Thinking Of Making An Easy Summer Cocktail? Go For A Relaxing Hard Lemonade Recipe

I am pretty sure that every adult above the age of 21 has tried hard lemonade at least once in a lifetime. Hard lemonades are the perfect cocktail for a party with a fantastic taste. It is such a kind of drink that you better hide from the kids.

Well, I think you must have had either hard lemonades at any party or buying a bottle. But have you ever tried fresh and tangy homemade hard lemonade? No need to be so worried, because I’m here with my hard water lemonade recipe with a kick!

I have always been a lemonade person. When I was a kid, I used to run around with a slice of lemon in my mouth. I still do it, but people find it weird. Especially during summer, I cannot think of any party drink other than hard lemonade with vodka or tequila.

However, are you a bit of lemonade addict like me? Great! But don’t you know how to make hard lemonade at home? Then give a shot to my recipe for hard lemonade added with a twist!

Hard lemonade recipe Ingredients:

To make your hard lemonade the best party cocktail and summer drink, you need to add:

  • Lemons:  You’ll need 4-6 lemons for this beverage. Slice some of them as well for decoration purposes.
  • Water: Half a cup of water will work.
  • Granulated sugar: I add a half cup of granulated sugar. You may add it as needed.
  • Lemon-lime soda: To give my lemonade more flavors, I use it in about 6 cups.
  • Orange liquor: The addition of 2 cups of orange liquor to my lemonade makes it fruity and delicious.
  • Ice:  Chill your drink with ice cubes.

Directions for my recipe

It’s a no-fuss no-muss recipe. Just a few steps to follow, and you are ready with glasses filled with hard lemonades!

  • Take a lemon and cut the lemon zest into large pieces.
  • Start simmering lemon zest, water, and granulated sugar in a saucepan and stir occasionally.
  • Keep stirring for 5-10 minutes unless the sugar properly dissolves, making the liquid like syrup.
  • Now cool the liquid and remove the lemon zest.
  • Take a large jug and mix the lemon syrup, citrus-flavored vodka, lemon juice, and orange liquor properly. I add the lemon-lime soda in the end so that the carbonation of the drink remains intact.
  • Serve it in glasses filled with ice cubes. Garnish it with sliced lemons.

Were you looking for a twist?

It’s time to break the classic hard lemonade recipe with some fruits infused in it. Trust me; this fruity flavor makes your drink extraordinary.

  • Sparking Peach lemonade
  • Pink strawberry lemonade
  • Minty watermelon lemonade
  • Blackberry or blueberry lemonade

You can even go for a sangria lemonade combining a few fruits!

Special tips

  • This hard lemonade is a recipe entirely based on lemons. So. make sure you choose it wisely with a strong fragrance.
  • I would ask you to use fruits with thin peels to make the syrup with lemon zest. Otherwise, the syrup may taste bitter and require too much of sugar.
  • I also like to use lemon-mint syrup to give my beverage a minty and tangy flavor.
  • Instead of this vodka-based hard lemonade, you can also try to lemonade with tequila.
  • You can even add seltzer water of different tastes to recreate your cocktail.

You now have my easy and exquisite hard lemonade recipe. So, what’s holding you back. Wait no longer and give it a try.

What is a better way than lemonade to enjoy a sunny day? And, when it comes to an adult party this summer, hard lemonades are the best. I’m sure you’ll love this hard lemonade and feel like making it again and again!

Ashton Max

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