5 Best Portable Sink In 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

After a strict investigation and reviewing lots of customer’s comments, we have come up with five best portable sinks for camping that are the real deal in the current market.

Once, people used to forget all about civility during traveling & camping. We know many of us can’t expel the term hygiene from their live & no one should. So, those campers also maintain their way of hygiene now. And that’s where the need for portable sink pop-up.

A portable sink ensures the usage of freshwater and hygiene ability around any campsite. Besides, these sinks can create a connection with outdoor latrine that is compact. In such away, you can reuse the wastewater from the sink.

If you’re a nature-loving traveler, you will face many situations where proper water supply lacks. So, it is obvious to save water instead of wasting it.

If you are in a rush, then let’s have a quick check on the items!

List of Our Favorites Portable Sink





It has been the top choice of customers for a long time.

[Editor’s Choice]

SereneLife Portable Sink
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Not only campers but also for people of the RV lifestyle.


Hike Crew Sink
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You don’t have to buy any additional faucet if you buy this one.

[Budget Pick]

Outdoor White Basin Sink
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It has got responses and compliments from the buyers within a very short time.

[Best Pick]

Giantex Sink
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All the accessories are safe and user-friendly.

[User Convenient]

GYMAX Wash Sink
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5 Best Portable Sinks for Camping Review

1. SereLife Portable Camping Sink - Editor’s Choice


  • Plastic construction: HDPE
  • Basin capacity: 5L
  • Soap dispenser: 3L
  • Water storage: 5 gallon
  • Drainage water hose: 7L
  • Material: Non-toxic

The engineered plastic construction is durable enough for camping outdoors for a long time.

The stuff can withstand the climatic effect without any damage. The 5-gallon tank dispenses 180ml at once.

You can utilize this compact sink as a washbowl and even drink from it. The materials are non toxic and neutral.

The channel for waste transfer got the after water to the waste tank. The fluid dispenser has a capacity of 3L, which is a magnificent addition. Moreover, what makes it a worthy investment is the presence of a towel rack or tissue holder.

With the available caster wheels and ergonomic handle, you can pull the whole item from one place to another.

The assembling process doesn’t give you frustration anymore.


  • Drainage pipe
  • Towel holder
  • Corner holes for attaching with the ground
  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Easy assembling
  • Hands-free functionality


  • To attach the plastic drain is a little hard for a non-expert

2. Hike Crew Portable Foot Pump Sinks - Versatile


  • Base measure: 12.9” x 19.7” x 6.7”
  • Clean water capacity: 19L
  • The sink stands: 32.2″ high
  • Fixture Material: Chrome-metal
  • Material: High-density polyethylene
  • Liquid detergent: 6 pints

This portable sink by Hike is not only for one liking camping but also the one living RV life. The towel holder made the usage easier.

The 5-gallon water tank ultimately keeps you relax from the tension of the reservoir. There is a 6-pints capacity of the detergent dispenser at the side. The bowl is safe enough to wash your food and dishes.

This no-need-installation came in durable build quality for long time usage.

The portability is so convincing with the base having wheels for running. The ergonomic handle is more convenient.

Enjoy the 100 washes at one refill.


  • Towel holder
  • Cleansing dispenser
  • Durable enough against any erosion
  • Great water capacity & basin depth
  • Single refill runs 100 cycles of washes
  • Convenient feature


  • The wheels aren’t smooth enough

3. Outdoor White Basin Wash Portable Sink - Budget Pick


  • Dimension: (19.5 x 14 x 41) inches in the (Length x Width x Height)
  • Material: High-Density Engineered Polyethylene
  • Water holding capability: 19L
  • Hose Length: 2.7’ ft
  • Weight: 10.4 lbs
  • Soap holding capability: 3L (liquid form)
  • Dispenses: 180ml at once

This easy-to-assemble sink is quite handy to maintain and transportable. With the 19 L water capacity and dispense of 180 ml water at a time, you will eventually have a great fun time.

You can have a total of 180 cycles of washes.

The basin has a depth of holding almost 1-gallon water. The basin stays stainless & aside, there is the liquid soap dispenser. Most of the time, campers buy a new faucet for a quite fit, but in this case, your extra penny isn’t going to leave you.


