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Who will not love to have a touchstone for excellent health? That magical stone may not be possible to access; however; you can quickly get the magic for healthy living. Off course at an affordable price. The solution is Magic Bullet. A compact blender for a competitive lifestyle. So let’s take a look at the magic bullet reviews to know why you should get it.

What makes Magic Bullet so unique?

This magical bullet blender comes with 250-watts power base with high torque. The power of the motor may seem little low if you compare it with other ninja blenders. Do not go with size. This small base will fulfill all your blending, grinding, and juicing needs.

The blades are the most fantastic feature of the magic bullet parts. The magic bullet blades are made of food-grade, high-quality stainless steel. The blade is so sharp that it can do coffee grinding and grate cheese. It will help you to make any of the magic bullet recipes.

Your Magic Bullet set will come with three sized cups. These cups are made of durable plastics. Moreover, the magic bullet cups fulfill different uses. The tall cup has the capacity of 18-oz. You can use it for mixing any ingredients. Additionally, the cup works as excellent food storage if you use the re-sealable Comfort Lip lids. Do I said the cups are microwave safe?

The magic bullet juicer comes with a Short Cup. However, do not underestimate this cup. This tiny cup has a limited capacity; however; it is a "jack of all trade" cup. Yes, it can do almost all type of blending and juicing. If you can pick the right veggies, it will provide you all the goodness of fresh juices.

Moreover, making a French omelet is so comfortable with it. I use this original magic bullet to chop onion and whip eggs for my morning super omelets.

Do not forget about the Party Mug. The 18-oz cup is a multi-tasking container that comes with magic bullet smoothies maker. It is now easy to add new items to your party drink table. You can serve any party smoothies that are healthy too.  No matter how fast the music is, no single drops will spill. The Comfort Lip lids will ensure a spill free party.

Do you find anything unique in the magic bullet accessories? Yes, the bottom of the cups is different. It is the Cyclonic Cutting Zone. It forces the foods towards the blade for a quick blending.

According to the magic bullet reviews, users love the 10-second recipe book. It will provide you hundreds of drinks and smoothie recipes. These healthy drinks and smoothies will keep you refreshed for the hectic lifestyle.


  • Magic bullet price is very affordable
  • It is lightweight
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Microwave safe cups


  • A little low in power than the other compact blenders
  • It comes with limited blending ability
  • Cup capacities are small
  • A few users do not like the motor noise

Some FAQ about Magic Bullet

Can a magic bullet be used as a food processor?

Sure, it can. A magic bullet blender can replace your favorite food processor. It can blend, grind, and even grate. Thus, you will get all the service of a full-size food processor from this little machine.  The only issue you may have to face is it will take some extra time.

Moreover, this powerful blender will occupy less space. All you have to do it to load up the cups with your favorite veggies and fruits.

Which is better Magic Bullet or Nutri Ninja?

The main difference between the Magic Bullet and Nutri Ninja auto iq BL455 is the motor power. The Nutri Ninja BL455 comes with a 1000-watt motor. On the contrary, Magic Bullet has a 250-watt motor at the base.

The Magic Bullet may have limited power; however; it has a different working capacity. You can use Nutri Ninja for heavy-duty jobs whereas Magic Bullet will serve for the quick ones.

How much does a magic bullet cost?

It can vary in different merchant website. However, the highest you have to pay is around $33. How affordable is that?

Our Final Thoughts about Magic Bullet

I am sure after seeing the magic bullet reviews, you will have no hesitation. Magic Bullet is an excellent choice for a healthy but fast lifestyle. Do you have to cope with morning rush but wants to get something healthy? I know your answer is "Yes." Then my response would be to go and get a Magic Bullet. It will give you magical energy to move like a Bullet.

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