Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Reviews: A Powerful Compact Blender for A Healthy Life

Are you thinking about the Auto IQ in the title? Yes, it is the most attractive and unique feature of this compact blender. You do not have to make any guess or wait for any surprise. A glass full of great smoothie is just a button press away.

If you still have some second thought, it will disappear after you complete the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ reviews.

Why Nutri Ninja Auto IQ BL 482 is so unique?

Nutri Ninja Auto iQ (BL482)

The incredible feature of this compact blender is its Auto IQ. Days of smoothie surprises are over. Now you do not have to worry about setting time or wait for any surprising results. Auto IQ will take care of your blending. This unique feature comes with both Blend and Ultra Blend options. The blend is for regular ingredients whereas Ultra Blend works for any nuts or seeds.

I know you do all kind of research before any purchase. Hence, when you do the same for a compact blender, you will find the Nutri Ninja BL 482 is one of the most powerful among its other counterparts. The Auto IQ base comes with a 1000-watt motor.

The high power motor rotates the 4-leaves Pro Extractor blades. This high-quality stainless steel blade can rotate at 21,000-rpm speed. Therefore, you can always expect a creamy texture from your favorite smoothies. Moreover, it can easily crush ice and frozen fruits.

You will get 4-impact resistant Tritan cups with this mighty machine. These BPA free cups come in four different sizes. The Mini Cup has a 12-oz capacity. It is ideal for any quick drinks. The small cup comes with an 18-oz capacity. You can use it for smoothies, juices, or any food preparation.

You can serve any smoothies or juices in the Regular Cup. It can hold up to 24-oz of liquids. Moreover, The Jumbo Multi Serve can be your company in any outdoor events or in your cardio session. You can put 32-oz of liquid in it.

The impact resistance cups can sit on any regular car cup holder. Therefore, you can take all the benefits of veggies and fruits while you are on the go. Make sure you put the Spout Lid for a spill-free experience.

When you have a Nutri Ninja BL 482, you will be motivated for a healthy life. However, if you still think it is not enough, the Inspiration Guide with 30-Recipes will give you the extra boost. The Guide comes free with the best ninja blender.

Some FAQ about Nutri Ninja Auto IQ BL 482

What does the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ do?

The Auto IQ is a combination of pre-programmed blending, pulsing, and stopping pattern. It is designed according to the food ingredients. Therefore, you do not have to make any guess after putting the veggies or fruits. One press will do all the hard work for you.

You will found two options under this Auto IQ feature. The Blend option is for any regular fruits or vegetables. On the contrary, if you add any seeds, nuts, or hard items, select the Ultra Blend option.

What is Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction?

It is the ultimate processes of extracting maximum nutrients from any fruits or vegetables. A regular blender will only extract the juice leaving behind the fiber. We all know about the goodness’s of those leftovers.

Now, your Nutri Ninja can break those fibers and seeds to extract the goodness of the whole vegetable or fruit. Thus, Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction provide you nothing but the whole freshness

Which one is better Nutri Ninja BL 455 or Auto IQ BL 482?

Both of the compact blenders from Nutri Ninja are equally awesome. Both come with a 100-watts power base. Therefore, you can do the same things as them. However, a few things are different in these two.

Nutri Ninja BL455 comes with 2-cups whereas you will get 4-cups with BL 482. On the other hand, the free recipe book has more items in BL 455 than its 482 counterparts. Thus, if you want to use the Nutri Ninja for a diverse use get BL 482. Otherwise, both 455 and 482 are fantastic.

Our Final Findings of Nutri Bullet Auto IQ BL 482

The BL 482 is a powerful and smart blender. Therefore, if you are feeling the urge of getting one after reading the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ reviews, do not hold yourself. It will fulfill all your juicing, blending, and evening crushing needs.

Now we all want smart devices everywhere. Hence, why not in the kitchen? Get the Auto IQ to get the intelligent blending with all the health benefits.

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