5 Best Jack LaLanne Juicer To Add Power In Your Daily Diet

How would you feel if your daily diet provides power along with nutrition? It's true. Now, you can get both with Best Jack LaLanne Juicer in your kitchen.

We have reviewed many juicers that claim to be a power juicer machine. However, only the  Jack LaLanne Power Juicer comes with flying colors.

Jack Lalanne's Juicer review will help you to choose the perfect one for your home. This particular juicer will remind you of a history of triumph while enjoying your favorite dishes.

History and Legacy of Jack LaLanne Juicers

The juicers are related to the health and fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne. Despite being a self-proclaimed 'sugarholic' and 'junk food junkie' teenager, LaLanne turns himself into American nutrition and fitness guru.

Between 1951 to 1985, LaLanne hosted the popular television fitness program The Jack LaLanne Show. He encouraged numerous people, including women, into a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

This California born health entrepreneur believed that a healthy population can build a great nation. So he invented a power juicer and named it after him.

Every Jack LaLanne's juicer is powered with the motivation to build a healthy nation. Thus, you should have one in your kitchen and turn your daily diet into a power diet.

5 Top-Rated Jack LaLanne Juicer Quick Table 2020 





Featured Jack Juicing machine with high power and precision

[Top Choice]

Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine
Fill Counter

A user-friendly juicer with high-quality motor and blade.

[Easy to Use]

Jack LaLanne's PJEB
Fill Counter

Most popular among the LaLanne fans. It comes with a juicer and pulp container.

[User's Choice]

Jack Lalanne PJP
Fill Counter

High-end Jack LaLanne Power juicer with all the great features.

[Editor's Choice]

NEW Jack Lalannes JLSS
Fill Counter

Affordable Jack LaLanne juicing machine.

[Best Affordable]

Tristar Jack LaLanne
Fill Counter

5 Best Jack LaLanne's Juicer Review

1. Jack LaLanne's JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine- Best Brand Value


  • Motor Speed: 3600-rpm
  • Noise: Very low
  • Technology: Juice Extraction Technology
  • Feeder chute: Extra Wide
  • Bonus: Power Juicing Recipe Guide

This is the pioneer of all Jack Juicing machines. It appeared for the first time in the famous Jack LaLanne Show on TV.

You can put almost any fruits and vegetables into the extra-large feed chute. No matter how hard they are, the patented extraction technology will make sure you get all the juice but no pulp.

This centrifugal power juicer has a high-powered induction motor. It rotates the stainless steel blade at a staggering 3600-rpm speed. As a result, all the nutrients of the food remain intact in your juice.

Noise is the last thing you can expect from this power mixer and juicer. The induction motor makes no sound at all. That's why LaLanne named it to whisper quiet.

All the functions of this Jack LaLanne Power juicer have a vertical position. It means the machine will occupy less space in your kitchen top. You do not have to worry about extra storage. The removable parts are dishwasher safe.

You will get a bonus booklet with tips and 30 more juice recipes. It's not over, the motor comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime guarantee for the motor
  • No noise
  • Less storage space
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Bonus recipe booklet


  • The juicer breaks down quickly in a few instances

2. Jack LaLanne's PJEW Power Juicer Express - Easy to Use


  • Motor Speed: 3600-rpm
  • Juicing quality: 30% extra juice
  • Noise: Very low
  • Technology: Juice Extraction Technology
  • Safety: No-drip spout
  • Feeder chute: Extra Wide

Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express is famous for 30% more juice at an affordable price. This power juicer can deal with most of the fruits and vegetables. It also offers dripping-free juicing.

The induction motor is the heart of this Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. It turns the stainless steel, surgical-quality blade with 3600-rpm speed. Despite the high speed, the whisper-quiet motor won't wake up the person with the lightest sleep.

You will get 30% more juice than any conventional centrifugal juicer. Thanks to the patented extraction technology. It makes juicing like a breeze. The mechanism shreds and pushes the fruits against the mesh filter.

This shredding and pushing saves energy and produces less heat. As a result, you will get the nutrition of the whole food. Along with more juice, this magic machine maintains more nutritions.

Your jack juicing sessions will be free of any dripping with this juicer. The no-drip spout ensures the flow of fresh juice directly to our glass without a mess.

Dishwasher safe detachable parts will let you enjoy the juicing almost every day. Now you can recharge yourself with freshness like charging your phone or mobile device.


