Lime Water Recipe

Want To Make Pure Water Tasty? How About Trying A Simple Lime Water Recipe!

Everyone is aware that water is essential for survival, and it keeps us hydrated. Our bodies cannot function properly without water. Despite knowing this, many people don’t drink sufficient water.

Do you feel reluctant to drink water and opt for other refreshing drinks? I had faced this problem too. But remember that water has no alternative in terms of keeping you fresh and hydrated.

Instead of looking for other refreshment drinks, how about making pure water appealing? You must be wondering if it is possible. Of course, you can turn the plain water tasty with my simple lime water recipe!

Lime water is simply a combination of lime and water with a bit of mint in it. I assure you it has extraordinary taste. Lime water doesn’t only quench your thirst but also keep you hydrated and make you feel fresh.

Are you thinking about how to make lime water? The recipe is kept simple to ensure your daily intake of this refreshing drink. You’ll need only two minutes to prepare it. Let’s give this recipe a glimpse.

Lime Water Ingredient

You might have guessed two of its elements already. Let’s check the essential and garnishing additives:

  • Lime: As the name suggests, lime is a must in my drink.
  • Lemon: I have squeezed lemon to give it a fantastic citrus flavor.
  • Lime juice: I’ve even added one tablespoon of lime juice in it.
  • Water: 4 cups of water is enough to make the perfect lime water.
  • Fresh mint leaves: For garnishing, I sprinkled one tablespoon of mint leaves.

How to Make Lime Water?

The recipe for lime water is not complicated at all. The simple steps include:

  • Wash the limes in running cold water. It’s vital as the peels are added to the water directly.
  • Take two limes. Chop one into thin-slices and the other into quarters.
  • Bring yourself a glass or any container and toss the water, lime, and lime juice.
  • Squeeze a bit of lemon as well to make it more flavorful.
  • Garnish with some mint leaves.
  • Your refreshing lime water is now ready!
  • Serve it, putting some slices of lime as a decoration.
  • You may even add some ice-cubes.

Special Tips

  • The taste of the drink is entirely affected by the quality of lime and water. So, I carefully choose fresh lime and prefer using filtered water.
  • If you are thinking of keeping lime infused in water overnight, I would suggest using limes removing its peels. Otherwise, your drink will taste too bitter.
  • Refrigerate your lime water instead of using ice. This way, your liquid will be extra refreshing.
  • I prefer drinking hot lime water because it yields more health benefits.
  • I like to keep my beverage sugar free. But you may add it if you want. I would advise you to use honey, which is more beneficial.

Benefits of Lime Water

You must be thinking why to choose lime water as a daily drink. So, to put an end to your question, let me tell you about lime water benefits:

  • It keeps you hydrated for you a long time.
  • Lime is rich in Vitamin C. Daily intake of Vit C is essential for you. You must be aware of it.
  • Lime is useful for enhancing your immunity. Thus, wards off all the infectious diseases.
  • Having skin problems like rashes, acne, and blemishes? Lime is an excellent remedy for that.
  • Anti-oxidants found in lime helps to remove wrinkles, keep your skin healthier.

Don’t feel the urge to drink water more often unless you are highly dehydrated? With this fantastic lime water recipe, even drinking water has become extremely fun now. You can also entertain your guests with this recipe.

I am sure you are no longer finding water to be boring. It adds extra vitamins and citrus to the plain water making it healthier. So, drink lime water daily and stay fresh and healthy!

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