9 Best Juicing Books That will Make You a Juicing Expert

There may be a hundred juicing recipe books in the market. Nevertheless, only a few will genuinely meet your expectations.

We have rounded up the nine best juicing books for you. It’s up to you to pick the best one and start a juicy journey.

Are Juicing Books Necessary for Juicing?

Yes, it is necessary. A juicing book is like a user manual of a tool. Unless you have an idea about it, it’s not easy to operate the device.

You may have the best blender in your kitchen. However, if you have no clue about the great recipes for juices, the blender will become a burden.

Moreover, the books on juicing come with nutritional information and health tips. While sipping on your favorite juice or frozen fruit smoothies, you need to take a glance at them.

Best Juicer Recipe Book Review

1. The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet

About the Author 

Joe Cross is a live example of transformation towards better life and health. He made the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. There he showed how his life was before the change.

Wrong decisions, unhealthy food habits, and lifestyle literally took him ‘Near Death.’ However, he overcame the situation with a practice of natural and balanced food habits.

Review: The book is based on the life experience of Joe Cross. He faced a lot of hardship due to his health problems and eventually overcame those with good food habits.

You will find the transition from a junk food addict to a lifestyle setter. Joe Cross described all the methods he has applied to achieve the change.

The Reboot is like a combination of plans and strategies for a better lifestyle. You can find encouragement, inspiration, diet plan, and juicing recipes to overcome health issues.

No matter if you are dealing with obesity, poor health, or bad habits,  The Reboot will give you both lead and way towards the solution.

This New York Times bestsellers include all the tools of motivation towards a balanced and active lifestyle through diet plan and juicing habits.

Reader’s Opinion

The book got 5-star ratings from 89% readers. All of them believe that this book can change someone’s life forever. Moreover, it is an excellent guide to lose weight.

Are you a newbie in the world of juicing and not sure about the juices and smoothies recipe? The Reboot can be a great source of information and recipes.

Pro-level juicers won’t be very satisfied with this book. The recipes for juices are of elementary level. Besides, the book does not concentrate only on juicing as the cover said.

2. The Juicing Bible 

About the Author

Ontario based author Pat Crocker is the author of this Bible of Juicing. Crocker has a multidimensional career. He is a professional author with 25 years of experience as well as a home economist. Besides, she assists the world’s leading chefs as a culinary herbalist.

The Juicing Bible won her the International Cookbook Revue Award in 2000. This award-winning writer has around two dozen great cooking books under her name.

Review: This Bible of Juicing is one of the best juicer books in the market. The 350 recipes covered not only juices but also smoothies, tonics, and teas.

If you need a complete explanation of the effect of juicing on health, you should study this book. Crocker talked about the influences of juicing on a balanced diet and positive body functions.

The book also covered 80 most common health issues and their remedies through juicing. The author is very straightforward about the individual ingredients along with their impacts.

Overall the book is easy to understand and use. You can use it to overcome some of the common health issues by eating natural ingredients.

Reader’s Opinion

The book is the most popular with a 5-star rating among 88% readers. They believe it is an excellent choice for starting the journey of juicing.

Most of the 350 juice recipes are popular and help to cope with numerous health problems like diabetes and obesity. The readers believe it not only covered juicing but also healthy life habits.

Some of the recipes are hard to follow. The ingredients are not available in the local market. However, you can find some alternatives to those obscured ingredients.

3. The Healthy Green Drink Diet

About the Author

California is not only about Hollywood and Silicon Valley. It is also the place where Jason Manheim launched superdrinks.org. The Healthy Green Drink Diet is not the only book by Jason.

Jason is a green smoothie and juice enthusiast. He already wrote around five books about it. A web developer by profession, Jason is doing a great job of developing new smoothie recipes.

Review: This book will remind you of a world of green and goodness. All the green food ingredients of nature have their place in the book.

You will find all the benefits of green veggies like spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, and many more. The Green Diet book is a complete guide to use the green benefits to lose weight, boost immune, and cleanse the skin.

If you are a beginner in juicing and green smoothies, Jason’s book will offer excellent guidance. The entry-level recipes will make juicing effortless. Besides, it will help you learn the basics.

The book shows the way of transition from newbie to novelty. You learn to add more exotic greens into your juice and smoothies—obviously, the greener, the better.

Reader’s Opinion

With the 84% 5-star ratings, the Green Diet book is one of the most popular among the readers. Green drink lovers consider it is a must-have item on their shelves.

This juicer recipe book also comes with some of the best fruits and vegetable smoothies recipes. Readers can easily follow the recipes and guidelines.

The book couldn’t meet the expectation of a few readers. They found the use of honey, oil, and sugar doesn’t go with healthy living.

