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5 Best Blender Food Processor Combo To Get Your Work Done in an Effortless Manner

Do you struggle when you have to pull out different appliances, clean, and store them individually for performing some basic kitchen tasks? Why not go for the 2-in-1 best blender food processor combo?

So, a little time back, we were researching as to how to ease the everyday kitchen tasks for the homeowners, and we were looking for convenient kitchen solutions.

And as this is the modern era, people mostly look for compact solutions that will give them more advantages in less- less space, money, and even time.

Hence, we thought it isn't a wrong choice to purchase combo appliances that will both blend your favorite smoothies and chop, grind or mix your veggies and fruits. Besides, this will open the door for whole new possibilities of a unique recipe for food freaks!

Sometimes, people can get baffles by the inclusion of 2 products in one- whether it’ll be satisfactory, whether the performance of both will be equally effective.

That is why we have reviewed the best combo appliances considering some points, and provided guidelines so you can look for yourself as well. Have a look; it'll save you time!

5 Top-Rated Blender Food Processor Combo Comparison Chart 2020





[Best Pick]

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Suffice the needs of a refreshing morning smoothie, healthy puree, mashed food or maybe some chopped veggies all with a single machine for both you and your family!

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[More Accessorized]

Cuisinart BFP-10CH PowerBlend Duet Blender Food Processor

With the multifunctioning ability and different speed variations, your skills with coking can never disappear rather improvise every day!

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[Quickest Action]

Oster Rapid Blend 8-Speed Blender

If you want some ice-crushing ability along with the quickest performance then you are reading about the right item!

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[Innovative Technology]

Ninja Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo

Innovation that brings comfort and ease should never be ignored! Hence, the Ninja is back with some outstanding unique features.

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[Editor’s Choice]

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Not just better quality, but better performance, stronger materials and smarter action has made the product our favorite!

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Top 5 Blender and Food Processor Reviews

1. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) - Best Pick


  • Large Food processor bowl
  • Family serving pitcher
  • More wattage
  • On the go drinks
  • Multiple speed dials and easy operability

A machine specially designed to maintain your strict schedule- Yes, we are talking about the Ninja Mega BL770.  With the increasing capacity of the blends and food processing, your very own combo appliance will save you some extra time!

Isn't it amazing how gadgets make your life a little more comfortable in every way? Considering food processing, wouldn't it be fantastic if you could make a dough of about 2lbs in half a minute? Yes, your very own Ninja is here to make the impossible possible for you with its 8-cup food processor.

If you love entertaining your family and friends with your newer recipes, then the machine has just the right sized 72-ounce pitcher for you to allow everyone to celebrate together!

Before you bring this home, how would you know that it'll evenly chop, pulverize and crush ingredients for you? The answer is its robust 1500 watts motor base!

Again, if you are unsure about the nutritional value of the drinks, it makes, its high time you stop worrying because the maximum extraction technology will offer you healthier and tastier drinks with every blend.

If you have a highly active life, this machine has a solution for you too! The two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups will allow you to make and take with you customized drinks according to your requirements!


  • Even chopping
  • Smooth blending
  • Extending serving quantity
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • BPA-free materials
  • Recipe book for improving cooking skills
  • 1-year warranty support


  • Takes up more space for storing
  • Cleanup can take more time due to bigger size

2. Cuisinart BFP-10CH PowerBlend Duet Blender Food Processor - More Accessorized


  • Sufficient power
  • Accessorized with quality elements
  • Versatility with ease
  • 3-cup food processor and 56-ounce pitcher
  • Convenient operation

Who likes sitting with a kitchen machine and manually pressing buttons one after another? Time-consuming and boring! On your busy days, you will fall in love with this handy tool that will make you tasty recipes in minutes.

500W power seems exactly fine for both blending and processing food. With its multifunctional ability and 6+ speed variations, you can chop, mix, puree, and prepare some fantastic to-go recipes without struggling with technicality!

For extending user convenience, it comes with added accessories like chopping blade, shredder, slicer, pusher, and feed tube so you can alternate between the attachments and try experimenting you're your cooking skills.

For added support, it even has LED indicators, so you know what you are doing, and the suitably designed button arrangement makes control the easiest!

