cold-pressed juice vs fresh juice

A Detailed Comparison Between The Cold Pressed Juice vs Fresh Juice

Juice is gaining popularity throughout the whole world. You get varieties of juices out there. Many people use it as a supplement to their diets and for getting nutrition while others to lose weight and for better skin. Some of them use fresh juice but others use the cold-pressed one. It is a matter of sorrow that most of them do not know the differences between the Cold-pressed juice vs Fresh juice.

A comparative study between the two can make your confusion clearer. That is why in this article, we are going to make a breathtaking comparison between the fresh and cold-pressed juice for your better understanding.

Do you have any idea about fresh and cold-pressed one? If you don’t have, let’s know about them so that you can choose and drink the best one between the two.

What is Fresh Juice?

Fresh Juice

Fresh juices are made from the ordinary juicing machines. In an ordinary juicing machine, juice is extracted from the fruits and vegetables by using high-spinning blades. Then the juice emits through a mesh filter, and you need to collect it later.

Fresh juice is good for instant use and testing. You can get it faster and cheaper than cold-pressed juice. But the main problem is that many vital nutrients are lost as fast-spinning is needed in this process. Another thing is that it will not last long because of the changing of tastes and prone rotting.

In this process, the juice’s cell walls start smashing down even just after some time. In a word, Fresh juice is for instant use. Therefore, it is beneficial for those who stock their refrigerator with vegetables and fruits.

What is Cold-Pressed Juice?

Cold-Pressed Juice

Cold-pressed juice is extracted from special machines where no spinning and blades are involved. The machines firstly crush the vegetables and fruits and then press them to extract juices from them. If you in a tour then you can use portable juicer to extract juice.

This kind of juice lasts longer even for weeks and is very effective for health as the nutrients retain the same. Though you cannot get it instant like the Fresh one because the process takes too long, you can drink the purest and cleanest form of juice from it. At the same time, it is more expensive than the Fresh ones.

On the other hand, Cold-pressed juice does not contain chemicals, artificial colors, added sugar, and preservatives, and it is not even pasteurized by using high temperatures. So, if you want to get pure nutrients, you can prefer cold-pressed juice to Fresh juice. But to get instant and ready-made juice, you can think otherwise.

The Differences Between The Two Processes

In a Fresh juice, fruits and vegetables are sliced in a high-speed blender. During the process, it’s naturally exposed to oxygen which can increase the development of harmful bacteria. The heat produced by the blades can destroy the nutrients of the fruits. This will be a barrier on the way of getting the complete nutrient package. Another drawback is that the fresh juice does not last long even for a few weeks.

On the other hand, cold-press is much effective and enjoyable than the Fresh one. During the process, it does not expose to oxygen, so there is no possibility of developing harmful bacteria. As the process does not require spinning the blades, you can get the maximum nutrients from the juice. The most important thing is that you can preserve it for a longer time.

Which One Is Healthier Between The Two?

Fresh juice is also called regular juice, but this does not mean that this is better than that. It is less sustainable and does not contain all the nutrition. Because of excessive heat, it loses a lot of nutrients during the process. It seems less effective and less healthy.

Cold-pressing follows a slower and laborious process. It produces the cleanest and purest juice. Similarly, it can retain the nutrition levels okay. It preserves some pulps and produces a richer juice full of fiber and protein.

Which One Is More Expensive Between The Two?

Making Fresh juice is less expensive than the cold-press one because cold-pressed juice requires equipment that is more expensive and needs more fruit. It has been made in smaller batches, so this type of juice is much more expensive than the fresh one.

But there are options for you! For a clean, pure, and the best type, you can buy cold-pressed. Dissimilarly, for a short on cash, ready-made, and sugary drinks, Fresh juices can be a good alternative for you.

Some Advantages of Cold-Pressed Juice

As cold-pressed is healthier than Fresh one, we are going to tell you about some advantages of it.

  • Reduces Labor Costs: When you think about juicing, you need shopping for, storing, shipping, juicing, cutting, and disposing of dozens of little limes. But when you think to get juice from apple or watermelon, you need not think about it. With a cold-pressed juicer, you need not do a lot of labor.
  • Reduces Waste: We know that ugly fruits are thrown away throughout the whole world. But when you use a juicer that produces cold-pressed juice, you can utilize those ugly fruits and vegetables. Another thing is that the juicer produces less waste but more juice.
  • Provides More Consistent Quality: The process does not break the cell walls. So, it can retain the nutrition level. It is the purest and cleanest form of a drink. Therefore, you will get the best quality juice from it.

In this article, you have already got a basic idea between the Cold-pressed juice vs Fresh juice If you have a habit of preserving fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator or want to drink quick and ready-made juice, you can go for the fresh juice. But if you want the juice which is quality-based, the purest, the cleanest, and full of nutrition, you have to choose the cold-pressed one. But we recommend that you should try cold-pressed. Though you may be late before drinking it, who can say – possibly the best thing is waiting for you!

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