Get The 8 Best Vitamix Blender to Ease Every Blending Task!

Does your home blender suffice all your needs of a professional quality blending with some quick action? Doesn't it? Well, then it's high time you take a look at the best Vitamix blender.

Whenever anyone talks about a classy, high-quality blender, it is quite evident that the first name that would come in mind is - 'Vitamix.'

Being the master of professional quality blending and with hundreds of models to choose from, you would indeed find your desired kitchen tool that you've been craving for ages! If you've already set your heart that yes, you want a Vitamix blenders, then we must tell you that you are moving in the right direction.

With increasing user demands, the manufacturers have been making essential moderations to their products and offering better and better gadgets every day! But with such a wide range, you might even get lost into the Vitamix pool.

Therefore, comparing power, warranties, quality, we have reviewed a couple of these machines to allow you to get a glimpse of the best ones.

Stick with us till the end to find your dream machine! So, let's get started!

8 Top-Rated Vitamix Blender Quick Table 2020 





The professional quality of the product is enough to keep it on the top of every kitchen appliance list.

[Best Pick]

Vitamix 5200 Blender
Fill Counter

To make your blending tasks smoother and tastier, this one will give its 100% till the last blend!


Vitamix 7500 Blender
Fill Counter

Your requirements may vary every now and then but it will take on all the load and fulfill all your demands like a pro!

[Editor’s Choice]

Vitamix Professional Series 750
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Have you been searching for an appliance to not only meet your expectations but to fit in budget as well? Get yourself the Explorian today!


Vitamix E310 Explorian
Fill Counter

Tired of the traditional blender functioning? Why not try something that offers advanced features, including self detect technology for the new generation?

[Smart Performance]

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series
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The best machine can be comprehended by the best control it offers. And indeed this one is a cool upgrade offering total control over the action.

[Best Control]

Vitamix 5300 Blender

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It is time for higher the bar of some tech-advancements. And so here we present the A2500 to meet your needs!

[Advanced Technology]

Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series
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A machine for ensuring easy accessibility of all the members of your family starting from your grandma to the Gen Z!

Easy Handling

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series

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8 Best Vitamix Blender Reviews

1. Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional - Best Pick


  • Larger capacity jar
  • Variable speed control
  • Sturdy, functional blades
  • Heating feature
  • Quick cleaning with a bit of dish soap

All of the Vitamix machines are built with the best quality materials, made sure to serve you the best. So, what's so different about the Vitamix 5200, and why it deserves to be placed at the top of the list? Let's dive into the details!

The manufacturers have given a thought to family entertainment rather than personalized usage. Hence, the 64-ounce pitcher is here with the machine to serve your needs of medium to larger servings. Experience the best taste together!

So, perfect consistency comes with precise control. And hence, the speed dial that allows rotation at any point of the blending to adjust the speed and make sure there is no compromise with the blending quality.

What's a Vitamix blender if it cannot handle harsh elements? And so the aircraft graded stainless steel leaves have been infused in the product to give you some quality results! Are you ready for it?

Why only have cold shakes and smoothies when you can have some tasty evening hot soups with the same machine and effort? Yes, the product allows you to create streaming hot meals in only 6 minutes. So, who's up for some yummy hot meal?

Give the mixer only half-a-minute or so to return to its shiny state.

With a 2.2 HP motor, it is quite reasonable that your blender may get heated if you work for long hours with it. Hence, the cooling feature and thermal protection have been included to make sure the user doesn't face any technical problems when he/she is opting to make a healthy and tasty beverage!


  • Durability assurance
  • Power-packed action
  • Versatile
  • Simple functioning
  • User friendly
  • Good control over blending
  • Auto shut-off for ease of maneuverability
  • Included tamper
  • Amazing 7-year warranty backup
  • Easy to clean


  • Needs more space for storage

2. Vitamix 7500 Blender - Heavy-Duty


  • Pulse control for better texture
  • Speed adjustments
  • Family-sized low profile container
  • Blades for handling tough ingredients
  • Auto-cleaning

Combining some of the most appreciated Vitamix mixer qualities, this kitchen appliance has reached the top of the favorites list among the general users!

Don't you want your creations to have the absolute perfect texture? And what mechanism can work the best to achieve it? The effective manual pulse, of course! Yes, the machine has a pulse control feature to ease things a bit with precision.

A switch and dial interface to meet your speed control needs. Yes, it might be on the traditional side, but does it work effectively?  Well, no doubt about that! With ten-speed variations in the speed dial, choose the desired speed at any point of blending.

