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Do You Know Why is Coffee Called Java? | History of [A Cup of Coffee]

Our name represents us. In the same way, the different name represents the robustness of the coffee. We saw Arabica, Spanish, and Cuban and many other names on the jar. They all are unique in their taste and texture. Arabica typically grows in Yemen. It has the flavor of mountain coffee. On the other hand, Cuban coffee has a tropical taste.

No single blend is the same as another. We choose them based on our taste. Therefore, our choice represents our personality too. If we know the taste of our significant one, we can bring a smile with a jar of her/his preference. Are you thinking about Christmas gift for your boss? A pot of Arabica or Cuban Coffee would be a great one to use in their best coffee maker with grinder.

What is so special about Java?

We have to go back 400-years to know about it. Dutch traders brought coffee plants to Southeast Asia. They grew those plants in the Indonesian Islands like Sumatra, Bali, and Java. We still do not why, but the name Java got popular. It becomes a blend loved by millions of coffee-lovers.

Initially, Java means a single origin coffee.  Any beans that grew in the island of Java got the name of Java Coffee brand. However, Java coffee definition is not the same anymore. It becomes a generic name for Coffee. Nevertheless, the premium quality Java still grows on the island of Java.

How the premium blend got the name Java?

Java blend grows in java. It is simple. However, history is not that simple. Coffee production halted in the 1880s due to the coffee leaf rust disease. Farmers stopped growing signature Arabica. Moreover, they replaced it with Liberica and Robusta. In this way, the signature Java taste was no longer the same.

Five plantations of java coffee company in the Indonesian islands did not change. They grew Arabica despite the decimation in production. Nevertheless, they had to take decent steps to maintain quality. That premium quality Arabica got the name Java. This is probably the most accepted answer of why is Java called Java! They are still considered as the best Java blend in the world.

Those five plantations diversify the taste in different ways. However, two of the methods are most active now. Firstly, they blend the premium Arabica with Mocha from Yemen. It is called Mocha-Java coffee. We found this blend is a perfect mixture of flavor and robustness. People prefer it in their favorite Java coffee shop.

Secondly, they did “monsooning” of the beans. It means aging the beans for up to three years. This process reduces the acidic flavor and turns the coffee mellow. The Europeans loved this blend during 1600 and 1700s.

How Java got involved with computing?

Java was not a huge favorite like Arabica or Colombian. However, the name makes a permanent impression in computing. We see it in everyday computing. Java is a popular computing language. Programmers prefer this over other languages for media related works.  

A smoking cup of coffee represents the Java language. How these two is connected, is still a mystery. However, there are many rumors is rolling in the industry. According to the Java co-founder James Gosling, the name is unique and fun to say. Like the coffee, the programming language becomes an instant favorite.

No matter what the name says, we all love coffee

We all love coffee. Some of us love it like a pro, and some are amateurs. We know a few coffee enthusiasts have a professional setup with the best espresso machine under 500 and best espresso machine under 300. They do all kind of experiments with texture and flavors. However, most of our visitors say they have a regular setup. It includes coffee maker, grinder and other accessories.

Pro or amateurs, the common ground is the love for coffee. When they can access their favorite beans and perfect water for coffee, they can create magic. No matter it is Java or Arabica, they will make the best creamy espresso.

Coffee’s jolting journey to Java started 400-years ago. However, that journey ended in our coffee table in the form of a great cup of espresso or latte. Moreover, the flavor inspired an entire computing industry. Therefore, it is impossible to avoid Java on your coffee table or office desk.

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