  • For refilling, you don’t have to detach the sink
  • Longer performance with 19 L water capacity
  • Compact enough
  • Have wheels for portability
  • Easy to assemble


  • Without a holder, it is hard to keep the faucet pipe

4. Giantex Portable Sink for Camping - Best Pick


  • Dimension of stuff: 20” x 13” x 40” (L x W x H)
  • Material: HDPE
  • Net weight: 7 lbs
  • Water flow: 6 oz
  • Water tank: 5 gallon
  • Cleanser tank: 1 gallon

The build quality is up to date with great camping portability. The water tank has a water capacity of 5-gallon with the foot pumping system. At once, you can have 180 ml of water where the flow is 6 oz.

The stuff has a cleanser capacity of 3-litre & the water can stay up to 100 washes. The bowl also contains a towel holder.

A great fact that you can eventually attach the sink with a versatile latrine for depleting water waste.


  • Good plastic build
  • Can do the wash of 100 dishes
  • Foot pumping system dispenses 180 ml water at a row
  • Wheels for transportation
  • There are holes on the base to anchor with the ground
  • Drainage pipe


  • User complains that water drains on the floor

5. GYMAX Portable Hand Washing Sink - User Convenient


  • Dimension: (40.5 x 13.5 x 20)” in the length, height & Weight
  • Material: HDPE
  • Basin capacity: 0.8 gals
  • Tank capacity: 4.5 gals
  • Net weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Sanitizing dispenser: 3 litre

GYMAX brought you a great plastic build quality material that is HDPE. The one you want the most for easy portability is this one. The plastic is durable enough for long haul camping use and light enough to make it your tour mate.

Two plus points are the presence of sanitizing dispenser and a suitable tissue holder. You can put a 3-liter of cleanser in the soap container that goes for long use.

Under a light wash, the water will stay up to 100 washes.

It is a foot-operated pump that can store 19-liter of water in the clean water tank. There is a moveable wheel for transportation and conveying handle.


  • Incorporated tissue-holder
  • The clean water tank can hold 19-liter and can run for 100 washes
  • Great plastic build


  • Customers claim that the faucet doesn’t stay on

Buying Guide Portable Camping Sink

The following are the facts you need to consider for avoiding regret that you would have for buying crazy stuff.

Cabinet/Foot Tank

All camping sinks neither have the same feature nor the same services.

Some sinks have a cabinet for holding 2-gallons of water, and some sinks have tanks at the bottom part for water holding that moves through the faucet to end at the basin.

If your sink doesn’t have a reservoir and a foot pump at the bottom, you have to be in charge of checking the gallons’ water level.

The camping sinks having an attached tank is more compatible to use due to having a hose connecting to the sink for draining wastewater. The price is also a little more than its counterpart, but the service is worth the money.

Portable camping sink with pump benefit

Well, portable sinks are meant to be mobile, but hand sink with pump one has some benefit that you should care about.

The portable camping sink with pump needs less labor. Do don’t need to bring bottles and jugs of water as the water is pumped in.

You don’t have to crack up about the water source anymore.


We know durability matters in every case, and also in case of a portable outdoor sink. You must decide the hand sink material as it is going to face the external hazards in the outer open space.

There are two facts to care about: one is the movability, that is, the thing has to be light enough to carry and lighter if you’re aiming at climbing hills or mountains.

Now, the second fact is the sustainability of the stuff. Choose something eco-friendly and safe.


The size of the sink involves the height & depth of the basin. The size is going to depend on your usage pattern. Consider all the terms of your using compatibility before making the purchase.

If your purpose is to wash small stuff like cup or glass, a small or medium-sized sink would be perfect. Again, considering the height of your kid, you can go for shorter sink height as well.

If you are thinking of washing something bigger items like soaking clothes, then the bigger sinks would do the job.

Most sinks have a water holding capacity of 0.5 & 1-gallon.


There are several sinks out there that are suitable to open outdoor but not portable. That means you transfer, but the job is going to give you a dead hard time.

Check the level of transportability of your sink before you decide to make it your tour partner.


The installation of a moveable sink differs from the installation of your household one in a noticeable manner.

Have you ever thought about what you were going to face if they were the same?!