A 64-ounce low profile container container is quite suitable for serving drinks to your family and friends. But don't worry about the size; it will fit quite easily under the kitchen cabinet. Phew!

So, "what about the performance?" Many of you may ask. With the four-tip assembly of hardened stainless steel blades, you are going to experience some effective handling of the most robust and harshest items in the most functional. Try it for yourself.

If you want a smoother blend, the appliance also includes a plastic tamper to support you with that.

Oh, and the cleaning? Well, it's as easy as always—some water mixed with dish soap into your blender for a minute. A little whoosh and whip and you're done!


  • All-metal drive system
  • Strong and powerful
  • Speed variation for more control
  • Easy operation
  • Better performance
  • Cool-running motor
  • Durable leaves
  • Plastic tamper included
  • 7-year long warranty


  • No available presets
  • Technical issues are apparent

3. Vitamix Professional Series 750 - Editor’s Choice


  • stainless steel sturdy base
  • Wider blade radius with power-packed motor
  • Rubber lid with a detachable plug
  • Well-built blades
  • Tritan 64-ounce container

Do you want your blender to carry out some professional tasks? We don't think Vitamix can offer a better solution than the Vitamix Pro Series 750. Why? Take a look at yourself!

If the machine construction isn't well done, then you might face difficulties in handling it. Especially those unwanted movements and bumps, the base may undergo is quite frustrating. For overcoming this efficiently, the product has a sturdy stainless steel base paired with a BPA-free plastic housing.

To begin with, this is probably one of the strongest, functional, and yet the quietest available Vitamix appliance. With the heavy-duty stainless steel blades, you cannot expect any less than the silky, smooth consistency of your meals.

Only a powerful motor is never enough to ensure the best performance of your machine. That is why, the mixer is paired up with more extensive blades construction along with a powerful 2.2 HP motor so that the users are not disappointed with the results, even a bit.

What's more interesting about the appliance it the additional of a removable plug to the lid that allows you to add more items in the middle of blending without any hassle. And the rubber lid is tight enough with quality material to prevent any spills at all!

The Tritan Polyester seems like the perfect material for the jar construction regarding the shaping, cleaning, and functionality. And so, this machine has a 64-oz BPA-free Tritan container to keep up with user demands.


  • Strong motor
  • Elegant housing
  • Good finish
  • Lightweight
  • More servings
  • Includes tamper
  • Versatility and better performance confirmed
  • 7-year warranty support


  • Pricey
  • Container quality could have been better

4. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender - Budget-Pick


  • Medium batches
  • Aircraft graded blades
  • Pulse for heartier recipes
  • Adjustable speed
  • Self-cleaning mechanism

If you want a Vitamix models to fit your budget, but with the same well-built construction and efficiency in working standards, then the Vitamix E310 would be an appropriate choice for you.

Not all the time, we require family servings or large batches to entertain peers and friends. So, catching up with an average container size seems enough for the use. Hence, the blender has a smaller 48-oz capacity jar.

The stainless steel blades with the four-tip assembly seem like they are sufficient for carrying out even the heavy-duty tasks. Also, a mini tamper is here to make blending a bit easier and smoother as well. So, a plus point for ensuring better results!

Just like most other machines, customers can get the highest of their comfort zone with a switch and dial speed adjustment work.

How? Well, firstly, it is easy to operate and handle. Most of us or our early generations look for ease in processing machines. And keeping this in consideration, the machine adjustment and usage has been made more uncomplicated so that it is easily accessible to everyone! But that doesn't mean it has any less speed adjustment features. It offers ten variable speed options as well!

Maneuverability ease also comes with easy cleanup. Just a drop of dish soap and a little water is just enough to do the full cleanup in a minute.

But wait! That's not all. It even comes with a thermal protection mechanism and radial cooling to make sure you don't have to face any technical hazards. Smart inclusion indeed!


  • Lightweight
  • Strong blades
  • Easy to operate
  • Better control
  • Built-in safety features
  • Affordable
  • Efficient motor
  • 5-year warranty backup


  • Less blending capacity
  • Loud performance

5. Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender - Smart Performance


  • Touchscreen control for smooth operation
  • Pre Programmed settings
  • Total control
  • Built-in timer
  • Self detect technology
  • Customized blending
  • Sufficient blending capacity

If you are looking for a more digitalized version of these Vitamix blenders, let us introduce you to the Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series, built especially for the new generation.