This elegantly designed tool doesn't only offer excellent performance, but it provides goodness in a larger quantity as well! The 56-ounce container and 3-cup food processor bowl is entirely sufficient for regular use.

It is indeed a compact solution to all blending and food preparation problems!


  • User convenience with LED indicators
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • For easy controlling, power button size is bigger
  • Significant serving portions
  • Lightweight model
  • Saves time
  • Pitcher quality is top-notch
  • The warranty period of 3-years


  • Performance is not highly recognizable
  • Disassembling can be a struggle

3. Oster Rapid Blend 8-Speed Blender - Quickest Action


  • Ice crushing power
  • Scratch-proof pitcher
  • Adjustable speed options
  • Extended tasking
  • Precision action with sturdy blades

Regular blending, food processing, and ice-crushing- all with a reasonably priced machine! Sounds great, right? With the Oster Rapid Blender, you will get the opportunity to spend less on satisfying performance and blending skills. Try it!

With 450 watts sufficient power for crushing ice and harsh ingredients, do not fear to add your favorite ingredients to the mix anymore!

Is your pitcher quality good enough to undergo even extreme heat and not show even a single mark? If not, replace it with the high-quality pitcher of this Oster blender that resists scratches, extreme heat, allowing you a sigh of relief! And the 3-cup BPA-free bowl for processing your favorite foods is a great addition too.

Do you love trying out new snack recipes for you and your kids? Then good news for you, the appliance has 8-speed variation options that'll enable you to impress everyone with your newer methods every day!

For quicker and more efficient chopping and pulverizing, you would need active blades, right? Hence, the Crush Pro-4 stainless steel S-blades with sharp edges are here to eliminate the lumps leaving a smooth texture for you to enjoy!


  • Larger servings
  • Quality jar
  • Durable
  • Easy crushing of severe food
  • Hassle-free food prep
  • Easy to store
  • Decade-long warranty


  • Loud performance
  • Material quality could have been improvized

4. Ninja NinjaNutri Bowl Duo - Innovative Technology


  • High-power motor
  • Nutri bowl supporting maximum versatility in food processing
  • Pro extracting blades
  • Maximum nutrient extraction
  • Innovative Auto-iQ technology

Want to make some dough in the fastest and most effective way? But don’t want to spend extra bucks for a separate kitchen tool? The Ninja NinjaNutri Bowl is here to rescue you! Read more to know-how.

Can your kitchen appliance handle harsh ingredients like a pro? Well, this Ninja can surely do with its powerful 1200watts motor!

Why get less nutritional value from smoothies and drinks when you create a fusion of all the right vitamins and minerals with the Nutri Bowl? With extending the limits of creation, grind meat, make snacks, sauces, purees and bake the cake, quickly impressing everyone out there!

If health is your primary consideration, then there is nothing to worry about The fantastic design and assembly of the Pro-extractor blades allow them to squeeze out all the goodness from your fruits and veggies and turn them into unique and yummy dishes!

Assuming the right properties, assembling them, and delivering the suitable consistency for different recipes are manual can be hard work to do. Hence, Auto-IQ technology will save you from this struggle. In this modern age, let your machine do all the intelligent programming and the guesswork!

And also control the texture of your recipes with the Auto-IQ boost mechanism so you can have the perfect taste every time!


  • Motor power and quality is good
  • Hands-free mechanism
  • Blending made easy
  • Compact design
  • Effective technology
  • Offers technical support
  • Convenient storage


  • Less food-processing quantity
  • Single-serve jar capacity

5. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender - Editor’s Choice


  • Revolutionary Wave Action
  • Easy usage and handling
  • More power for better action
  • Quality Blending jar and food processor bowl
  • Extended blending functions

With excellent performance, it doesn't demand more bucks from your hard-earned money! Get consistent results with every blend with the Hamilton Beach Elite Blender, but how? You will know once you read the details!

With a lower budget, it is ready to surprise you with its capable 700 watts motor to break through anything you put inside it!

The promising wave-action system will ensure the smoothest texture for your favorite beverages. How doesn't it leave any lumps at all? Well, it continuously squeezes down the ingredients until they are evenly blended to make up for a smooth drink!

