby-food, hummus, cookie crumbs, nut butter, and so on.

With patented forged leaves, don’t just wish for smoother drinks, make it real!

The BPA-free design for benefiting your health, user-friendly assembly, and operation all of it is makes the kitchen tool a total package of goodness!

Pro Tips: Though it has remarkable service support, yet for product durability, try keeping it clean always.


  • Multipurpose usage
  • Quick operation
  • Precise control
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Comfortable operation
  • Splendid 8-years warranty


  • Expensive
  • Not dishwasher safe totally

4. COSORI 1500W Blender - Best Blade Technology


  • Better blading system
  • High-quality
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Easy self-cleaning mechanism

With 30,000 rpm speed chopping, slicing, blending, grinding, pureeing, or even soup-making is now no big deal. Challenge your cooking skills with the COSORI Blender today!

It is a professional solution to all your blending problems.  With six premium quality stainless steel blades, the performance and effectiveness of each blending in on-point. The razor-sharp blades will extract nutrients to the last and hence assure with all the health benefits.

The desire is not only juice or milkshake. With 1500W power, can you even imagine all the fantastic recipes you can pull off? Nut butter, crushed ice-drinks, healthy green smoothies, and so on- all within minutes.

Ready for a family party, how about a 70-ounce jar? Ready to go to work but running late! How about a 27oz to-go travel cup? Yes, you guessed it right. The appliance comes with both only for your convenience!

The soft-knob feature allows you to make a single rotation to change the speed according to your choice. The variable speed settings will comfort you with changing consistency according to your changing decisions.

Apart from all these, let’s not forget the easy self cleanup and the BPA-free materials ensuring convenience and good health for you.

Pro Tips: The materials are indeed high-quality, but you should take care of the machine while you store it as well.


  • Speeded performance
  • Dishwasher-safe pitcher
  • Saves time
  • Appropriate for making larger batches
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Health and environment-friendly
  • Lifelong product support with one-year backup


  • The performance can be a bit noisy

5. Blendworks High-Speed Blender - Most Accessorized


  • Innovation to the mark
  • Expanding blending techniques
  • Additional features
  • High-end performance

A kitchen solution that will help get you rid of all the other unnecessary space-wasting appliances? How about a machine that'll treat you, not just the best beverage but a lot more than that? Sounds like the Blendworks All-in-One blender!

30000 RPM speed combined with 1500 watts powerful performance, look at all the possibilities of blending!

Wouldn't it be quite exciting if there were different options for pulsing, liquefying, and speed changing so that your blender would know what it is supposed to do with the ingredients? Yes, the Blendworks kitchen solution can do it with its 3-way blending techniques. Isn’t it cool?

What if a machine comes with all the related accessories that you might be needing? The mixer comes with a knife, to-go cup, spatula, cherry pitter, measuring cup, apple slicer, and even a spoon set. The ten-piece all-rounder kitchen solution will make you feel relaxed and contented with the hundreds of recipe making possibilities.

And the best part is, all these heavy-duty pieces are BPA-free. So no worries about your health either!

Pro Tips: The blender has added accessories, and it'll take more space than usual. Hence, choose a spacious area to store all the pieces.


  • Perfect consistency
  • Smooth usage
  • Sharp and strong
  • Easy assembling
  • Easy cleaning
  • Versatile usage
  • 3-year warranty support


  • Due to extra parts, somewhat the quality of the materials dropped a bit.

What to Keep in Mind Before You Select a High-Performance Blender?

Have you watched superhero movies, and did you spot the flash? Or was he too fast?

This busy world doesn't only need fictional characters that are faster than light, but even, in reality, we need gadgets and tools that are quick enough to spare us more minutes.

But is the speed the only important factor here? No, not really!

High Speed Blender with fruits

As the selected product reviews mentioned in the article, is it only based on the speed? Not really, folks.

After a sufficient comparative study and analysis of all the attributes, we have enlisted the products. And for your convenience, we are willing to share it with you! Read to the end to know more.


Let's assume; you have a gadget that is strikingly beautiful, has a good motor and excellent material quality. But, all the properties together are not enough to deliver the result you have been expecting. So, are all these attributes even worth it?

Now, what makes a blender efficient? The power, the speed, the material, or the blades? Actually, all of these.

A blender is designed to serve you with a refreshing morning juice, a summer part drink, or even a warmed tasty soup. If your appliance promises to do all the tasks maintaining quality and taste and keeps its word. Voila! Your blender is efficient.

Enough power

As for a high-speed blender, it is a must to have a good motor infused in the machine.

A powerful motor usually works quicker chops and pulverizes faster and better, produces finer outcomes. What else? Since they are made with such delicacy and power, they tend to last for more, which may cost you a few more bucks, but come on, it's worth it!