  • It makes dry pulp
  • Extracts 30% more juice
  • Compact design
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Noisy while juicing carrots
  • A few users found the motor not up to the mark

3. Jack Lalanne's PJP Power Juicer Pro - User's Choice


  • Motor Speed: 3600-rpm
  • Noise: Very low
  • Made: Stainless Steel
  • Technology: Juice Extraction Technology
  • Feeder chute: Extra Wide
  • Pulp Collection: Large capacity collector

What can you ask for if your juicer comes with a compact design, lightweight, and a stunning look? Well, nothing except the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro. This stainless steel power juicer is the combination of all three.

Do not take it lightly because of its 6-lbs weight. The 3600-rpm motor can take on heavy-duty jobs like juicing carrots, celery, and other hard fruits. Besides, it can deal with almost any vegetables.

The only issue you may face with this great juicer is the inability to deal with too juicy fruits. The pulp clogs the mesh filter too quickly.

Any fruits or vegetables can be turned into juice with this LaLanne juicer. The extra-large feed chute can accommodate most of the whole fruits.  This will reduce the prep time as you do not have to cut them into pieces.

The juice will come directly to your glass through the non-drip spout. The spout ensures no mess in the kitchen, along with fewer hassles. All the pulp will go to the large pulp collector. It means you can throw as many fruits you like for juicing.

This durable juicer is made with stainless steel. It adds a stunning look in your kitchen and saves the body from any scratches and rust.


  • Stainless steel made
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Large pulp collector
  • Wide feed chute


  • The mesh filter clogs by juicy fruit pulp
  • Noisy

4. New Jack LaLanne's JLSS Power Juicer - Editor's Choice


  • Motor Speed: 3600-rpm
  • Noise: Very low
  • Made: Stainless Steel
  • Technology: Juice Extraction Technology
  • Feeder chute: Extra Wide
  • Pulp Collection: Detachable collector

You can make multiple batches of fresh juice with this stainless steel made Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer. Both the internal and external parts are made with surgical grade steel to ensure happy jack juicing.

High rpm motor can easily shred any fruits and vegetables into nutritious juice. The motor is super quiet and quick. However, a few users heard a noise while juicing carrots or other hard foods. Make sure you cut them into smaller pieces if you do not want to miss the benefits of carrots.

It is easy to clean this Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. You have to detach the parts and put them into the dishwasher. The stainless steel body will save it from any rust or scratches. Due to its compact design, the juicer will take less space anywhere.

Both the blade and mesh filter is made with surgical grade steel. It ensures food safety, along with precision. However, the mesh got quickly clogged while juicing fibrous foods like celery. Thus, you have to have a close look at it.

This machine will provide you the joy of continuous juicing. A large pulp collector will immediately remove the pulp, and you will get a constant flow of fresh juice in your glass. This power juicer is an excellent fit for any indoor or outdoor party.


  • Durable stainless steel made
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • You will get a food pusher
  • The motor comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • The juicers stop while juicing carrots
  • Mesh filter clog up quickly

5. Tristar Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer Machine - Best Affordable


  • Motor Speed: 3600-rpm
  • Noise: Very low
  • Technology: Juice Extraction Technology
  • Feeder chute: Extra Wide
  • Pulp Collection: Detachable collector

With one of the quietest motors among the LaLanne juicers, this machine will fulfill almost all of your juicing needs. Compact and convenient are the synonyms of this power juicer.

Like any other Jack LaLanne's juicers, the motor comes with a 3600-rpm speed. This induction motor can take care of almost any vegetables and fruits without making a bragging noise. Nevertheless, some of the users faced difficulties with carrots and cabbages.

Daily juicing has a lot of benefits. This Jack LaLanne juicers will ensure a constant supply of juice for your family. Wide feed chute will let you put any juicing items in it. The large pulp collector will remove the pulp instantly so that the flow continues.

Easy to clean high-grade plastic will make the juicing easy. You can put all the removable parts into the dishwasher after each use. The stainless steel blade and filter take a lot of tolls. However, the combo works great with any food.

The rpm may seem lower than the conventional centrifugal juicer; however, they have a purpose. Lower rpm ensures less heat that damages the nutrition. Therefore, you will get more juice with additional nutritional values from this power juicer.