With only four blending buttons, it is an easy tool for anyone to operate, but does it limit the blending and creation options for you? Not at all!

With four buttons, you can alternate between 12-blending functions and make the best recipes without the hassle!

The no-mess spout that comes with a hinged cap makes it convenient for you to handle the pouring without creating a ruckus in the kitchen.

For personalized usage, the 3-cup food processor container and the 40-oz jar is the perfect capacity to try out unique dishes every day. And let’s not forget the retractable cord that increases your ease in storing the machine without the space adjusting struggle!


  • Powerpack motor
  • Versatile
  • Offers improvement of cooking and blending skills
  • No-mess pouring
  • No-frills
  • Glass container for durability
  • 3-years warranty backup


  • Plastic container for food processing
  • No provision for safety lock system
  • Not the best choice for attaining consistency in frozen drinks

Properties to have in consideration before purchasing a blender food processor combo

blending with blender and food processor

For double the action, you will need to double the verification so that you don't get fooled by any kind of spam. And to ease this process, we have brought under the spotlight all the features or factors you are supposed to look for in these machines.

We have made this list of the best products regarding these factors. Even if you don’t think any of these can be your dream product, yet you can keep looking by keeping the following factors in mind.

So, let's not delay it anymore!

Enough motor wattage

When you are opting for more action, you need to look for equal power as well. But it isn’t necessary to go over the top even if your requirements are less. Let us make it easy for you.

For instance, if you are going to use a combo machine for your personalized usage or maybe a few, then settling for lesser wattage will not be an issue. However, lower power should not be misunderstood for reduced performing capability.

On the other hand, if you love crowds or family and friends gatherings more often, you need to look for more wattage, not only for the performance improvement but also it can blend more in less time.

Most of the blenders in our list have a satisfying power supply which is enough to carry out most tasks. But even then, you can go for the one that is best suited to your purpose of using it.

Blending jar and Food processing container properties

The next things to consider are the containers or materials you are going to make all your recipes. For better results in taste and quality of the methods and also for ensuring durability, you cannot compromise with this factor at all! Let's dig deeper.

If we talk about the blender jar, you will find two options in the market regarding the material. Either plastic or glass is ok. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Glass is more durable, scratch-proof, and easy to keep clean, whereas plastic can crack easily and isn't dishwasher safe either. Let us change the scenarios for you- plastic is lightweight and will not break even if it falls accidentally, whereas glass is fragile and more cumbersome.

So, both the pros and cons are clear here. Now the handling is up to you!

Now, the jar capacity- if you are going to use your machine for lesser people mostly, then why waste more money on more essential tools? Besides, it takes up more space to store as well. If this is the case, you can go for the Hamilton Beach Power Elite without any hesitance.

But for more people, we would recommend the Ninja Mega Kitchen for maximum servings.

Let’s have a look at the food processor bowl considerations-

Now, this is generally called a chopping bowl. It allows you to chop and slice the ingredients too big or complicated for the blender to process. The chopping bowl is highly effective in any case. How?

Well, using the food processing part beforehand enables you to have a smoother texture of your recipe. Who doesn't love a silky touch of their yummy puree? Sounds delicious!

You can find variations in food processing bowl capacities, but the average size is 40-ounce. If you think you will need this part of the machine more often, we suggest you choose a more fabulous bowl option. The size depends on your needs!

Speed variations

The next thing you will look for is the speed variation. Now, it is totally up to you if you are going to keep it simple, or you want to add some fanciness.

Many traditional models or compact ones have the provision for single button control only. We guess the main reason for keeping things simple is making it accessible to everyone.

For instance, you have an urgent meeting, but a morning drink for you and your spouse is a must. No worries, a single push on the button, and the day are saved!

Modern designed models have the provision for multiple speed variations. These are mostly added for increasing the versatility extent of usage of these kitchen gadgets.

Mainly, for a food processor and blender combo, you are bound to needing some speed changes, or else you will be stuck with the same consistency for all kinds of recipes, which is not what we expect, right?

For more recipes, like- salsa, soups, dips purees, and even baby food, you will need variations in the speed as well, and hence these fancy tech models are manufactured.