4. The Gerson Therapy

About the Author

Gerson Therapy is an alternative therapy for cancer introduced by Max Gerson. It uses the goodness of juices to treat cancers.

Max’s daughter  Charlotte  Gerson and Morton Walker duo have performed this therapy for the last six decades. They wrote this book to elaborate on the effectiveness of the treatment.

Review: The book summarizes the century-old steps of Gerson Therapy. The authors covered the benefits of an organic plant-based diet. This diet plays a vital role in treating chronic diseases.

Organic plant-based diets are believed to change the metabolism of the body cells. This changed metabolism enhances natural healing power. You will get a step-by-step description of the process.

You will learn the chemical effect of individual fruits and vegetables on different ailments. Besides, the book includes some advice about specific chronic issues like arthritis, asthma, and cancer.

This book covers a lot of juicing tips and benefits. Thus, you can make and use those recipes to get maximum health benefits.

Reader’s Opinion

The book has a considerable readership. Almost 90% of them said it is a  great book. Those who are suffering from cancer, or have a loved one suffering from it, loved the book.

The reader found the steps of the therapy enhance the body’s healing power. Besides, they have a significant improvement in health and wellness.

A few readers think the language needs to be easy. They found it sometimes contradictory and confusing. The whole process may require some concrete evidence.

5. Crazy Sexy Juice

About the Author

Kris Carr wrote multiple titles that were in the New York Bestsellers for multiple weeks. She is a health and wellbeing advocate and speaker.

Kris is the director and main subject of the documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer.  Her Crazy Sext Cancer series already won multiple awards. You will frequently find her lecturing at Wellfood and Harvard University.

Review: The book is all about fresh juices, silky, smooth smoothies, and nut milk. It will educate you about the effect of juicing on a healthy lifestyle and natural healing.

You will find a hundred recipes in the book, suiting with all the seasons. Every season comes with some great fruits and vegetables. The Crazy Sexy Juice will help you use them for making mouth-watering juices.

If you find yourself hesitant about picking the best one, consult this book. It has all the guidance to solve your hesitation. Besides, you will have the freedom to customize the recipes for juices.

One of the best things about the book is that it is also about selecting the best blenders. How great is that? This book will help you to pick the best blender as well.

At the end of the day, we all look for a fit and healthy body. Juicing is one of the ways. The Crazy Sexy Juice will be one of the best resources for excellent health through happy juicing.

Reader’s Opinion

The number of satisfied readers is high. It’s a staggering 94% with 5-star ratings. Most of the readers found it both inspiring and life-changing. Besides, the list of recipes was versatile and delicious.

People from almost every corner of the world have found the book as an excellent guideline for a healthy lifestyle. They also found it highly informative.

None of the readers said anything negative about the book. No wonder it’s one of the best juicer books to treat cancer in the world.

6. Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life

About the Author

Cherie Calbom and John Calbom jointly authored the book. Cherie Calbom is world-famous with the name “The Juice Lady.”

She has healed herself from chronic fibromyalgia and fatigue syndrome through juicing and a whole food diet plan. It is evident that she will know how to turn an unhealthy person to an active human being.

The co-author John Calbom is Cherie’s husband and an inspirational speaker on mental detoxing. This corporate chaplain integrated mental and economic detoxing with body cleansing.

Review: A simple change in body alkalinity can make a huge impact. It not only kills harmful germs but also balances body pH for better metabolism.

The Calboms’, in this book, comes with some practical ways of increasing body alkalinity. Their proposed method is juicing, emotional, and economic cleansing.

Most of the juicing books cover only the benefits and recipes of juices. However, this detoxifying book covers vegetable soup along with juices and smoothies.

We sometimes face the issue of finding the right nutrition in natural food ingredients. Now, things will be easy. This book has an index of nutrients from Vitamin A to Zinc in juices, smoothies, and soups.

One of the best things about this book is its diversity. Along with bodily cleansing, the book also covers the emotional and spiritual cleansing.

The Calboms believe both body and mind need to be detoxified for excellent health.

Reader’s Opinion

This great book on fasting and detoxifying life receive 5-star ratings from around 88% readers. Most of them said the book is an excellent resource for a healthy life and food habit.

According to the readers, this book offers numerous information about health and nutrition. All of this information helped them to treat a lot of health issues. Besides, the book covers a large portion of body cleansing and detoxification.

A few readers found the detoxifying process of this book is lengthy. They are not suitable for people with a busy and hectic schedule.

7. The Juice Lover’s Big Book of Juices

About the Author

Multi-Talented Vanessa Simkins is the author of this great juicing book. She is the founder of the juicing website All About Juicing.

If you are stunned with the recipes and photographs of the site, she is responsible for all of them.