  • It has an automatic pulp ejection
  • You will get 30% more juice
  • Quietest motor among the LaLanne juicers
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Motor performance is not up to the mark
  • Can not juice carrots and cabbages well

The LaLanne Juicer Cleaning Process - Step by Step

Cleaning a Jack LaLanne juicer has two parts. The first part includes disassembling the juicer. The nest part is cleaning. You can clean each individual part of this magic machine separately.

Disassembling the Juicer

You have to locate the juice spout locking mechanism to unlock. Turn the device counter-clockwise along the spout hinge pivot arm. Later. Lift the juicer spout up to remove the receptacle to clean.

Juicing Jug, Pulp Container, and Lid

The juicing jug and the lid are dishwasher safe. Put them on the top rack to avoid too high temperatures. The motor housing aka base is safe to wipe with a damp cloth.

If you do not prefer the dishwasher, clean the removable parts in warm soapy water. Make sure to use a mild detergent and rinse the parts thoroughly.

Stainless Steel Blade and Filter

Hold the blade and mesh filter under running water. Use a bristle brush to remove the pulp and other leftovers. After cleaning, wipe dry all the parts.

You do not have to worry about any rusting or spots. However,  you won’t love to see the water spots on those shiny steel steels.

Juicer Base

The base is the heart of every Jack LaLanne’s juicer. It accommodates the induction motor. It is recommended to use damp clothes to wipe the base after each use.

Never submerge the base in water for any reason. It will not only damage the motor for good but may also create a serious hazard for you.

For great juice, smoothies, sauces, or soup, clean the juicer after each use. Some users found this rigorous cleaning tedious. However, you have to spend some time on more exceptional outcomes.

Buying Guide for Choosing The Best Jack LaLanne Power Juicer

When you have a bunch of great options, it is not easy to pick the right one. However, if you are clear about your preferences the job is not that hard.

Keep your preferences in mind and go over the vital factors to choose the right Jack Juicing machine.

Ease of Use

Your grandma must have said it millions of times' our days were simple.' Well, you will find it in every Jack LaLanne mixer and juicer. This old fashioned juicer is easy to use and handle.

Every juicer comes with a detailed user manual. It will tell you very clearly how to assemble and disassemble every single part. Besides, you will know how to clean them properly.

If you ever feel hesitant about any fruits and vegetables, the manual will help you too. It comes with in-depth instruction on what and how to juice.

All the detachable parts are dishwasher safe. Therefore, no worries after a big jack juicing session.


LaLanne juicers are affordable. You do not have to put a high charge on your credit card to get one for your home.

You will get all the benefits of patented extraction technology, a high powered motor, and a nostalgic look at an affordable price.

The price range of this compact juicer can compete with any affordable juicer in the market.


You can make your baby sleep while making fresh juice with any  Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer. The manufacturer named it as Whisper Quiet Motor juicer.

The induction motor is housed in a noise-canceling base. The base prevents any motor noise coming out of the housing.

According to the users, these juicers are among the quietest in the market.

Size and Dimension

All the LaLanne's power juicers have a more vertical function rather than a horizontal footprint. Thus, it takes less space in any kitchen.

The compact size and shape of the juicers make it fittable in any storage space. Besides, it gives the juicers mobility along with convenience.

You can put this champion juicer in anywhere for nutritious juices and smoothies. On an indoor, get together, or outdoor game, the juicer will; fulfill everyone's thirst.

Jack LaLanne Juicer Parts

The more you juice with this inspirational device there is a chance of wear and tear of parts. Then you have to search for those parts everywhere.

We have made the search easy. You will find the list of all spare parts of any Jack Juicining machine.

A. Crescent Tool

This is an essential tool for this amazing machine. Most of the users do not get the use of this small crescent tool and easily misplace it.

The tool is for unscrewing the juicer blade. The tool is available for the following models MT1000, E1188, CL003AP, Pro, Classic, and Deluxe.

B. Stainless Steel Blade

This blade fits in every Jack LaLanne juicers model except the MT series. It does not come with the base unit. Thus you need to get one and put it on the old base unit.

Unmount the old blade using the crescent tool and replace it with a new one. Be careful while replacing the blades. They are razor-sharp.

C. Pusher

This is an essential tool for great juicing. The pare pusher fits with all the Jack LaLanne machines. Thus, you do not have to worry about the fitting issues while ordering one.