They can be an excellent addition to your kitchen by saving you money, time, and space because a single machine will do it all for you!

Suitable size

Not all kitchen setup has extra-large space for countertop blenders or large-sized kitchen cabinets to store giant machines, including extra accessories.

For smaller kitchens, you can settle for smaller tools or the easily accessible ones. Again, the ones that can be disassembled and assembled effortlessly are convenient as well.

However, if you own an island kitchen top set up, you can go for any sized kitchen, even the Ninja Mega System, with tons of accessories.

For a combo solution, many models will offer you unnecessary parts as well. Why take up more space for something that isn’t even useful?

If you ask us, the smartest decision we will give is to choose a smartly designed unit that will sit out on the countertop permanently, and you can simply alternate between the attachments. Be wise in this case!

Easing the usage

How does a combo kitchen solution reduce the operability? With its speed variations or pre-programmable settings.

Most new models enable the user to pick a preset, pour the ingredients, and prepare the desired recipe without standing in front of the machine and supervising it.

This is somewhat an essential feature in the case of a food processor and blender combo because you are dealing with two categories here. Especially, with the food processing part, without preset programs, you will have to spend your valuable time blankly staring at your machine, supervising it otherwise, you will fear to mess things up!

Why take so much hassle?

Does it offer a safe operation?

Safety can never be ignored, no matter what tool you are going for

If you have children at home and they are curious enough to mess up with your gadget, you cannot but think about their safety first.

The auto-lock mechanism provided by many products keeps things safe between your machine and your kids.

Sometimes, you may find safety features that need to be adjusted while using the gadget. Yes, they can frustrate you on time, but you know that accidents may happen any time, so spending a little more time for ensuring better safety cannot be a bad idea.

Some products have auto shut-off option too, so apart from ensuring secure use, they even ensure zero-wastage of power.

Lesser cleaning hassle

Here, the primary consideration is the dishwasher-safe parts. We would suggest purchasing products with dishwasher safe parts. So cleaning doesn't take much time or effort.

And if your gadget has a self-cleaning mechanism, appreciate it!

Will noise be a problem?

As the combo blenders have more powerful motors, the noise can sometimes bug you a lot. But quieter operation models are also available in the market.

Just keep your eyes and ears open to finding the best out of the ordinary!

Additional accessories and features

Why have less when you can get a little more? After all, you are paying for it, right?

Many of the products have accessories that can become handy at times. These accessories are a great addition to your kitchen, and sometimes after you get them, you suddenly realize you needed these!

But you may not find this in all cases. Many a time, you'll be left with additional parts that are malfunction or just useless.

Some of these added features or accessories can be extra containers, extra blades, no mess features, and so on.

For example, the Hamilton Beach Power Elite has a no-mess spout that undoubtedly lets you pour the drinks quickly.

But remember, this is the final consideration point!

Warranty period

Warranties are more like satisfaction terms. When your machine has a decade long warranty, you know you can ask for technical help if it malfunctions, and you are quite confident while you use it.

Checking warranties beforehand will help you get an idea about the product overview and what exactly you are settling for

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 500 watts motor weak for ice-crushing and other tough jobs?

Five hundred watts power is highly-efficient for crushing ice or other harsh ingredients. For instance, the Cuisinart Powerblend will deliver smoother results than your expectations with its 500 watts!

For machines with more blending functions, are they equally effective?

More functionality means more options for recipe making. But it doesn’t necessarily make you struggle with the controlling. Such as the Hamilton blender in our list has minimum control buttons that can pull out maximum functions!

For family servings, what should be the pitcher capacity?

60 to 70-ounce pitcher capacity is best suited for more substantial meals. If you are an extrovert and love hanging out with people, you should look for such more immense pitcher choices!

Final Thoughts

After reviewing all these amazing products, if space isn’t an issue for you, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System can serve you in the best way. And if you are searching for a versatile tool, then the Cuisinart PowerBlend can give you more than your expectations. But if easy handling of the combo machine is your main concern, then obviously Hamilton Elite blender is unbeatable!

The combo gadget has gained serious popularity recently but choosing the right product can be a bit struggling sometimes. So, take your time and choose the best blender food processor combo wisely.

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