5 Best Portable Juicer For Traveling In 2021 – Top Picks And Reviews

Finally, you reached to us! Now, consider your journey to find out the best portable juicer is almost over. All you need to do is, going through this article and find the best one of the market. Of course, all the products mentioned here are the best. But still, you must have your own preference.

It’s nothing much at all to go through all the reviews and articles available on the internet to find a tiny product. You are investing in something. You should know it better and choose the perfect one for you. Especially, if it is a portable juicer, you need to be more sensitive.

What is your preference? Don’t worry. We won’t take much time from you. Here are some handful and effective travel juicer for you. Whether you are on a vacation or just using it for your office, to ensure the best output, take your decision wisely.

Top 5 Best Portable Juicer Reviews

1. Smoovii Portable Juicer - Classy Pick


  • 4000mAh rechargeable battery
  • 16800 RPM ice crushing power
  • 6 pointed stainless steel blades for smooth blends
  • Auto cleaning with only half a minute
  • Wireless system for on the go treats

If you are always on a rush and looking for something that'll back you up for a long time, then here is the magnificent Smoovii portable juicer.

The small juicer holds so much power inside, which is fascinating. Yes, it has a 4000mah battery that serves you with up to 20 blends in only one charge. Whatever your choice is for the day, a fruit shake, ice drink or a regular smoothie, the 16800 RPM motor is here to crush them all!

With the small jar size, it is quite convenient to carry around. Got tiring gym sessions or stressful office meetings? Just take your on the go drinks in Smoovii.

The 6 pointed stainless steel ensures the performance whereas the 30 seconds auto clean up ensures your ease in using the machine. That's not all! It even has a safety lock to save you and your precious blender from unexpected accidents. On-the-go delicious drinks are no more a myth!


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy cleaning
  • Tough motor
  • Rechargeable battery
  • On-the-go drinks


  • Doesn’t come with additional features

2. Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Portable Handle - Top Choice


  • It has reverse technology
  • The juicer works in 80 Rpm
  • Easy to assemble
  • The materials are BPA free
  • It can do anti-oxidization
  • The package includes - juice jug and juice brush

Through a portable juicer, you must want to ensure your health and enjoy some refreshing taste of fruits? Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer, with its slow rotating blade, guarantees enough nutrition in the juice. Still, it works faster than the other juicer. You can use it not only for fruits, but it also works well for vegetables too. Though, you will need to cut the ingredients into small pieces.

You must have always felt the clogging problem irritating, right? It actually is. But in this juicer, you won't have to bother much. With reverse technology, Aobosi can continue working without any issue of clogging. Not only that, it ensures little pulp, if you want. It contains the specialty of oxidization. So, it doesn't produce foam at all. While ensuring 30% more nutrition and 20% more juice, you can carry this juicer anywhere.

This juicer is way easier to clean too. And here, its reverse technology works perfectly. You can use soap on it. You just need to disassemble the parts and clean them. Sounds fun, right? As it works slowly, it preserves more nutrition than any other juicer. So, ready for a healthy sip?


  • Cleaning is easier
  • Work fast
  • Ensures nutrition
  • 72 hours of storage
  • Affordable


  • Vegetables, fruits, and other things need to be small in size

3. TEC Slow Masticating Juicer - Best Pick


  • The juicer works in 40 RPM
  • It includes two stainless steel straw and toothbrush
  • The juicer has 4 steps to assemble
  • It includes pulp strainer and a powerful motor

Just think about a moment of rush time. All you will want at that time is a little time-saving material. TEC Slow Masticating Juicer is the perfect thing that you can operate just through maintaining 4 easy steps. Whether you are in your home or on the way, this one of the best small juicer you can have with a powerful motor. Despite being powerful, this portable juicer machine works slowly in 40 RPM and ensures the nutrition of fruit and vegetables in a better way.

With the most dried pulp, it will provide you the opportunity to enjoy juice the most. With this mini juicer, you will get a cleaning brush and two stainless steel straws too. The bonus thing that will get from the juicer is, it's very quiet! So, if you are in a workplace, it won’t create any problem for you.

Have you ever hear about the perfect cleaning? TEC Slow Masticating Juicer takes only 5 minutes to get cleaned. You just have to disassemble and clean it. While the part of dissembling is pretty easy, you won’t need much time for it.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Pulp free juice
  • Quiet juicer
  • Lightweight


  • According to some users, this juicer gets broke easily

4. Slow Juicer, Sagnart Juicer Machine


  • The juicer has a low-speed motor
  • Very lightweight
  • It works in reverse function
  • Its materials are safe
  • The package covers - brush, food pusher and cups

Do you want to enjoy the most out of your juicer? Without creating any noise, anywhere, you can do it. 75%-80% apple juice, 85%-90% orange juice and 85%-88% juice from celery - this mini juicer for travel ensures the most out of the fruit. Besides, if you are thinking about the nutritional value of your juice, it confirms that too. As it works slowly, without any extra heat, all the nutrition remains the same. And, it sustains till 48 hours. That mean, once you have made enough juice for your family, you and your family can enjoy it for 2 days!

It's so quiet and super easy to operate, assemble and clean too. You can enjoy juice from all of your favorite vegetables and fruits out of this juicer too. As it is lightweight, carrying the portable juicer when you are traveling becomes easier and fun too.

How much perfect a juicer is, if the materials are not durable and safe, it can create a problem in the near future. But Sagnart Juicer Machine won't give you the scope to complain. All the materials used in this juicer are fully safe. While reducing oxidization, with the reverse function, this juicer ensures no clogging too. The fun part is, you will enjoy a brush, food pusher and 2 cups with the juicer.