So, what should we start with? Okay, let's begin with the controlling feature if the manual control offers you a little less regarding the precision and fanciness. The product is here with a touchscreen controls that allows more accessible and convenient control along with ease of wipe-cleaning.

This digital version of a kitchen appliance offers up to five pre programmed settings and a connection with the Vitamix App to reveal the total potential of the machine. How? Well, it unlocks 17 programmable cycles with more than half a thousand recipes. We are just getting started with the features!

Digitalization doesn't take away the perks of total control with pulse and variable speed. Yes, it even has the pulse option and speeds dial to help you out with any usage type- modern or traditional.

Are you tired of your blender under or over-doing the recipes? No worries anymore! The built-in timer with automatic shut down is here to solve this issue.

With the advanced wireless connectivity, you are allowed to pair up any compatible container with a sturdy base. The smart machine with self detect adjusts the programs and bending system accordingly!

And of course, the 64-ounce jar with the most capacity for family batches is here to make sure everyone gets a taste of the best quality.


  • Versatile action
  • Precision in blending
  • Strong leaves
  • Auto-adjusting container feature
  • Advanced wireless connection
  • Powerful
  • Incredible decade-long warranty


  • Motor efficiency and durability not up to the mark
  • Heavy machine

6. Vitamix 5300 Blender - Best Control


  • Have total control!
  • High-end performance with quality motor
  • Pulse option
  • Family servings
  • Speed adjustability

Are you planning to invest in an appliance that will stick with you for a longer time and a little upgraded as well? Have a look at the Vitamix 5300 and check if it’s enough.

We have reviewed the 5200 version earlier—this one just a step upgrade to the old version. So let's start with the controlling features.

Like the previous Vitamix models, even this one has controlling support of a speed dial with ten-speed adjustments and a pulse option to pair up with.

Hence, you have the scope to bring the right consistency and flavor to your creations and smoother to coarse textures for more warm and yummy recipes. Why not get started with a wide range of recipe options today?

Excellent performance comes with a high-end motor, isn't it? And so the mixer is equipped with a 2.2 HP to offer the best quality in blending. Just give in multiple harsh elements in it and wait for it to return a tasty and healthy output. But with so much power, don't be worried about the noise because the machine delivers quiet action as well.

Do you appliance face problems in grinding coffee beans, making nut butters, and mixing doughs? The high-quality blades of this one will show you how it's done!

64-ounce capacity is enough for offering family refreshment. But the question is, will this fit in the kitchen space? Then take a breath of relief because the jar has a shorter length and fits comfortably under kitchen cabinets or on countertops!


  • Efficiently blends more
  • Perfect for regular use
  • Durability on-point
  • Effective action
  • Easy operability
  • Possible variety in the recipe
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Sharp blades
  • 5-year warranty coverage


  • Presets are unavailable

7. Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Smart Blender - Advanced Technology


  • Complete control
  • Pre programmed settings
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Container pairing
  • Digital timer

Another digitalized Vitamix option for Gen Z. Are you excited to know about the features of the Vitamix A2500 Ascent series? Come, let's take a look. Surely it won't disappoint you.

Who doesn't cherish a little fine-tuning option of their blender that can offer full control over your machine and the recipes it creates. Yes, this product provides this smart fine-tuning with the pulse and speed adjustments.

Why put a stop to your machine abilities with only smoothies and shakes? It can serve you with multiple options. Yours can't? But, surely, this mixer can. It offers three different pre programmed settings, including making frozen desserts, nut butter, hot soups, and usual smoothies. So allow your machine to do it all for you while you relax!

Like the A3500, this one offers customized blending as well. With any compatible pitcher size, the blender automatically adjusts the functionalities with the container. Fantastic!

Your needs may differ at times, and it is nothing to worry about when you have such a smart-tech blender at home. As these machines read the container size and fit your necessities accordingly, it's time for you to take a relaxed breath.

The days of manual processing of your recipes are over! With the digital timer, the mixer will do the processing for you by giving the right textures qualities as well.


  • Different functionality
  • Lightweight
  • Wireless action for precise control
  • Larger batches
  • Adjustable to different container sizes
  • Versatile recipe making
  • 10 year warranty support


  • Noisy
  • Has technical issues

8. Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender - Easy Handling


  • Family-sized container
  • Manual control
  • Digital technology-infused
  • Built-in timer
  • Versatile programming options

Are you looking for a smart blender, but that too in the budget? It's not an issue anymore because Vitamix has brought you the Vitamix A2300, which comes with multiple intelligent options with an elegant interface.

