is juicing good for you

Is Juicing Good For You?Is Juicing Your Health Maker or Destroyer?

Our day to day life is somehow more or less toxicated. So, juicing has become a must. We take this as a healthy drink in the morning, sometimes when we feel dehydrated and many times out of habit. But is juicing good for you? It is a simple question but difficult to answer. Some will tell you, eating fruits are more nutritious than juice. Others will say to you; juice extracts give you lots of nutrition. Which one will you believe? Juicing is both good & evil in different aspects. Let us know why or why isn't it good?

Why Juicing Is Good?

Due to having a bustling life, it is the only alternative to raw, nutritious fruits. When we are in a rush in the morning, we would like to pick the glass of juice rather than the plate of breakfast as we can finish it with a few seconds. One of the most significant advantages is if you are not into raw fruits or vegetables, you still can have the benefits by replacing those natural with juices. Juices do have amazing nutrients and taste, as well.

It gives you an energizing snack & sometimes it becomes your meal replacement for a day.

Why Juicing isn't Right?

One of the ridiculous answers is the by-products of the fruits are the source of fiber that your body needs. And juicing removes it. Removed pulp and tissue are required for lowering the level of blood sugar & cholesterol, reducing hard disease risk & many more. Well, a glass of juice can't compete with the whole fruit.

Now you may be asking then what we should do? Everything has a good & bad side, hence juicing also. What about we stand in the middle and balance them. As juicing has become part and parcel of our lives, with some rules, we can bring out the best of it, reducing the adverse effects.

Watch The Amounts of Calories

Your juicer squeezes the most calories-rich part of the fruit, and it ranges from 100 to 800 resulting in weight gain. The ranges vary according to types of fruit. Again, the more taste the drink gives, the more calories it carries. So, look for a 1:1 ratio for a perfect mixture of vitamins & minerals. It is better to drink one cup of juice to maintain a calorie level.

Drink The Juice Immediately

When juices sit for a long time, its’ antioxidant level reduces. The antioxidant is the main soldier against cancer cells. It also plays a leading role in preventing contamination. But if you want to store it, then you can keep it in the fridge for 24 hours. Check the freshness before you save it. 

Add The Pulp Instead of Throwing It

The primary sources of dietary fiber that is the skin & flesh are removed by juicing. And that is the main reason for arousing the question, “Is juicing good for you?” What I learn from one of my friends is to add them back to the juice to get the nutrient.

But if you are a hater of pulpy juice like me, then take those pulp and add them in your sauce, backed food, soup, scrambled eggs, or any other dishes. Don't take fiber lightly. It is only one nutrient that your body needs for various purposes. It is an essential nutrient which can also reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. 

Choose The Right Product for Juicing

It matters what you are juicing when it comes to health. Choose the fruits & vegetables that are colorful in appearance and non-starchy. Like –

  • Tropical products. Example- Mango, Papaya, Kiwi.
  • Dark vegetables with green leaves. Example- Kale, Spinach.

Green vegetables and stalks like celery have incredible nutritional value. You will be amazed by its effect on your body. Beauty benefits, fighting cancer cells & many other mystical features are carried by celery. I have gone through it, and now it's my favorite. But it's challenging to engulf the raw celery, so you have to choose a celery juicer for your health.

Weight Loss

I know juice comes first in your food list if you are on a diet. But if you intake juice without considering the food type, nutrient value & quantity, then you will lack protein or fiber resulting in losing muscle mass.

Bottled or Fresh Juice

A frequently asked question is, are bottled or fresh juice the same? Bottled juices are pasteurized for through heating. Because of warming, bacteria got killed but also reduced some of the nutrient levels. Again, as it is stored, it loses more nutrients. But studies show that some of the processed juices have antioxidants at a high level that are health-promoting. But still, I will recommend juicing at home using your juicer to avoid the chemical preservatives of bottled juices. 

Excessive Juicing

Come on, everything has a limit. There will be some scary effects on your body due to excessive juicing when it comes to cleansing your body. You have already got liver and kidneys for removing the toxins out of your body. To cleanse your body drink plenty of water. Long term juice cleansing can cause a lack of nutrients & you will experience some symptoms like dizziness, dehydration & fatigue. So, the right amount of liquid is one cup per day with the proper selection of fruit or vegetable.

UK National Health Service advises drinking one cup of juice per day. Sometimes you should also intake whole fruits. But if you are a patient and taking any prescribed drug, then contact with the doctor before you are doing excessive juicing.

Bottom line

I hope this article has pleased you with the answer to your question, "Is juicing good for you?" This article is not against juicing. Juicing is vital for maintaining health and has many benefits. I have tried to show you the right way of taking juicing advantage, eliminating those adverse effects. Please do give us some feedback.

Ashton Max

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