No wonder Simkins has around a quarter-million readers every month.

Vanessa Simkins is a trendsetter in the juicing and healthy lifestyle. She explores and innovates new recipes so that people can stay healthy and active.

Review: You can call it a database of fruits and vegetables juicing recipes. The recipes have all the necessary details and are very easy to understand.

The book is an inspiration towards a healthy lifestyle. With the 425 delicious juicing recipes, it will transform your views about food and life. It will be easier for you to be creative with the menu with this detailed recipe book.

Nature has solutions to almost every health problem. Juice Lover’s Big Book has detailed information about the health benefits of some everyday food items. Add them in the juice to enjoy the healing energy.

You may face difficulties to decide which juice is best for you. A few are great for weight loss while others may be good for the immune system. This best juicer book, of our list, can guide you to the best pick for you.

If you are still not sure about the best one, do not worry. The five-star rating system will be a great aid to decide the perfect one. Every juicer recipe has ratings based on its effectiveness.

Now you add a new juice in your diet plans every week and continue until you figure out the perfect combo.

Reader’s Opinion

Around 93% of the readers said this is one of the best juicer recipes books with a 5-star rating. Most of them said it is an excellent book on juicing for beginners.

People love the combination of information and innovation in the book. They can make great juices as well as learn about the health benefits of the book. Besides, finding any recipes and their effectiveness is like a breeze.

A few readers found the recipes too basic and lacked nutrition information. Besides, others had issues in downloading the soft copy.

8. Juicing Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss

About the Author

A group of health and wellbeing enthusiasts formed a group named Fat Loss Nation. They are the author of this book.

This group already authored multiple books on Paleo Diet, Smoothies, Coffee, Quinoa, and Juices. Besides, this group has books on NutriBullet blenders.

Review: If you want to use juice and smoothies for weight loss, get this book. It will help you to shred some extra pounds quickly.

Juicing is great for nutrition, detoxifying the body, and many more. However, it can also reduce weight. This book has 50 useful juice recipes for quick weight loss.

You will also find the additional health benefits of each recipe. They have detailed information about all the ingredients and preparations.

The book is highly organized. The readers can find the recipes and their nutritional values. The index and the content are arranged according to the ingredients and preparations.

Reader’s Opinion

According to the reader’s satisfaction, the book is not among the best juicer books. Around 84% of the users found it as a 5-star rating book.

Satisfied readers found the book both informative and organized. The recipes are easy to understand and use. Besides, the ingredients are mostly available and non-exotic.

A few of the readers found the recipes contained too much sugar and carbs. They may not be suitable for diabetic patients.

9. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Juice Fasting

About the Author

Two of the Juice Specialists, Steven Prussack and Bo Rinaldi, wrote this book. Steve Prissak is the CEO of Juice Guru, a lifestyle brand. The brand is one of the pioneers in healthy juicing and lifestyle.

Co-author Bo Rinaldi is a proponent of a plant-based diet. He is the chef and ex-owner of Blossoming Lotus Restaurants in Kauai and Portland. Since 1960, Bo has been a die-hard vegan and trying to popularize it through the California Sixties movement.

Review: Yes, it’s an idiots guide. Anyone without any knowledge of juicing will turn into an enthusiast through this book. Thus, it will be an excellent guide for juicing for beginners.

All the 75 recipes for juices are for the beginners. Therefore, they are very easy to understand and implement. Besides, the recipes have some interesting facts about the ingredients and preparations.

Juicing fasting is an interesting way of balancing the metabolism processes. If you are not sure which one will be best for you, this book can help you.

Fasting can be fun too. It depends on what you are having after each period. You will find some mind-blowing recipes and health tips for your post fasting juice meal.

Reader’s Opinion

This complete guide of juicing is one of the best juicer recipes books with a 5-star rating from 90% readers. Readers are highly satisfied with the concept of juicing fasting.

The entire concept is very well written and well-organized. Thus, the readers do not face any difficulties understanding and using it in daily life. Even a juicing “idiot” can start a healthy lifestyle.

The only issue we have found about this book is the lack of serving sizes in some recipes. Some of the readers have some problems with the organization.

Lets Round-Up

All of the juicing books on our list are unique. They will provide you high-quality juice, smoothies, and soup recipes. Besides, you can get some excellent health and lifestyle tips.

However, the Crazy Sexy Juice is the best on our list. It has the highest rating for customer satisfaction. Moreover, the book is very well organized.

If you prefer the number of recipes, go and get the Big Book of Juices. This massive book has 400 recipes in it. Thus, you are getting a lot of juicing opportunities and information.

According to the popularity, The Juicing Bible will be on the top. This book already has a worldwide reputation as one of the best juicing books

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