  • Quiet
  • No clogging
  • Safe
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Ensure juice and nutrition the most


  • Sometimes it creates a little noise

5. USB Electric Rechargeable Safety Juicer - Budget Pick


  • Its blades are made of stainless steel
  • The juicer includes USB chargeable batteries
  • It is waterproof
  • It has 6 blades
  • It can work in large quantity

Do you want to be safe and healthy? Then, apart from your health, you should be concerned about your circumstance too.

The environment is one of the most important things that we should keep proper with us to be healthy, safe and better. And USB Electric Safety Juicer, it is totally environment friendly. While the blade of it is made of food-grade stainless steel, this whole portable juicer is made from such materials that are of low inflation, high-temperature resistant, high strength, high hardness, and high light transmittance.

Normally, we want to find the best mini juicer to enjoy our outing the most. If you are a travel freak, USB Electric Safety Juicer will suit you perfectly as it has a USB port and extra batteries to keep. Even if you are for a long outing, you can enjoy the taste of fresh juice everywhere through using the USB rechargeable batteries.

Taking a sip of juice on the mountain peak- does it sound lucrative to you? It really is! This super portable juicer can do multitask. It's not only the juice that it can make. You can enjoy smoothies, baby food and even use it as a water bottle too.

This juicer is waterproof and easily washable. So, if you are getting worried about cleaning the cup inside of it, get some relief. This product is here to make your life easier, not tough. With the 6 blades, this juicer works faster. And, if you just don't want the juice for you, this mini juicer has the ability to serve your whole family too!


  • Easily chargeable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe and healthy to use
  • Does a variety of work


  • While charging, it can't be used

Why do you need a portable juicer? 

People, in this busy world who can't squeeze enough time from their schedule to take care of their health, portable juicer attracts them more. And of course, it is a really very effective and useful product. You will be able to enjoy the taste of fresh juice even if you are in a rush! And, if it is not the rush, you will love it if you are a travel person too.

Not like the other juicer, this super mini juicers are easy to carry, ensures juice and nutrition more. Preserving juice and the whole nutrition longer also becomes possible through this juicer. They are so small that you can carry them in your backpack. Some of them are rechargeable and you can carry them for days. Even, the motors that are used in these juicers, are powerful and quiet to operate in any place. So, considering all these benefits, to enjoy health and taste together, you can take a portable travel juicer.

Buying Guide

So, what are the things that you want to enjoy in your juicer? While you are going to buy your product, focus on the things given below -


Why you are buying a portable small juicer? Only because, it is portable! So, make sure that the size, weight and other things are comfortable for you to carry when you are buying one.


Normally, most of the portable juicer contains a slow motor. But, if you want to have a juice fast, you should choose a powerful motor based juicer. There is some juicer which has two motors. So, figure out the motor power first.


The juicer should be very healthy. If you want to keep your health safe, ensure that your juicer is made from food-grade materials. Try to pick a juicer that has a food-grade stainless steel made blade too.

Capacity And Variety

All the juicers won't make that amount of juice what you want. So, choose the juicer which fulfills your demand. Besides, there is some juicer which makes juice for 48 hours. If you are taking a juicer for your family, you can try this!


Are you having fear of cleaning your juicer? Your juicer is a mini one that doesn't mean that its tough to clean. Rather, you can enjoy a very comfortable cleaning process. And, if you find the right one which dissembles very fast, it won't take time to clean too.


Normally the price of a portable juicer doesn't vary that much. But, if you want something within budget, do some research and go for the cheaper one. Not that a juicer which is cheap means it doesn't work well. So, read the features of the juicer and ensure that even it is within your budget, your juicer has everything that you need from it.


There is some juicer that uses heat. On the other hand, all the juicer which doesn't use heat and work slowly can manage nutrition well. There are both types of juicer that you will find in the portable juice brands. Pick the one that you want. So, do you want it fast or nutritional?


Most of the mini juicer doesn't make noise. Whether a juicer will be quiet or not, depends on its motor. Still, try the perfectly quiet one which has a better motor.


Along with the noise, how fast a juicer will work also depends on its motors. If you want to find the fast one, go for the juicer which uses heat. You can even get your juice within 10-20 seconds!


Which is the best portable juicer?

There are varieties of portable juicers of different brands available in the market. Some are faster than the other, some are designed to ensure proper nutrition. So, which one is the best will depend on your preferences.

Can I use a portable juicer for other works?

Yes. There are juicers like- Magic bullet mini, USB Electric Safety Juicer, etc. which can work to make smoothies, baby foods, etc.

Will cleaning the portable juicer is tough?

No. Most of the mini juicer are very easy to disassemble and clean.

How to clean a portable juicer?

To clean a portable juicer all you need to do is use some soap. It will get easily cleaned.

Can I use portable juicer on a plane?

Normally, the airport doesn't permit a portable juicer to take on the plane. But, if you have one, you can use it anywhere.

Final Verdict

So, have you already choose the perfect portable juicer for you? If not and still super confused about it, then try to focus on the requirements that you need to get fulfilled. If you are a traveler, you always should provide enough importance to your health. It is a perfect glass of juice that can fulfill your nourishment properly.

Maybe, you already have a proper juicer in your home. But, the energy and nutrition of juice, you need it even when you are out of your home too. Even if you are in hurry or within any work, this shouldn’t be missed.

USB Electric Safety Juicer, with its USB charging option can be the best opportunity for you. It is rechargeable and super easy to carry. Even, you can use it as your water bottle too. Apart from this product, there are so many other options too. Find out what you need and go for the best portable juicer. Maybe, you never have used it. But trust us, people loves to use it. You will love it too!

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