Vitamix 750 vs 780

Vitamix 750 vs 780 | Choose the Right One for You!

Imagine it's a summer morning, and you are relaxing. Won't it be great to have a soothing smoothy?

Of course! And a blender makes it easy for you!

But you definitely prefer a high-quality blender. Why don't you look for the Vitamix blenders?

Vitamix is considered to be the leading and the most trusted company that provides the best performing blenders. Due to its excellent performance, the smoothy bars and coffee shops exclusively use the blender. All Vitamix models are worth the value.

Vitamix blenders make so much more than smoothies! It also has expertise in creating soups, juices, ice cream, nut, butter, and so on. And you must look for Vitamix 780 and 750 in these areas.

But its confusing as to which one to choose because both have so much in common!

But don’t worry. With my years of experience in the kitchen, i'll help you find the right one for you.

In this article, I'll give you an idea about Vitamix 750 vs 780 so that you can choose your kitchen appliance easily.

Let's have a look! I made a chart convenient for you!


  • Series - G-series
  • Motor - 2.2 hp
  • Dimension - 7.7 x 9.4 x 17.4 inches
  • Weight - 12.46 lbs
  • Material -  Metal and BPA free plastic
  • Automated program - Yes
  • Touch screen - No
  • Preset Function - Yes, 5-Preset Functions 
  • Blade- Stainless steel 
  • Container - 64 ounce, wet 
  • Self-cleaning - Yes 
  • Shades - Pearl gray, black, brushed stainless 
  • Sound - 40% less quiet than other blenders 
  • Tamper - Yes 
  • Pulse - Yes 
  • Warranty - Seven years 


  • Series  - G-series
  • Motor- 2.2 hp
  • Dimension - 8.8 x 9 x 17.2 inches
  • Weight  - 12.46 lbs 
  • Material- BPA free plastic
  • Automated program - Yes
  • Touch screen - Yes
  • Preset Function - Yes, 5-Preset Functions 
  • Blade - Stainless steel 
  • Container - 64 ounce, wet 
  • Self-cleaning - Yes 
  • Shades - Red and black
  • Sound - 40% less quiet than other blenders 
  • Tamper - Yes 
  • Pulse - Yes 
  • Warranty - Seven years 

Vitamix Professional 750 Blender Review


  • 2 horsepower
  • Pre-programmed blending system
  • Specialized stainless steel blades
  • Easy cleaning
  • Variable speed control and pulse feature
  • Dependable, not disposable

Don't you want a blender that gives you the same quality result until the last? Well, be assured. With specialized stainless steel, it is easier to handle the toughest ingredients and thus giving you the best effect.

The Vitamix 780 blender comes with a five pre-programmed blending system that ensures easy cleaning, working convenience, and consistency.

You obviously want to control the texture of any recipe you want. The variable speed control and pulse feature make it, you are in control!

The 64-ounce low profile container is adjustable with most kitchen cabinets and is capable of family meals.

You don't have to worry about cleaning the blender because it can clean itself in no time with a drop of dish soap and water.

Vitamix 780 Blender Review


  • Automated blending
  • 64-ounce container
  • Cracks and scratches resistance system
  • Pulse feature
  • Indurate Stainless steel blades
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% touchscreen

Wouldn’t it be so great if you get frozen treats in no time? With our Vitamix 780 blender, you can enjoy your frozen treats! All you need to do is add some frozen ingredients to the blender.

The automated blending system includes five pre-programmed settings, which ensures you have a top-quality dish. With the pulse feature, you can have heartier recipes like thick vegetable soups and others.

Don't worry about the cracks and scratches because the LED control panel has expertise in resisting those.

This machine comes with so many facilities.

  • You need a stove to make steaming hot soup. You can have your desired steaming soup under 10 minutes with this blender!
  • You can turn your favorite nuts into flavorful nut butter, turn coffee beans into delicious ground coffee.
  • You don’t have to worry about kneading thick bread or dough now! This machine makes it easier. You can mix batters for your pancakes, cookies or muffins easily and quickly with this one.
  • You can have enjoyed silky-smooth purees.
  • It is a self-cleaning machine and cleans itself in no time.

Both Vitamix 750 and Vitamix 780 are excellent choices. But the question comes in which one you are interested? To make a choice more straightforward for you ill be covering the differences as well as similarities between them.

Let's have a look!


Both models have the same power motor-2.2 Hp

The G-series blenders are believed to be very strong. The Vitamix needs high horsepower because it uses sharp stainless steel blades, laser cut.

The motor base is very strong, so that you can use it for any toughest ingredients.

You get the perfect smoothies, soups or puree because of the motors spinning the blades over 24000 RPMs. The motors can run for extended periods without overheating issues because of the cooling fan.


The G-series are considered quieter than the C-series.

Even though both have the same motor, the report says that Vitamix 780 is quieter than Vitamix 750.

But the decibel meter study says that tactually the 780 is slightly louder. Although you cant, notice the difference with your ear.

I don't think that the unnoticeable difference in noise is a big deal.

Both are high power motor. so you better expect some noise.

Control panels

If you are looking for a significant difference, well, this is the part where you can differ both.

Let's talk about the 750 first.

The 750 comes with two toggle switches and variable speed control dial.

The main power switch in this one is in the backside near the power cord. The power supplied to the motor is controlled by the two-position toggle main switch.