Now, how much power is considerable for a high-speed blender? We would say if you are looking for the best, about 1500 watts power will do great for you.

These reliable machines will crush ice and nuts into the finest parts to deliver the desired thickness and texture. Some of the models can even make heated soups right within the pitcher. How?

The frictional force is so remarkable that it heats the liquid and offers you a delicious bowl of soup on a winter eve.

Mid-ranged blenders with about 1000-12000 watts can do the work of crushing and grinding effectively as well, but we would not suggest anything below that.

The faster, the better

We are talking about speed here, right? Before we dig deep into the discussion, let us know why we require fastness?

Have you ever hosted a home party or get-together? Did you face a situation where everyone is craving for a relishing drink, and everyone has their choices? What do you do then? Make the drinks one by one and take so much time till they don't even want the drinks anymore or wish for the magic to make it all in a jiffy maintaining taste?

Your wishes are the manufacturer's command! Yes, this is why you need speed and not just this, even when you are running late for work but cannot miss out on your health drink, you need speed!

Most of the currently designed blenders have options for variable speed settings. It means you have more control over what your gadget does.

20,000 to 30,000 RPM speed is highly suitable for high-speed blenders. But you will not use the mixer for a single purpose, hence comes the variable speed control.

Make smooth, light smoothies, thick nut butter or baby food, a single machine with more speed options will do it for you.

Some of the models have added pre-programmable settings as well. They come with more speed and time options. They are designed to make things way easier and quicker for you.

Blade technology

Blades and the blade technology should be on your priority list before you purchase any blender. Why is that?

Well, the blades or leaves are the main parts that ensure a smoother outcome. The better the blade technology, material, and sharpness, the faster it'll crush and chop the ingredients giving you a creamy consistency of your recipe.

Some of the models even offer six or eight leaves system to ensure you get the quality you paid for. For instance, the COSORI blender enlisted here with six-leaves premium blade technology can be a standout here.

Space consumption

If we consider blender types according to the space they occupy, there are three types- personal, immersion, or conventional blenders.

Now, both personal and immersion blenders are quite compact, and they can easily fit in your kitchen cabinet or on the countertop.

But a 20-inches tall conventional blender can generally not fit in the usual space. You need to store them on the open countertop or a large enough section of your kitchen cabinet.

Again, some of the models have hundreds of added accessories, well maybe a few less. But these accessories take up a good amount of area for storage as well.

If you do not keep them properly, they will break or have internal damage, and hence, all your money shall go in vain! Who wants that?

Hence, before purchasing, make sure you have enough space for the gadget.

Quality of the jar

Your blender jar has to do a lot for you! The strong biting ice, the rough and rigid nuts, warm liquids, everything that goes inside the pitcher comes out as your desired recipe.

And we cannot but give most credits to the pitcher to take on so much and still last for years and years.

The pitcher material is usually glass or plastic. Good quality glass means less-cratches, shining all-through blender life, compatible with changing temperature and ease in cleaning. But it also means, fear of sudden accidents!

Whereas, plastic jars are easy to handle, convenient, but not scratch-proof. Now, it's your choice of what you will be going for.

As for speed blenders, we would recommend glass jars for ensuring durability, good looks, and the capability to blend the toughest food with zero-marks afterward.

Ease of cleaning

Making our lives easier is the purpose of the existence of any and every tool. Conventional blenders that have a base and a jar are mostly quite easy to clean.

Just add some soapy water to the blender and give a whirl. For the outer body, you can wipe clean with a soft fabric. And most models these days are dishwasher safe, so you can easily use some dishwasher on these products, and they'll shine like new!

Even you are considering a personal blender; then you'll probably have to wash the pieces by hand. And again, if the parts are not dishwasher recommended, don't worry! Soap water is quite a good alternative.

Is the value worth it?

You want speed, action, performance, taste, and quality. But how many bucks can you spend on it? As for speed blenders, you wouldn't possibly get one that costs less than 100 or 200 bucks. Now, what is the reason?

More speed needs more power. That means the motor quality and strength should be top-notch. These motors essentially cost a lot. Hence, paying a bit more for them isn't a choice, it's a must.

But if you consider the efficiency, paying extra for some heavy-duty action is indeed considerable. What do you say?

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Does more speed means quick wearing out of the machines?

Not really. If your blender materials are durable and sturdy, they will not wear out easily. Over-heating solutions also come with appliances. And the warranties are also here to relax you of this thought as well.

What to do if the blender parts are not dishwasher-friendly?

It shouldn't be a big issue because the traditional; models were not dishwasher-friendly either. All you need to do is use dish soap and water instead of the dishwasher. Although, you might need to give it a better rinse.

How do I know if my blender is efficient enough before purchasing it?

This is a good question. The product information, especially about the motor and blade technology will assure you of the performance the blender can offer. Besides, going for more warranty period is a good idea too.

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