D. Replacement Pulp Collector and Pusher

You will need both of them for all the Jack LaLanne juicing machines except MT series. Have you found the original pulp collector is having an issue along with the pusher? It is the high time to order this combo and renew the life of the juicer.

E. Stainless Steel Blade and Crescent Tool Combo

This is a super combo for the following models: Deluxe, Classic, Pro, CL003AP, E1188, and E11889.

The crescent tool will help to dismount and mount the blades. Besides, the combo price is more reasonable than the individual units.

F. Pulp Collector and Blade

This combination does not go with the MT series. If you have any other model except MT, go for this affordable combo. You can save money and time while juicing.

Jack LaLanne's Juice Recipes

Curly Green Combo

Curly Green Combo


  • 4 cups Kale
  • 2 Green Apples


Cut the fruits and vegetables into pieces for enjoying the real taste. If the apple is organic, you can keep the skin for more fiber.

This is one of the best juices to wake you up. However, you can add some other fruits to power up your morning.

Crunchy Punch

Crunchy Punch


  • Orange zest
  • 4 Carrots
  • 4 Celery stems
  • ¼ Red Bell pepper


Mix all of the ingredients in the Jack LaLanne's juicing machine. If you want to get the real taste, cut the vegetables into smaller pieces.

Apple Ginger Twist

Apple Ginger Twist


  • 1 slice of GInger
  • 2 Apples
  • ¼ Lemon


Add all the ingredients onto the Jack Juicer. Make sure to peel and dice the GInger for a great twist. Are you a big fan of ginger juices? Then check these best ginger juicers for more refreshments.

Green Supremo

Green Supremo


  • 1 whole Kiwi
  • ½ lime
  • ½ lemon
  • 1 green apple
  • ¼ Bell Pepper


Cut all of them into smaller pieces before putting them into the juicer. Make sure you peel the kiwi. If the apples are organic, keep the skin for a robust taste.

The Red Robinhood

The Red Robinhood


  • 3 Beet Root
  • 2 Carrots
  • 1 Lemon


Cut the vegetables into smaller pieces and add lemon juice with it. The smoothness depends on the juicing time. Longer the juicing time, the mixer will be smoother.

FAQ about Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer

Is Jack LaLanne juicers good?

Yes, it is an excellent centrifugal juicer with a 3600-rpm motor. You can put anything through the extra-large feed chute and get fresh juice.

The stainless steel blade and mesh filter ensure more juice while keeping the large pulp out. The compact design comes with mobility and comfortable storage facilities.

Jack LaLanne's juicing machines are among the most trusted and durable in the market. Users rely on these machines from their introduction in 2002.

Till now, around 2-million pieces of LaLanne's Jack Juicing machine have been sold.

How much does a it cost?

The price of Jack LaLanne's fruits and vegetable juices starts from below $100. These affordable juicers are great for both newbies and juicing veterans.

You do not have to shred a lot from your wallet to get one the LaLanne Power Juicer Express. These machines are on sale in your nearest supermarket or online. You just have to pick the right one from our Jack LaLanne's Juicer review.

What kind of juicer is Jack LaLanne?

Jack LaLanne's juicers are hybrid-centrifugal juicers with additional motor power and higher rpm. They come with vertically positioned feed chutes. This extra-large chute is compatible with any sizes of fruits and vegetables.

If you prefer fast juicing for a fast-paced life, get a Jack LaLanne from our best juicer review. All five of them are great for different juicing and nutrition purposes. They can yield juice from any fresh vegetables and fruits.

Because of the high-powered motor and razor-sharp blade, the juicers got the name power juicer. It was the dream of LaLanne that everyone will get essential nutrients for a healthy and active life.

The LaLanne juicers are still making a dream come true.

Wrap up with Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer

Jack LaLanne's juicing machines are not only a conventional juicer. Each of the pieces is related to a life long legacy of a fitness entrepreneur. These Jack juicing machines ensure all the users a healthy and robust diet so that they can build a great nation.

According to our in-depth review, Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer Deluxe is the best according to every feature. This high-end power juicer has the highest rating for customer satisfaction.

Pricewise, the Tristar Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer Machine is the best among the listed five. It won't shred your wallet that much. However, you will get all the goodness of LaLanne's legacy.

If you prefer brand value above everything, get the Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer Juicing Machine. It has a great balance between affordability and all the features of a great jack juicing machine.

Our review of the Best Jack LaLanne Juicer has made your job easy. Now, pick any one of them and add power in your daily diet.

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