Vitamix 5200 Vs 750

Vitamix 5200 Vs 750 | Choose The Top Vitamix Blender 2020

Need to get the best every time? No wonder why you are trying to buy your blender from the Vitamix brand. Yes, this brand stands out almost all the other brands in the market. Still, you will find a little bit of competition within the brand too!

As a brand, Vitamix always has tried to make a better and comfortable version of it. The best output of this brand can vary according to your choice. It mostly depends on your requirements. Of course, the product that will help you the most will be the best one for you.

Have you got stuck within Vitamix 5200 vs 750? The competition is actually between the classic one and the newer one. While Vitamix 5200 is the perfect one, Vitamix 750 includes some fantastic features too. Another thing on which these two variables is the price. So, are you looking for the best blender or want to save some money?

To know your choice of these two products better, let's remember them better!

Take a Glance : Quick Table 2020


Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional
  • Dimension - 20.5 x 7.25 x 8.75 inches
  • Motor Power - 2-peak HP motor
  • Blades - 3-inches diameter, Laser-cut stainless steel
  • Watt - 1100
  • Weight - 13 lbs
  • Height - 20.5 in tall
  • Speed variables - Yes
  • Warranty - 7 years
  • Preset Function - No


Vitamix Professional Series 750
  • Dimension - 7.72 x 9.41 x 17.4 inches
  • Motor Power - 2.2-peak HP motor
  • Blades - 4-inches diameter, Laser-cut stainless steel
  • Watt - 1440
  • Weight - 12.46 lbs
  • Height - 17.4 in tall
  • Speed variables - Yes
  • Warranty - 7 years
  • Preset Function - No 

Why should you pick Vitamix blender?

To a buyer, knowing the best value of their money is the most important thing. Is Vitamix blender genuinely worthy of your money? If you are not sure enough about your decision, here, the reasons to buy a Vitamix blender are given below.

It's durable

One of the main reason to go for the Vitamix brand is its durability. The amount of pressure it can take and the features that this blender provides is unbelievable. Why the blender remains perfect even after that? It's because of the material.

Vitamix ensures the best materials and their proper use. So, even if you use it the most, it will provide you a long-term commitment.

You can blend anything

Some blenders are perfect for soft ingredients, some are perfect for crushing the ice. Vitamix offers you crushing almost all the ingredients. What do you need? Soup, coffee, batter- what more? This blender will surprise you through providing all of them. And, even if you are in the mood for a glass of fresh juice, you will be able to enjoy it from the blender too.

'Hot' and 'Cool'

Can't afford two separate blenders to make both coffee and ice cream? Vitamix has the perfect feature for you. It can offer you hot soup. On the other hand, you will get the cold output from it too. The most important fact is, your blender will do the job correctly without having any negative impact on it!

Variety of speed

How many speed variable do you want from your blender? Vitamix offers you to control the speed manually. So, it's not the pre-set speed. Don't compromise at all! Find the best speed for your food when you are making it.

Easy cleaning

You can't invest all of your time for a blender, can you? Vitamix will provide you enough time while using it. It has a self-cleaning option. So, you don't have to waste your time to clean the machine too.

Natural taste with an excellent mixing

Vitamix includes a very powerful blade. Every portion of the container gets enough exposure while using the blade. Not only the blade, through using the other features, but this blender also ensures proper mixing of all the ingredients. So the taste, whether it is a frozen thing or not, it comes out as natural!


Of course, a better warranty period provides a better service. It reduces the cost and ensures durability. Vitamix delivers one of the most warranty periods. If you don't want to get bothered about your blender, this is the best option you can choose.

Review of Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade

Have you already likes the classic Vitamix 5200? What were the reasons? As one of the earliest creations of Vitamix, this blender ensures a perfect and effective service. Still, let's know the machine in a better way-


Whether it is Vitamix 5200 or Vitamix 750- you will find both durability and strength in it. Still, there is something different between them too.

Vitamix 5200 contains a stainless steel structure. The glass portion of this blender is the toughest one. You can even blend the healthiest and hot ingredients in it too.


Vitamix 5200 is powerful as the other Vitamix blender. The only thing on which Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 750 differs is the structure. Vitamix 5200 has a very powerful and quiet motor.

Besides, whatever the machine is blending, it will remain very cool.


The central part of a blender is its blade. Based on that depends on the outcome of a blender. The blender of Vitamix 5200 is 3- inches. It comes with six blades assembly.


While most of the blender provides little room to add other ingredients while the blending process is going on, in the Vitamix 5200, you will be able to enjoy a durable, practical, and removable lid that comes with the opportunity to add ingredients in between the blending too.


Though the blender comes with lots of features, cleaning it is effortless. It has a self-cleaning option. You can use soap and water to clean the machine. The cleaning process will take only 30-60 seconds.

Container capacity

This blender comes with a 64-ounce capacity. To enjoy blending as a large or medium batch for a big family, you can do it with this blender.

Control features

The more you can control the blending process of your blender, the better your experience will be. It comes with different speed controls.


There are no indicators in Vitamix 5200. So, while you are blending, it becomes tough to say how much it is done.