Though the machine is lightweight at about 11 lb only, yet it offers family entertainment with its 64-ounce container to serve drinks to all!

Sometimes, smart programs can be a little fussy to operate. Hence, the manual control is available on this model with ten variable speed control and a pulse control to keep the consistency just right in the traditional way.

It allows you to get connected with the Vitamix Perfect Blend App. What is the advantage? Well, it unveils the blender's total potential. And also allows you to choose from a wide range of programs and experiment with more than 500 recipes! Cool, right?

Who wants all the guesswork when your heart is craving for a refreshing drink? Hence, the product comes with a built-in digital timer that allows you to sit back and relax while your machine processes your favorite beverage.

With the advanced wireless connectivity, you can now pair up your appliance with a wide range of compatible pitcher sizes. Oh no, don't worry about the proper functioning! The machine is smart enough to adjust its blending programs accordingly. Your dream of customized blending is on the verge of coming true!


  • Adaptable to different containers
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Even consistency with a wide range of speed options
  • Precision action with recipe variety
  • More servings
  • Fantastic decade long warranty


  • No available presets
  • Loud action
  • Durability isn’t as expected

Things to Consider to Help You with Which Vitamix to Buy for Your Needs

Many of the homeowners have a special place in their hearts as well as their kitchen for some Vitamix appliances. And why wouldn’t they? Vitamix has been serving as a dependable brand for decades.

But even amidst the best, you may need to find your product that fits your preferences perfectly. And it is possible only through tons of Vitamix comparison and some well-done research. And to make things easier, why don't you try giving a quick glimpse of our buying guide?

Vitamix blender recipe

What is the pitcher capacity?

If you love some healthy shakes and smoothies first thing in the morning or coming home from a busy shift; It is most likely that you are going to make more of the beverages at once and preserve it for later use.

Again, being a party freak, you might need to make larger batches of smoothies and margaritas more often. Hence, to fulfill all these demands, we recommend you to settle for a pitcher with higher capacity.

A 64-ounce capacity will be the best suited for such uses.

But with a ton of research and analysis, we have found that most low-profile 64-oz containers cannot blend most elegantly. Instead, taller structures are good at squeezing down the ingredients to the leaves for more effective action.

However, some of you may only use a blender for your personalized usage or single-family requirements. So, what should be the ideal pitcher capacity for you? Well, a 48-ounce of the average position will do you just fine!

How is the quality? 

After the quantity, let's think about the jarring quality.

Now, let me tell you before we get into the discussion, why the quality is significant.

Firstly, if you are investing the right amount of money in a kitchen appliance, isn't it obvious that you'd expect it to last longer and serve you more?

Again, not everyone has a small family. You might have kids, parents, and even friends at home more often. And if you are keeping up with your busy work schedule, it is quite possible that you won't be able to do the blending all the time.

And when you are going to need some help from others, that means your machine is going to be used by several people. And if the quality of the pitcher isn't high-end, it might not be able to handle the regular wear and tear it goes through.

But you can take a sigh of relief with Vitamix containers. Why? Well, because all of these products come with a pitcher that is made of Tritan polyester, absolutely BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

The disadvantage may be on the looks, they may not look as shiny as the glass ones, but they'll be a durable choice.

Does it offer sufficient power? 

These mixers are winners when you consider the power supply. You won't see a single product that has insufficient blending power.

With about 1000-2000 watts of power, they are good at blending even some of the harshest items at ease. And no matter how much load you give in to it, It'll easily take on the heavy-duty!

But your needs can consist of professional purposes as well. And for that, you should be looking for about three horsepower motor to smoothen your experience in blending.

Are there variable speed control and presets options?

Variation in speed options is a necessity for the new generation. You cannot expect to make different recipes with a single-speed or with only a few.

And hence, the manufacturers have given this point special consideration as well. So, no matter what Vitamix product you choose from, it'll offer you at least ten-speed adjustments, that's for sure!

Now you can choose from either the old-school blending system or the modern tech ones. The current smart machines come with a touchscreen interface along with a digital timer to keep track of the texture of your desired beverage.

Some users who have a strict-busy routine cannot afford to stand beside the appliance holding the power button while the machine does its blending job. And so, for such busy people, the manufacturers have designed a hands-off approach with pre programmed settings.

The programs can be set for a number of basic tasks like- smoothie making, hot soups, frozen desserts, etc. You just need to select a preset and walk away to your work, while your machine prepares a magical refreshment for you.

Do I need it for home use or commercial purpose? 

