Vitamix 5300 vs 6500

Vitamix 5300 vs 6500: Which One is Better?

You want the best, right? So, how will you choose the best product if there are two of them? Yes, Vitamix is one of the leading, and apparently, one of those companies that will offer you the best blender. You won't find much difference among their product pattern too. But if you want to consider the features, there are some fundamental differences that you will get between Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix 6500.

None of them makes any of these machines less competitive. Here, the main factor is your requirement. To figure out 'the one,' you need to go through the reviews and articles. Let us do the job for you. Vitamix 5300 or Vitamix 6500- which one will you buy? Make your decision after finishing this article.

Take a Glance : Quick Comparison 2020


  • Dimension - 7.2 x 8.8 x 17.2 inches
  • Platform - C-Series
  • Blades - 4 inches diameter, Stainless steel
  • Motor Power - 2.2-Peak HP
  • Weight - 16 lbs
  • Preset Function - No


  • Dimension - 17.25 x 7.25 x 8.75 inches
  • Platform - G-Series
  • Blades - 3 inches diameter, Stainless steel
  • Motor Power - 2.2-Peak HP 
  • Weight - 12 lbs
  • Preset Function - 3 preset options

Why should you pick Vitamix blender?

There are so many other brands in the market. Why are we discussing Vitamix alone? Some fantastic features will help you to be in love with this brand.

Enough durable

In the last decades, Vitamix is hugely known and praised for its durability. Why will you rely on it? It's because of the materials and features. As you can enjoy both hot and cold output from this one blender, most of the blender can't last more only because of their lack of heat resistant ability. Vitamix brand ensures the cooling machine in the blender. So, even if the ingredients are hot, the blender and its motor stay cool.

Even the motor and blade are connected by a metal drive, which ensures that every corner of the container is having the same treatment. It helps the blender and every part of it to stay in the same secure state.

Provide your required taste

Besides the equal blending of the stainless steel blade, this blender ensures the perfect texture too. You can enjoy just the exact mixture that you want from it. It has variable speed controls. You can get pureeing, chopping, grinding, and lots of different jobs done through this one blender.

While enjoying moist, semi-moist, hard, or any kind of output, you can experiment with the food's taste through the pulse action too.

The natural taste

It's not the number of machines; it is the features of it that can help you to get most out of it. And Vitamix, to ensure most of the nutrition and taste in your food, tries the best. Even if you are blending frozen fruit, you will enjoy the flavor in your diet, just like the regular one.

Easy to use

From the first moment to the last- you will enjoy using the blender with much ease. The blender, its structure is too basic and straightforward that you can clean it easily. Even, it has the auto-cleaning option.

Besides, there are both manual and automatic speed controller in this machine. So, if you don't want to think much or do much- then use the electronic version and find something from the automated program attached to the blender.


The better your brand will be, the more you benefit you will enjoy it. It's true. Vitamix offers a huge warranty period. So, it helps the customer to enjoy the blender for more time with little expense. 

Review of Vitamix 5300

Vitamix 5300 Super Blender

Certified to refurbished

Not the other Vitamix blenders, but only this blender, you can buy the certified refurbished one too. Here, certified refurbished blender means, it is a second-hand product. In some cases, people buy the blender and if they change their mind for any reason, they give it back. Other blenders can't do it officially. But, in Amazon, you can buy a certified refurbished Vitamix 5300 blender.

Powerful motor

Vitamix 5300 has got a very powerful motor of 2 hp. It can crush almost every food ingredients that you want to taste. Don't want to take such a powerful engine for the noise? The fantastic thing is, this blender is less noisy too.

Variety if speed controls

This blender includes different types of speed controls. So, it is effortless to find the right amount of speed. You can enjoy salsa and other kinds of food from this blender.

Consistent mixture

So, do you want to enjoy all the ingredients properly mixed? All the four laser-cut and properly fitted stainless steel blades of Vitamix 5300 will help all the ingredients to get equally mixed.

Huge container

You will find a 64-ounce tall container with this blender. So, you can prepare food for all the members of your family, just only using this one machine. It includes a low profile tamper too.

Even, it takes less space and comes with seven years warranty too.

Cons to consider

The only cons that you may face while buying this blender is its price. It is overpriced than the others.

Review of Vitamix 6500

Vitamix-6500 Blender

Why will you buy Vitamix 6500? You must know your blender in a better way before buying it. And here are the options that Vitamix 6500 will provide you-

Pre-programmed options

Are you not in the mood to think about what you are going to have? Vitamix 6500 offers you three different preset programs. So, all you just have to do is, push the button and enjoy the output.