The variable speed dial involves 15 settings with numbers 1 to 10, where ten is the highest or fastest. The preset controls include the other five settings.

Pulse toggle is the other one that helps you to chop, cut, or blend the ingredients.

Now let's discuss the 780.

The 780 has the exact settings as the 750. The only difference is the absence of any knobs or toggles. The variable speed is on the right side of the panel

If we are talking about the Vitamix 780, we must discuss the touchscreen.

Touchscreen controls

Everything in the 780 is touch-based. It creates a major distinction between 780 and 750.

The touchscreen-made of hardened glass, so it is tough to crack or shatter the screen.

Only a touch is enough to activate the blender!

The model with touchscreen control comes with a digital timer. So you can control the duration of the process. It helps you prevent under or over-processing. And both light up when the power is on.

Both blenders offer five distinct preset controls: purees, hot soup, frozen treats, smoothing, and self-cleaning.

If you ask about the winner, i'll say that the 780 wins in this case. The touch screen controls hit the edge.

Compatible Containers

In this case, there is a similarity as both blenders have the same containers. Both have 64-ounce low profile pitcher-17.5 inches. The containers are relatively smaller in size.

The container is adjustable under the kitchen cabinets.

The Vitamix containers keep leaks away from the motor base. This advantage differs from regular blenders.


Here comes another difference.

The Vitamix 780 has two color options, only-red and black. And the 750 came with three colors-pearl grey, black and brushed stainless.

You must keep it in mind that price differs with color.


Both have stainless steel 4-inch laser cut) blade with aircraft grade. These blades can handle any toughest ingredients. The blades make it possible for the blender to blend anything!


Both blenders are self-cleaning.

You might think cleaning a blender as a hard task. But, in the case of Vitamix, it is not!

With a drop of the dishwasher and warm water, it cleans itself in no time. It takes a maximum time of 60 seconds.

Again, you don’t have to dismantle anything. So it makes cleaning even easier!

I think the Vitamix 780 hits an edge in this case as it is a touchscreen. Since there are no knobs, buttons, or dials, you just have to wipe down the screen with damp sponge.

Price, Weight and Cord

Vitamix 750 costs more than the 780 even though both are G-series blenders. Both weighs 12.5 pounds and 6 ft power cord in both blenders.


The Vitamix machine gives you a flawless result. You will get perfect texture and consistency while making any recipe. Both the Vitamix 750 and 780 assures you in providing top quality and enriched dishes.


Vitamix 780 or 750 both provide the same warranty. Vitamix blenders offer you seven years warranty. This warranty covers mostly all parts, structures, and components.

You don’t have to worry about the transferable meaning protection as it is guaranteed even if you buy a second blender. Moreover, the shipping costs are covered by the Vitamix manufacturer.

The users are pretty happy about the Vitamix blenders.

Now a question might come why you should buy either of these blenders. To answer this question, I have pointed out some benefits of these blenders.

What are the benefits of these Vitamix blenders?

  • It can blend anything. With these Vitamix, you don't have to ask, will it blend? Anything you say-cake batter, nut butter, creamy soups, dough, fruit smoothies it can mix it all.
  • It has the power to heat your soup.
  • You can control the speed. You will get the perfect rate to make any recipe.
  • It is durable.
  • The pitchers are relatively smaller in size (17.5 inches), which makes it easily adjustable to kitchen cabinets.
  • You can stay healthy without spending too long in the kitchen. You can blend, chop, process your food in the blender. The free recipe book with the blender helps you a lot in this case.
  • You can micronize your food.
  • Its operation is effortless.
  • Cleaning the Vitamix blenders is very simple. These are self-cleaning. It takes a maximum of 60 seconds to clean themselves.
  • You can cook food! Isn't it great for our busy lives? You can cook soups, syrups and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you differentiate between the Vitamix 750 and 780?

Differentiating between them is pretty straightforward. The Vitamix 780 is a 100% touch screen. That is, everything is touch-based. And this is the main difference.

What can I make with a Vitamix machine other than smoothy?

The Vitamix machine covers a wide range of recipes. You can make anything from chunky salsas to silky smoothies.

What can I do if my machine sounds like its grinding?

It might be the indication that the blade containing adjustment is starting to break down. You must contact customer service.

Do I need to sharpen my Vitamix blades?

The Vitamix blades are made to pulverize, not to slice. The blades never need to be sharpened. If you are not satisfied with the blending quality, then there might be a problem with the machine.

Can I expect them to work effectively for a longer-term?

Both the Vitamix 750 and 780 provides a warranty of 7 years. But it can be used longer. You can add up to three years to it for some dollars.

Are Vitamix and juicer the same?

Well, they are not the same. A Vitamix can replace a juicer to some extent. It can not make a textbook juice(without any fibers), but it can create a better option (Having the valuable fibers).

Final Verdict

It is very difficult to choose either of the Vitamix 780 and 750, considering both have so much in common. That's why I made the Vitamix 750 vs 780 articles for you.

Despite the similarities, both have a significant difference. And that is the touchscreen. The 780 is contains all the features of the 750 but has an extra feature of a touchscreen.

If you like the touchscreen feature, then you should buy the 780. But if you okay with not having a touch screen, then purchase the other one.

I think the 780 a better option. And I find it easier to work with. I know it is a little expensive than the 750, but you must agree it is worth the price!

Ashton Max

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