Vitamix 5200 offers seven years warranty.

Cons to consider

Don't have any indicator

Less feature

Review of Vitamix 750

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

So, you must have enough knowledge about Vitamix 5200 right now. Still, when the brand itself tried to create a better and newer version of it, you should take a look at Vitamix 750 too. Take a look-


Vitamix 750 is made of Tritan. It has a copolyester exterior. If you want something more durable than 5200, you can go for copolyester. It is durable!

This blender provides the option of proper measurement. Besides, due to the material, this blender will ensure appropriate mixing from the up to bottom within the container.


Vitamix 750 includes a commercial-grade motor. The motor power of this blender is better than the Vitamix 5200. So, you can blend the ingredients more efficiently with this blender.


Vitamix 750 comes with a 4-inches blade. It is good enough to reach all the corners of the container. It is made of stainless steel too. So, the blending process with the blender is very comfortable and more natural.


Vitamix 750 comes with the same lid that Vitamix 5200 offers. This lid lets you avoid the mess and ensure the hygiene of the food properly.


Cleaning this blender is easy. It is dishwasher safe. If you don't have enough time, you can use auto clean the blender. All you need to do is, pouring some soap drop and add water with it. That will make the cleaning process super easy for you.

Container capacity

Do you need a blender that can ensure enough food for you and your family? Vitamix 750 includes a large container of 64 ounces. So, you can put any ingredients in less than 64 ounces in it.

Spinning speed

Like the Vitamix 5200, Vitamix 750 comes with speed controls. Besides, it includes easy-grip handles and soft-touch controls with the ergonomic design. The machines include 5 pre-programmed settings too.


Vitamix 7500 comes with power and indicator lights. This way, you can tell where the blending process is right now.


The total warranty period of Vitamix 750 is seven years.

Cons to consider


What kind of foods can you make from these blenders?


All the blender can't offer hot soup. With the Vitamix blender, you can enjoy soup like the way you want.

Baby food

While this blender will provide food for you, it will satisfy your kid too. As you can control the speed, you will be able to enjoy the menu like the way you want.

Nut butter

Preparing natural nut butter or sauce is not an easy task. It always requires some extra spice and effort to make it perfect. If you are using Vitamix blender, all these foods will come naturally.


You can even make your favorite ice-cream from these blenders too. Besides the ice-cream, Vitamix will help you to make the cream, dessert, etc. also.


What is the difference between Vitamix 5200 vs Vitamix 750?

The primary difference between Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 750 is that the first one is classic. The second one is comparably newer. The latter one comes with more features.

Is the lid of Vitamix 750 removable?

You can remove the lid of Vitamix 750.

Can I make hot soup with Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 750?

Yes, you can. Vitamix blender is made with the material that let the blender produce hot soup.

Vitamix 5200 or 750- which one is less expensive?

Vitamix 750 comes with more features, and as a result, this is expensive. Vitamix 5200 is less expensive.

Is there any auto cleaning option in Vitamix 5200?

Yes. Both Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 750 provide you the option of self-cleaning. You just need to pour some soap and water in the blender. The cleaning process will take only 30-60 seconds.

Buying Guide

Have you already decided which Vitamix blender you are going to buy? If you don't want to go through the article, just want to know which one will fit you more, here is the buying guide only with the critical feature that you need to know before making your decision.

Take care of your budget!

Of course, the expensive product will look more lucrative to you. For example- Vitamix 750 comes with more features. It is costly too.

So, the time is yours to decide that, whether you want to get a classic and durable blender with a little bit fewer features like Vitamix 5200; or you want to spend a bit more than your budget for 750? There are not many differences between them. So, think before you jump!

Go for the durable option

Vitamix itself is more durable than the other brands. But, if you want to compare, Vitamix 750 is way more durable than Vitamix 5200. That is because Vitamix 750 contains co polyester material.

Can you clean the machine easily?

Though the point seems something 'not to be mentioned particularly', it saves enough time for you to do other chores while blending. Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 750- both include the option of self-cleaning.

Blend it easily

Of course, the powerful motor and better blade will provide you the better result. If you think in this way, Vitamix 750 comes with better power. It includes a one-inch extra blade too. So, to get a better blending experience, you can go for this one.

Enjoy some pre-setting programs

The pre-set program always helps you to enjoy some relaxing time while blending. Vitamix 750 provides 5 pre-setting programs. On the other hand, Vitamix 5200 doesn't provide it at all. You won't enjoy any blending indicators in Vitamix 5200 even.

Final Words

If you are not a perfectionist, Vitamix 5200 will work for you very well. It is classic; you will enjoy so many facilities out of the blender; what else do you need? Still, to get a better version with some more features, Vitamix 750 will help you the most.

Though classic blender will provide you the vibe of comfort and trust, the newer version won't dissatisfy you. Here, the competition is not between the good and the better. As both of them are the best, this competition is about your comfort zone. So, consider the budget and the features that you want to enjoy in your blender.

In the competition between Vitamix 5200 vs 750, whatever product you choose, you will win for sure!

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