Fine motor and blades

While using only 120 volts, this blender comes with an engine of 2.3 horsepower. Not only that, this blender can cut the ingredients and blend it automatically. So, you don't need to cut it separately too.

Keeps the fiber

The blending process of Vitamix 6500 is so fresh and amazing that all the fiber of your blender will be preserved naturally. Any of it won't be destroyed. You can enjoy a healthy diet from it.

Suitable for friends and family

Vitamix 6500 can produce 2-3 cups at a time. So, you can buy it for your family, friend or your juice bar.

Low profile tamper

This blender has a low profile tamper, which ensures that all the ingredients have been properly mixed. Besides, its design keeps away the messy blending too.

Easy cleaning

To clean the blender, all you need are soap and water. Then, start the blender. It will be auto-cleaned.

Big container

The storage of Vitamix 6500 is enormous. So, you can enjoy the right amount of food from it and keep it without any issue. The size of this blender is small. So, keeping it in the kitchen won't be a problem too.

Durable materials

It is made of sturdy plastic. Besides, the containers of these blenders are shatterproof. So, once you buy it, you don't have to worry about a blender for long.

What makes them different?

Batch size

Though they both have the same container size, as Vitamix 5300 is from C-series, and Vitamix 6500 is from G-series. So, the former one has a medium batch size comparing to the later one.


Both of them are very different in size. While Vitamix 5300 is 17.25 inches tall, Vitamix 6500 is 20,5 inches tall. Not only that, though both of them come with 64-ounce containers, Vitamix 5300 contains 4 inches stainless steel made blade and 10.1 inches tall. On the other hand, Vitamix 6500 has 3 inches stainless steel blade, and it is 13.4 inches tall.


The interface of these two machines are different. Here, Vitamix 6500 has two features more. It has three presets and an on/off switch on the bottom/front. Which makes the blending process more comfortable.

Pre-programmed settings

Unlike the Vitamix 6500, Vitamix 5300 doesn't have any preset programs. So, though both of them have the pulse system, this preset program leaves the Vitamix 5300 far behind.

Cooling system

Vitamix 6500 has a cooling fan. So, the blender will be safer while using it. On the other hand, Vitamix 5300 doesn't have this feature.


Cleaning Vitamix 6500 is easier. It is wide and comfortable to reach every corner of the blender. On the other hand, Vitamix 5300 doesn't have much space. So, it becomes tough to reach the bottom of this blender easily.

Budget comparison

If you want to enjoy the blending qualities of Vitamix in a tight budget, you can take Vitamix 5300. Otherwise, to get the best output, you can invest more in Vitamix 6500.

Though they are not much different in this case, there are still some differences between their motor powers. Vitamix 6500.

What is the FAQ about Vitamix 5300 and 6500?

Which Vitamix blender is the best?

Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix 6500 both are good. But, if you want to enjoy the best among them, you can take 6500. Vitamix 6500 has some features more than the other one. Cleaning it, enjoying preset programs- all of them are also in Vitamin 6500.

Which Vitamix blender is less noisy between Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix 6500?

Though both of them are noisy, Vitamix 6500 is louder than Vitamix 5300.

Which Vitamix blender is more powerful?

Both Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix 6500 has 2.2 hp powerful motors. So, you will enjoy the same power in both of them.

Can I use Vitamix as a juicer?

Yes, you can. Vitamix has the option to produce juice, smoothies, and so many things. So, you can use it as a juicer.

Buying Guide: Things to consider before buying

Do you need a buying guide to find the best among the two? Of course, you do. You need to figure out your requirements, priorities, and the product which has all of it.

Do you need an extra blade dimension?

Both of these blenders won't provide you the same blade. You will find one inch more long blade in Vitamix 5300. It works better to mix all the ingredients properly. The blade is long enough to reach all over the container.

Think something within budget

If you want a blender within your budget, go for Vitamix 5300. Both of them are almost similar. But, Vitamix 6500 is more expensive than the other one.

Easy cleaning blender

Among the Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix 6500, it is easy to clean the later one. It is wide enough to make the whole process easier.

Pick the durable one

You must not want to go for any blender that is not durable. Usually, all the Vitamix blenders are durable enough. But, comparing to the other one, Vitamix 6500 is made of durable plastic and heat resistant too.

Pre-programmed settings

There will be sometime when you may not want to go for a confident preparation. At that point, you can use some preset programs from your blender. Vitamix 6500 give it in the best way. So, go for it if you want varieties from your blender.

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