5 Ways to Know How to Make Espresso [Without an Espresso Machine]

We love to sip on a freshly brewed espresso every morning. It makes us charged up. However, this great beverage comes with a high price tag. You need to have an expensive espresso maker in your kitchen. Nevertheless, have you ever thought to make espresso without an expensive espresso machine?

I know it is not making any sense to you. However, the answer is you can make espresso without machine. The process is not only comfortable but also affordable. I know you are excited to know about it. You will be surprised that some simple kitchen gadgets can make it for you.

I have seen French Press and Moka Pot sitting lazily inside the cupboard. However, if you know their use, you do not have to buy an expensive coffee machine anymore. We will explain the whole process in detail. Nevertheless, before going there let us take a look what makes espresso such an excellent drink.

How to Make Espresso Without an Espresso Machine

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What is so special about Espresso?

Level of Roasting

Too much roasting may not be a good option for BBQ. However, it is essential for a cup of great espresso. Highly roasted darker beans make a more robust drink. I always prefer a dark flavor for the morning whereas mild flavor for the evening.

Long roasting times make the beans porous like a sponge. Therefore, the optimum type of water can extract the entire flavor from the beans. Moreover, it takes less time to finish the flavor extraction. Under-roasted bean will not only resist water to get in it but will also take more time to release the flavor.

Grind Texture

Grind fineness is the key for great espresso. You have to crush the roasted beans into a fine grind to get the maximum flavor. Fine texture prevents the water from penetrating into the grinds. It helps to build up the pressure inside the filter and ensure maximum aroma extraction.

However, if you grind too fine, it may backfire! Too fine grinds will block the coffee filter and ruin your espresso experience. It is possible to hand-ground the beans in the home, but it is time-consuming. Nevertheless, you can use a separate bar grinder if you do not have a coffee machine with grinder.

The optimum grind texture depends on the coffee lover. However, you have to make sure the beans are grinded enough to soak in water and not that fine to clog the filter. Some of the expensive espresso machines can customize grind settings according to the filter.

However, as we are trying to make great espresso without any machine, we have to rely on our judgment and efficiency.

The pressure inside the machine

I know you are aware of how to make espresso with machine. However, have you ever thought about the pressure of the machine? Espresso machines use boiling, pressurized water. This pressurized water passes through the grinds and creates an excellent espresso.

You have to create nine times more than atmospheric pressure. It equals to 130 pounds of pressure per square inch. You will feel the same pressure if you dive under 300 feet of water. Well, it not only sounds huge, it is actually tremendous pressure.

Therefore, it is evident that generating this pressure by hand will be almost impossible. However, you can mimic this pressure in some sort and make great espresso. Let us see how to make espresso without a machine at home.

How can you make espresso without expensive machines?

AeroPress is an easy device for espresso

How do you feel if you do not have to light up your stove for a great cup of coffee? I know it will feel great. AeroPress is the device, that will you give you this feels. A cup of Hot water, AeroPress, and your favorite grind. That is all you need for a cup of great espresso.

You have to heat up the water to 185-205 degrees. Do not use it. Wait for 30 seconds and you will get the right temperature. Your AeroPress comes with a drain cap. Put a filter on it and place it on the AeroPress. Place the whole setup on top of the cup where you want to serve your coffee.

Now fill the jar with 2-tbs full of coffee grind. Add half cup of hot water with it. Mix everything with a spoon and wait for 30 seconds. Place the plunger and push to extract the flavored water that will make your favorite espresso.

Use a Moka Pot to make Espresso

The Moka Pot is a unique piece of Italian engineering. This simple device use steam pressure to extract the flavors. This simple process mimics the AeroPress settings.  If I ask can you make espresso without a machine, Moka Pot will be your best answer.

In those old days, Café was not available in every corner of the street like now. Thus, espresso lovers from Italy figure out their own way to enjoy the magic of coffee. They come up with Moka Pot through extensive trial and error. All of their hard work now pays off in the form of great espresso without any expensive machines.

You have to fill the pot with water up to the fill line. Then add 4 to 4.5-teaspoons of coffee into the filter basket. Now you have to attach the top and place the Moka pot on the stovetop. The steam will make its way through the coffee grinds into the upper chamber. You can imagine how splendid that coffee-flavored steam will taste when it turns into hot espresso.

Make Espresso with a French Press

My wife and I are a serious coffee lover. Therefore, we have a French Press in our kitchen. This easy but efficient device will work as your homemade espresso machine. You can turn it into an affordable coffee machine with few tweaks and techniques.

You can make grind and put into the French press. Use 2 tablespoons for each cup of espresso. Later add a splash of hot water and wait for a few seconds. Then add the desired amount of hot water. Before you push the plunger, wait for at least 4-minutes.

Push the plunger, raise and repeat this for few times. With each press, you will get the best flavored water for a great cup of espresso. You can add whatever you want to make it your signature style. Crema, Sugar, or just Milk, it is up to you. Now your “Frenchpresso” is all set to go.

It’s not easy but neither impossible

Lot of my friends did not believe it first. However, they finally realized how easy it is to make espresso at home without any costly machine. I told them it gives mental satisfaction because I made the whole thing. Moreover, I save a few hundred bucks for some great coffee beans.

Now you know how to make espresso without the machine.  Without hitting the neighborhood café or putting a balance on your card, you can enjoy the aroma at home with your family and friends. Out of those three methods, Moka Pot ensures more flavor. However, the AeroPress and French Press are more affordable and easy to use.

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