As the word portability stands for an easy lifestyle, the installation of such stuff should be easier. So, have a check on the installation process.

Coldwater/ Hot water

You can both have hot & cold water. If you want a warm outer, your sink should have a plugging system with a power source. So, check if your sink has the feature or not. Typically, this feature set up at the bottom of the sink.

Another method is rechargeable batteries. Without a plugging system, you can also have warming water with the sink that uses rechargeable batteries.


At the final of decision making, budget is what that turns the whole table round. It’s obvious to choose the best out of your price range.

Create a checklist and mark all the features you need and can have within your price range, then make the wise purchase. A quality sink could look like a little pricy that will last for the next five years.

Other factor

Most vendors provide a warranty of a year that covers every issue except the human error.

Moveable sinks don’t need your care at an extreme level, and hence the possibility of the damage is also less. There will be a simple faucet in the package, and you can exchange it by a fancier one by yourself.

Tips of Portable Hand Sink

  • Hard water damages the sink. So, before using the water filter.
  • Keep the sink dry and put away the standing water from the power cord. Though it is a sink, you still need to wipe the water-spilled area.
  • Freezing temperature damages the component of the product. And this might void your warranty at the same time.
  • Make sure to use an outlet of 110 V, which is not shared with any other device.
  • For avoiding any unwanted situation, go through the manuals thoroughly.

Frequent Asking Question

Q: Can I refill by hooking the sink with the hose?

A: Some sinks are modified to connect with the hose that expels the need to refill the tank directly. You can also modify if your tanks don't have.

The wastewater can pass through the drain system as well.

Q: What are the materials of water tanks and deep a sink basin can be?

A: FDA approved plastic is the material.

The standard depth that most sinks out there have is 6-inches, but many sinks have a basin of 10-inches. If you don't find one of your preferred choices, then you can order.

Q: What is the working process of a sink?

A: The sink basin is fixed on a cabinet containing a clean water tank & another tank for wastewater. Most sinks are powered electrically with pump & hot-water heater inside of the cabinet.

By moving the sink in the desired place, fill the clean water tank, and establish an electrical connection with a standard power outlet.

If your sink doesn't have any electricity access, you can configure it as battery-powered, propane gas-powered, or foot-pumped. Foot pumped sinks only provide cold water.

If you don't want to configure yourself, buy a ready-made one from the market with either battery, propane gas power-source, or a foot pump.

Q: How difficult can a portable camping sink be to install?

A: They aren't difficult at all—the word easy-to-install foes best with moveable sinks. The self-contained sinks are on the casters for easier moving capability.

The setting place of heater for hot water & the pump is inside the cabinet. Along with that, there are two tanks: one for wastewater & another for clean water.

The rest working process is as easy as moving the sink and filling with water.

A power connection of 110-volt, 20 AMP US, is standard as an electrical outlet.

Q: Should I have a moveable sink?

A: If you are an outdoor freak person, why not enjoy the modern amenities? A portable outdoor sink doesn't have to be the same as your household kitchen sink. It will be much smaller, easier to carry, and fun to install. Instead of fading out your enjoyment, a portable outdoor sink will add hygiene to your camping lifestyle.

In any chance, if you buy something that doesn’t match your camping feature, then you will face trouble out there.

Q: What comes with a portable camping sink?

A: The basic things that make a full installation come with the package.

But there are some other extra things that you have to purchase. Faucets that are motion-sensitive & fancy kind of taps are two of them.

People setting up a big event, bring extra gallons for wastewater. 

Q: What is the minimum care I should take of my moveable sink?

A: Though simple mobile sinks don’t need much care, make sure to maintain the cleaning process monthly.


Once traveling over, civility was chosen by people. Time has elapsed, and people know how to keep them both with an extreme level of fun. Best portable sinks are not for the campers or tour lovers, but one is having an RV lifestyle.

Some have great quality with all kinds of indoor facilities that people temporarily choose portable sinks for households as well.

In the final verdict, I would like to choose three items among the five outstanding portable sinks from the above. The most reviewed item is SereLife Portable Camping Sink followed by Hike Crew Foot Pump Sinks as clever stuff. The third stuff will be Outdoor White Basin Wash Portable Sink, which is money saving stuff.

Ashton Max

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