The requirements of a blender will widely vary according to the purpose. Now, you need to be clear to yourself of you are going to use it at home only or business purposes.

The main difference between these machines can be that-

Commercial blenders are usually more powerful and more influential in the case of the motor and performance. Again, for the use in a coffee shop or a juice corner, you need some precise blending, don't you?

Hence, these Vitamix blender offer an excellent variety of programs, presets, and speed adjustments to make sure none of your customers go home disappointed. And with so much to offer, they are on the expensive side as well.

Home blenders or personal mixers are more affordable. But they'll probably only offer you the basic features and power to get along with.

So, what's your need?

How is the control interface?

So, what kind of controlling interface do you prefer? The button ones? The speed dial? Or the touchscreen?

Yes, you can get all of these options in the Vitamix products. The manufacturers have indeed made the products accessible to anyone of any age or preference.

If you are more accustomed to a straightforward control, you might need to settle for the most effortless button interface. But wait,  do you think the buttons can be a bit clunky for you, but you are still trying to keep the controlling easy.

Then we suggest you go for the switch and dial option. However, sometimes this can weigh a little less on the elegant side, but if you are going to get it for home, who cares about the looks?

The most stylish and elegant option for those who want their kitchen products to look sleek on the countertop would be the touchscreen interface. In the beginning, you may face a bit of difficulty in getting accustomed to the usage of such high-end control. Still, once you do, you'll most probably unlock a wide variety of possibilities to try out!

Is it lightweight?

For the sake of secure handling, you might as well go for the lightweight options.

However, most of these machines weigh quite less than the typical ones available in the market.

Another question for you would be- how much space does your kitchen have for a blender?

With limited space, it is better to go for a streamlined model that you can store in your kitchen cabinet. But if you think you have enough space on your countertop to use and move around the gadget, then weight and space shouldn't be your concern. You can choose a larger model with numerous features and functions without any hesitation!

Does it come with bonus features?

Nowadays, everyone is up for some smart feature addition in their kitchen appliance. And why wouldn't one want so? We are living in the modern era, folks!

If this is the case, you can take a look at the more technologically advanced options like the Ascent series, where they offer you wireless connectivity and digital timer as well.

Now, what is this wireless connectivity?  It leads you to pair up with a Vitamix app that unveils more than 15 presets and a cookbook with a great recipe option.

If you love blending and creating new magic every day, there cannot be a better option for you than this. However, you might need some time to learn the blender operation, but once you do, no one can stop you!

Another digitalized option would be the smart-detect feature. Now, what is this?

For making things a little fun and easy for you, these smart machines allow you to pair them up with compatible pitchers. They detect the size of your given container and adjusts the programs and settings accordingly, so just press the button and walk away!

All these features are indeed fascinating, but with more smart technologies, you would have to raise your budget as well.

Is it low on sound?

The buzzing noise of the kitchen appliances can bother not only you but everyone around you. And if you are working with your gadget in a professional environment, then you might risk scaring away your customers!

With more power, the noise generation will be more. And hence, you need to go for the model that keeps the sound low or has special features to reduce the noise generation.

How long is the warranty period?

Warranties are protection for your kitchen tools. Vitamix manufacturers are quite confident about their product, which can be understood from the warranty period they generally offer.

The warranty mostly ranges from five to ten years, which, we think, is quite enough. Selecting a product with a more extended warranty will hence keep you satisfied and confident about your machine.

According to us, since you are investing some good buck on these tools, wouldn’t you want them to last as long as possible?  In this case, warranties can be your trusted companion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are smart models complicated to operate?

It makes take some of your precious times to get acquainted with the full functionality of the tools, but if you get the hang of it once, it is going to be easy for you.

If I'm going to use the machine for commercial purposes, what should be the minimum bending capacity?

For commercial use, it is quite reasonable that you will need to make larger batches at once. And so the preferred capacity would be 64-70 ounce.

Are smart features as useful as expected?

If we talk precisely about the Ascent series, users are quite happy with the results. So, we are guessing these smart programs will be proved highly efficient for you as well. Try it yourself!

Final Thoughts

So, we have reviewed some of the best tools for this brand. But we think the Vitamix 5200 and the Vitamix 750 Pro series has stood out the most to the users regarding power, performance, and durability.

However, if you look for a smarter option, the Vitamix A2500 will be the better choice for you.

We can conclude that most of these products are built with high-quality, keeping the small details in mind. But, if you want the best Vitamix blenders for your needs specifically, then a little comparison and research is a must.

So, have you set your mind on which of these you want?

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